Underage girl: «salon vip Harassed under the guise of making me a massage. “

Made me undress and sit on the couch for aesthetics, and then as the relaxing massage became increasingly ambiguous, almost erotic, unacceptable. Tall, blonde, physical model, the 17-year-old who a few months ago denounced a vip salon with shop at a stone’s throw from Via Giulia, yesterday at Piazzale Clodio, confirmed the harassment suffered. I was a customer, customer’s daughter. I had full confidence. When I was offered this total body massage free for doing hair treatments I gladly accepted. Then I was di sasso, frozen until frightened explained the girl before the judge for preliminary investigations Constantine De Robbio, who will have to decide whether to postpone or not on trial for the crime of sexual violence, the owner of the salon, Richard r., a forty-year-old best known in the Center. The accident evidence where she reiterated before the Court the intrusiveness of the massage became cos another trump card for the prosecution prepared by the Prosecutor added Maria Monteleone, the magistrate in charge of the pool to the offenders of the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome. MANICURE to put into trouble the coiffeur, famous for its fashionable hairstyles, an offer reserved for customers more loyal: massages or free manicure when cutting, styling and color. And during a free massage at the hairdresser ‘s, according to the young, a high school girl, would slip his hand to twice the height of the pubis. An accusation so far rejected by the hairdresser: impossible, there will be a misunderstanding. Never had misunderstandings with customers. The case dates back to a year ago. After the massage apparently the girl quiet by exhibition. usc But then after he told a family friend and those Pats too, he accompanied his father, a well-known trader, to complain. According to the reconstruction of the girl, would have made that day hair dye and then straightening. At that point the hairdresser, who also has the certificates to practice professional aesthetics, massages the seat it has offered a seat in a booth equipped. And given that his assistant was engaged in a pedicure, massage has executed him. The client then has worn the shirt and the slip of paper, and then lying on the bed. After that inappropriate hands sliding the Hairstylist would have accompanied them out compliments: you have a beautiful body. The hearing was adjourned to November. . Similar text can be read checking http://chs.mindreadingsecrets.biz.

Marchionne: I hope that Renzi keep in tough, the Italy needs reforms.

«I hope that Renzi will not intimidate and hard face. Fiat continues to move forward. If we had waited for the reforms we would be bogged down, "said the CEO of Fiat, Sergio Marchionne, in Turin today to present the new business district of Mirafiori. "If this continues they will try to sfinirlo. I hope it takes hard, ‘ she continued, speaking with reporters. "The fact that the country needs reform I say but the whole world, we are telling everybody. Complete the program of reforms is essential. If we don’t, we are going to play in the future. I continue to be convinced that the agenda of Renzi is to be completed. Now I begin to criticize because he promised a timing that is not there. Good intentions to pursue this adventure has it, continue to make it a hundred problems of convergence of viewpoints ". Marchionne has professed optimism about second-quarter accounts, expected to the Board of Directors of 30 July, saying of never being satisfied, ‘ I don’t like the numbers but are great, in line with expectations. " The manager of the ingot has completely denied rumors of a possible alliance with Volkswagen, confirming that the listing on Wall Street Chrysler Fiat Automobiles (Fca) "will take place within the first two weeks of October ‘. . Similar facts can be inspected clicking http://chs.mindreadingsecrets.biz.

Vibrating vessels: thirst leaves trees cry out.

At low water, trees emit sounds, but they are so high that the person cannot hear you. French scientists have now found out where the sounds come from: thus ultrasound waves arise when drought the water line in the vessels of the trees breaks down, which cause the leaves from the roots to the treetops. What happens exactly in the tree if he thirst for water, investigated Alexandre Ponomarenko of the Laboratoire interdisciplinaire de Physique in Grenoble by using 50 mm thick wooden discs of Scots pine, which embedded the researchers in a Hydrogel. The material lets through water, but not air. Pine sample and Hydrogel brought them in a dry environment in the evaporated water from the hydro gel. This has created water shortages for the embedded small piece of pine. The observation: When strong evaporation on needles or leaves creates a vacuum which sucks the liquid in the tubes upwards. In supply absence of increases the tension in the liquid and in the vessels. Sometime the water line breaks, there is a tiny vacuum bubble, which will be filled immediately by water vapour and the water of dissolved air. If the water column breaks down, swing the vessel walls a few times back and forth and generate the ultrasonic waves. . Root data can be read visiting the following http://chs.mindreadingsecrets.biz.

Israel / Gaza – Danièle Kriegel (3) war diary: we are alone in the world.

As a new clap of Thunder in a sky that thunders now for more than 15 days. Since Tuesday evening, the Israelis are facing a new problem: most foreign companies have suspended their flights in Tel-Aviv. It will be enough that a single rocket passes through the safety net of missile batteries, the famous Dome of iron, and falls at a house in the small town of Yahoud, 1.5 km from the Ben-Gurion Airport. Wednesday morning, TVs spend looping images of the nearly empty terminal – only El Al, the national, continues to operate – carrier and large billboards of flights with almost everywhere the same words: Cancelled (cancelled). Also broadcast, amateur films made in the Delta company’s aircraft party in New York and who was baffled. There is an hour before landing at Ben-Gurion, the captain announce bewildered passengers that a rocket fell on the Airport (it was wrong) and that so it will be landing in Paris. Smartphones have filmed the arrival at Roissy. Atmosphere,. Beyond the images, the debate is launched: the decision was justified? Is this an effect of the tragedy of the plane of the Malaysian company conducting the Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur route or insurance issues? How much will it cost to the economy of the country already very experienced by two weeks of conflict? What do Israelis blocked abroad and those who were preparing to take a flight chartered by foreign companies? And tourists still in Israel? Questions that do not necessarily interest all Israelis who are sinking a little more every day in a sense which does not date from yesterday: we are alone in the world. Besides this return back 23 years. Until this famous month of January 1991, when the Iraqi Scuds rained on the country, that it was more no air link and that, for the first time in their history, men did not went to war. They were with their families, gas on the face mask, in what was called at the time: the room sealed. Except this time, the men are at the front. In six days of ground offensive, 29 officers and soldiers were killed. Also, seen the arrival in the region of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the head of American diplomacy. Yet another attempt to end the conflict and first, obtaining a cease-fire agreement. For them no problem take-off or landing. However, Tuesday afternoon in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu has reserved to Ban Ki-moon a reception for the least original: a museum improvised. Exhibition of missiles launched by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, aerial photos of the infrastructure of Hamas in Gaza, maps and descriptive plans of tunnels and other underground tunnels leading in Israeli territory. In short, a message in pictures before hammering it in words, at the press conference that followed. It ended on a sequence she also unusual: in response to the call for moderation and the need to rapidly conclude a ceasefire agreement, Netanyahu could not hold: with whom do you want to hear us? Hamas doesn’t want a solution with two States, rejects the existence of Israel. This is radical islam! A breach of the Protocol into force in this kind of delivery that has not gone unnoticed! Meanwhile, the fighting continued and Israeli TV channels are beginning to show a little more images of civilian casualties and destruction in Gaza where the balance goes from hour to hour. More than 600 dead and 3,700 injured. And any info falls: thirty reservists refused to go into battle in a transport of troops to insufficient shielding. It is in a device of this kind that on the night of Saturday to Sunday in the District of Shadjaiah, seven soldiers were killed. The vehicle was hit by an anti-tank RPG. The vehicle exploded. The identification of the bodies took several days. Forensic experts have recovered DNA from six of them. The seventh is missing. Hamas says had captured it. The Israelis are convinced that he has been killed. . For extended information on this topic read http://chs.mindreadingsecrets.biz.

Synagogues and airports, but also great communication routes. The report that the Italian security services, in the last hours, they passed anti-terrorism investigators would cover the strengthening of security measures all around a synagogue in a large Italian cities and major airports aerei italiani. Could emerge a potential resumption of attacks, according to the diagram Lockerbie (1988, Heathrow bomb) says an Italian intelligence officer. Over twenty years later, this context analysis of the threat, the scenery of the Mediterranean in flames could again converging interests of the era but with new inspiring arrays: of Iran, threatened with Rome and all over Europe by the Caliph al-Baghdadi fundamentalist, of Libya, without Government and into the hands of extremist gangs and, last but not least, Syria’s on fire and finally of Syria. But the threat scenario there the datedness of the threat on the day South of Italy on the Mediterranean. The goal one of the synagogues alarm chapters: If there are dozens of them, spread to Italy, from Piedmont to Sicily. Just one of these places of Jewish worship Italian would end in a "demonstrative" anti Israel during the Gaza war. Says an investigator: Synagogues, Jewish museums, it is always super supervised places but well raise the threshold controls, even in these urgent times. Despite the seemingly obvious case of a possible terrorist attack at a synagogue, men of Intelligence does not underestimate the clue to a minimum while reverb dangerous on Italy of the Israeli-Palestinian war. If it were just this menace, the radius of the controls would be particularly limited. But in the last hours the risks came heavily, says a top Italian intelligence on air transport, with careful monitoring airway safety. The preoccupation of the Interior Ministry and security services that the theater of the threat too extensive to define preventive coordinates by a margin of reliability in very short period. Hence, the urgency of convening this morning of the Comitato Interministeriale per la Sicurezza della Repubblica, on direct request to President Radhakrishnan. The dossier, prepared by the security services Undersecretary Marco Minniti, particularly expert in the analysis of internal and international security and of Ambassador Giampiero Massolo, ensure to the Ministers (Alfano, Mogherini, Orlando and Joshua) all items to cope with possible dangers arriving from the Mediterranean Sea in flames. Dossier which are also on the desk of the President Napolitano. Hence the concern of the head of State to Italy exposed to the repercussions of tensions and tragedies of the Middle East. What terrorist cells linked to Arab extremists operating in Italy? There are only those of the Islamic roots of Al Qaeda, now in the minority, after the proclamation of the State with the birth of the Islamic Caliphate that threatens Rome and Europe. There are cells which are directly linked to Syria in flames. But there only the concern about buckling of North Africa, in the ranks of terrorist threats. There a new chapter entered in dossier of these hours: the threat that comes from sub-Saharan Africa, not new but say the 007, unexplored and largely underestimated in the context of Italian foreign policy. Hence increasingly careful monitoring and strict migratory flows. Because terrorists could use the Italian shore, cross the village and reach safely any European capital say intelligence sources in the apparent ovviet of transit but implying the disturbing profile of unknown persons to whom one must believe, on the basis of good faith, the identity of that State. The last chapter of the security dossier, related to the crisis in Ukraine, was closed last night at Palazzo Chigi to the outcome of the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the European Union which took place yesterday. The leap in quality of Eastern terrorism requires a response that should ensure Italy not with cold war language, but of new relations between the EU and Russia of Putin, confirming an institutional source. The crisis in Ukraine now is read not only as a convenience for reporting the energy supplies but also as a source of destabilisation for the whole of Europe. . For additional facts about this matter click http://chs.mindreadingsecrets.biz.

Digital agenda: Federal Government wants to subsidize broadband expansion.

The current draft of the concept, the network policy. org completely published on Tuesday foresees support with State resources in such areas where economic expansion is not worth. To do this, the Government wants a financial instrument develop Premiumförderung network expansion, the economic projects through the already existing programmes, supports. The paper, which consists of a principle part and a part of the program, to be adopted on 20 August in the Federal Cabinet. In their summer press conference last Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had stressed the importance of the theme: we will develop the digital agenda for Germany as a central theme. Here it comes to broadband expansion, this is also about data security and much more. Regarding data security, so will Germany site are no. 1 for encryption. We promote and demand simple security techniques, it says in the draft. Who is also responsible for ensuring that the user in the network can sure Act people who connect to the Internet. The economy should be more responsible, trustworthy hardware and software products and services with which users can increase their security in the network, to develop and to offer. The encryption of private communications to become the standard in width. . Extended text can be read clicking source.

That to dethrone the king dollar?

On 22 July 1944, seventy years ago, were signed the Bretton Woods agreements that created the IMF, the World Bank and devoted international domination of the American currency, the dollar. At the turn of the 1970s, the fixed exchange parities and convertibility at a fixed price of the dollar in gold, that had established Bretton Woods, have been dismantled. During the 1980s and early 1990s, restrictions on capital flows – which had prevailed since the war, except in the United States – have been in turn dismantled. Or the emergence of competitors (the mark then the euro, the yen, and now the Chinese renminbi), or attacks from the front (the conversion to gold reserves of central banks in dollars, in the 1960s), or mismanagement of the U.S. economy, sometimes very serious (inflation and public deficits in the 1960-1970s, near collapse of the financial system in 2008), or more or less competing regional monetary institutions to the IMF (like the initiative of Chiang Mai in Asia), or American indifference to the problems of others have, so far, got because of the primacy of the greenback. The greatest illustration of this maintained primacy was the appreciation of the exchange rate US at the peak of the crisis of 2008-2009. This dominance is certainly not eternal. Before the dollar, there was the pound sterling and there is definitely one after. But, when will happen and what will it be? The primacy of the dollar is founded on two pillars: American economic dominance and its geopolitical implications, and trust that inspires economic and Finance of the United States. It is likely that the decline and, finally, the eviction of the dollar will result from the collapse of these two pillars. Moreover, the dynamics of recovery current in the United States, admittedly fragile and probably generative of new financial imbalances, to suggest not declining relative and probably irreparable, power American facing a brutal acceleration phase. The second is cynical. International monetary order is first and foremost the economic hegemon and the ability to establish itself as a model. This is the situation that has – essentially – prevailed since the end of the 19th century. If the dollar is one day replaced, it will be by another international monetary power, the times stronger and able to inspire confidence that the United States more. . Original data can be studied clicking the following website.

Baghdad: 23 dead in the explosion of a car bomb.

The explosion of a car bomb at a police checkpoint in Baghdad has been at least 23 dead and more than 40 wounded Tuesday, learned from police and medical sources. The kamikaze driver detonated his vehicle packed with explosives at the entrance to the neighborhood of Kadimiya in the Northwest of the Iraqi capital, said a high official of the police and another from the Ministry of the Interior. At least five police officers were among the dead and eight among the wounded, said police and medical sources, which reported over 40 wounded. Initially they had spoken of at least 22 dead and 45 wounded. The neighborhood of Kadimiya, Shiite majority, extends on the shores of the Tigris near the Sunni majority of Adamiya district and is frequently the target of attacks when the tension between Sunnis and Shiites gets worse in the country. This area, where one of the most revered Shiite shrines, bears the name of Musa Al Kadhim, the seventh of the twelve imams of the Shia. Three other people were killed Tuesday when the explosion of another car bomb in a market in the town of Narawan, some 20 kilometers southeast of the capital, said a senior official of the police told AFP. At least three people were wounded in the explosion. . For additional data on this matter visit home page.

United States: DNA tests discounted a man after 26 years in prison.

An American black man in his fifties has been cleared by testing DNA rape and murder of a young woman, after having spent 26 years in prison, learned on Tuesday from the office of the Prosecutor from Washington. Kevin Martin, who had been sentenced to 35 years in prison after having been implicated by his accomplice, and released on parole in 2009 after 26 years behind bars, was declared innocent Monday by a Washington federal judge. Attorney Ronald Machen joined the defence to request it be thus cleared. 30 years ago, Kevin Martin has been unfairly labeled as a rapist and murderer, said attorney Machen. Well that Mr Martin had been rightly condemned for a series of armed attacks, the system us has all deceived when it has been recognized to be unjustly convicted of a brutal rape and murder and spent far too much time in prison, said the Prosecutor in a statement. For three decades, Mr. Martin has consistently maintained his innocence and today we join him to apply to the Court to whitewash his name, he argued before the judge, assuming that this case emphasized the importance to continue to identify the miscarriages. At the time of the crime in 1982, the DNA tests did not exist and it is that recently in 2014 after moult approaches of the convicted person, the Government proposed to compare genetic footprint to that of a collection of semen found on the body of the deceased Ursula Brown. The results thus exonerated Mr Martin, who now lives in California in probation, but have implicated his accomplice, William Davidson, imprisoned his side for 65 years for a series of attacks similar to the one in which the young woman had perished and contemporary. At the time of the trial, Mr. Davidson had minimized her role in the crime and indicated that he was simply to monitor when Mr. Martin violated and killed the victim. A hair incorrectly attributed to Mr. Martin had led despite his denials to the judicial error. The Innocence Project organization estimated the number of convicts cleared by DNA testing in the United States, including 18 in the death row at 317. Some 70% of them were people of color. At the end of the 1990s, a report of the General Inspectorate of the Ministry of Justice had pointed committed serious irregularities in judicial investigations by analysts of the laboratory of the FBI in Quantico, Virginia (East). . For extra on this topic visit http://chs.mindreadingsecrets.biz.

“Pay what you want” for a hotel room in Paris.

And if you can spend a night in a Paris hotel,. By paying what you feel is the "fair price" at the end of this trip? This is the initiative launched by Aldric Duval, president of the hotel Tour D’Auvergne. The operation is valid from July 21 to August 10 in five institutions 3 or 4 star hotel located in the 9th and the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Benefit, it must previously have booked on the site. The objective? "Give the floor to our customers and have a real return on the quality of our hotels" said Aldric Duval. In short, focus on what is worth an overnight stay and not what it costs. Hotelier hopes that customers will play the game and would abuse the system: "this is not a good plan," he said, "but an operation fair price, trust with the customer. Good plan or not, this operation is especially a great stroke of buzz, which fits into a "pay what you want" movement initiated by Radiohead. In 2007, the rock band allowed fans to download its album without setting price. The initiative was a success: if it is the same for "Pay what you want", Aldric Duval and its partners plan to renew the operation. Small downside however: in addition to their free regulation for the night, customers will have to pay extras (breakfast, tourist tax, etc.) and,. the application fee in the amount of EUR 17. . For additional insights regarding this subject click site.

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