Uber in the offensive in France in two days for a judicial appointment.

Poll showing support for the French to CarSharing, launching an online petition: the leader of VTC über was on the offensive Wednesday in France, in two days of a judicial appointment that could decide the future of its controversial service UberPOP. Uber, accessible electronic platform by smartphone, is already the world’s number one passenger with driver (VTC) vehicles. His paid UberPOP service connects passengers and motorists who are not professional drivers. UberPOP earned on 16 October the American giant a condemnation by the correctional tribunal of Paris to 100. 000 euro fine for having introduced service as carpooling. The company appealed and continues to offer UberPOP, for which it claims 160. 000 users in France. It has even declined it last week by allowing to share all or part of the race with another passenger or group of passengers, declines in the key rates. But companies VTC, dont de les filiales de le groupe Transdev (codétenu par Veolia et la Caisse de les dépôts), et de taxis, criant à la concurrence déloyale à un rare unisson, sont passées du pénal à le civil, assignant Uber en référé devant le tribunal de commerce de Paris et réclamant la fin de les activités d’ UberPOP assortie d’ une astreinte quotidienne de 250 subsidiaries the Group Transdev (inmate by Veolia and the Caisse des dépôts), and taxis, shouting to unfair competition in rare unison, are passed from criminal to civil, assigning über summary proceedings before the tribunal de commerce of Paris and calling for the end of UberPOP activities with a daily fine of 250. 000 euros for non-performance. A hearing is scheduled Friday. Wednesday, über said in an e-mail to clients that transport between individuals UberPOP solution is today threatened by attacks to justice of the Transdev group, which has for decades of a near monopoly in french public transport situation, as well as those of several unions of taxis. -’ Intimidation maneuver’ – these attacks rely on a law passed in emergency this summer, under pressure from lobbies seeking to protect their pensions, and at the expense of consumers who have not been consulted. This law was brought by a member of Parliament, Thomas Tavares, short-lived Minister, whose lack of credibility is now more doubt, added über. The Paris commercial court decision expected in the next few days will be the first interpretation of a law that could endanger shared mobility and innovation in transport, worn by many start-ups and Uber French and European, continued the company, referring to a petition online on its official website. It had collected some 9. 000 signatures Wednesday in mid-afternoon. Close counsel of the folder is outraged with AFP of this maneuver to intimidation of the tribunal within its meaning orchestrated by Uber. It is a veritable smear campaign, both with regard to the VTC as taxis as well as national representation which is a legislative text adopted democratically, simply called into question by über said this lawyer on condition of anonymity. It is, moreover, an obvious intimidation of judges manoeuvre. It will be naturally reported this petition in Court of trade, he said. Earlier in the day, Uber had circulated a survey it had commissioned to the CSA Institute and showing that 17% of the French resorted to car sharing during the last 12 months, a proportion amount to 36% among 18-24 year-olds. According to the same survey, 54% of respondents (74% of 18-24 years) say interested by the shared transport, and among those who made the experience, 85% welcome the fact that this type of transport improves the purchasing power of the people who use it and 90% believe that there is a way to go in areas little or not served by other means of transport. This survey was conducted from 12 to 14 November on the internet from a sample of 1. major 000 constituted via the method of quotas. . For extra facts about this matter check web site.

International Highrise award: A little green.

The urban future looks? High-rise residential building, not only neatly along trimmed bushes stand on their balconies, but meters high birch, fir trees and dense shrubs grow? Where so the forest, because man by his greed leaves him horizontally less and less space for more square feet of living and shopping in the suburbs, now vertical may spread? Countless terraced out collar like small stomach shops out of the Tower? What more you want? A lot! Boeris high-rise residential building in the Park Porta Nuova, which are part of a consolidation of the municipal area under environmentally sound conditions, behind their leafy exterior frightening usually look like. Floor stacks up here on the floor. The trees resemble on the images because even with a photo montage from the classic standard investors architecture glued. The prices for the 70 to 500 (!) Square metres of large apartments you can in the amount so certainly drive – can’t save the environment rather. This creates just an architecture that makes big seem small apartments that animates the residents to a sustainable life and suggests him not by terrace Green: everything is good. Stay as you are. . You must read this http://b54ba78cef4be91ae6e03f253530b4ce.bloggerpemula.com to discover more about this amazing subject.

Middle East: a religious war in the Holy Land threatened?.

The attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem was the deadliest so far in a series of terrorist attacks in Jerusalem in recent weeks. There has no longer been a heavier attack in Israel for years. Four worshippers and a policeman were killed, and killed the two Palestinian terrorists from East Jerusalem. But this development is anything new? Has religion not always played a great role in the Holy Land? Actually, though, there is a tendency to greater religiousness in the Israeli as well as Palestinian society. This however, is not a recent development, but a development for decades, says John Niehoff-Panagiotidis, who conducts research on the role of religion in the Middle East at the Freie Universität Berlin and Jerusalem. Parallel, the influence of religious Israeli policy is growing. Every tenth Israeli ultra-Orthodox is about 30 percent of Israeli society is considered to be strictly religious: in recent years, the importance of the Nationalreligiösen that so more interlock Zionism and Judaism, is growing also in Israeli society says Niehoff-Panagiotidis. Also in the legislation, Israel is a religious State in many matters now: the Chief Rabbinate is a government organ, are only religious marriage and divorce. In Islam, politics and religion are traditionally barely separated. Although there was the experience of secular Arab States, about, Assad in Syria, Nasser in Egypt and Saddam Hussein in the Iraq. However, these were enforced with violence. Lack the experience of a secularization process over centuries, as he has taken place in Europe, Islam says Niehoff-Panagiotidis. You could say the Muslims have not had the time.    . Root facts can be studied checking the following page.

The universities of Bordeaux and the Spanish basque country launch a euroregional campus.

The universities of Bordeaux and the basque country have officially launched Wednesday in Bordeaux a euroregional campus of excellence within the euroregion formed by the Aquitaine and the Basque country, in Spain. Euroregion Aquitaine-Euskadi, created in December 2011 and which has 5.5 million inhabitants, is designed to strengthen cross-border cooperation and the position of the two regions in the European Union. According to the University of Bordeaux, the euroregional campus, dematerialized but organized around two academic poles, concerns nearly 150. 000 students and more than 18. 000 researchers. The mobility of students, researchers and teachers; diversification of training; research partnerships and larger of the two sites internationalization, are part of the objectives of this new entity. It is a culmination and a starting point, welcomed in a press conference the president of the University of Bordeaux, Manuel Tuñón de Lara, recalling that cooperation between the two institutions began twenty years ago. For Iñaki Goirizelaia, Rector of the University of the Basque country, it is to create a campus without borders, open to the transfer of knowledge and to increase the international visibility of the two universities. Present at the signing, president of the Aquitaine Region, Alain Rousset, recalled that education, training and research was the main axis of cooperation within the euroregion. Its counterpart in the autonomous community of the Basque country, Inigo Urkullu, also President of the euroregion, praised for its part the birth of a campus of international excellence that will allow to grow together. . You should visit this home page to learn extra about this amazing subject.

Israel’s appeal to the Italian Parliament does not recognize the Palestinian State.

By Alberto Maggi (@AlbertoMaggi74) These awards by some parliaments in the world do not help and do not support the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians. Amit Zarouk, spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Rome, interviewed by Shaun Kitchener. It rejects the recognition by some States, Spain, the Palestinian State. Recognition by a Parliament pushing the Palestinians out of the table. They are trying to negotiate with the world rather than with Israel. And it helps to have a country. Should, instead, have direct negotiations with Israel if they want to build a Palestinian State. The recognition of a country that does not exist does not need to have a real country, not theoretical, need to speak with us. Without an agreement with Israel is not possible the emergence of a Palestinian State. Israeli foreign policy is not against the creation of a Palestinian State. But, of course, can arise as a result of negotiations and must be a final agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. When the attack on the synagogue in Jerusalem, Zarouk said: we hope that the Palestinian leadership is trying to decrease the tension instead of doing daily statements that do not help to create the truce in Jerusalem. Our security services will do all that is necessary to defend the security of our citizens. It is very important that the Palestinian autuorità stop inciting people against Israel. The debate between us and the Palestinians is political and should not become religious. On the political level with Egypt and Jordan, but also partly with the same Palestinians, we found the chords, but if the comparison becomes all religious is complicated. . You must read the following http://b54ba78cef4be91ae6e03f253530b4ce.bloggerpemula.com to read extra about this interesting subject.

Moscow and Berlin want to resuscitate the peace plan for the Ukraine.

Their conversation lasted an hour, and judging by the expression of the Ministers at the exit, he tended. Even if their assessment of the causes of the Ukrainian crisis and the current situation in Donbass diverges, Sergey Lavrov and Frank – Walter Steinmeier still were unanimous on the need to implement – in fact to resuscitate – Minsk of September agreements, recalling that they remained the only document for the settlement of the conflict signed by both parties involved. Earlier, lord of a joint press conference with Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk noted that he considered the Geneva format – in the presence of representatives of the USA and the EU, but without delegates from Southeast of the Ukraine – as one of the most appropriate for negotiations on the situation in the southeast of the country. Apart from representatives of Kiev, Minsk format includes the separatist as well as mediators from Russia and the OSCE. Sergey Lavrov was unable to retain a sarcasm by commenting the statement of Yatsenyuk: the Ukraine is experiencing a constitutional muddle and unknown who is responsible for what, but in my opinion, everyone agrees that it is the president who handles foreign policy and army. Nevertheless, Arseniy Yatsenyuk give its opinion on all matters of domestic and foreign life. The Russian Minister noted that Yatsenyuk signed himself was at the bottom of the agreement of 21 February (broken two days later), and the declaration of Geneva from 17 April (which the conditions have never been fulfilled). Lavrov and Steinmeier are also in agreement on the measures to be undertaken in priority to revive the Minsk process: define clearly the dividing line between Kiev and the separatist-controlled territories, separate the troops and begin the withdrawal of the heavy equipment, set up a demilitarized zone and ensure the possibility of the OSCE monitoring. The Russian Minister called for focus on the motivation of the parties to complete these terms rather than make statements panicked actually concealing a desire to scuttle any effort to implement the agreements of Minsk. The German Minister honestly acknowledged that he had no particular reason to be optimistic. And further that the problem of the standstill of the Minsk accords concerned his EU colleagues, met the day before in Brussels. But even if we can we blame each other of violating their terms, we must try to implement them and to make up for lost time, he said. . Main source could be found reading this http://b54ba78cef4be91ae6e03f253530b4ce.bloggerpemula.com.

Kassovitz: Stop with the Dardenne brothers!.

I fuck french cinema. Will get you fucked with your crappy movies.  January 27, 2012, furious small recognition by his peers in his film the order and morality, Mathieu Kassovitz sends a burst of enraged tweets that reinforce its legend of wonder boy foul-mouthed. However it was a desperate attempt to appeal one last time for his film engaged on the bloody Ouvéa cave assault by the French gendarmerie, in 1988. The actor-director had carried it for ten years, but the public shunned it.  For Kassovitz, the France prefer to applaud fat comedies that treat its colonial wounds in a political firebrand extravaganza. A year later, he announced, always on Twitter, he is exiled in the United States, where he had returned in 2008, broken by the debacle artistic and commercial of Babylon A. D., his previous film, and undermined by its conflicts with the star Vin Diesel. Finally Kassovitz remained in France. French cinema, he has covered insults, does show not resentful towards him. At the point of desire, as an actor at least. It is the filmmaker’s hatred is this fall at the poster of wild life by Cédric Kahn and an illustrious unknown by Matthieu Delaporte, coming out this Wednesday, November 18. This last, series B, chilling and effective model, resembles that Kassovitz tries to impose since its debut in the 1990s – he also said that he could write and shoot himself this story. He here embodies a Realtor also erased that worrying, cross of Norman Bates and an anti-hero houellebecquien, whose obsession is to usurp the identity of its customers. Role of composition, since Kassovitz has beautiful multiply caps, drag a few pans, shackling the excessive comments, his personality, his moral and anger remain full. Maintenance. -You know, this tweet history amused the French like Americans, and many think like me. If you now take me in a movie, you send to start a message to the Viewer. The filmmakers use my public image of my personality. And then I did not expected Twitter to publicly criticize the french cinema: I already said the same thing at the time of Métis, my first feature film I shot when I was 23 years old. In an illustrious unknown, your character fill the identity of people who surround him, to give a devitalized, disturbing and grotesque version,. You can see the film as a creaky metaphor of the identity crisis facing french genre film. The France invented the cinema, she has a place at the world level and this place, she lost it since the new wave. This isn’t just a matter of Economics, it is a way of thinking. We have very little original directors who are recognized internationally. Besides Gaspar Noé, where is the madness, where is the audacity? It should be at the forefront! The Caesars, there are one or two films that stand out, that amaze, but it should be 15 times more. And Cannes! Look at the selection of films, always the same from year to year! It is no longer possible! Stop with the Dardenne brothers! They make great movies, they take up too much space. Should come from other cinemas, other names. When I was sworn in Cannes, in 2001, I contributed to the consecration of the pianist’s Michael Haneke. I love his films, but he no longer needs to stack the price like that. This year, it has so struggled to give the award for best male that it failed to give it to Eddie Murphy for voicing the donkey in Shrek, projected out of competition. Okay, it has spun to Magimel for his role in the pianist in a logic of collective reward [the award for best actress went to Isabelle Huppert, Editor's note]. But the choice was so limited,. It is not the role of the breeders to protect innovation. The successive failures of Babylon A. d, and order and morality you have much affected. As a Director, you seem to be technical unemployment. -In the United States, these are not proposals that lack, I am just waiting the right time, the right team, the right scenario. On the other hand, if I want to turn in France a political movie like order and morality, it is impossible for the moment. Because it was expensive and it didn’t work. This is not what wants to see the public. He wants easy to escape the social malaise and crisis comedies. In a sense, I totally understand the nervousness of the producers. I myself produced films with child soldiers in Liberia (Johnny Mad Dog by Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire in 2008) and the more commercial stuff with Poelvoorde (the two worlds of Daniel Cohen in 2007). The risk I took it because I’m a romantic, a lover of cinema. Nevertheless, these bets taken for films not expensive, but hard to sell, have sunk my box. And I had fired six employees. At one time, you were saying that you did not like to be actor,.-I’m still not very fan. Frankly, if I had enough money on my account, I would prefer to devote myself exclusively to my activities Director, to spend time with my kids. But it’s interesting to work on ambitious films. On a plateau, I do what I would like to make an actor for me: I put myself at the disposal of the Director, I listen and I do what he tells me, even if I do not agree. Actor, it is a too nice and comfortable activity that I consider a trade. I me is bent with pleasure because the key, there may be a good film, the discovery of new ways of working,. That the french players become increasingly often directors, it annoys you? -On the contrary, I find it interesting. But what amazes me, is that most actors today come from TV because they are good in promo. Unlike me. Whenever I’m hired on a film, the blokes from the com tell me: you’re not talking about the 11-September, eh? I present a risk, what,, Extended data can be inspected reading http://b54ba78cef4be91ae6e03f253530b4ce.bloggerpemula.com.

Holland: a second French “on track to be identified” about Daech video.

Of love, of course. But not only. Recent decades, franco-australiennes relations were staked to heavy tensions, mostly related to the french nuclear tests in the Pacific. The visit of François Holland symbolically turned the page of this bygone era. "French and Australians found themselves", summed up the head of State, recalling that this movement of one week in the region was its "longest move" since it is at the Elysee. "Not only the France is accepted in the Pacific, but it is claimed," said the Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius, who welcomed "positive" developments of relations between the two countries since fifteen years. China and the Australia also signed Monday a historic free trade agreement which has media overshadowed the first day of the tour of Holland. At one of the Australian Press, the photo of a handshake gourmande between Abbott and Jinping, surmounted by the title: "China opens the door" (China opens the door). "Between China and the India visit, that of the France is passed to the second plan", sighed a french expatriate, Tuesday at the Opera. Wednesday, Abbott and Holland however announced that negotiations would be opened on a possible free trade agreement between the Australia and the EU. A way for the France ‘ to go to the Asian market,"observed Holland. The head of State held to pay tribute to the commitment of the Australia alongside the France in two world wars. «French and Australians are bound by history, he recalled Wednesday by paying tribute to the "sacrifice" of Australians "come save twice the France".» Holland concluded his visit with a ceremony at the War memorial, to commemorate the sacrifice of these soldiers. "Thank you Australia, launched the president. France will not forget. Never. » . For extended data about this subject visit http://b54ba78cef4be91ae6e03f253530b4ce.bloggerpemula.com.

Enel crazy bills, get cold and off the gas.

Unintelligible bills on which the supporting gas contract has also demanded explanations toll-free at Enel, but was unable to give answers. The problem eventually was born to a block of Enel’s Billings lasted a year and the customer has paid as required. Meanwhile, though, the Lady and her family, including an 86-year-old lady I have been without gas for two weeks with all the hardships that we can imagine. Among other things, seen that Enel had sent the letter to the wrong address, the family did not receive the notice of service termination for delinquency and, although according to the authority for energy and Gas, you cannot be required to pay any additional cost if it has not been notified, Enel, at first, has asked to pay an estimate of expenditures for suspension and reactivation of the provision. Then with the intervention of lawyers the situation has been resolved for the better and, without getting to lawsuits, Enel has reactivated the provision without charge to expenses. When you don’t want to use a lawyer, you may make a written complaint at the counter for the Consumer Authority’s energy for failing to notice the gas outage, asking to not having to pay for the posting and the reconnection of the supply. As for the increasingly frequent billing blocks have already been many cases where companies that sell gas and electricity services had to reimburse its clients as a result of errors. . Main facts may be studied checking this url.

«Immigrants make us starve, “principal punishes with a student.

arguing that immigrants are starving who born in Italy: working for a pittance reduce dry Italian workers. The incident, as the local papers, during a meeting at the school on the subject of immigration and acceptance. The admonition-explains the Roman Verona principal-been given exclusively to the tones and disrespectful attitude towards rapporteurs, with whom the student has accompanied the words, not for the content expressed. Details which have not convinced the Senate Vice-President Roberto Calderoli. We are now the most total madness-the League-leader. Racism in contrast has reached levels that I never would have imagined, you can say more nothing against the invaders, not allowed call Gypsies and illegal immigrants with their name. In expressing his closeness and solidarity in this girl, punished by the school, accused of ‘ racism and xenophobia ‘ and against which in his opinion was made an unbelievable abuse by delle istituzioni scolastiche, who would impose unique thinking students of PC, which only affects that can continue the speculation on the skin of the desperate, Calderoli announced that reserve to deepen the question and, if necessary, report the case in the competent fora. . For more regarding this matter read http://b54ba78cef4be91ae6e03f253530b4ce.bloggerpemula.com.

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