Indonesia: despite intensive care, a Tigress does not survive at the zoo of death.

A Sumatran Tigress, which had drawn attention to the horrible living conditions in the largest zoo of Indonesia where hundreds of animals perished, died a year after having been rescued, reported Tuesday an official. Images of the Tigress Melanie, suffering and any lean, in a filthy cage, had caused a shock after their publication last year, and a multiplication of calls to take action against Surabaya zoo. This Park had been dubbed the zoo of death due to the many animals who are have succumbed prematurely over the past years, including of orangutans, a tiger and a giraffe, victims of negligence on the part of staff and dissension within the institution. The zoo management was taken over by the city of Surabaya, but animals continue to die prematurely, while animal rights NGOs call for the closing of the Park. After the publication of pictures of Melanie and the warning from officials about the danger of death of the feline, the Tigress had been transferred in July 2013 in a wildlife park in the South of the capital Jakarta. She suffered serious digestive disorders after having been fed with meat spoiled at the zoo of death of Surabaya, on Java island. The 16 years old Tigress had been placed in a special pen and was under the supervision of a veterinarian. But a little more than a year of special care will not enough to save her, told the AFP Tony Sumampau, Director of the association of the zoos of Indonesia, specifying that the Tigress was extinguished in his sleep in August. The association wanted to kill the Tigress in September last to put an end to his ordeal, but it changed its mind after protests by animal advocates. Melanie was truly suffering, it saw, it was pitiful, said Mr. Sumampau. The Sumatra Tigers, an endangered species, would be more than a few hundred in nature. . You should click this page to learn extra on this great subject.

It was issued a red alert for the area, which means no-fly up to 40 nautical miles north of the volcano and about 2000 metres; conditions for now not particularly restrictive, with airports that currently remain open and commercial flights are still guaranteed. Thousands of earthquakes more or less intense affected the Queens, sottendendo high unrest of the volcano, which could still erupt in the most significant way in the next few days and for this reason is monitored with particular attention. When experts announced that the situation is under control and that for now it is unlikely to attend the chaos that has penalized European aviation in 2010. A strong volcanic eruption can change our climate: the last ice age caused by the eruption of an Icelandic volcano and climate change at the regional level can be very rapid. A team of British and German geoscientists have published a report showing that the weather can change in a matter of just 120 years, which in terrestrial time scale are a very short time. Searches were made especially in the two regions: in the West and in the South of Norway. The end of the last ice age was 12. 240 years ago and before the ice age climate was mild and similarly on the region of the Eifel (Germany) and South of Norway. But "cold" came first in Germany and 120 years later in Norway, therefore we can say that climate change was of equal rapidity on both areas. But why do we have these data so accurate? And because we have this gap of 120 years in two areas relatively close to the end? Due to the volcanic dust, or more accurately thanks to the remains of the strong eruption that occurred from the Icelandic volcano Katla about 100 years earlier. A major eruption in fact releases heavy amount of material that can wander around in the atmosphere for many years and change our climate by altering especially the temperatures. The winds then carry these dust clouds "spalmandole" in higher atmospheric layers. . Extended info can be read visiting

Ukraine crisis: Putin surprised!.

The European Union currently revealed on the Ukraine issue more than ever her foreign policy failure. The request of the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to weapons was rejected, although the West openly speaks of a Russian invasion in the Eastern Ukraine. It may not be general scruples against arms, arms aid for the northern Iraq, which now start despite all concerns show that. The EU has made, it seems paralysed the Ukraine crisis and above all the fear of Putin. Actually everything as always. It’s no big news that the EU’s foreign policy quite lame. Not a notable episode was there: at the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, since the European Union took their usual reluctance to the surprise of many. She showed empathy and willingness to act. When called the protesters in cold and rain: the Ukraine is Europe!, the Europeans were moved and solidarity. This European support–moral and diplomatic–has helped the Maidan, hold out so long, until the change in power. The EU has a responsibility to the people in the Ukraine, which was explicitly fought for Europe, European politicians have promised them aid. Now down to the Ukraine, may not be. . Similar facts can be found clicking

Cottarelli: 500 million already in 2015 savings by cutting 2 thousand holdings.

Skip the first rationalization measures, initially planned in dl Unlock-Italy, the game of join will be played all in the law of stability. To confirm it today was the extraordinary Commissioner for the spending review, Carlo Cottarelli, during a briefing at the Ministry of economy. Cottarelli explained the strategy of rationalising participate in 33 early proposals in August. And reaffirmed the objective: to reduce the number of participating in 3-4 years from 8 thousand to thousand, with annual savings of 2-3 billion. As early as 2015 possible 500 million of savings in the first year, said Cottarelli-if one moves with energy you can reasonably get to reduction of 2 thousand attend, producing savings for half a billion and maybe even more. " According to the Commissioner, to get to the ‘ closure ‘ within a reasonable time, it would be useful if the legislator introduced penalties for local authorities that do not reduce the quotas in municipalities, contemplating the "immediate suspension". Best organic measure ‘ measures are not finished in Unlock-Italy-explained the Commissioner-because I believe it is better to intervene with a general, overall measure, instead of taking some measure in a decree and by other measures in other decrees ". In Italy more than 10,000 participate, eight times the France In France the join are a thousand, in Italy are 8 thousand officers, surveyed, and over 10,000 reals. Cottarelli said the numbers of local society: «The resulting December 31, 2012 the Treasury data bank 7. 726, but the real number is uncertain, they certainly are more than 10 thousand, there is not a precise estimate because not all municipalities responding to the questionnaires. " A black hole in the 2012 has built 1.2 million loss. "The fact that every year there are considerable losses is a fact relevant to public finance," commented Cottarelli, adding that "it is necessary to have more stringent rules for creating new experience because it is harder to dismiss the existing ones." Public transport: revise upwards the subscriptions Increase subscriptions to bus and metro, but not too much to avoid that people resist using them and decide to take your car. For the relevant taxable Cottarelli of Italian firms of local public transport are not solved if not acting on the revenue side. "We are much more generous than other countries," the Commissioner said. If in addition you hit more pure tariff evasion. One of the proposals in the field is attributing the status of public official to controllers. The Commissioner’s role? Make proposals ‘ technicians are only proposals, the Commissioner must not decide anything». Cottarelli underlined once again how his technical role is distinct from that of politics. And he preferred not to respond to those who asked him about his often confrontational, relationship with the premier Matteo Renzi and his professional future (this summer, rumors were giving him next to resign). . Additional information can be inspected visiting article.

Video X Factor: a French makes a fool in the English version.

Long before he became the highest-paid DJ in the world, Calvin crashed a Jedward performance of ‘Under Pressure’ with a pineapple on his head. Either that was his tribute to the lads’ hairstyles, or he was worried about them getting scurvy. Needless to say, he was promptly chucked out afterwards. Think how much you’re gonna get Busey. That’s what he meant, right? You’re gonna be so successful you move to and become best friends with Gary Busey? That’s what he said, ‘Busey’? Right? Andrea gave it her best shot performing ‘Don’t Leave Me High’, trying to channel Mariah Carey and hit the highest note in her range. Unfortunately for her she missed it by about a mile. This also got our attention for the random use of a flute in the introduction. More woodwind, please, future ‘X Factor’ disputing. Rylan definitely played it cool when he found out he was through to the ‘X Factor’ live shows. You’d hardly even tell he was excited, to be honest. WE’RE GONNA HAVE A RIGHT OLD LAUGH, Rylan promised. Through his hysterical tears. Three years after winning the show herself, Alexandra stood in for Kelly Rowland who was off sick that week (who, after all, could forget her feeble phone call to the show from LA?) Alexandra really made her stamp, delivering the toe-curling put down to Louis Walsh: You’d better get the correct words. OK. Dot com. The sight of Nicole Scherzinger in an Asda fleece is not one we thought could ever be topped. Until a year later, that is, when she monkeyggirl a hairnet and went behind the counter at Greggs. Schermazing. In a not-at-all-desperate-nope-not-even-a-little-bit turn of events, Geri Halliwell got on top of a car and tried to rally the crowds into backing her for a spot on the judging panel. Geri, sadly, was not successful, and we’re sure she wasn’t even bothered a little bit when Mel B was offered the job two years later. If this isn ‘t exactly what makes ‘The X Factor’ so great, then we don’ t know what is. Sharon Osbourne laughing so hard at an auditionee that she walks into a door. 10/10 In the same year that gave us Cher Lloyd and One Direction, we also met flawless queens Abbey and Lisa, better known as Ablisa, who got a bit physical with each other when things didn’t go their way. Worth watching simply for Cheryl’s shocked reply: She punched ‘ er in the face. Look, it’s not big and it’s not clever, but someone falling over is always going to be a little bit funny, isn’t it? We wonder if anyone has ever been that excited to see Dannii Minogue since. . . We’re not sure whether we prefer Simon comparing Holly’s mouth to looking into a cave or Cheryl telling her to become a preacher the best. Regardless, this is one of our funniest ‘X Factor’ auditions ever. The trick is, Tom Mann, if you’re going to sing a song called ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, you should probably be a girl, or at the very least be having fun. This makes it into our funniest moments just for Giles Potter, mouthing the words along through his tears as if it was the most touching ballad you’ve ever heard. Oh Rhydian. All he wanted to do was come on and sing a bit of opera. How did it come to this? After a dramatic time in the competition, Kitty went out with a bang by performing a slightly alarming acapella rendition of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’, before getting a hug from the woman herself, who was conveniently in the vicinity. Choosing Wagner’s finest moment is not an easy task. We were tempted to go for his unforgettable ‘Love Shack/She Bangs’ bongos medley, and then we almost thing his theatrical ‘Circle Of Life’ performance. But then we realised: a stripped back Wagner is always the best Wagner. On my death bed. In my last breath. I shall remember this moment. We can’t quite decide what our favourite part of this eight-minute interview is. Sharon confessing she’s had a bottle of wine – it was faaaaaaaaabulous. Teaming up with Louis to wind Simon up about his act going home. Wondering which Pussycat Dolls song The MacDonald Brothers were going to sing. Chatting about Simon’s haggis. It’s all going on. Sensational. . Additional data can be inspected checking

Video: arms shipment in the North Iraq: Merkel promotes understanding.

O-ton German Chancellor Angela Merkel: This decision is far-reaching. We have Very much carefully weighed, and it illuminates all aspects of foreign and security policy. We were faced with the choice, to take no risk and to deliver not ultimately accept the spread of terror. Or those helping, desperately, but brave, fighting terror ISIS with closest resources. We are aware of the risks of such support. We have considered it Of course. Conversely, we have also asked: what is the acute risks posed by the terrorist group ISIS, if we supply now no guns and no ammunition. Can we really wait and hope that others make this acute danger? No. This is not our idea of responsibility in this situation. The immense suffering of many people cries out to heaven. And our own security interests are threatened. What is, weighs heavier than that which might be in this case. LOCATION: BERLIN (Germany) close. For more insights regarding this matter visit resource.

Hong Kong comes into civil disobedience.

In recent weeks, this University and its acolytes flew several giant sit-in in the heart of the business called Central District and even a wild referendum on the democratic future of the island, bringing together more than 790,000 votes. A direct challenge to the Chinese authorities. Monday morning, protesters were dispersed tear gas suddenly, as a representative of Beijing tried to convince MEPs of the correctness of his position. After a summer of rising tension, the firmness of China announced a new round of confrontation. The democratic movement has promised a replica in the street in the next few weeks and account paralyze Central, the business of this global financial hub. The ukase of Beijing seems to close the door to a compromise solution developed with the Democrats more moderate, concerned above all by the disastrous consequences of a political crisis for the economy. Today, all opportunities for dialogue have been exhausted and the occupation of Central is irreversible, said the movement. A point of no return, that opens the door to possible violence on the very polished rock, former colony of her gracious Majesty. . For extra regarding this subject read reference.

Marò: ill for Latorre, Minister Pinotti in India.

The Rifleman to Marina Maximilian Latorre, restrained in India along with colleague Salvatore Group, yesterday afternoon «blamed an illness which has necessitated hospitalization Neurology Department of a hospital in New Delhi, where it is still kept in observation ". To make it known is the Ministry of defence, pointing out that ‘ declared themselves satisfied health how he reacted to the first cure». Processulae front, could be entrusted to a new judge in New Delhi on two military trial, which on 1 August had been updated to October 14. The judge presiding over the Special Court of India «session court» to which is entrusted the case, Bharat Parashar, it occupies the scandal of mining concessions to coal companies, a case at the center of the political debate, and is involved in daily hearings that second judicial sources did not allow him to drive the process to two marine Riflemen. Anti-terrorist police that Nei has learned the case submitted by marò accused of killing two Indian fishermen in February 2012, has entrusted the Special Court despite the opposition of the defense, which contends that the Nia had more responsibility once it has decided not to proceed based on the anti-piracy law (His Act). On 28 March the Supreme Court had granted a suspension at the trial at the Special Court after he admitted an appeal about the incompetence of the Nia, which listens for reply of the Government of New Delhi. . You must click the following resource to learn extra on this interesting matter.

Amanresort Canal Grande: Venice’s pompösester Palazzo.

The five-storey building on the waterfront breathes history: the Palazzo Papadopoli arose in the 16th century commissioned by the Coccina family from Bergamo as his residence of Venice. in 1864 was the showpiece building owned by the brothers Angelo and Nicolò Papadopoli Aldobrandini, the Interior in the style of neo-Renaissance and the Baroque which could turn. Also, the representative building complex was extended by a growing garden. From the 1970s onwards, the Institute for marine sciences resided upstairs until 2005, but the noble family was looking for sources of funding for a comprehensive rehabilitation: from the ancient walls, a hotel should be with the commitment of the Asia-based Aman resorts. Now the guests of this luxury hotel on four floors reside, on the fifth floor, the descendants of the original owners still live. At the International Film Festival in 2013, Grande, the fifth in Europe House of the Singapore-based hotel group opened the Aman Canal. But who descends from the Hollywood celebrities here, wraps up the staff in silence in itself. Aman employees are known to be extremely discreet. . You should check this to learn extra regarding this amazing subject.

It is free, Valls.

In looking at Sunday, we had the impression that after a few months of running, it took its momentum. Certainly, the allegiance and loyalty to the President were still present, but we had the impression that it was equal ruled the France two. It must be said that Manuel Valls no longer had nothing to lose. In free-fall in the polls, ignored by Ministers first career-minded, misunderstood by many people left who were not in a stability pact very (too?) favourable to companies, cornered by the aggravated unemployment figures, he had more to play his chip, be itself, defend a policy in which he believes and face the problems that angry. To parody two or three verses of a famous song of the 1980s, a small sentence, uttered before the Medef, I like the company had set fire to the powder. He had the address brought back to l ‘ ws wondering who would dare to say that he does not like it. He knows that what irritates, bothers men and women left, and understandably, is seeing business leaders spoilt unless they seem to turn cuddling in hiring. To hear say that as long as the margins are not replenished, it is out of the question to invest; read some major groups have increased by 30% the dividends of their shareholders in this year’s lean for all French. If he wants to continue with his Socialist friends at his side, will still have to put a little salt next to the sugar poured on these newly pampered patrons. It is also strange collective runaways: a Minister of 36 years, no one yet knows the sound of the voice, vilified as a villain for having worked at the Banque Rothschild under Sarkozy and left it in Holland for a surely less remunerative position. Strange as this brilliant subject, we note that these few years in this banking institution. While before the ENA, he was a master in philosophy (under the direction of Etienne Balibar), he was for two years, for writing his book, the wizard of Paul Ricoeur, one of contemporary philosophers, specialist of Phenomenology, human moral and left. No, in the Socialist imagination, the Bank box outweighs box philo, as in Monopoly, unless the same have never blamed Henri Emmanuelli a similar course in the same bank business. Oh I forgot, he dared to, before the Government give an interview on the effectiveness of the 35 hours, reviled at the time by those who claim freedom of speech. Manuel Valls had to turn off the twigs who smoked. It is not known if Manuel Valls will be cleared up misunderstandings. On a string of continuous info – you’ll also notice the permanent invitation to Slingers in loop on the TV trays, because the controversy it is more fun than analysis – barely finished Prime Minister’s speech, you could see once more one of them, this time embarrassed, having clearly found good speech and whose intervention between vigilant opposition and constructive vigilance was not clear. The resistance will continue. They are legitimate, not to the Government, but in a majority which must not be caporalisée. The bet made by Manuel Valls is that this policy is the only good, and the last two years to have burned more than one. If the results should not be at the rendezvous, this beautiful speech would be only empty words and questions about the choice of this policy would be based. It is also known that the problem is global: it is all Europe that is in danger and must deal with the endemic ills that plague the. . For extended information regarding this topic visit homepage.

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