Video: Step for step guide: Borsch – the classic in red.

Beetroot Peel, dice, even cook with broth, remove from the cooking zone and at least 4 hours or overnight to soak. Mushrooms soak in 500 ml of lukewarm water for at least 20 minutes, Very much chop and cook 30-40 minutes covered in the soaking water. 2. before eating tomatoes with boiling water pour over, skin, core in a colander and catch the juice. Dice the flesh. Pour mushrooms with Mushroom broth to the Red beetroot soup. Peel the potatoes and dice with Marjoram and add tomato paste and cook for 12-15 minutes. 3. cucumber Peel and core, Peel the onion, cut the core from the Apple. All finely dice and sauté in a wide pan in clarified butter, stirring, with salt and pepper flavor. Stir this mixture with tomato cubes, the trapped juice and sour cream in the soup, heat and hearty taste with salt, pepper and vinegar. With Marjoram flakes sprinkled serve hot. Close. You must click the following to learn more regarding this interesting matter.

The french dream.

No, all is not lost! And yet, means not only talk of the decline of the France, the economic, social, political and moral crises that undermine our country. These small debates are not equal to the fifth world power. They damage the France, its image, its beauty and its greatness. The French know and their anger translates a massive rejection and bulk of elites, of this "politico" inbred system, which every day despise them a little more. The France that we love, that resonates in the hearts of the Patriots, is not that one. And it belongs not only to the past. The re-entry, time of renewal and resolutions, should encourage us to go to the reconquest of this France scorned and hidden. We must say that we still have reason to hope, still reasons to cultivate a healthy indignation against all those who are today back the France. This revival, it will come from the French themselves, liberated from their elites. It will come of those women and those men who continue to believe in the France, "despite everything". They will put the political class in the pas, tearing it away to the Ethereal spheres in which she Revels. All those and all those who were able to travel abroad this summer back, probably with the same conclusion,. Still, the mere mention of the name "France" elicits from Beijing to New York, via London, Rio, Johannesburg and Sydney, enthusiasm overflowing at each of our interlocutors. Great finding! These are our wines, our cuisine, our traditions, our capital, our natural sites, our architecture. But they are also our values, our history, our identity, our music, our movies, our authors, our artists, our engineers and our sports champions. Also, what are all these French, famous or "anonymous", departing, each year, to settle abroad that make better love. This is the France. France, this summer, she was called "the Blues", Manaudou, Lavillenie, Tsonga, whose exploits reminiscent of our conquering spirit. It is called Avila, whose French excellence medal Fields of mathematics. But it must shine even more. What do we expect to re-enchant the french dream? We cannot limit it to hollow campaign slogans! Let’s start by displaying our pride in being French! What makes dream abroad who thinks of France, it is our common heritage, let us be as proud! Frees us, then, rules that are supposed to protect us but who end up by curb our freedom, our creativity, our spirit of initiative, threaten living together and deplete the France: at school, at University, in the economic world, and in our wrong interpretation of secularism. The elite can afford to grow this destructive conservatism. They are not victims! But our young people,. future and success should inevitably rhyme with expatriation? Require, finally, of our leaders a strong and audible voice on the international scene. Let’s not, as often, trolling, imprecise or alone: in Brussels, in the near and Middle East, in Africa, as elsewhere. We are still capable of great things. The men pass and waltzing, the France remains, beautiful, conquering and unique. The world advance, progress has been significant in all areas: health, biotechnology, space, digital,. But the French elites are too busy to comment on the ego wars, from left to right. Back to the France! French, French, it’s to tell you them! Aragon said so well: «,.» As long as it will float a little daylight to the world and its destiny,. you will hear the song of France.  "Let us make our motto and our goal in this autumn! Additional information can be found visiting

Who: you are 20,000 cases of Ebola virus in West Africa.

-The victims of Ebola in West Africa have reached 1 share. 552 and the epidemic continues to accelerate. The goal is to stop it in 6-9 months hopes the World Health Organization, which raises the infection’s budget to 3. 069 cases (between confirmed, probable and suspect) in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. More than 40% of new infections has been recorded in the last 3 weeks, says the u.n. Agency for health, highlighting an acceleration in the rate of infection in the region. The average mortality rate of 52%, and 42% from Sierra Leone to Guinea 66%. Most infections are concentrated in the Gueckedou region in Guinea, it did register the 62% of all cases reported since the beginning of the epidemic in December. The Lofa County in Liberia, on the border with Guinea, has the highest infection rates, as well as the cities of Kenema and Kailahun district in Sierra Leone. Cases of Ebola in West Africa, by calculating also the old ones to the control measures fielded for the epidemic, could get to more than 20. 000, warns the World Health Organization, which announced a new plan of action with funding necessary to 490 million dollars, and a road map to define the actions to be taken. According to the who the growth in the number of people infected is accelerating, with more than 40% of new cases in the last 21 days. But in some areas the number of infections could be from two to four times higher than that reported. . The objective of the World Health Organization is to stop the transmission of the virus within 6-9 months while serving a shorter time for the current management consequences.   Priority will be given to treatment and health care of first-line centers in the epidemic in Africa. It will identify the areas most at risk according to the epidemiological data to study the evolution of the epidemic. To actively participate in the Governments of the affected African countries, the UN, Médecins sans Frontières, banks and other countries that are providing economic aid. . The outbreak of Ebola in Africa is unprecedented not only in size, but also because it is genetically different from all the other exploded in the past: more than 340 mutations are the strains that are circulating in countries affected than those who have spread in previous years, and another 50 mutations in the viral genome are seen even inside the current epidemic. In all, identified mutations are precisely 395. To this conclusion came the authors of a study published in Science field, conducted by a group of American researchers at the Broad Institute and of Harvard University, in collaboration with the Ministry of health in Sierra Leone and colleagues from other institutions and continents. According to scientists, Ebola strains responsible for this epidemic would all have a common ancestor whose dating dates back to 1976, the year of the first outbreak of Ebola broke out in Congo (then Zaire), with 318 cases and 280 deaths. Nothing compares over 3 thousand cases, with more than 1. 500 deaths counted in the last bulletin, who. . The Ebola epidemic in Africa has been out of control for months, but the international health community took too long to react. And even now the international response to the virus remains dangerously inadequate. Anja Wolz, operator of the French NGO doctors without borders, worked for 7 weeks as nurse coordinator in a service center in Kailahun district, Sierra Leone. Lived face to face with Ebola and condemned in no uncertain terms the flaws in the management of an emergency which worsens by the hour. His testimony is reported in the journal ‘ Nejm ‘. A frustrating and disappointing experience, says the woman. Days marked by new arrivals and new deaths, with the only joy to resign the lucky few that have made only because they were immune to the strain that infected them. The official budget of the epidemic, that West Africa was extended to reach the central Democratic Republic of Congo, close to the 1. 500 deaths, of which 392 in Sierra Leone. But the suspicion is that the numbers are greatly underestimated. Every day we see people dying, said the Msf’s Assistant. Definitely die of Ebola, but are not counted by the Ministry of health because the cause was not confirmed by laboratory tests. The epidemiological surveillance system is dysfunctional. We need to define the chain of infections to stop, but we lack key data. . You should visit the following to learn more about this interesting matter.

Team of France. Deschamps: “I do not know what will happen” with Ribéry.

Didier Deschamps had not reacted to the announcement of the international retirement of Franck Ribéry. The comment by the head coach Thursday in conjunction with the announcement of the list of the Blues for two friendlies against the Spain and the Serbia (September 4-7) allowed to clarify its position. "I have noted, this is a decision that it was deliberate. Since January he had difficulties, particularly on the physical plane, which prevented him from participating in the World Cup. It is certainly what led him to make this decision by report to his club. But the coach immediately clarified its position. "Players have this freedom but there is a rule which is that if I call a player, it must come", recalled. A player who refuses to honor a summons in national team incurs a suspension in his club. As the Bayern Munich player is currently out of shape – he should make his return with his club this weekend against Shalke 04 – the ability to recall Ribéry is not news. What will happen when he is in full possession of his faculties? Deschamps ‘Franck was very important, it allowed us to qualify for the World Cup. The most important for him is to find the fullness of its means and the pleasure of the game. After, I do not know what will happen. This decision is taken today, I acknowledge. Anyway, it is not available for these matches", against the Spain and the Serbia. . Extended facts can be read visiting

Malaysia Airlines has doubled its losses since the disappearance of the MH370 flight.

In big trouble since 2011, Malaysia Airlines saw its losses nearly doubled in the second quarter after the disappearance of flight MH370 which resulted in a drop in bookings and precipitated the company on the brink. The Malaysian company reported Thursday a net loss of 305 million ringgits (EUR 73 million) over the period April-June, following the disappearance March 8 Boeing liaising Kuala Lumpur – Beijing with 239 passengers and crew members. This is the sixth consecutive quarter in the red for the company which had already suffered a net loss of 175 million ringgits a year earlier, in the second quarter of 2013. The impact of the disaster of the MH370 and the increased competition resulted in a decrease of 6.7% of bookings, said Malaysia in its interim report, preventing that the results of the last six months of the fiscal year would be even worse. The company of this small country of Southeast Asia, who before this year had a good reputation for safety, finds himself on the precipice from the unexplained disappearance of the MH370 flight and the crash of another device with 298 people onboard killed July 17 (flight MH17) over the Ukraine. The full financial impact of the double tragedy of the MH370 and MH17 should be felt during the second half of this year, with an average fall of 33% of weekly bookings observed immediately after the (second) incident, and the cancellation of many flights, said Malaysia Airlines. Malaysia Airlines nevertheless suffered before these disasters of increased regional competition, in particular the growth of low-cost airlines. In June, its majority shareholder, the public investment fund Khazanah Nasional, had indicated that it was considering various options out of the rut. -A few months cash –A reason for 1 to 2 million daily losses, Malaysia Airlines lost 1.3 billion dollars (more than 900 million euros) in three years and its cash flow would leave him only a few months of respite. Khazanah Nasional announced early August that it would buy the remaining 30% held by minority shareholders to ensure any latitude, judging required a complete overhaul of its operations, its business model, its finances, its human capital and its statutes. It had no more stated intentions but the reduction of overstaffing perceived as one of the structural evils of the carrier, in addition to poor management, should be one of its priorities. It is evil to resurrect our company national airline and make so that its business operations become profitable, had emphasized Khazanah, promising proposals for the end of the month. Some 200 personnel of cabin left spontaneously the company in recent months, their Union stewards and stewardesses were now afraid to fly. MAS employs 19. 500 people. In comparison, the prestigious Singapore Airlines employs 23. 800 people so that its operations are much more extensive. Analysts estimate that Khazanah will have to do the household in the frame, including at the highest level, cut jobs and waive certain destinations in order to redress both his accounts than its reputation. But the company looks delicate. It will be immensely difficult for MAS to recover, thus predicts Shukor Yusof, aviation consulting firm Endau Analytics. The MH370 flight vanished shortly after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur. The aircraft has changed radically flight plan, turning to the West, then South, in the direction of the Indian ocean where it fell short of fuel. No trace of the aircraft was found since. As flight MH17, he was shot by a missile on July 17 while it flew over the territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists. The work of international experts on the spot was suspended early August because of the fighting around the area of debris. . Similar facts can be read reading

50 shades, the count down the gem: “the pleasure is more”.

by Claudio Roma 167 days, 14 hours, 30 minutes to the August 28 11.28. The fansite of the cinema version of success 50 shades of gray, is inexorable in count down which will turn off the next 12 February 2015, when 50 shades of gray will come out in Italian cinemas. Intent is big disappointment for those who counted on the presence of Dakota Johnson at the Venice Film Festival. The "no thanks" of the first call is the official denial of what looks set to become the universal face of Anastasia Steeel, the young journalist become slave for pleasure in the hands of Christian Grey. Among so much waiting, there are also those who do not hide doubts and misgivings. As Roberta Gemma, the movie star red light depopulated throughout the planet. Reached by telephone by Shaun Kitchener. it during her vacation in Salento, the gem of Italy commented that attention is growing around the movies and paves the way to controversies: "Mah, gray shades, black and red. The only substance that had the trilogy is to clear that subtle and intense pleasure you feel being held physically and mentally by a male. First bondage and sado-maso were confined in limbo kinds of perversions, now belong to the cultural sphere and common desire ". The volume and on the gem has no doubts: "I read them a bit bored and frankly I think are on the point of view of a man. What a woman is much more intense than what is told and I just hope that the film will put an end to pages and pages of waiting to see a report in 4 rows. There are two ways to watch the film: waiting for two hours of wonderment and confirmation of scarce emotions of the book. If you want the point of view of a woman who has explored its physicality and vibrations that gives the body more than a masterpiece I seem a planetary marketing well-organized. The language of eros is another thing. Trust ". And while the gem prepares to get in line at the cinema, on specialized sites run previews. As photos of the suite at the Fairmont hotel in Vancouver: a warm and cosy room with a wooden table, two sofas and a recliner in fabric of various shades of red in the living room, covered with an elaborate purple chandelier and framed by paintings, ornaments, lamps and ornamental plants. . You can check this to read extra about this interesting matter.

Organized child abuse: the fear of being a racist.

Rotherham gained for the first time national attention when four years ago, five men of Pakistani descent were sentenced to heavy prison sentences. They had kept English girl over the years as sex slaves. Newspaper research in Rotherham then shows that the authorities of the Pädophile rings have known in their town to do something. In the meantime, the city seems woke up. Currently running 32 investigation against child molesters. In the past twelve months, 15 men were presented to a judge. Reports about the conditions in Rotherham were by the authorities "suppressed or ignored" was, according to the Jay report. Had been means in 2002 by high ranking police officers a referees who gathered information on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior, not to repeat his allegations. Local social workers, which had reported the situation of the victims of the police and the Youth Welfare Office, had been rebuked by superiors and professionally downgraded. The authorities responded also to direct speech apparently deaf. Victims, who are reported to the police, they were treated "with contempt", according to the report. The parents of affected girls have been rejected by the police or even imprisoned. The authors of the report for all cases hold "that white men are the majority of child molesters in the United Kingdom", before they come to talk to that are the culprits in Rotherham of mostly Pakistani origin, while their victims are predominantly white girl. "Some city employees described their nervousness, to identify the ethnic roots of the perpetrators, because they feared to be racist thought", notes the report. "Others remembered clear instructions to act." Leading local politicians and police officers had "Downplayed ethnic dimension," Jay said. The report cites local politicians, who feared to strengthen right-wing groupings with the disclosure of the origin of the perpetrators. Young people that the situation in Rotherham so perceived, in recent years, "that the police do nothing against Asian Teens dares to, for fear of racism allegations" have their say. The report is about Rotherham. The inability of local authorities to protect girls from sexual violence is "frightening", it was said at the official residence of the heads of Government in London. Commentators of conservative leaves dealt Wednesday with the career, made the notion of racism in the Kingdom. "Racism is a such hysterical topos has become, that he plows under all other moral concerns, in this case the concern for our children", wrote the commentator of the "Spectator". . Inspirational facts could be studied visiting the following

Entry into the hardware market?: SAP invents novel folding laptop.

The device can be folded into various forms with different functions. A user could use it for phone calls as mobile. He could fold it in the Smartphone mode to send an email. And he could fold up then it into laptop mode, to edit a larger document. Each operating condition to be allegedly similar functional as each individual equipment. Increasingly mobile applications and cloud computing are looking for other growth areas such as the software company SAP, based in Walldorf and its competitors in the software market. Growth is harder to achieve, and they must begin to think beyond the edge of the plate says Daniel Ives, analyst at FBR capital markets. Such a device would fall into this category. A patent application does not mean that SAP coming soon with such a mobile device on the market, but that the market opportunities of the group as a whole could spread. . For extra facts regarding this matter click hyperlink.

Physicists observe the neutrinos on the track – first emergence of solar energy.

For years, scientists study the evolution of the Sun. Neutrinos are an important part of the puzzle for this. The electrically neutral particles come from the innermost area of the Sun and To give information about the local fusion processes. 99 percent of the energy resulting from a merger cycle. In the initial phase of this cycle, two hydrogen atoms to a nucleus of heavy hydrogen merge. In this cycle, the energy is released, the sun rays can (solar radiation). Also arise where neutrinos, electrically neutral particles, it means the communication of Technical University of Munich. The researchers have measured only the solar radiation. "So far, we might explore only the energy of the Sun’s surface. These needs but 100 000 years to get from the inside to the outside", explains Stefan Schönert, Professor of the TU Munich, which belongs to the research group at Gran Sasso. Therefore, scientists could only say how the energy released thousands of years ago. "Neutrinos need have achieved, however, only a few minutes until it the Earth, because they can use interact only very weakly with matter and therefore also within the Sun more or less freely", as Saeedi. Therefore, them To give evidence indicating How much energy currently sets free the Sun. In the first 400 meters deep underground laboratory in Italy, catch and researchers examining neutrinos with a sensitive detector. This gives them the opportunity to trace the fusion reactions inside the 15 million degrees Celsius hot of the Sun for the first time in the history of solar research. Neutrinos are almost massless and penetrate not only rock, but the whole earth. On a square inch coming 10 of this elementary particles per second. "That means through their fingernail 10 billion neutrinos – fly in a second even at night!", explains Stefan Schönert, the connection.   . You can read this to learn more about this great matter.

2 days: who is bringing 100,000 euro? – Still 2 days ‘celebrity big brother’: the three favorites.

Pro: Schill a good deal then moved scandal in the container. Coke, sex and his inglorious fall out of politics are recorded in his autobiography that comes through a very fortunate coincidence on the market right now. With its undertone of countless women, group sex and strange practices, he surpasses even porn-Sternchen MIA. True, he was his image so far also the only male residents moved blank – and that on the second day. Cons: Although Schill previously flirting, what keeps this stuff, anyone who had heard of "Judge merciless", expected something more from him had become. So it has so far not yet given a drug raid the hamster wheel for nocturnal orgies was misused. Schill was to trust to all of this and more. Instead, he shows his charismatic side, offers a shoulder to cry on the Wendler, who discovered his sensitivity, and speaks quite untypical of format in coherent, clear sentences. . Main data can be found visiting this

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