Greenhouse gas balance: Humanity may use only 30 years of coal, oil and gas.

Greenhouse gases from factories, power plants and cars Hamburg – threaten to warm the climate significantly. Scientists warn about possible consequences such as rising seas, melting glaciers, extreme rain or heat waves. On Tuesday, the United Nations in New York on a world climate treaty debate. On the occasion of the UN Conference, a global overview now shows the limits for the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2). Only a generation fossil energy should be burned, warns a group of researchers in the global carbon balance (global carbon budget). Mankind have already blown well 2000 billion tons of CO2 since the beginning of industrialization with fumes in the air. CO2 emissions remain so high as at present, he exceeds the critical value of 3200 billion tons of the gas in about 30 years since the beginning of industrialization. Would the threshold is not exceeded, however, insist a good chance to limit global warming to two degrees. Abstinence is therefore demands of humanity. She should let more than half of the coal, oil and gas reserves in the world. At the current growth rates, this limit would be reached in three decades. Moreover, it was necessary in this period, to reduce CO2 emissions by at least five percent per year, work out the researchers led by Pierre Friedlingstein of the University of Exeter. The trend should so reverse: 2014 increased greenhouse gas emissions by 2.5 per cent, scientists report in its balance sheet, which they have now published in several journals. .

Squinzi: article 18? Better to abolish it, bear him everywhere.

"I am personally in favour of the abolition of article 18 in part because we consider that is a mantra that worldwide we bear as a country. Speaking around the world tell us that in Italy you can not invest because there is article 18 and when an employee is hired for life. " E ‘ quanto ha detto il presidente di Confindustria Giorgio Squinzi interviewed by Maria Latella on Sky Tg24. Reform the Cif, maximum one year must be made clear: "our system with the Special Intergovernmental Conference notwithstanding is wrong because it allows to continue the fiction that still exist when companies have closed and are decotte. The layoffs should be an important tool for companies in difficulty but we have prospects of revival: the length should be no more than a year. E ‘ quanto ha detto il presidente di Confindustria, responding to a question on the funds needed to expand the shock absorbers. My commitment until the end of the mandate In Italy there are always so many fantasies: I believe in what I do. in those days that 500-600 are missing at the end of my term I will continue to commit myself as Confindustria President because the country needs to change, said Squinzi, responding to a question about some rumors early resignation from the Summit of the Association of industrialists. .

Last, Bobic out calls, Veh criticism – chaos-Club VfB Stuttgart so bad How long does not.

Since this summer, Veh is active again as coach of the VfB. The Stuttgart escaped just as the relegation last season and extended the contract with the former coach Huub Stevens not – the Messiah and former champion trainer was now on the series. The bottom has arrived already after four days of play. VfB is relegated. So far an own goal. Veh is only to accept the recent defeat of the TSG Hoffenheim. . Opposite image. de he said: some have Of course still a certain virginity. Thus, he took the young team in protection Of course. On the other hand, the statement is just after the game on Saturday afternoon, as the VfB fans wanted to scream their sports Executive Fredi Bobic from Office, also as a quiet criticism of the former national striker. Bobic is responsible for the composition of the squad? To A lot of virginity should not To give it in a Bundesliga-squad – rather a balance between young and old. .

G20: new measures to increase the GDP of 1.8% by 2018.

Finance Ministers from the G20 countries indicated Sunday in Australia have taken new measures to increase the additional value of the gross domestic product (GDP) of 1.8%, multiplying investment in infrastructure from here in 2018. Preliminary analyses of the IMF and the OECD indicate that these measures with significant positive benefits will increase our GDP of 1.8% from here in 2018, the final statement of the G20 at the end of two days of meeting in Cairns. In a context of slowing global growth, especially in the euro area, new initiatives are needed to achieve the goal of 2% extra – by 2019 which means increased global GDP by more than 2. trillion – that were set in February of Finance Ministers at a meeting in Sydney, according to the release. Cairns, US Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew has called the countries of the euro zone to take more initiatives to increase growth, a few days after the Organisation for cooperation and economic development (OECD) has revised its growth forecast for the euro zone down by 0.4 percentage points. It largely emerged from the discussions that Europe will have to do more to take its economy there where it should be, said Jack Law at the end of the meeting of the major silversmiths in Cairns. What is clear from the point of view of the experience of the United States, is that initiatives to increase demand in the short term and long-term structural reforms are an important combination that should not be the subject of a choice between the two, he said in Cairns. The Australia ensures the rotating Presidency of the G20 countries that represent 85% of world trade and two-thirds of the world’s population. The great silversmiths were prepared in Cairns the Summit of Heads of State and Government scheduled for November in Brisbane, another town on the coast is Australian. For this Summit, we will continue to identify a new set of additional measures to achieve our common goal of growth, added the great silversmiths in the final communiqué. Thus, the Ministers of finance and Governors of central banks of the countries of the G20 began agreed on an initiative for infrastructure to boost economic growth, which also experiences a slowdown in emerging countries. The investment is essential to increase the demand and increase growth, underlines the communiqué of G20 Finance, the initiative will also include key measures in our growth strategy to improve the investment climate, which is essential in our efforts to attract the private sector. At the end of the two-day meeting in Cairns, the Chairperson of the international monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, has welcomed the significant progress made since the meeting in Sydney in February, despite the geopolitical tensions which weigh on economic activity. Despite the continuation of the global recovery, the pace of growth remains low and irregular, in part because of geopolitical tensions and the risk of turbulence on the financial markets, she said. At this stage, it is therefore essential to promote economic policies that contribute to a more robust growth of economic activity and jobs, said Ms. Lagarde. .

Deportivo 2-8 Real Madrid: whites return to the League with his greatest win away from home.

Without Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid he stuck it in Anoeta a 0-2 advantage. In Riazor was Portuguese and the response was very different. He scored three goals, but more importantly is that this team is not relaxes with CR7 in the field or commits. Real Madrid not stepped on the accelerator to the sports. It did not lack going crazy or taking risks to go to rest with three-goal advantage. Casillas received one shot in the first period, did not work and this, in the case of Riazor, a field in which the Real Madrid team lived a hell for 17 years is significant. The sport stopped believing in the feat. It was not the Real Sociedad. Real Madrid began to feel more comfortable back and front. There is a progress in the team of Ancelotti. Players withdraw are better when they do not have the ball, together, turn on and do not allow to mount them a counterattack. On a couple of occasions he lost the ball up and Kroos and Marcelo, along with Ramos, were expedited for scuttling the threat of danger. In the second part the Sport decided to be more daring and insistently sought the goal of Casillas. With only five minutes he met a penalty in favor in a questionable move in which there is clear that Ramos touch the ball with their hands. The referee Pérez Montero said it and Medunjanin it did not fail. It was long time ahead and had to check if Real Madrid would not be deflated as he did at Anoeta. Deportivo tightened and the response from Ancelotti was out Illarramendi by Benzema. A defensive midfielder for a forward. The Italian coach stitched in the center of the field team and above left Cristiano Ronaldo.   .

The mockery, dearest of Tasi Imu Deductions only in a municipality on three.

CORTONA-the term is expired at midnight yesterday and the municipalities that have not resolved in time, the new rates will settle, Tasi in December, a reduced flush. All other mayors can smile, and their citizens to worry. Put all the cards on the table-the municipal resolutions-the tax is intended to overcome the Imu is likely to be far saltier progenitor in most common for many families, especially the poorest and those with children. And lighter for those who are better off. The Association of municipalities says that in municipalities where rates have already been fixed in may, on the first House, you are paid 30% less, but the Caf and many study centres are convinced that, in the end, the total account will be saltier of Imu 2012, which was 4.4 billion. On 8. 057 Italian towns, those that have set the rates by the final deadline Tasi were 7. 405. In a little more than 600 municipalities that have not wanted or have not been able to decide, the Tasi on first home you will pay on December 16 in a single installment, with the basic rate of 1 per thousand (applied to the same old tax Imu: cadastral income of 5% and revalued multiplied by 160). In other municipalities the dwelling house tax, payable in two instalments on 16 October and 16 December, will be much more expensive. According to the calculations of the Caf will pay the 1.95 per thousand, but it’s an average of all municipalities, large and small: in major cities will account for sure more savory. According to the Territorial Policies Service of the Uil, the deliberate average rate by municipalities is provincial capital of 2.6%. The Cgia Mestre argues that in a large City on the Tasi is dearer to the Imu. Among the provincial capitals, it is worth noting, the Tasi not you only pay to Olbia and Ragusa. However, and especially the chaotic mechanism plus deductions in rates, generate less pleasing effects. With the Imu was a fixed deduction of 200 euros, plus 50 euros for each dependent child, while this time the mayors were left free to choose and apply an increase of 0.8 per thousand just to fund deductions, and are indulged with fantasy. On balance, though, the facilities have been drastically cut. Only 35.9% of the municipalities provided a discount. The 15% opted for a fixed deduction, the 19% was related to the cadastral income of the House, and only 13.3% of total (just Common 869) has granted to dependent children, and almost in all cases only from the third or fourth child. A small group of 37 Municipalities has calibrated the facilities owner’s income tax, other 173 are entrusted to the Isee. But only 179 have given children with handicaps, and 146 have provided discounts depending on the age of the owners. Rewarding the older, over 65 and over 70, when one of the effects of the Imu was to shift the tax burden from the new to the old generations. What little redistributive function of Imu, in any case, there is no more. An example of how to change things it does Paolo Conti, Chief Executive of Caf Acli. With the old Imu of 2012 (in 2013 has been suspended, and only in some municipalities has paid a minimum fee) on a first home with cadastral value of 60 thousand euros, taxed at the maximum rate of 4 per thousand, you paid 40 euro: tax minus 240 200 fixed deduction. If there had been even a son, even nothing. In a town where there are no deductions, and two-thirds of the total, with the Tasi to 2 per thousand (the ceiling is the 2.5), this year it will pay 120 euros. On the contrary, a more luxurious dwelling, with a value of 150 thousand euros if paid EUR 400 Imu (600 less 200 tax deduction), tomorrow will pay 300 euros of Tasi. In municipalities that have opted for deductions is much more difficult to understand in advance, based on the cards, how it will finish. Also because the increase could be spread on second homes, land, businesses, the industrial sheds, where the Tasi adds to the Imu, and mayors, to every event, have not given up on to raise cash. Where the Imu was not already at maximum levels, and therefore they could raise taxes, many have slipped the Tasi: half of the municipalities has ‘ rounded ‘ with Tasi the Imu on second and third homes, on businesses and professional offices, building areas, agricultural property tax on industrial buildings. Very few, hardly 5%, have assimilated the first licensed real estate home loan to the children. Half of the municipalities, rather, has imposed the Tasi also leased houses, hitting even the tenants. They will pay, on average, just under 20%. Many, among other things, they are unaware. And it’s another complication, because tenants and owners must provide each on their own to calculations and payment of Tasi. If the tenant does not pay its share, sooner or later you will receive a tax notice, but after having been excluded, is now scheduled to joint and several liability of the owners, which eventually will be called upon to pay. .

Video: Pentatonix: the A Cappella sensation from the network.

Their album PTX is now available in Germany. The young artists from the United States explained why their songs are so successful, so: people today To want music, forming an organic whole. Take a look then. It gives us no kind of music that is organic as A Capella music. They consists only of voices and can be performed anytime, anywhere. Many like that. Pentatonix history began in the casting show, the sing off. 2011 the Group won the third season of the U.S. TV show and received their first recording contract. Shortly after, they launched a channel on YouTube, where they showed their newly rehearsed cover. Among them also Evloution of music, in which they added the music of from different periods together. The song received calls in the double-digit million range and made it known across the U.S. borders. For us, our video channel was more valuable than the TV show. We could, when we wanted to publish our content and interact with our fans in conjunction. The number of users of social media to rise daily. If you want to make a career, they are the place where you should be now as an artist. Success has its price. The five are working hard for it. On their European tour in may, they gave 19 concerts in 18 cities in a month. For the voices of the five places an enormous burden. To endure the exhausting tour times well, they have developed an own routine: we sleep A lot, so we can, when we go on tour. And our voices, when we can. And we drink tons of water to hydrate our vocal cords so that it works well. In addition to Pentatonix, there are also other projects for the trained musician. Mitch and Scott operate the own Videovlog "Superfruit". Kevin Olusola is a cellist, and combines his Beatbox skills with the game on the classic instrument. It shows also that in his own channel, Avriel is co-founder of the A Capella Academy chaplain, promotes young talents. Which property is a good singer, Kevin tells us at the end. You have to know what the special, unique one itself. There are so many people who love music and are talented. But they’re all The same. To stand out among them, you have to know what a unique itself is and you have to show that to the world. Close.

Trash chic, Vogue Fashion Night Out or sagra della porchetta? Fashion is not democratic.

You have to be to deal with the Warriors tracimante Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. Meanwhile, arm themselves with Holy patience to overcome traffic congestion and human traffic jams from Milan. The intent would be good, fashion and culture, music and charity, 600 shops, Via Montenapoleone in Corso Buenos Aires, open until midnight, featured dj set, strimpellatori by road. Yet the city has risked collapse. The whole province from Cinisello Balsamo in Sacramento has poured out in the shopping district to reap a small glass of sparkling bled and swallow a Canapé which tastes like plastic. "Fashion is not democratic. They are its rites and its dynamics. When you want to open at all without adding content, the risk is that by staging a circus ", sibillano insiders who preferred home blindarsi. And so the democratisation of fashion attempt fails and the atmosphere is more to sagra della porchetta and glamorous event. But who can afford a crocodile vest to 19 thousand euros, with Hermes? And in fact the historic maison remained tight. Has even lowered the gates half an hour before closing the usual jewellery Chantecler, despite the location of via Sant’Andrea, a fresh new facelift, wanted to show themselves in public. "The white night of fashion is not our target," manda said the historic brand Capri famous throughout the world for its Bell. For Cartier and Vhernier, all at home, before the great lower peninsula. So yesterday the scene the caravanserai and fashion week off to younger like Francesco Scognamiglio (Pompeii), Nicholas K (in New York) and Fausto Puglisi (Sicilian). It begins with the copyright Parmigiani Fleurier watches, high expression of Swiss craftsmanship, which from Pisa, historic milanese shop, they opened fashion week.  Dedication and passion, from small company aimed at a niche market the brand is global, but has not lost its traditional dna. Doing the honors the fascinating Ceo that looks like an actor, Jean-Marc Jacot, which tells how the artists-the maison’s artisans spend months and months of work for each individual artifact. Don’t know the word Assembly, the accurate precision components is all handmade, each piece is unique, from collector.  And their masterpiece can cost even 100. 000 euros (not saying that fashion is not democratic?). To make the atmosphere between floating images and sounds we thought the video installation by Felice Limosani, digital storyteller (as he likes to call himself) and curator of the image Parmigiani and the milanese event chose an evocative name: "the time suspended. By man to pixels ,. ". The testimonial is actress Francesca Cavallin, dressed in designer Domenico neoprene Chakravorty, other emerging designers. Choosing the food absolutely gourmet: tapioca beet yogurt, fried Sage leaves curry, paccheri stuffed with burrata cheese and dessert nitrogen fuming. The menu bears the signature of the Michelin starred chef Lorenzo young Cogo at the restaurant "El Coq", looking like a model, who improvised a kitchen among the glittering storefronts.   Thirty-eight pounds of butterflies and flowers of paper from China poured at Villa Meissen, the refined Saxon porcelain manufacture 300 years old. In the courtyard turned into enchanted garden models laid in tableaux vivants with impalpable fabrics in "Shades of grey" (50 shades of white?) designed by Frida Weyer.  Swiss and Germans will come to teach us. Meanwhile, Cyprien Richiardi, daring fashion bloggers, dare a bustier breastplate, that would not be out of brush to Lady Gaga. And we’re just starting to ,.Twitter @ piromallo.

Return of Sarkozy: «he knows that there be no right to the error» ensures Morano.

Man of renewal and the rally for some, man of the past for others,. The first reactions were quick to fall after the return to politics of Nicolas Sarkozy who chose a forum on Facebook to announce his candidacy for the Presidency of the UMP, a party he wants to "transform background in fills’ to create a"vast gathering"beyond"traditional divisions. The former Minister of the Interior welcomes on Twitter for this return.  "Nicolas Sarkozy is. Hope restored"he wrote. ‘The return of Nicolas Sarkozy may change everything for our political family and the France’ written on Twitter Deputy Mayor UMP of Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire). "It makes you want" he adds on calling for the "broadest gathering" around Betty’s the former president of the Republic "to bring new impetus.   For the founder of the strong right, "this announcement is the only good new policy of the last two years’ estimated the microphone of Betty.  "There need to be a leader, there is a need of a leader, Nicolas Sarkozy has this charisma. "We were in a story that was written in advance, sewn of white wire and therefore actually Nicolas Sarkozy returns to escape justice, to avoid oblivion of the French" considers the spokesman of the Socialist Party when asked about Betty.  "The climate of mistrust it is widely linked to the image the French have politics with people who are beaten but returning always with people who are indicted but far from clear looking back".The representative of Eure, candidate to the Presidency of the UDI, quips on Twitter. "Sarkozy candidate, for a scoop is a scoop,," We will build a majority of ideas which will be an alternative to the UMP and the PS.  He promises the UDI". The vice-president of the national Front sees in this announcement "a non event. «This is not even a return, we had the feeling that it was never gone because he had been able to help make the forth, to send postcards, do the interviews» For him, Nicolas Sarkozy, "is the man of the past, falsehood and a catastrophic balance" denounced on Betty. "Nicolas Sarkozy will probably be boss of the UMP, very well. In his time, Mr Giscard d’Estaing had returned after his presidency of the Republic at the head of the UDF, I do not know if it is a very good omen for Nicolas Sarkozy"scoffs.  "Today is the day J and I welcome it ‘ welcomes the former Minister sarkozyist interviewed by Betty. "Nicolas Sarkozy is the choice of the France.  He knows that there be no right to the error. I am pleased to see that we will also have an audible opposition to a dislocated majority"adds the Treasurer of the association of friends of Nicolas Sarkozy.   "I am candidate for the Presidency of my political family" he wrote in a commentary on the social network holding that ‘at the bottom, it would be a form of abandonment to remain spectator to the situation of the France". .

What will remain of the Act, “Montebourg.”?

July 10, shortly before François Holland gave an interview to the media during national day, Arnaud Montebourg him had somehow blown politeness. What was the crime of lese-majeste? The Minister of the economy announced for autumn a draft law on growth and purchasing power which, through the liberalisation of certain regulated professions, were able to redistribute EUR 6 billion in purchasing power to the French, to 0.5 extra point of GDP in five years and create more than 120. 000 new jobs. A report commissioned from the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) by Pierre Moscovici, his predecessor at Bercy, this date carefully stored in Cabinet, recommended 37 measures in a number of regulated professions to introduce more competition and therefore, bring down prices for certain services and benefits. In the interests of transparency, Emmanuel Macron is committed to make public the report of the IGF. After bailiffs Wednesday, he received Thursday the clerks and notaries. Friday, it is UNAPL to be hosted at Bercy. We will not reform against the occupation, we will do with them. Regulated professions are a minority of committed Reform Party, said Emmanuel Macron Wednesday at the National Assembly, specifying that only some of the 37 regulated professions identified by the IGF would be affected by the reform. Specifically, the proposals of each and the other are offered on four specific points: the lower rates, the numerus clausus, the opening up of capital and the monopoly of the acts. Then, during the next ten days, tripartite meetings will be held between Bercy, the Chancery and the representatives of professionals to arrive at a text enabling the modernization of these areas why this retreat? In the current social context, put back the regulated professions, which represented in 2010 according to the Insee 110. 000 companies and 253. 000 employees in equivalent full-time, is rather risky. After the brutality of the first announcements, we welcome this desire for dialogue. But we remain cautious and wary. We still do not understand how an increase in competition will make of the purchasing power of the French. Can liberalisation of prices translate into a drop in prices? Is the Government so sure? asked Michel Chassang, president of UNAPL, interviewed by La Tribune. Calculations that the Minister himself questioned Wednesday on the antenna of Europe 1: say you will make six billion purchasing power to the French, this is not true, it is an illusion. We won’t solve the problems of the French by sacrificing the notaries or pharmacists. Arnaud Montebourg would be so wrong?

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