Is Nicolas Sarkozy annoyed with the elected representatives of his own camp?

Radio silence. In the aftermath of the d p t of sponsorships for the Presidency of the UMP, the number of support activists and parliamentarians s collect by Nicolas Sarkozy remains unknown. We do not want to participate a m media race that would be d finish that most, argues one of his relatives. Herv Mariton and Bruno Le Maire do not share this modesty. The first claims 31 signatures of d put s and s senators (Stephen white, Arlette Grosskost, Gilles Carrez) date of contribution and a twenty out of nails (Jean-Pierre Gorges, Jean-Fr d ric fish). The second a requisitioned the press if the UMP for d ge ask dozens of front cartons of r v ler parliamentary supporters list (46 including 11 non-authorised sponsor). Many abstaining. This is the case of pr sidentiables – Fran ois Fillon and Xavier Bertrand, us d who t emball’iso s by any of the imp elements – that explains the Express Serge Grouard, and cautious that will wholeheartedly with the winner. How many are? Impossible to know until the Sarkozy camp will not accept to deliver the number of sponsors to the Parliament. Only indication the number of cards the high s deposited authority in charge of the congr s. The Express has had access to the register of d p t of nominations. Bruno Le Maire has registered a cl USB, a shirt from sponsorships and 117 bo your forms s sign. Nicolas Sarkozy has sent a small hand of her campaign put two s cl USB, a shirt, twelve crates and cardboard. Finally, Matthieu Labb for Herv Mariton closed the e day in pr smelling a shirt and five cartons. We voil well advanced. However, some read, and not least, argue that they will express their choice before the congr s and that it could be Nicolas Sarkozy. This is the case of Val rie P cresse and Xavier Bertrand. � . Inspirational source could be studied clicking the following

A schizophrenic and his psy scrambling misconceptions about the disease.

Polo Tonka in this excellent book "Dialogue with myself", Odile Jacob, 2013, provides a poignant testimony, and Philippe Jeammet Professor of Psychiatry renamed does not hesitate to show the barriers be constructed between psychiatry, psychoanalysis and opinion, and why it is relevant to shoving them: these ideas give a justified hope. Polo Tonka first goes into scene with a lot of skill and subtlety, this in clear language. Little by little it shows internally divided, and begins his story in placing at the outset before we both characters of the debate: ‘me’ and ‘I’! Excellent! This dialogue will keep us in suspense throughout its ‘lived’ story. Certainly we are a bit surprised to begin with a childhood without history, but little by little everything becomes complex, intractable, and we feel that nothing will be spared us the entry in this disaster, the first misunderstanding, and it will continue (this is clearly described), on what is going on ‘for me and for myself’, then the shared pain, hopes still sometimes despair that goes increasing, the complexity, and then a descent to the underworld, finally of the rays. Meanwhile if frequent misunderstanding with his family so loving, so painful. I leave the reader follow his own path. Hence if we expect clarification from Professor Jeammet. Philippe Jeammet Emeritus Professor of child and adolescent psychiatry led for 30 years the Psychiatry of adolescence of the Hospital of the Cité Universitaire. It from there gained notoriety indisputable, especially by his experience and his work around pathologies blazing and violent adolescence as on knowledge of adolescence period hinge of lifetime. Clarity, alertness, a capacity to appropriate the knowledge various psychiatric, psychoanalytic, biological, neuroscientists and to give a clear translation suited to the situation, and his audience, having clearly assimilated them and making them digestible, what in the field of psychiatry is, you acknowledge, a feat. In particular he explains that the ‘great forgotten’ was the emotion in any mental pathology and in each. Emotions are central to the understanding of our psychic life. It is therefore justified to tackle and at the outset, by showing that their bases are always double, both organic, so genetic and biological, and psychic and so sensitive to the entourage (intrapsychic) all internal events and external (relational and physical). Totally obsolete are the polemics between biology and psyche that actually block the thought of the actors since the beginning of the history of Psychiatry. Work on knowledge, treatment, and prevention of emotions is thus a central step of any care. It shows that any encounter (and neuroscience confirm) entails both an organic change and a psychic. The meeting is going to be increasingly founder of hope around the newfound creativity. It associated with the other steps and other elements will allow to give access to a new form of life. Certainly the road is long. Did t – it not was before disorders? It is clear that such a book and taking such a position can ‘destabilize’ too immobile members of the establishment. Jeammet P does not hesitate to say the errors that are disease classifications and definitions ‘personality structures’ in their so-called scientificity and their willingness to partition, he argues that mental disorders are actually fluid. It also allows shoving too narrow dogma of psychoanalysis by showing that central concepts such as those of trauma, repetition and even drive and sublimation are of little use against what is happening in any encounter, and creativity that can emerge in. It confirms that psychoanalysis remains the best training of psychiatrists. Essential indeed. Patients and families of patients have need of this light to find the hope that too many psychiatrists disdain, lack of breadth of view and experience, because we not hide the reality, the field of psychiatry is extremely complex and is lost quickly on the way. . You must read the following hyperlink to discover extra about this interesting topic.

Five myths about family policy in France.

The concept covers all aid granted by the State to families: family allowances, family income for taxes, child care assistance, etc. This policy is generally designed to encourage the birth rate, important factor for the influence of a country and its "rank". In France, it is in place since the beginning of the 20th century and is based on several pillars, one of whom shall debate: the universality of benefits. It is estimated that whole family is entitled to family allowances regardless of its standard of living. OECD measuring the weight of family policy as a share of GDP and, seen, the France is not one that spends the most, even if it appears at the top of the table: even the provision of home of the young child (Paje) asks questions of equality: according to the Court of Auditors, the 10% of less well-off families reached 120 million "free choice of mode of custody more."the Pajé allowance for children kept at home or at a nurse in 2010, when 10% of the better-off families affected for the same allocation, EUR 1.05 billion, close to ten times more. Behind this injustice, a combination of side effects: it affects more home health aides for a nurse, which opens right to tax cuts, for a place in the nursery. . For more on this subject visit website.

Banks: offers low cost for the most vulnerable customers.

Who can benefit from this offer? First persons registered for three consecutive months to file the Bank of France and those in situations of over-indebtedness (approximately 200 000 files judged admissible annually). But will also be able to access customers deemed to be in a situation of fragility by their institution, with regard to the payment incidents repeated on three months or the amount of their resources. And that is where the shoe pinches for Serge master, President of the French association of users of banks. On paper, this device can only be seduced, but the problem is that it depends on the initiative databases. However, it is feared that these drag feet as this ‘fragile client’ makes them big: with fees and commissions that accumulate, it can represent 150 euros per month on average. Serge master fear so that the user is subject to a purely discriminating appreciation, leading to the creation of a ‘account of poor’. For him, should this account 3 euros to be a right for all those who in need. . Additional facts can be inspected clicking

The A350 receives its sesame to enter service at the end of the year.

After 2. 600 hours of flight testing, the A350-900 received Tuesday the green light from the European authorities to enter into service at the end of the year, Qatar Airways. The new long haul of Airbus rival Boeing 777 and 787. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has announced granting certification to the last born of the European aircraft manufacturer that has demonstrated that the device meets the safety and environmental requirements set by the EASA for European Union. Equipped with engines Trent XWB from Rolls-Royce and capable of carrying 315 passengers over a distance of 14. 500 kilometres, the aircraft is strategic for the constructor, engaged in a race with rival Boeing for dominance of the lucrative market for long-range aircraft. Today is an important day for the A350 programme (,.). The A350 is certified, which paves the way for the first deliveries that will occur before the end of the year, said Didier Evrard, Director of the A350 at a telephone conference programme, not excluding to deliver more than a single copy by end of December. In addition, he said that the A350-900 would receive the green light from the US authorities on October. The manufacturer has invested 10 to 12 billion euros in this strategic program. The A350 XWB displays many new innovative technologies that make all the difference in terms of passenger comfort and profitability for the companies, said Fabrice Br̩gier, President and CEO of Airbus. This new Jumbo is the first model of the European aircraft manufacturer mostly made of carbon-fiber composites. It is available in two versions: the A350-900 Рthe certified Tuesday Рand the A350-1000 version with 369 seats which will come into service mid-2017. The Group initially provided a smaller version the A350-800 (276 seats), with entry into service mid-2016. But this device is about to be abandoned in favour of the A330neo, version remotoris̩e of the A330 due in 2017. Patrick Ky, Director of EASA, stressed the maturity in the development of the aircraft, Airbus benefited from the experience of development of its previous programs including the A380 which had accused of years of delays and substantial costs. -Already 750 net orders РAirbus and EASA have (,.) could establish pragmatic working methods that have demonstrated their effectiveness for certification, he said. The European aircraft manufacturer announced mid-August that the A350 had completed its route proving, around the world in 20 days aimed at testing the aircraft in conditions of actual operation, during which the aircraft travelled 151. 300 kilometers, flew 180 hours, and made a stop at 14 airports. With more than 2. 600 hours in total, we have developed and successfully completed one of the programs? more rigorous testing and effective ever developed for a civilian aircraft, said Fabrice Br̩gier, who welcomes the compliance costs and delays announced at client companies. With 750 net orders, the A350 is already a commercial success Рparticularly in Japan with a command of 31 copies by the JAL, which prompted Boeing to launch the 777 X, version remotoris̩e of its Jumbo star. The certification announcement comes as Delta Airlines announced on 24 September have selected the B787-9 and the A350-900 for the replacement of a number of wide-bodied estimated at 50, said Christophe M̩nard, aviation expert at Kepler Cheuvreux. The A350 also enriches the long-haul range of Airbus which already included an another Jet the A330 and the super Jumbo A380, the biggest airliner in the world capable of carrying more than 600 passengers. However, Didier Evrard said the long journey still waiting for Airbus. The challenge now for the A350 programme is to start the first deliveries with Qatar Airways, deliver the successive operators and climb rate of production, he summed up. He recalled that the Group was a production of 10 aircraft per month on the horizon 2018. The leader has however assured that this program would be profitable while the A380 will reach the financial balance in 2015, that is eight years after its entry into service. Lastly, as regards the A350-1000, Airbus aims flight tests in the second half by 2016. . For extra about this topic visit

“in the Senate, there not only with gilding and misogynist papis.

When has crossed it Sunday evening, she quip that on Philippe Marini, outsider for the UMP nomination for election to the Presidency of the Senate who was campaigning in the briefing room. "When I hear orating while he lives in the hook of its parliamentary reservation, it makes me smile!", balance Nathalie Goulet, recalling that the Senator-Mayor of Compiègne (Oise), was PIN after distributing, between 2005 and 2007, to EUR 2.5 million per year of reserve to its own commune. The centrist Senator for Orne is a candidate itself for election to the Board. Direct, juggling formulas-shocks, it made since a few days the happiness of the media. However, it is unlikely to compete with Jean-Pierre Raffarin or Gérard Larcher, the heavyweights of the UMP group. She likes before the cameras from le Petit journal: "I have no chance because I do not have 65 years, I’ve never accumulated and I am a woman." Even centrist classmates are reluctant to invest it, between some who argue for a primary with the UMP, others who would prefer a nomination of the Chairperson of the Group François Zocchetto, and those who recall that the contender is even not inset to IDU. The group must decide this afternoon. In the meantime, Nathalie Goulet, 56 years old, made a few proposals on ethics and transparency which, exceptionally, scrambling the very subdued the Luxembourg Palace. No, but I don’t care. When talking about the Senate, people do that imagine gilding and a den of misogynist papis. Stories like the refusal of the bureau of the Senate delever the parliamentary immunity of Serge Dassault [last January, Editor's note], make us one terrible evil. Senators such as Dassault and Jean-Michel Baylet [beaten Sunday, Editor's note] are conflicts of interest alone. This House is better than that and bicameralism deserves to be saved. To do this, take measures impact immediately. But beware, too much transparency kills transparency. When I issued my statement of heritage on my site last week, I got full figure: I do not have a round side but you accused me of jewelry. The issue is not the heritage itself but: this member is enriched during his tenure? Do not fall into voyeurism. The representative mandate (IRFM amounting to 6 031 euros monthly) allowance is not subject to tax. Therefore, justify our spending. It starts by far: still fifteen years ago the IRFM was paid in cash! Implement a software to help the Senators to keep transparent accounts and exercise random checks every three or six months. It must also make transparency in the accounts of the political groups, which must have a clear legal status. Ditto on the budgets of friendship with any country groups: these are between 800,000 and one million euros per year which roam unchecked. Must place these friendship groups under the aegis of the commission of Foreign Affairs of the Senate and know what their members are doing: they should be required to detail a program before leaving on a trip and to prepare a report on the return. Tourism at the expense of the taxpayer, is finished. I saw Jean-Pierre Raffarin in July and Gérard Larcher a few days ago. I asked them if they were candidates to serve their interests or to serve the House. They agree on my proposals, including the transparency of the IRFM. But how much time will take to apply? The loss of credibility of the word political field and the evolution of mores will compel them to speak of transparency, whether they like it or not. . Similar facts can be inspected visiting link.

Seehofer heirs: Lord, send a sign.

It is Monday at noon at the Oktoberfest 12 o’clock. Markus Söder comes at his reserved table in the Direktionsboxe in the Hofbräu tent. The band plays the Defiliermarsch, which is the soundtrack of the CSU Chairman and Bavarian Minister-President. Coincidence, Of course. There is Yes so many coincidences in Bavaria. Some are planned on the careful, else really just so happens. As Söder, the arranged appearance to the Defiliermarsch would be a capable at any time. However he would then insert in the leather pants through the main portal and not come into the suit through the door like on this Monday. As the analyses after the election successes for the AfD in East German State parliaments, the Union just good work must deliver, then go past the AfD again, turns the cameras Söder and outlined horror pictures. If the CSU is not careful, it could slip below the 40-percent mark in Bavaria. Söder provokes All the time. Seehofer said it was not the time for tax gifts just, prompt, Sachie asks Which one. Söder pushes, Seehofer supported way. What vorschwebe Södermalm on reliefs, frivolous, no one could pay for. Söder, but will simply stop. He has to expect anything good more of Seehofer, knows Söder, since Seehofer 2012 has accused of too many Schmutzeleien on the CSU Christmas celebration. So spins its networks in the Landtag group Söder and can look forward about it, that he was mentioned most frequently as successor to request at the beginning of the year in a BR survey of the Bavaria. Aigner also measures. But she can not watch themselves. She considered at the moment as a Crown Princess, Seehofer withdrew them from the federal policy for the elections and brought to Munich. After the election Seehofer trimmed cope once they. She got the Economic Department and not the Bundestag group chairmanship, which you would have been better. And as a major political task the energy revolution, which she struggles for months. Their specialists tell her: Bayern needs distribution. Seehofer says: he wants no peripheries. The same thing for months and the energy concept promised for the past spring can wait. . For more data regarding this matter click

A few kilometres are Islamists Kobans – city dwellers IS put in fear: if it stays that way, we see a massacre.

Residents of the Kurdish town Kobans in northern Syria fear a massacre during a conquest by the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). The number of air attacks in the region was too low and the air strikes are too Far away from the front, eye-witnesses complain as the US television network CNN reported on the night of Tuesday. We need help. We need weapons. We need more effective air strikes, said Idriss n. from Kobans. If it stays that way, we will see a massacre. He could not imagine what will happen if the terrorist militia in Kobans invaded. The extremists attacked Kobans (Arabic: Ain al-Arab) from all directions, said was Muslim on the phone. You beschössen the city with heavy artillery. The Syrian Observatory for human rights reported that at least three people here come to life and others have been injured. The terrorist militia have fired 17 shells on downtown Kobans on Monday.   The United States and its Arab allies bombed among other things a large plant near the East Syrian town of Deir as-Saur, the Syrian Observatory for human rights said. The plant on the outskirts of the village Chascham is deemed to be the largest of its kind in Syria. She take care of several power plants in the country, supplying many Syrian provinces with electricity. According to the human rights activists, the Alliance near Manbidsch in northern Syria attacked also flour mills and silos. There is information about victims.    The army had extended to the extremists of the Iraq on Syria at the beginning of last week their attacks. So far, the United States flew at least 229 air attacks in the Iraq and 59 in Syria, CNN reported. Five Arab States support in the United States. The United States aims to destroy IS in both countries. To want to equip also moderate Syrian rebels, and to educate. . Original source can be studied reading the following

Process start in Canada: porn killer Magnotta pushes confession.

Our archive picture shows Luka Rocco Magnotta years (r.) two ago, when he left the plane at Montreal Airport in handcuffs. He was adopted after an international manhunt in Berlin. © DPA of Canada’s process of the Decade starts with a bang: Luka Magnotta, pornographic actor from Montreal, has surprisingly confessed to have killed and dismembered a student. The 32 year old still on not guilty had argued before the detention judge. At the beginning of the process on Monday apparently to save tried Magnotta, which was adopted two years ago after international manhunt in Berlin, to save what is. Because the evidence is overwhelming – and he himself has produced the erdrückendsten. Magnotta had, according to the indictment, body parts and sending body parts in packages to political parties and authorities. No wonder that investigators quickly caught the attention on the case and had a suspect quickly thanks to the film. Magnotta was sitting there while already on a plane to Europe and also in Paris, police launched by Interpol found only a few porn magazines in his hotel room. But in Berlin Magnotta was recognized in June 2012 by the operator of an Internet café, as the Canadians are just googled. The extradition was only a formality. But Magnotta is imbecility at all? Someone who murdered only a virtually unknown, without that he has direct benefits of it. The fact even films released the film and sends Lightweight parts to parties. This, the Court is To want hear even experts. In Canada’s process of the Decade is so far still not over long. . Similar text can be read visiting url.

Slackline, the serenity on a thread.

The last time that Fran ois Quiquet came here, in the for t of Meudon (Hauts-de-Seine), it was between noon and two, with some colleagues. Instead of going the canteen, we took my car and, ten minutes later, we were in the Woods, tells this ing NIOR of 41 years, a group of t l phonie mobile salari. I made them try the slack, a vid t they te. You are required to concentrate on the position of your body, otherwise you lose the balance. In this day of rest, Fran ois came to pick up the pit in the middle of a charg daily r. By temp temperament, I get easily pressure, he says. Then I me r serve times o I can find me alone in nature. The Sun pierces through the foliage, while it climbs of a flexible bond on the Ling, ring pass around the trunk, point d part e Travers. The fix look away, as if he had just rep rer a deer lurking in the undergrowth, he suggests a foot, then the other. Too abrupt, too f quivering in his gestures. On the slack, which amplifies the lower oscillation, the nervousness does not forgive. At the third me not, plus strap under his shoe, nothing but emptiness. Fran ois is r ceptionne on pais it mattress leaves, 50 centimeters very lowest, goes up as t. I’ll pers v rer and at the end of a quarter of an hour, my movements will become more harmonious, he assures. He started again and, absent in the world, not how you more performance. Miracle announced, each attempted tive is r v longer than the pr c previous steps. Some install their strap of the dizzying heights and r realize acrobatic figures breath, other evolving low to the ground to enjoy first and above all its virtues m ditatives. Tatiana Châtel, former gymnast of 28 years, alternates between the two: the high flight, comp competition, and yoga postures, in the evening after work, for d compress. When its e journ of Professor of coles in kindergarten the reint was, it tends its slack in a park behind her home in the suburbs his bet not. Then she enshrined not positions, the best way for arr ter think, she notes. The tree, standing arms to the sky, with an e full leg. The lotus, sitting legs believe es – the Buddha, say the slackeurs. � . For more data about this topic read homepage.

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