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For those who love the "classical" painting, here is a show not to be missed, until July 21 at the Paris Musée Jacquemart-André, as original, informative and enjoyable, but it is better to avoid the crowds. We discover a particular style: French painting of the eighteenth century witnessed several stages, and the one presented here covers a period of sixty years, starting with the creator of the genre, Antoine Watteau (1684-1721), s' ending with the work of Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806).

A revolutionary new genre at the time, "the fête galante." Under this heading are found inspired Venetian and Flemish paintings of the previous centuries pastoral Watteau transformed subtly transforming rural dances in delicate ceremonies, boorish decorations charming landscapes, while refined scenes highlighting frivolous pleasures and gallant. What attract art lovers who triumph then this lighter and more festive artistic expression that hitherto prevailing classicism.

Watteau is the absolute master of the genre. Remarkable draftsman, colorist subtle, delicate painter in a few years it has influenced the French art world, advocating for painting with nature at its most charming characters enamored aspect, with a theatrical connotations sometimes implying a certain eroticism ( for the time!). It is unclear whether this is a dream or reality, but it is so out of the rigor imposed by Louis XIV and his court.

Encouraged by the success of these paintings from wealthy merchants and influential leaders, many artists who adopt the love scenes: Jean Baptiste Pater, only known pupil of Watteau, Nicolas Lancret which reinterprets the theme of the master, François Lemoyne, Claude Gillot, Gabriel de Saint Aubin or Antoine Pesne. . . all here. But it is especially François Boucher, a great lover of shepherdesses with sumptuous compositions and Honoré Fragonard extravagant themes in the monumental canvases that perpetuate gender, making it more realistic, some places and some characters being (re) known. The exhibition ends with a masterpiece by Fragonard, "The party in Saint-Cloud", a huge table, exceptionally loaned by the Bank of France, a work which marks the apotheosis of the fête galante. . . but also its end, giving way to a rigorous néoclassisisme again.

The merit of this exhibition of sixty extraordinary paintings (and a few drawings by Watteau demonstrating his artistic mastery) came as well as the Louvre Saint Petersburg, Angers that Washington is having staged this totally hexagonal movement, wrongly, the evidence in this exhibition, as somewhat outdated and playful, but representative of an ideal social expression, illuminating the Enlightenment. The whole exudes a carefree atmosphere and poetic charm. To see so. Original facts could be studied checking the following http://3d6f39f5a66427947d6ed2a4c4afa188.utevalleyproxct.com.

Fertilization: Cecos Italy, boom requests heterologous but need guidance

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Milan, April 30 (Reuters) – "From the day following the Constitutional Court ruling that declared illegal the prohibition of heterologous fertilization" under Law 40 of 2004, "and in anticipation of the reasons of the Court, the boom of requests for medically assisted procreation type heterologous centers Cecos Italy. " He reports the same association, which groups insemination centers where you make about 10 thousand cycles per year, after having conducted an investigation which revealed "a steady and continuous increase in demand for heterologous fertilization by couples." Today, however, due to the lack of guidelines, explains Cecos Italy, it is not possible to give definite answers to these would-be parents. "All couples have the same question: what is the procedure to be followed for the heterologous fertilization?". In addition, "ask if there are waiting lists, costs, technical procedures, safeguards the center." They are "conscious couples who want some answers – said the president of Italy Cecos, Elizabeth M. Coccia – and are surprised that to date no guidelines have been issued by the Ministry of Health, although we now play we gave our total availability of a technical comparison ". To increase, in the centers Cecos, above all, "the demands of egg donation and not just limited to the age of access all'eterologa – specifies the association in a note – There are many, in fact, women whose fertility was unfortunately compromised causes of cancer or premature menopause or surgery, or in cases where the woman is fertile but is a carrier of a genetic disease, or in cases of repeated failed attempts to bring the couple itself to take other roads. " You can visit this http://3d6f39f5a66427947d6ed2a4c4afa188.utevalleyproxct.com to read more on this great subject.

France: decline in producer prices and import in March

Insee - Indicator - Decline in petroleum products prices

Producer prices and import of French industry fell in March on all markets (-0.4%, after stagnating in February), announced Wednesday the National Institute of Statistics and economic studies. On all markets, the annual decline "is still marked for refinery products (-8.3%) and now significant for IT and electrical equipment (-1.7%) and + + other industrial products (- 1.5%), "noted INSEE. In March, producer prices fell by 0.4% for goods destined for the domestic market and 0.2% for products for export. Level of production for the French market, prices have increased "moderately" in food (+0.2% after a total stability in February) "because of the sharp rise in prices of mineral water and beverages refreshing "(+2.7%) in the wake of the annual renegotiation of rates. INSEE found "significant" increases in prices for dairy products (+1.1%) and wine grapes (+1%), while those of poultry meat and oils fell 0.6 %. The energy prices continued to decline in March (-1.9% after -0.2% in February) due to lower prices in euro (2%) of oil from the North Sea ( Brent), more than dollar (-0.7%), with the appreciation of the euro against the dollar. The price of electricity (-1.2%) and gas (-3.1%) also declined. Prices of imported goods have increased 0.6% in March, after -0.1% in February. "Like foreign markets, purchase of refined products and crude oil prices fall and the price of computer equipment (-0.5%), pharmaceuticals (-0.8%) and metallurgical (-0.6%) in a context of falling commodity prices and increased competition, "noted the statistical agency. For extra facts regarding this matter read http://3d6f39f5a66427947d6ed2a4c4afa188.utevalleyproxct.com.

'Internet unites us, divides us internet'

United We Stand, A global initiative that aims to unite 1.2 ...

FC – Plato and deca with the invention of the book, perderamos our memory. And now some ESTN internet saying the same thing. Do not think it's that bad. But s is true that the information obtained Travs clicks often gives a horizontal vision of reality, rather than a vertical understanding, analtica and deep. Also, what I find essential is something we call an attention economy. That is, what matters is whether we really understand what we read. Every time I see ams teens and texting while talking on the mobile. This means that you do not devote full atencina what they are doing: and they are constantly distrados for other things, like texting. Here, s is true that is losing the ability to read a text to end with full attention or maintaining a real deep conversation, and this is worrying.

F. C. – It is true. Every means of communication that we use affect the way we think ycmo our brain works. In the written culture, a way of thinking analtica, from left to right, with intervals, with chapters. . . and so therefore our brains work that way. Meditica In a culture dominated by television, began to have a more emotional way of thinking. Our body responds to criticism ms emotionally to information. Therefore, I have no doubt that the internet will change the way our brain works. The children four years now access to information on computers in a way that even 10 years ago pensbamos possible.

LE – I read a lot in digital format, but also depend entirely on the books: I love to save, look at a estanteray ojearlos again. But I confess that I read no newspaper ningn on paper, always read over the Internet. As the books I think that s going to stay, although volvernms interactive, but the news will read increasingly ONLY in digital format.

FC – A through web, people are increasingly connected, but that does not mean at all to have a real human relationship. In this regard, the internet can connect and separate the time. One can be connected to the so-called Facebook friends over the network, but there is a big difference between a virtual connection and a genuine relationship between two human beings, eye contact, touch, and body language. Some researchers at MIT studying these phenomena, and it is very interesting. Studies say that if you go to dinner with a teenager, you can hold a conversation with you but at the same time 10 other virtual conversations with the phone under the table, through text messages, etc.. This inevitably produces a disconnection with the person in front of you, and this is certainly a new challenge on which we must reflect.

F. C. – Well, in some cases s. It is not something that will happen, but it is already happening. We are already seeing a lot of teenagers spend more time to Facebook than MUST, because it can be something addictive in some cases. We return to the problem of education. We are not educated to have at hand all the informaciny all relations and social stimuli, continuous and consistent manner, with text messages, emails, calls, etc.. This leads to situations where we are physically present with others, but we are mentally elsewhere. And his is certainly a new challenge that we must examine and on which we must reflect.

LE – It's true, but we should not exaggerate this problem. I think we are already establishing new social norms on the use of these technologies. When he reached the mobile phone to our lives, single people do call ahead of others, but now we have generally established a new convention on the right thing, now if I get a call is out of the room to avoid disturbing. Now many young people are beginning to get to restaurants and put the phones on the table in a sort of pact to not use them until after dinner. As little by little, people will change social norms to solve these problems. The challenge to be much higher with the technologies that our own body incorporarna. This could attract new addictions and mental health problems. Extended facts can be read clicking http://3d6f39f5a66427947d6ed2a4c4afa188.utevalleyproxct.com.

Champions League against Real From: Bayern has the winning gene lost

Bayern Munich to face Real Madrid, Atletico to meet Chelsea - CNN.

The "hell" it should be for Real Madrid in Munich, said CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had had announced. And they had done everything possible to create that atmosphere in the Allianz Arena. As Bavaria's Arjen Robben einschwor his teammates in the team circle on the grass, Wolfgang Petry hit echoed "Wow, why are you sending me to hell?" from the speakers. Alone, the Spaniards seemed not to have understood that message. After 90 minutes, sang and jumped only dressed in white Madrilenians through the arena and celebrated reaching the final of the Champions League. Ice cold they had previously brought the Bavarian football soul for freezing and added to the defending champion 4-0 (3-0), the worst home defeat of European history. It thus remains this: Never could a team to defend the Champions League trophy the following year.

The fact that the Munich goodbye after a season full of records but with such a debacle from the competition, underscored once again the knowledge gained in the past few weeks: The winner gene has come to Bayern after winning the German championship lost in March. In the ten games since been completed Bavaria was not six times as the winner from the field, not even shot in all four defeats a goal. Real was highly superior to the previous year's winner in the semi-final game mentally and physically. "We got quite a package. Opponent has dominated us realized this was a debacle," Rummenigge admitted after the game. "We have laid a piece too little passion in the pan."

Never before the Spaniards had to win an away game in Munich in ten attempts, the game on that memorable evening, however, was decided after 20 minutes. A corner resulting from a quick counterattack the people of Madrid, defender Sergio Ramos had turned in the 16th minute with a header to make it 1-0. Four minutes later he pushed the ball after a free kick over the line again. Two standard situations had Bavaria Final dream popping abruptly.

But what illustrated the dominance of the guests especially, was carried forward almost to perfection Umschaltspiel after winning ball in his own half. Munich, however never found a way and had to watch as they were broken down into their component parts. Bavaria superstar Franck Ribéry had recklessly lost in the 34th minute the ball on the opponent's penalty area, within seconds, followed by Madrid striker Karim Benzema on long pass, the strike partner Gareth Bale found. With another cross pass to Cristiano Ronaldo the defense was completely undermined, the Portuguese pushed to 3-0 and his 15th European Cup matches (record) this season one. Later, in the final minute, Ronaldo dismantled his opponent in a 4-0 hit through with a free kick under the wall.

What Real had commanded the Bavarians, was simply lesson. The precision of Luka Modrics passports, the tireless running game Angel di Maria, the elegance of Ronaldo and Bale Рthe months before even ennobled as a super-Bavaria professionals in the red jerseys suddenly paled in the face of so much class. Even in January, Rib̩ry and Ronaldo fought for the title of World Player. The Frenchman felt after the treble of the Bavaria not been adequately addressed because Portuguese Ronaldo had been ahead of the pack in the election. Three months later, now the superstar of the "Royal" earned the title permanently. Rib̩ry had noticed that night only by a slap against Daniel Carvajal and was lucky that referee Pedro Proenca had not seen this.

The sensational in the Bundesliga season with the earliest title of the story is now threatening to fall already into oblivion. The treble of Jupp Heynckes' can no longer reach successor Guardiola already. So there will not be in Munich even disappointed faces, he must now win on May 17, the DFB Cup final against Borussia Dortmund.

Real dreams, however, of La Decima, the tenth European Cup triumph in club history. Twelve years after the Champions League win over Bayer Leverkusen (2:1), the people of Madrid are back in the final. The adversary determine on Wednesday, Chelsea and Real's city rivals Atlético (first leg 0-0). The final will be held on May 24 in Lisbon. Then the Bavarians have to see again for the first time since 2011. Additional text can be read visiting fact.

Racism, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers banned for life from the NBA

What the NBA could do to Donald Sterling following racist rant ...

The survey carried out by the NBA has come to the conclusion that it was Sterling in person, as admitted by himself to utter those phrases indicted. "We are all united in condemning the point of view of Sterling – added Silver – simply have no place in the NBA. This alloy is much larger than any owner, coach or player. " Sterling was thus excluded with immediate effect from participating in any contest or business that has to do with the Clippers. Also can not be physically find in any office or facility of the franchise in Los Angeles. The fine of 2.5 million will be donated to organizations dedicated to the fight against discrimination that will be selected by the league and the players' union. The Clippers because of this incident have already lost several sponsors.

TMZ has intercepted an alleged argument between the two lovers: the subject of the clash on Instagram a photo of the woman with Magic Johnson, NBA legend of the past. "I detest you post something that you associate with people of color. Do you understand? "You hear in the recording. The woman defends herself and replies that you have taken pictures of a former champion who admires, or Magic. "I know him well and deserves to be admired, what I am saying is that it can be admired privately. You can not put it on Instagram and you can not take him to matches. Is it okay? ".

The registration of TMZ was not ignored by the Magic Johnson. "It is unfortunate that Sterling feels so against African-Americans. It has a fantastic team of African-American players who are working to win the championship to the fans of the Clippers. " Sterling, moreover, it is not the first accusation of racism. In 2005 ended with a plea agreement in a lawsuit in which he was accused of discriminating against blacks and Hispanics tenants of its many properties. In 2009, he was then forced to pay $ 2.7 million in another case for discrimination. Inspirational facts can be found visiting the following http://3d6f39f5a66427947d6ed2a4c4afa188.utevalleyproxct.com.

Delivery: to Metz, the employees are suffering Ecomouv

They are the forgotten debate on environmental taxes. Eclipsed by Breton Red Caps, who had the government back blows spectacular actions, company employees Ecomouv are in disarray. Responsible for collecting the environmental tax for heavy weight, they are technically unemployed since his suspension in October 2013. "Activity is variable depending on the service, but it will average three to ten working days only month" says Eric Bouthier CFDT delegate, joined by MetroNews. For six months, employees in stand-by deal as they can. "We do training to maintain skills. But the situation is not easy, we are worried," recognizes the union. Accompanied by about fifty employees, it was manifest last week in Metz, where the company. "The Prefect received us, but he could not say anything to us. And we have not heard from him since," he plague. Location grotesque If payment of their salary is guaranteed until the end of the year, 157 employees Ecomouv Рwhich must be added 125 customs Рwill find themselves in a grotesque situation. Expected to work 35 hours per week, they will have to make all the hours that have not been made during the last six months. And if they leave to go elsewhere, they will pay. "It will not be possible to reimburse all hours not worked, Eric J. Bouthier. We will try to reach an agreement when the activity resumes." If it takes one day. . . To say that the statements of S̩gol̬ne Royal, the Wednesday before the parliamentary information mission, are expected in Ecomouv. Main source may be read reading this http://3d6f39f5a66427947d6ed2a4c4afa188.utevalleyproxct.com.

Election Syria: President and extras

Assad registers candidacy for Syria presidential election | neurope.

"Except for a candidate must be Syrian, Syrian parents, with a Syrian wife and live for at least 10 years in Syria, which de facto excludes all opponents in exile," explains Fabrice Balanche * Specialist Syria. For now, eleven people, including a Christian, are reported. Article 3 of the Constitution stipulates that the president must be a Muslim but non-compliant applications will be discarded after the expiration of the late deposits on Thursday May 1st. In the path of good opponent, the electoral law also specifies that it must have the support of 35 MPs. Now there are only 89 members "independent" of the 250 parliamentarians, the rest belonging to the ruling Baath Party. "Eventually, it will remain in contention two" opponents "Bashar al-Assad, he has himself chosen" summarizes Fabrice Balanche.

Western countries and opponents have already called a "mockery of democracy" future election to be held firmly in the areas controlled by the regime. And three years of war, leaving behind more 150. 000 deaths and half the population fled abroad or displaced inside the country, do not want to participate in democracy. "In the government-Assad's departure is secondary, the return of peace is the number one concern, says the researcher. Opposition is divided, there are many who believe that the current regime is the only one who can bring security. Anyway, those who do not vote will be considered suspects. Syrian Every presidential election is a moment of allegiance to the head. "

* Fabrice Balanche is a lecturer at the University Lyon 2 and Director of Group Research and Studies on the Mediterranean and the Middle East to the Orient House. Additional data can be read clicking home page.

Room, 23 MPs M5S suspended for 15 days. Stop also at Buonanno for bass

- Fifteen-day suspension is the penalty that has been imposed by the Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies for 23 parliamentary M5S who had occupied the government benches and blocked the vote of confidence in the decree Imu-Bank of Italy on 24 January lying on the floor in the classroom. The maximum penalty has been imposed in view of the conduct that "has prevented the other parliamentarians to exercise their right to vote." The suspension does not imply the payment of the daily allowance (equal to 206.58 Euros per day). The suspension will start from May 15. But the other 4 days of suspension – starting tomorrow – have been decided by the Members of the Movement, to have occupied the government benches in the session which discussed the pipeline Tap December 4 the request of the deputy superintendent to send the case to the Public Prosecutor was repinta as the decision by the president to take measures within the framework of parliamentary regulation had already been taken in the previous meeting. In addition, they know from the press, it is prosecutable acts of office, and therefore there is no need to send the case to the prosecutor that if he wanted to intervene would have already done it. At the same time, the Bureau of Deputies decided even 12-day suspension from the classroom to the deputy of the Northern League, which on April 1 last exhibited, from the banks of the hemicycle, a bass (video) and – later – was involved in a lively protest at the hearing of the Minister on the issue of immigration. Even for him it was worth the suspension of the daily allowance which, translated into figures, total – calculated on 10 days – 2. 605 Euros. Against Buonanno was also affected by previous: have your face painted black, having performed in the classroom a pitchfork, a pair of handcuffs and a megaphone. For the only episode of the bass Buonanno took 10 days suspension, to which were added two days to the previous (and two days will weigh even on the deputy). The terms run from Wednesday, April 30. The replica of Buonanno does not hesitate: "The Boldrini – wrote in a note parliamentarian – would be the ideal speaker of the House in North Korea. Took a bass in the classroom to symbolize the food you are used to eating the president Boldrini, maximum expression of caste, while ordinary citizens now have to settle for anchovies and sardines. Anyway this suspension for defending the common people for me is a medal on his chest. " For extended facts about this matter visit http://3d6f39f5a66427947d6ed2a4c4afa188.utevalleyproxct.com.

Saviano to the 'New York Times' “The Mafia is a threat worse than terrorism”

United States, struck to the heart by terrorism. But the danger is not only that. The Mafia can be a threat worse than it is. To say it in an interview with American newspaper is Roberto Saviano. "I've answered questions for the 'New York Times' risk mafias in Europe. I replied trying to prove that the mafia capital are changing democracies from within. Hopefully American newspapers are beginning to tackle the problem." The NYT presents it in two lines: "Roberto Saviano is a journalist and author of 'Gomorrah' and 'Zero Zero Zero'. Lives under police protection since 2006, when he received the first death threats from organized crime in Italy." Mafia organizations creep and can change democracies attacking them from the inside, changing the contours, subtle. The illegal gains, the illegal markets fail to prevail because they affect competition by offering cheaper prices. The Mafia comes to finance banks, manages the building as well as the transport sector. Tentacles. Here in Italy, as in the United States where the free market, by definition, elasticity and openings where it is easier to creep up. Saviano says, pointing to a domino effect, if countries may implement policies to protect the joint would be safer. Beyond the clichés, the Mafia is not only drug trafficking, weapons, racketeering, extortion. Below the surface most well-known, there is one in a suit and tie, capable of transforming the offense in law. And in the digital age, including online accounts and cyberfinanza, has become even more difficult to trace. Today, the Mafia is hidden better than before, is integrated. The writer gives examples. In 2009, Antonio Maria Costa, executive director of the department's anti-drug and crime of the United Nations (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), explained well the importance that had the money of organized crime during the 2008 crisis. They were the money of drug trafficking and the only liquid capital available to prevent the failure that some banks had available. Between 2007 and 2009 between U.S. and European banks, about three trillion dollars had gone up in smoke, lost in investimennti sac. There was no liquidity. The only money which the banking system could put his hands to save himself was to the Mafia. It came from drug trafficking mostly. But it was a way out, so the dirty money was used, integrated, and cleaned up by the system itself. Needless to cut only a few tentacle. The European countries do not have adequate protection. According to Saviano today do not need any more tax havens that were once few and known. Now Europe is full of flaws. London is the perfect city for recycling, Germany has financial policies that allow secrecy and discretion, most of Bahrain, Bermuda and Panama. In addition, the mafia who wait, can offer their services, slips where the State is distracted. The winning formula according to the writer of the mafia is "extreme adaptability to economic developments combined with a minimum interest in cultural evolution." The point that pushes Saviano is one. The error is now not consider the length of the tentacles. "There is a mafia European or Europe. Mafia is a multinational corporation," must be regarded as the era of globalization as a mutant unable to move, connect, and camouflage. Difficult to repress, but at the same time, Saviano complaint, it is inconceivable that the impact of organized crime on legal markets and democracy is not the first concern of world leaders. Why should. Just as there should be laws against money laundering and on the legalization of drugs. But global rules, can be powerful chains and without flaws. The complaint from the United States, but to say, the threat comes not only from terrorism, not to mention that terrorism and mafia often move together. Funding, weapons, evil weaves a durable canvas. And the other side of the network is able to be dark. Saviano has spoken to New York, he did as he always does well here because it is the same thing, the same item for an identical battle. For more about this matter check web site.

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