No goals between Italy and Ireland injury to Man.

Italy v Republic of Ireland Match preview - Goal.

No goals and an injury that takes the world to Riccardo Montolivo. 0-0 ends Italy-Ireland penultimate test for the azzurri before departing for Brazil. On the flight that will lead the national team in Rio de Janeiro almost certainly there will be. For Man suspected fractured tibia after a clash with Pearce. The midfielder came out on a stretcher and then was transported to the hospital. The x-ray confirmed the fracture of tibia: the diagnosis comes from Henry Carr, national physician interviewed by Rai. For Man the world is finished before you even start.   The Craven Cottage was a test that for many was a real consideration. Win a place among the 23 for Brazil. Prandelli deploys an 11 without many owners. The ct, in 4-3-1-2 against the Irish, he wants to see in particular Darmian, Verratti and Rossi, the first is the right, the second moves the trocar, the third tile building. In goal, Sirigu Scoop-Bonucci with torque De Sciglio largo left. Thiago Motta in front of the defence with Montolivo and Macdonald. O’Neill, the successor to the Trap, host the 4-2-3-1 and go immediately to suffering because the azzurri depart well. Immobile before claiming a penalty for hands in the wrong area, then stop after a great assist by Verratti. At 6 ‘ Grand right Marchisio, Forde flies to deflect for a corner. The good feelings, 9 ‘, make room for concern as Montolivo’s injury that must be on the ground after a clash with Pearce and is forced to leave the field on a stretcher. In its place comes, but Aquilani face of Captain blue and from that of the companions shines through all the concern for a left leg problem that seems serious.   From this moment the game changes, the Italy accuses the coup, Ireland begins to play: 22 ‘ Pilkington committed Sirigu on punishment, at 27 the Psg goalkeeper must divert to the left corner of Meyler. Ireland and yet still Sirigu save the azzurri to 34 ‘ on the header to secure Long blow, served by McGeady who had skipped the headstock. Lucky little evening for the azzurri, while Aquilani replaced, Montolivo, must leave the field for a shot in the head and in its place, 37 ‘, in Lee.   The final reviewing in Italy, still on the Property, but Verratti-Forde you save. In the shot does not change the theme of the game, the best is always blues at 4 ‘ Sirigu says no to Long’s right, while a few seconds is slightly large end of Pilkington. Suffering from the Blues. The 10 ‘ rightly overruled for offside the goal of Estate shortly after leaving the camp at Cassano, back in the national team after two years. Italy and grows to 16 ‘ Bonucci goes close to the head, while scores in 21 ‘ is stunning Red action-Cassano-Macdonald, but the sinister race of juventino is central. Meanwhile on the pitch even De Rossi who collects the presence number 94 and Giacinto Facchetti. Prandelli inserts Cattermole for Rossi.   Lackluster ‘ Pepito ‘, while among the watchlist exceed Darmian examination and Verratti. The 30 ‘ deviated in the right corner of Lee. A little luck for Italy at 34: Quinn hits the crossbar to secure the whack action continues and Sirigu save on McGeady. Is the ultimate thrill, it ends 0-0. Sirigu the best, well Darmian, Verratti and Cassano, evening no pallet and Thiago Motta, forgettable for the unfortunate Man.   . For more data on this matter visit homepage.

The euro rises against the dollar under the pressure of mixed indicators.

The Pound Sterling Live - Today's Rolling Coverage of the British ...

The euro advanced Friday against a dollar under pressure after figures contrasted on the economy in the United States, in a market still plagued by speculation about possible support measures for the European Central Bank (ECB). To 16: 00GMT (6 pm in Paris), the single European currency was worth 1,3642 dollar against 1,3601 dollar Thursday to 21.00 GMT. Thursday, the single currency had reached in meeting a new low since mid-February, to 1,3586 dollar, before recovering. The euro moved again on the rise against the Japanese currency, at 138,84 yen, against 138.44 Yen Thursday evening. The dollar stabilized against the Japanese currency, at 101,77 yen from 101.78 Yen Thursday. We reached the final session of the month, which is also a Friday, which carries risks of volatility increased compared to that observed these days so that investors (,.) adjust their positions, said Simon Smith, analyst at FxPro. The market remained all same without great enthusiasm, the euro remaining relatively close to its lowest in almost four months. The dollar was somewhat under pressure Friday from the fact of publication the eve of a sharper contraction than expected by the global economy of the United States in the first quarter, with a decline of 1% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the first economic power, according to a second estimate. But as noted by some analysts, the impact of these disappointing figures remained low because they believe that this contraction is largely attributable to an exceptionally harsh winter. This data will probably not influence the policy of the Fed (US Federal Reserve) because its leaders have already warned that should be a very big obstacle to deviate from their current course, estimated Eric Viloria, Wells Fargo analyst. Other indicators have also brought a positive light on the U.S. economy, whether back stronger than expected requests for unemployment last week or the new rise of the promises of housing in April sales in the country. On the other hand, the dollar suffered from a movement of relaxation rates of 10-year U.S. bond yields, which mechanically translates into lower earnings for investors engaged in these assets and tends to weigh on the value of the currency. Friday, currency traders dig̩raient new indicators mixed in the United States, including the increase meets earnings expectations but an unexpected decline in household spending. On the side of the euro, the market was still speculating on the fact that the ECB would take measures to support the economy of the euro zone at its monetary policy meeting next week. Expectations in this sense have been largely maintained by the many statements made by its officials. The figures for inflation in the eurozone for may must be published on June 3, two days before the ECB meeting. The European monetary institution has for medium term objective a slightly less than 2% inflation, which is far from the 0.7% increase recorded by the April consumer prices. Around 16 H 00 GMT, the British pound remained stable against the euro to 81,36 pence per euro and rose against the greenback to 1,6766 dollar for a book. The Swiss currency progressed a bit against the euro, at 1,2197 Swiss francs to the euro, as against the dollar, at 0,8939 Swiss francs to a dollar. Chinese currency ended at 6,2471 Yuan to the dollar against 6,2397 Yuan the day before. The ounce of gold finished at 1. $250,50 at the auction of the evening Рbefore falling to 14 H 30 GMT to 1. 244,36 dollars, a new low since early February Рagainst 1. 255 dollars Thursday. Friday quotes of Thursday Рbur-acd/gib. Main source can be studied visiting this page.

Turning to Italy Force like Alfano, Berlusconi: “Just rely on primary”.

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"I was very impressed by the speech by Renzi to Pd-Alfano-explains. He perfectly understood that, if he wants to consolidate the 41%, has to change perspective and absorb internally a Center, one right and one left, the Liberals of civic Choice in a portion of Sel». «Not surprisingly spoke of a party of the nation: nation is the right concept, never a leader of the left had ventured so far. " And adds: "we must put into play all. Including those in civic Choice, not wishing to join the Pd. including the Udc to the areas popular for Italy, with whom we shared the European battle», explains Alfano, who calls on Italy to make Strength «lepeniste» choices. With Berlusconi, "at this stage it is good to give priority to public confrontation of ideas." «Meanwhile, perhaps a moratorium of personal insults by the family newspapers would be of some help. "   The answer to that comes from Italy Force file is positive. Paolo Romani, President of Forza Italy in the Senate, although with some reservations (‘ sides do not make for algebraic sum, but only rifondandoli on solid foundations "), opens. «Share, thus-continues-from those bases that have always characterized us as the centre right and that, despite the fragmentation that we presented in the elections, the electorate has recognized and supported, certifying the return to a bipolar system and claiming that the protests should be given answers and not yelling, insults and solutions». Even Mariastella Gelmini said on SkyTg24 that he did not believe "the algebraic sum of the parties ‘ and that ‘ we need more about this programme ‘. Then he says that the words of Alfano are a contribution to the debate that needs to be done "within the centre-right, but" a Ncd touches a clarified the position in relation to the centre-left Government of Renzi» Doubts shared by Altero Matteoli that, while acknowledging the leader of Ncd a ‘ dialogue ‘ approach, says that "it is not clear how it can feel to Ken for his contribution to this perspective remains glued to the Radio and sharing Government left messes, as for example the Tasi». Osvaldo Napoli instead speaks of fact «positive». «His reflections on the reconstruction of a center of European and pro-European firmly capture the decisive point from which to us by a setback and the Ncd from a semi-victory».   Brothers of Italy you parades. Crosetto goes on the attack: "it is difficult to understand how Alfano can talk of reconstruction of the Center from the Government’s Interior Minister Renzi. Is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. The reconstruction of the center goes through programs, various ideas and proposals: or the «Center renziano», legitimate choice which I think is the way that is following Ncd and that many of its leaders prefer, or it reconstructs a political centre around a raised platform and a method. La Russa also said no to the proposal of a coalition, at least until Ncd remains to the Government: "to remove the left stick of the Center must regroup command but this cannot happen if the Government simultaneously Alfano is with the left and Forza Italy gives Renzi masked support». Even the leader of the right-wing Storace petanque Chief Ncd: «Does smile Alfano who thinks he can dictate terms to the Center instead having to light a candle at Udc while governs with Renzi».   To animate the comparison is also the interview by Raffaele Fitto, at Corriere della Sera that "Mister preferences back to ask for a renewal of Italy starting from the primary Force and urging Berlusconi to lead the process of renewal and" amaze ". A Dense responds Berlusconi with a note-former premier tones are imperative: ‘ enough with the sterile debate in the press about the primaries and did not contribute to the negative image that the hostile media they build every day to our harm». «Compare Us», adds Berlusconi, "aware that the outcome of the elections of 25 may oblige us to a change of pace and political vision that cannot be reduced to a confrontation, while legitimate, on organization and selection methods». The answer to that comes from Italy Force file is positive. Paolo Romani, President of Forza Italy in the Senate, although with some reservations (‘ sides do not make for algebraic sum, but only rifondandoli on solid foundations "), opens. «Share, thus-continues-from those bases that have always characterized us as the centre right and that, despite the fragmentation that we presented in the elections, the electorate has recognized and supported, certifying the return to a bipolar system and claiming that the protests should be given answers and not yelling, insults and solutions».   . Extended facts can be inspected reading source.

The most touching wedding videos: Singing pastor and loving world travelers.

35. An all singing, all dancing, all ululating wedding in Khayelitsha

After Jack Hyer had seen his girlfriend for the first time, he wrote in his travel journal: I’m going to marry this girl, at some point. That was in September 2010. Since then, the travel-crazy Hyer has visited 26 countries. Mostly without his girlfriend Becca, who had to cram for her studies. The loving Globetrotters used the time alone to turn a long planned marry his sweetheart. To the music of I’m gonna be (500 miles) of Scottish 1980s years band the proclaimers sings in Istanbul, on the great wall of China or Cambodia. Shortly before the wedding, Jo-Anne and Aaron Easterbok could hold their love on a romantic beach in Queensland, Australia by a wedding photographer. When a fisherman came close in the surf in distress, the best man in his underwear by the image ran suddenly. The ways of the Internet are sometimes inscrutable. For almost two years, the video of the wedding dance of a young American woman had a relatively unnoticed existence in the shallows of YouTube. History: Andrea’s father had died of cancer. However, in the United States, it is tradition that the father of the bride Gets a last dance with his daughter, before symbolically passes on her husband. Because this is no longer possible, Andreas brother sang a song, also the bride in succession with her grandpa, her two brothers, and finally her father-in-law dancing. . Root facts may be found visiting this

Echoes of a beached society.

Sixty Years of Service – The Echo of Blenheim | NZETC

In December 2012, a whale is qued beached on the shores of the beach of la Concha in San Sebastian n. Several days after the ceo muri cet. This image, in a city which is like the icon of middle-class European city, I think a great s symbol of what was happening. At the same time reminded me to the image of the ‘Costa Concordia’ run aground, with what pas with the capit n, escap staying without wanting to know anything about their responsibilities. I think a great s symbol is removed from the wreck we are witnessing, mo c represents a society stranded, it exposes lbaro Arizaleta, lead singer of ‘Swing’. The fen/main festivals in this pa s est being something to study. Then it is not much that acceptance that seems what m sica with reality in the halls. When you go to do a tour and plants you in a city, fill a room costs. At festivals a great p grounds there are public to cast the net, always going to know but it s up to what point many people are going to the party and few really est n de m sica truth. It reminds me of masses, that really only from the first rows est n by ignoring the priest and the dem s go go. It is true that there is much fan who goes by the m sica, and others that do not. . Similar data can be read visiting page.

Pharmacy: Valeant adds even a few billion for Allergan.

Valeant, Ackman launch $50-billion hostile bid for Botox-maker ...

The Canadian drugmaker Valeant submitted Friday a new offer valued at 53.5 billion dollars (36 billion euros) to snatch Allergan, the American manufacturer of the anti-wrinkle treatment Botox. Two days after already noting its offer of 45-50 billion, Valeant has therefore handed over 3.5 billion more through the first shareholder of Allergan (almost 10% of the capital), the American multimillionaire Bill Ackman, who simply only an exchange of shares Valeant and Bill Ackman, via its investment Pershing Square Fund, are related since the departure to Allergan in the lap of Valeant. Bill Ackman said called the boss of Valeant, Michael Pearson, Friday to propose a mount allowing a revaluation of the offer to the shareholders of Allergan leaving them $ 600 million and taking only a payment by Exchange of shares. For each of their shares, other Allergan shareholders will receive $ 72 in cash and 0.83 action Valeant, under the terms of the offer based on the closing price of Valeant $129,22 Thursday night. The above procedures shall remain valid like for example the supply of Valeant to pay $ 25 more per title Allergan on the condition that the commercial promise of Daniels of Allergan, genetically modified antibodies, materialise. This treatment is one of the leading products of the Californian group, like Botox. Hard to know if the Board of Directors of Allergan will eventually give in to the advances of Valeant. Allergan has been sharp in his criticism of the Canadian laboratory. Earlier that week, he had denigrated Valeant in criticizing his economic model. Allergan had called dummy, because based on an increase of the prices of its products, the spectacular growth of the group with headquarters in Laval in the suburbs of Montreal. Valeant has based its strategy on the multiplication of acquisitions, including about two dozen over the past four years. We expect that the Board of Directors of Allergan enter into immediate negotiations with Valeant to close the transaction, said Michael Pearson in a statement. Bill Ackman hopes that his gesture is a trusted brand in the valorisation of Valeant’s long-term strategy for all shareholders. The revision of the offer before the end of trading Friday gave assurance to investors that Allergan would eventually give in to the advances of Valeant. The Allergan action finished at 167,46 dollars, up 5.65%, while Valeant to 131,31 dollars, an increase of 1.54%. . For additional insights regarding this topic read

Champagne-sur-Seine: cancelled the results of municipal elections.

Fifth Republic (1958-) | Mapping French Elections

The inhabitants of Champagne-sur-Seine will have to return to the polls by 30 September. Yesterday, the Administrative Court of Melin annulled municipal elections of 23 March last and given reason to Michel Gibson (SE) candidate from the list ‘ Champagne is you ‘, with 1,033 voices gathered in the 1 round (before the other two lists) had been declared null and void due to an administrative error. The Portuguese nationality of one of his mates was not included on the ballot while said running mate had pointed out in his statement of candidacy in the Prefecture. "The grounds of the judgment of the Court are clear: the poll was not sincere and cannot override 44.5% of voters who voted for Mr. Gonord" says counsel for the latter Me Thieriot. Jean-Pierre Vernery, the new PS Mayor has one month to appeal the decision. Meanwhile, the Prefecture shall appoint a delegation of three officers to manage current affairs and to hold elections. . For additional information about this subject read website.

Ukraine wants to pay its gas debts.

Russia threatens gas supplies to Ukraine unless bills are paid ...

In the gas dispute between Russia and the Ukraine, the cutoff threatened by Moscow is perhaps even averted. The Ukrainian utility of Naftogaz had paid $786 million gas debt, EU energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger (CDU) said Friday after a meeting with the energy ministers of both countries in Berlin. That make a solution more likely. "We have achieved still no final package, but further progress." Continue to be negotiated in Brussels on Monday. In Kiev, the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Arseni Jazenjuk said with the payment you would pave the way for a potential lawsuit before the Court of arbitration for gas deliveries in Stockholm. "So that we can submit the appropriate action, we have paid those bills, which are indisputable", he said according to Interfax Agency. The decision whether an agreement be concluded or complaint will fall probably on Monday. Russia is threatening to turn the Ukraine gas supplies on Tuesday. The country estimated the Ukrainian gas debt to $5.2 billion. Russia is willing to continue negotiations with Kiev on Monday afternoon in Brussels, when the $ 786 million on an account of the supplier Gazprom until then. . You can click this fact to discover extra regarding this interesting matter.

FI has cost 98 million Accounts to Berlusconi in red after stop refunds.

Ninety-eight million euros over the past twenty years. This is the amount you had to shell out Silvio Berlusconi to Italy Force adventure. According to time’s downgrades would figure that the former premier has anticipated his pocket for his party, and creature that hasn’t got back. Ninety-eight millions. Three on loan. Eighty were still not resolved, guarantees that the former Knight has exhibited personally with the banks. More a last tranche of 18 million-three of whom considered ‘ a loan ‘-which would have parties at Arcore via Dell ‘ Umiltà (today piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina) in the year 2013. Since 1993 that Berlusconi signature guarantees to finance the party. This money, in years when the public funding to political parties was significant, are back to letting Berlusconi came not from your pockets never a penny. In the 2007-2009 biennium begins the first crazy fees. Sidelines of the party, call someone. The revival of the old club, according to others. The hole in a doughnut perfect turns slowly into a chasm. Also because, for once, the premier Berlusconi saw the tree on which the Berlusconi party leader is sitting. How? Simple. With the start of cutting the cost of politics, which dates back precisely at the dawn of last season at Palazzo Chigi. . You should read this home page to read extra on this interesting topic.

After tapping affair and Snowden: Transatlantic subjects.

Bridging Transatlantic Differences on Data and Privacy After ...

Or simply asked the witnesses afterwards. Range, with "Pre-investigation" in causa NSA employs already now many months, will take probably no official investigation – due to lack of evidence, and that, only be contacted without Snowden. What a farce. Meanwhile members of the Parliament, the Governments and the other monitored can consider the recent statements, Edward Snowdens, in an NBC interview, in which he makes it clear that he was by no means the small employee on the digital side of the road, but has developed itself processes and digital tools, and participated as a lecturer of the Geheimdienstlerausbildung. His insights were bigger than his former bosses at CIA and NSA want to make us believe. Scythes Castle, an attempt to classify the witness Snowden, as "irrelevant" plays in the same league as the fit of the former Chancellery Minister, Ronald Pofalla, to explain the NSA scandal for officially "finished". Faced with the ongoing situation in our supposed allies capture any digital communication discretion and evaluate, German policy makers and company are intercepted and continues with and without cooperation on the data dumps of the Internet companies to access, does the German Government together with the competent Ministers and authorities: nothing. All the talk about the digital future exhausted at least where it is not just about broadband deployment and support for SMEs, but real digital sovereignty. Because the business of the NSA and its partners the informational domination, the use of advance information for one’s own purposes. Information, research and knowledge-dependent country like Germany, which stood by watching, how do his alleged allies in the digital space, what and how they want it, and join its own intelligence services here with impunity and cooperate, needs not to be surprised if it is not seriously. . For more about this matter check

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