decreed 2015 year of Russia in Monaco.

We seriously prepared to this event because I think that the land of Monegasques is closely linked to the dynasty, history and Russian culture,. I am convinced that it is important for us today to show that despite all the economic difficulties and political, real life is much wiser. It evolves through its own channels, sometimes impenetrable by great politicians. We will try to show that the contemporary Russia is a country that lives in a civilized world both according to its own laws and universal laws, said Mr. Chvykoï. He added that Russian culture had always been part of world culture, but that it had features that have always attracted other nations. The solemn inauguration of the year of Russia in Monaco will be held a few days before the new year. A mis ballet staged by the troupe of the Bolshoi theatre and the monegasque choreographer Jean-Christophe Maillot will be presented on 19 December on one of the biggest stages of the Principality. The Taming of the Shrew ballet staged in cooperation russo-monegasque, presented in Moscow this summer. It is very rare that a foreign choreographer can work with the troupe of the Bolshoi, and I am delighted to have been able to participate. I hope to soon see the fruit of our work, carried out with the heart, said Mr. Maillot in a press conference in Monaco. The general public will also support, during the inauguration, to the presentation of a postal stamp created specifically for the year of Russia in Monaco. The stamp was made by the Russian painter Georgy Shishkin, who lived for some years in the Principality. Residents and visitors to Monaco will have more of an opportunity to enjoy next year works by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich, Rimsky-Korsakov and Prokofiev. The public of the Principality can attend the performances of the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theatres, the choir of the Red Army, the Russian opera singer Anna Netrebko and conductor Yuri Bashmet and Valery Gergiev. For a better immersion in Russian culture, Monaco will celebrate in 2015 the Maslenitsa (Shrove Tuesday) and will organize several activities for the day of the independence of the Russia. In the year the inhabitants and visitors of the Principality can try Russian dishes in restaurants, in solemn diners and Russian culinary seasons which begin on June 12. The year of Russia in Monaco is not limited to cultural events. The Principality will host a series of business meetings. Some activities for sports enthusiasts are also expected: the Yacht Club Monaco will organise a regatta with participation of crews of Russia, friendly games of football and hockey will be organized. The Russian Krusenstern and Sedov ships dock there. At present, the program of the year of Russia in Monaco includes 128 events but organizers say that others will be added to the agenda. It is unknown yet what will be the closing event of the year of Russia in Monaco. The Minister of State of Monaco Michel Roger said Friday that organizers had prepared several versions but no definitive choice had yet been made. It should be a spectacular show and we are still trying to choose the best solution, Michel Roger told journalists. The memorandum on the Organization of the year of Russia in Monaco by 2015 was signed in July 2014. . Original facts can be found reading the following

Keywords: lactose intolerant European prehistoric even after ‘ discovery ‘ farms.

Rome, Oct. 21 (Reuters Health)-The Dna analyses of the bones of the skull of the ancient Europeans showed that they were lactose intolerant, most abundant sugar in milk, to 5. 000 years after the adoption of agricultural practices and to 4 thousand years after the development of know-how for the production of dairy products among European farmers. In short, raised cows and goats but not digerivano lactose. To establish it is a research paper published in Nature Communications ‘ signed by University College Dublin. The researchers analyzed the Dna extracted from the remains of thirteen skeletons, especially from an area of the inner ear well protected from external damage, which then led to extrapolating several markers including those for lactose. The skeletons, which date back to 5. 700 BC (early Neolithic) and 800 BC (iron age), were buried in an archaeological site in Hungary, an area known for having been the crossroads of various migration flows in prehistory. Our results show an increase in lighter skin pigmentation-explains Ron Pinhasi, study author-but surprisingly no presence of an increase in tolerance or the presence of lactose. This means-continues-the ancient Europeans despite having domestic animals like cows, goats and sheep had not yet developed, genetic level, a wide tolerance in the consumption of large amounts of milk of these animals. . Main data may be studied clicking this

Picasso Museum in Paris: A Palace for Pablo.

We follow a chronology, not in strict mode, but the curator explained their concept. There are no dense zones between the various ‘styles’, but a deep continuity in the entire work. The shown offers however little help. Times chronologically, thematically times added, lack the necessary explanations. On the hand, the visitor receives only a free guide in mini format. His surrealist works are richly documented. The central staircase, decorated with caryatids and stone fruit baskets, leads to the first collage in the history of art (nature morte à la chaise cannée in 1912). The three dimensional nail bristling guitar (guitar) from the same year is shown here or the visually shocking painting two charging women on the beach (La course, 1922). Sometimes some pieces lost in the crowd of the exhibits. The bull’s head (tête de taureau, 1942) a stunning composition of the German occupation, assembled treasures such as bicycle handlebars and saddle is too high to detect its macabre irony; the death’s head (tête de mort, 1943) is lonely on a sprawling white base, which moves the deformed horrors in the distance. And the largest sculpture, Picasso’s man with lamb (l’Homme au mouton, 1943), remains hidden in a wood-paneled room on the first floor, eingesargt in a previous Office space, which allows no distance. . Additional information can be read checking fact.

The last blunder by the Government.

It is an unexpected conversion: Socialists have registered all Saints on their calendar. The reason is more prosaic than spiritual. This is to make up for a mistake whose consequence would be to cause a by-election in the 4 riding of the Doubs, that of Pierre Moscovici. To allow the former Minister of the economy, again MP out of the Government, to go to Brussels as a Commissioner without having to organize a new election, the Government had entrusted a mission on "the role of France in Europe. This process often used by Executive allows a member to be automatically replaced by his Deputy at the end of six months. Fear that the FN prevails if there is a partial error, is that the mission of Moscovici has officially started may 5. To make the scenario imagined by Paris brilliant work, should be so that the new Commission in Brussels take duties than on 6 November, either six months and one day after May 5. However, the new team of Jean-Claude Juncker did not delay and should be put in place as planned on 1 November. Where panic Socialists. «If there is a partial in the Doubs, one is sure to lose it since Mosco was spend in 2012 to the favor of a triangular with the FN and that, since, we lost Montbéliard and the urban community for the benefit of the UMP, is sorry a Socialist hierarch. Worse, it is not excluded that the Roundup FN upgrading. Therefore, the PS to the Assembly group would count 288 seats while the absolute majority is 289. Certainly since the dissent of the Slingers, the Government took the habit to put his texts with the support of the radical left and environmentalists. Nonetheless, losing the majority on a gross error of date would reopen the amateurism of the Executive proceedings. This is why Paris requests to move the idea with its European partners due to the All Saints Day holidays it would be preferable that the mandate of the Commission in Brussels will only start after,. on November 6. But such a decision would be the miracle. . You must read the following link to learn extra on this amazing subject.

Berlusconi Announces: “in February I social services for good behavior”.

Silvio Berlusconi might conclude the social services. This was announced by the former Prime Minister speaking on a call from Maurizio Belpietro on Channel 5: "the deadline should be anticipated on 15 February for the way I played and conducted this service," said the Knight, ensuring that you be here: "Certainly Yes, I soon ricandiderò this ruling is the result of a wretched justice won’t be cancelled by the European Court of human rights in the EU. If someone thought that I withdrew it shows that I don’t know. I made a commitment with millions and millions of Italians ". The former Prime Minister has talked about economic policy and future alliances to Italy Force, without forgetting the electoral law. Berlusconi launched a jibe at Radhakrishnan: "you give with one hand and takes with the other, as in the case of the bonus of 80 euros. The real tax reduction we made ourselves. As is this Government policy does not convince me ". As regards the issue of alliances the former Prime Minister has made it clear: "we cannot make an alliance with those who betrayed the voters and the Lords of Ncd that support a left-wing government contrary to the mandate of who has voted. Therefore, we do not make alliances with Ncd would not be understood by our voters. " Then it was the turn of electoral law. Berlusconi appeared to appreciate the news announced by radio during the leadership of the Democratic Party: "The award given to the list and no longer the Coalition is actually a great opportunity because it would be a step towards the bipolarity. Like I said what is important is that you throw to unicameralism for faster approval of laws and that there is a law that does not stimulate the breakdown of the vote ". The agreement on the electoral law for Berlusconi "would go into Parliament with more quickness on the many things to do in the interest of the country". The approval? "At the end of the year, maybe not, but in January or February we can do". The former premier is finally know: "With Renzi we felt and compared to governability in this country". . For additional facts regarding this topic read web site.

Test Sony Xperia Z3 compact – multimedia: sounds better.

Nothing has changed in the camera Department: already the Z1 compact and also the Z3 that shoots Z3 compact photos with 5248 x 3936 pixels or 20,66 mega pixels, the front camera takes photos and videos in full HD. White LED on the rear, mechanical trigger in the right flank: everything as usual. This also applies to full image quality: sharpness and detail are good, could be better but for the huge resolution. The bottom line, the Z3 compact achieved also a scarce and therefore disappointing to some "Very good" in the photo competition. For more details, it was referred to the test of the Xperia Z3. The moving images have reported no difference to the big brother regarding new features such as pausing the video recording as well as the screen clips, too. In contrast to the Z1 compact the possibility was added but, now also in 4 K to record videos, so with four full HD resolution. Quality recordings correspond to those of the Z3, so in this respect the test referenced. The concise "Very good" can look, but lags behind the expectations of 4K-Aufnahmen. Yes, one might think that the Z3 compact Sony used the same audio chip like at the large Z3, but the results of hearing tests suggests the opposite assumption: the little brother sounds a little different. A fallen the heights improved, lags the Z3 of here but the reference, the iPhone 4S, a piece behind. Not so, the Z3 compact, which reveals no difference to the iPhone. Also at the lower end of the frequency range, the compact leaves a better impression than the large Z3, because the bass sound more voluminous, more precise and therefore less junk. On the iPhone the bass does not reach but, as a marginal gap persists. Music fans who vary from the Z3 to Z3 compact should therefore rather reach for the small Sony. But so that no misconceptions arise: all these smartphones are moving at the highest level and harvest the sound rating "very good", the aforementioned differences are slight and only apparent if one compares the subjects directly with each other and using high-quality headphones such as the hearing test as the reference of serving ultimate ears reference monitor. . You can visit this to read more on this great topic.

The American digital hyperdomination: figures.

Known as Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon (Gafa) succeed at Microsoft, who, himself, had replaced IBM in the world computing domination. It is known. We know that Europeans accept this supremacy as benevolent, beneficial, and in any case inevitable after many failed attempts of responses in the 1970s as the Plan calculation or Unidata. China launched the Alibaba and Baidu to compete with Amazon and Google, the Russia confronts them with Yandex and Vkontakte, nothing like in Europe, despite a few desires. Europe does not want, no longer wants to be an empire. But do we really know? Do we know that the United States represent 83% of the market capitalization of the digital businesses, against 2% in Europe? Do we know that the efforts of research and development of Microsoft and Intel exceed the budget of the France to finance all of its civilian research, across all sectors? Is known that 9 of the 10 most visited sites in the world, for example the day of 1 January 2013, were attached to American actors, while 80% of users were not located in the United States? Is known that Americans represent 72% of the Top 50 global sites against 22% for China, 6% for the Russia and 0% for Europe? Do we know that, according to the calculations of the CIA, the United States has 439. 000 servers on their soil (computers where are processed and stored all data), twice that across the nine States who follow them? ‘Saturn’ and ‘Pearl Necklace’: Olivier Sichel describes two mechanisms of domination. It recalls firstly that the economy of the Web is ‘a the exponential economy’: the power of computers doubles every 18 months, according to Moore’s law (known), and the usefulness of the network is proportional "to the square of the number of its users", according to law (less known) Metcalfe. In contrast to other sectors, where the diminishing disadvantage a company that grows, in the Internet, it is the reverse, size offers a growing and, in the end, the biggest advantage takes all ("the winner takes all"). The giant experience knows more about its users and its service is even better. Its horizontal development inserts users into an ‘ecosystem’ designed in advance to facilitate the multiple uses. The user who invests time to appropriate service is all the more reluctant to change supplier. American domination thus firmly reflected and built will not weaken. What are the effects? Olivier Sichel, European autonomy could be lost through deaf taxation law, culture and the California ethics without more respect for privacy ("exceeded a concept," according to the boss of Facebook) and drift to a disturbing sci-fi transhumanism. Concerning culture, Economist Françoise Benhamou tells with detail the difficulty of survival of the issue facing the Gafa (2). These dangers, there may be less pessimistic. Europe, now dominated for half a century by the American computing has been able to demonstrate some resistance. But it joined Olivier Sichel on jobs lost by Europe in these sectors of the future, and especially on the cozenage of Giants: they don’t pay taxes and, worse still, they want personal data and create mountains of dollars through unpaid of new generations of Internet users and enthusiastic participation naive. . Original data can be studied visiting this home page.

Fear in Canada ‘Lone Wolves’.

Statements m hard s with respect to the murderer of Cirillo, however, came from his parents, Bulgasem Zehaf and Susan Bibeau, businessman and civil servant in the area of immigration n, respectively. We want to apologize for the pain, terror and chaos to cre. We don’t have any n explanation, they said, in a statement to media n. BIBEAU said in the same paper that if I cry, it is for people, not for my son, and claimed to be furious with the killer, qui n not hab to seen in five to you until the week last hands had lunch together. Sec n one of their acquaintances, Zehaf-Bibeau hab expressed inter s to go to that country to live. But the Canadian Journal ‘Globe and Mail’ claimed that the terrorist was on a list of 90 suspected of wanting to join the IS. Couture-Rouleau hab Treaty do so in July. RA z it, his passport was requisitioned him by Canadian authorities. In the last week, at least three American girls may an have fled the House of their fathers in the State of Colorado to join IS. . You should click the following to read more regarding this great topic.

Pretzels for the pot.

May be also often truly pushing the problems in the area, the people stick together – so tells us the production of time crack pictures GmbH on behalf of the ARD Degeto anyway for the first. You tackle, helping each other, shows lots of sense of family. Secretary Watzke, put it with a cool beer over their fierce schwäbelnden Manager: we tick here a bisken anners as the people in Stuttgart. That but also a Schwabe can do more as now in Duisburg again once highly successful for complexity and depth being capable – sets all the renowned stage actor Wagner (Vienna Castle, Deutsches Theater Berlin) wonderfully on the day. The MIME, born in Reutlingen in 1968, again determined Heller on November 15 in addition to ZDF Commissioner and early 2015 in the RTL series new men! -All on top will be shown, moved the audience with his enigmatic interpretation of roles. Behavior and partly slanted dazzles his Swabian Manager between mind, routine and hidden sense. . Extended information can be read visiting

Brazil / presidential: Rousseff widens the gap on Neves (surveys).

The President left Brazilian Dilma Rousseff has widened the gap and took a clear advantage ahead of his rival centre-right Aecio Neves for the second round of the presidential election on Sunday, according to two surveys published Thursday. Ms. Rousseff has increased his advantage between six and eight percentage points, for the first time beyond the margin of error of +/-2% of these opinion surveys. The outgoing President gets 54 percent of voting intentions against 46 percent for Senator Neves, according to a poll by the Ibope Institute. According to another survey by the Datafolha Institute, she gets 53% against 47% to Neves. Surveys carried out after the first round on 5 October have long given Mr Neves slightly favorite facing Ms. Rousseff (51% vs. 49%). But last Thursday, two polls (Ibope and Datafolha) showed the beginning of a reverse trend. Dilma Rousseff of the party of the workers (PT) in power for 12 years had taken over first top on the candidate of the Brazilian social democratic party (PSDB) 52% against 48%. Last surveys appear to reflect the character paying very offensive strategy adopted by Ms Rousseff and PT against Mr Neves, whose rejection rates are reversed. About 42 percent of voters would vote ever for Neves and 36% never for Rousseff, according to Ibope. And, according to Datafolha, 41% now reject Mr Neves (seven points more than in the last survey). On the other hand, the rejection of Ms. Rousseff has dropped by six points to 37%. Datafolha also shows that support for the left-wing Government has increased by two percentage points to 44 per cent, from Monday, reaching its highest level since the historic social Sling-June 2013. Dilma Rousseff enjoys a solid electoral base among the popular classes and the poorest regions of the Northeast, who benefit from social programs. Mr Neves, which promises a liberal turn to boost the economy out of the giant of Latin America, logically unites the classical right. But it loses a lot of the land for the benefit of Ms. Rousseff in the intermediate middle class of industrialized Southeast, the most populated area of this country-continent of 202 million people. The last big debate of the campaign will take place Friday night, on TV Globo, the largest chain in the country. . Similar facts can be found clicking

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