Schalke defeat Augsburg 1-0.

Huntelaar was in the 37th minute at least a successful dress rehearsal for the Champions League match on Wednesday at sporting Lisbon. By the third home win in succession Schalke at the Augsburgers passed, which lost also her fourth stint at the Royal Blues and continued their weakness on foreign places with the fourth Auswärtspleite in series. An investigation at the hospital should reflect the severity of the damage. Draxler is threatening to fail not only in Lisbon, but possibly also for the European Championship qualifier against Gibraltar on 14 November, as well as the match in Spain four days later. The offensive player is already the eighth failure of the Schalke where the recovered Jan Kirchhoff showed a decent game in the defensive midfield. Overall, however, settled the landlords now less push back like in the first half hour and stay unbeaten this season so. Hitz prevented even the 2-0 (87) against Obasi (86th) and team-mate Jan-Ingwer Callsen-Bracker. . You should visit this page to learn extra on this amazing topic.

Most the suspension of the new 9-N. will appeal

The catalan President has been advised to Mariano Rajoy that not you can "stop" this process. "Can not be stopped for a very simple reason: we want to ban something that say that we are doing, but we’re not doing it." We are not applying the Decree of 9-N", said Mas, who has reiterated:"Not going to get". In that sense, it has appealed to citizens to take part in the new 9-N. "we have to give a message of democracy and civic", it has encouraged. And then to have accused the Government of Spain to return to create confusion and instill fear. "This is not a referendum and less concealed." It is a process of participation in the open. So much so that there are 940 municipalities of 970 who intend to collaborate; There are 40. 000 volunteers; "and that everyone knows where should participate and in which table vote", recalled. In a speech that is very hard, but he recalled that the central executive held the suspension of the first 9-N with big words and, later, he mocked publicly the participatory process as the proposed as substitute. After laugh and Jeer, in 15 days it has gone from joke and the derision to lodge an appeal to the constitutional. They have definitely crossed the line of ridicule, he has pointed out. "And act followed, wondered why the central Government not used automatically the process of participation if it was so serious: instead, they laughed, made mockery and is taunted". Therefore, most accused La Moncloa act with use and abuse of the law and using sloppy form and they form the High Court: "are using it because not you configured to resolve political conflicts." But it was added to the central executive act with hypocrisy when it responds to the participatory process does not meet the conditions for democratic guarantees in the face of citizens. "It is unusual but real. It is as if you break somebody a leg and then you will say: ‘Go lame’ "." . For extra facts about this matter click fact.

Killer love married his girlfriend in prison and renunciation of freedom.

Find love in jail and surrender freedom to stay close to his lady. Suzane von Richtofen got married in Temembè prison in the State of São Paulo, with Sandra Regina Ruiz Gomes, both of 31 years and convicted of kidnapping and murder Suzane is serving a sentence to 39 years and six months for the murder of their parents while Sandra was sentenced in 2003 to 27 years imprisonment, later reduced to 24, for the kidnapping and death of a 14-year-old boy. Suzane quit last month to semilibert scheme, which would involve the transfer to another penitentiary, to be near Sandra, nicknamed Sandrao because in jail wearing male clothes and brush hair. The two women signed a document of relationship, which allows them to be transferred in the same cell within the Department, ” ‘ married ‘. The wedding will be held next month instead. ‘ ‘ Sandrao ‘ ‘, which ended in trouble for having beaten a jailer, announced that indosser to the marriage a frac with red bow tie. The killer, given a real hard, famous because it was already merged into prison with another inmate, Elize Matsunaga, 32 years, convicted of murdering her husband and have torn apart the corpse. The three women work in the prison’s tailoring and their friendship is broken when ‘ ‘ Sandrao ‘ ‘ left Elize to marry Suzanne. The latter a beautiful blonde girl of German descent, grew up in gentry of São Paulo. In 2002, only 18 years, convinced Cristian Cravinhos, her boyfriend at the time, to kill in their sleep his parents: his father Manfred, an engineer who moved to Sao Paulo from Germany, and his mother, a psychiatrist Marisia. Suzane said at his trial that he did kill because parents opposed her relationship with Cristian. The case suscit a stir, so much so that the dedicated tv broadcasts. Suzane, who organizes the prison beauty contest Miss spring, recently renounced the legacy of parents in favor of his brother Andreas, with which it has no more had contacts from the conviction in 2006. . For more insights regarding this matter click website.

We are proud for the work of all those who have helped to save lives. Cos the Minister Angelino Alfano at Palazzo Chigi. This operation has said Alfano-helped protect Lampedusa, an island become more secure. We did a long negotiation and the Luxembourg State Council did an amazing job in early October by approving a final document which establishes the reinforced management of the external borders in the Mediterranean and the departure of the new joint operation Triton. Yesterday the Council of Ministers concluded Alfano-coinciding with the launch of Frontex decided end of Mare Nostrum. With Triton, the zero spender euro Italy: lo ha detto il ministro dell’interno Angelino Alfano. The European operation will cost 3 million euro per month, maybe a little more and will be financed with European funds. The Italy for Mare Nostrum spent 9.5 million per month, 114 million in this year. Mare nostrum was born as an emergency operation after the tragedy in Lampedusa, limited in time. It extended more than was expected. Today we can say that Italy has done its duty. . Original data can be found visiting this

M5S-alloy axle against the baby bonus.

-Alloy axle M5S, in the Senate, against the bonus baby for the children of immigrants. In the Hall of Palazzo Madama, the 5 stars have voted in favour of amendment of the Northern League’s Roberto Calderoli who asked to predict the baby bonus only for Italian children. And even if the amendment is not passed, the immediate were the controversy, with the Democratic Party that attacks: racists. The Democratic Party Senator Meethi Giorgi and is the first to point fingers: a short while ago the movement 5 Stars in the Hall of the Senate has voted on amendment majority resolution Calderoli on Def that proposed to eliminate the bonus baby for the EU. We are now accustomed to rampant racism professed by the Northern League but also the Senators 5-star-movement attacks the Senator Pd-you look at these provocations frankly leaves us speechless. I wonder if the voters who voted for cricket and who were hoping for a real change know that their representatives in Parliament vote along with the League. The House rejected this proposal but the Senators 5-star movement again have missed an opportunity. For Dem Senator Luigi Manconi the bolso "do-goodism" and 5 Star League, excluding immigrants from the so-called baby bonus, once again shows their irresponsible prodigalita ‘: why give to all families, that benefit? ‘Cause-continues-not to exclude at least Manconi San Pier d’arena and Ceccano, those of Nebida and Murdoch? Some selection it is always necessary to anneal the spirit and to avoid the easy demagoguery. As Milton Friedman but also Titina de Filippo: ‘ no meal is free ‘,,. Main data can be studied visiting the following blog.

Pride in the cinema: we’re disco.

We know this swell of ebullience, the British that became famous as the theatre director Matthew Warchus produced in his film pride – according to a true story from fairy tales and musicals: 1984 a clique of young gay activists from London decides to support striking coal miners. They call themselves lesbians and gays support the miners (LGSM) – lesbians and gay men for miners. The idea arose during the Gay Pride March in June 1984 mark (Ben Schnetzer), the quirligste of the activists will be insulted by passers-by as disgusting pervert – what was in those years still on the agenda. He calls his friend too: the strikers who hates the most? Margaret Thatcher, the police and the reactionary tabloids. Not known is that? The shared experience of exclusion and defamation made gay and strikers to allies. It seems mark, and his vision of this extraordinary Alliance will actually take shape. Against all probabilities and resistors. At the beginning, it is not so easy to bring the collected donations to the man for LGSM. Are miners not the paragon of macho mentality of that fear contact with gay as the devil in the holy water? Many strike Committee waving off once, until finally a small, remote village in Wales responded with an invitation. Cleverly, Warchus linked the great dramatic arc with the lines of development of individual destinies. In the struggle for the political thing unfold the characters, gain self-confidence, self-esteem, to the appropriate voice. Joke and Pantasie are needed. LGMS counters rushes a tabloid against the Alliance by pits and perverts, miners and perverse, with the Organization of a charity concert in London’s electric Ballroom under the title of pits and perverts, occur in the including Bronski beat. . Original data can be found clicking the following site.

Ebola: how the France handles the expulsion of asylum seekers.

Brussels has said that since mid-August the services concerned expelled more candidates recalibrated asylum to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Explanation: not the health of asylum seekers but that of the Belgian police take foreigners in their country. We do not want to take any risks for staff members, having regard to the epidemic raging there, said Agnès Reid, a spokesman for the federal police. This association for assistance to migrants believed nevertheless that the expulsions to the countries concerned have been suspended, and guidelines were addressed to this effect in the prefectures. It is based on a statement made by foreigners in France (DGEF) Branch (which depends on the Ministry of the Interior) to Rue89. No, there is more of renewed border to these countries. It is a matter of good administrative sense: in the event of a crisis situation, as for the earthquake in Haiti, it suspends the renewed, explains the DGEF. At the Cimade, it also upsets of a double discourse of the Ministry of the Interior. Hand, we are told that there is more expulsion but we are aware of cases of refoulement, explains the association. A discharge is a reference to the country of origin of a person who did not his asylum application within 24 hours following his arrival on french soil. Anafe, national association for assistance to border, confirms at least five cases, late August and September. It was four people who have returned to Sierra Leone and one towards Guinea Conakry, says a spokeswoman. She particularly indignant that these references have been made via the Royal Air Morocco flights since Air France had been injunction no longer ensure flights destined for Sierra Leone. . Root data could be studied visiting the following source.

Israel-Palestine: tensions revived by the closure of the esplanade of the mosques.

INTERNATIONAL – Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas described Thursday’s declaration of war against the Palestinians and the Muslims the closure by Israel of the esplanade of the mosques and the recent Israeli actions in East Jerusalem. The continuation of this aggression and this dangerous escalation Israeli constitute a declaration of war to the Palestinian people, its sacred places and the Arab nation and Muslim, said Mahmoud Abbas, according to his spokesman Nabil Abu Majid. Since these new events, Palestinian youths exchanged with police Israelis of stones and stun grenades on the border of the districts of Abu Tor and Silwan, epicentre of the unrest at the foot of the old town and the esplanade of the mosques for a week, according to an AFP journalist. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu again defended himself Monday, October 27, you want to change the status of this holy place. The status of the esplanade of the mosques is, for the Palestinians, the most Cardinal sources of tensions, a red line according to the Palestinian authorities. But the tensions have been exacerbated by a series of events since June, the war of Gaza, the continued colonization by Israel, permanent bullying to which the Palestinians themselves in butte, and more generally the continuation of the occupation. . You can read the following to discover more about this interesting subject.

Stripped and assaulted in broad daylight: attempted rape in Bologna.

A woman of Casalecchio, in the province of Bologna, was a victim of a violent morning attack was staged in broad daylight, in the center of the city. The woman, aged between forty and fifty years old, around lunchtime was attacked by a man probably drunk, and this has been kidnapped and stripped. To describe the attempted rape case in Casalecchio is Resto del Carlino: the woman, since rebuilt, was walking on foot on the street maybe live at home. Suddenly she met on her journey a man of dark complexion, probably a Maghrebi, who had in his hand a bottle of wine. Police working to find the aggressor-the aggressor has watched, approached her and pushed to the ground. The man was immediately ripped the shirt and BRA. The woman had no way out, behind it there was a wall and in the face of her attacker. Failed though, despite the fear, screaming and his voice attracted the attention of two passers-by and thus, only after having ripped a gold chain from his neck, the man ran. Helped by passers-by the victim is raised and is back at home: the police are working to find the attacker. . Extended information can be read reading resource.

The Sweden recognizes the State of Palestine: president Abbas welcomes this decision.

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas welcomed Thursday the recognition announced by the Sweden of the State of Palestine, and called other countries which have not done so to follow the Swedish example, said a spokesman. ?President Abbas welcomes the decision of the Sweden considers courageous and historic, said his spokesman Nabil Abu Majid. The head of Swedish diplomacy, Margot Wallström, announced that his Government recognized Thursday by Decree l?State of Palestine, becoming the first Western EU countries to take this decision. Today the Government took a decision to recognize?State of Palestine. It is an important step that confirms the right of the Palestinians to self-determination, said the Foreign Minister in a column published in the daily Dagens Nyheter. The Government considers that the criteria of international law for recognition of l?State of Palestine are filled: a territory, although without fixed borders, a population and a Government, she added. We hope that it shows the way to others, said Wallström. According to an AFP count, at least 112 countries have recognized l?State of Palestine. . Inspirational source may be found reading this source.

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