Deadly virus: fruit bats, Ebola epidemic should have raised.

The record of the Ebola epidemic, which currently prevails in four West African States is over 1,300 infected and more than 700 deaths. A researcher duo from New Orleans and Montréal according to the epidemic probably goes back to flying foxes. Some of the animals in the region were already since a long time carrier of the virus, or an infected Flying Fox was moved here from Central Africa, the scientists in the journal PlOS neglected write tropical diseases. However: Whether animals of the region actually Ebola pathogens in itself, will looked at currently. It is unlikely that a person brought the pathogen to Guinea, write Daniel Bausch of Tulane School of public health and tropical medicine in New Orleans and Lara black of McGill University in Montreal, Canada: there are hardly any regular trade or travel routes between Central Africa and Guinea and Guéckédou – the Ebola Epicenter, where the virus is – probably for the first time encountered is quite secluded. Ebola virus be transmitted especially when in contact with body fluids. The United Nations had warned about weeks ago to hunting flying foxes and other wild animals in the region and to eat. According to the UN food and Agriculture Organization FAO, the animals in West Africa are dried or in sharp soup eaten. This involves according to the researchers mainly three species of fruit bat: the hammer head (Hypsignathus monstrosus), the Franquet epaulettes fruit bat (Epomops franqueti) and the narrow collar fruit bat (Myonycteris torquata). That it came at all to an epidemic, lie largely on the social and political conditions in the countries concerned. Such epidemics wouldn’t occur, write the researchers. This often happens in areas where are the economy and the public health system after decades of civil wars on the ground. All three currently mainly affected countries – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – have suffered in the past from serious political unrest. . For additional data regarding this matter check

Smoking: study, ‘ e-cig ‘ less harmful cigarettes.

Rome, July 31. (Reuters Health)-electronic cigarettes are less harmful than the ‘ traditional ‘ blondes. To photograph the effects of the two modes of smoking is an analysis of available scientific research, published in the journal ‘ Addiction ‘ signed by experts of Queen Mary University of London. Scientists argue that replace cigarettes with ‘ e-cig ‘ could reduce smoking-related deaths, though the long-term effects remain unknown. The team examined 81 previous studies focusing on security, on chemicals in liquids and use among smokers and non-smokers. Scientists say that the risks for those who use the ‘ e-cig ‘ and for those who breathe their ‘ passive ‘ steam, are minor compared with those linked to cigarette smoking, but the effects on people with breathing problems are not fully understood. Although electronic cigarettes contain some of the toxins of tobacco smoke-add-the levels are much lower. Finally, the analysis suggests that switching to electronic cigarettes can help smokers to quit smoking ‘ blondes ‘ normal or reduce consumption. This is not the final list of risk-warns Peter Hajek of Queen Mary University of London-it could emerge among others. But regulatory authorities need to be aware that paralyse the market for electronic cigarettes could reduce access to products that could save lives. The researchers suggest that these devices should be subjected to less stringent standards than those of tobacco, but at the same time warn that encourage their use without strong safety evidence is at least reckless. . Additional facts can be inspected visiting link.

Dispute with the vulture funds: the Argentina accused the United States of America.

The head of the Argentine Government accused Thursday the United States to have a share of responsibility in the failure of the negotiations in the Argentina-vulture funds dispute that led Argentina to a partial default. If the judge is an agent of hedge funds, the Ombudsman (judicial) is an agent to them, what justice are we talking about? There is in this case a State responsibility, the United States, which must ensure the conditions of respect without restrictions on the sovereignty of the country, said the head of the Government of Argentina Jorge Capitanich, during his daily press conference. He was referring to the New York Judge Thomas Griesa and the mediator appointed by the latter, Daniel Pollack. Conversations between Buenos Aires and the vulture funds, NML Capital and Aurelius, to reach a compromise have failed. Mr. Capitanich denounced a bias of the judiciary and that the Government of the United States has failed to intervene to remedy. Because of their bad practices, the United States are responsible for not having acted properly. And that they do not come out with l? excuse that the judiciary is independent, because it is independent of rationality and not the vulture funds, the head of the Government is swept away. This cannot continue indefinitely, he said. The Argentine Minister of economy Axel Kicillof announced Wednesday night in New York that the Argentina would honor its obligations and would enter the international judicial bodies to enforce its rights. The center-left President Cristina Kirchner was to speak Thursday at the end of day. . For more data regarding this topic read

Bribes scandal at Buckingham Palace. Contracts in Exchange for money.

Italy country of bribes? Not only that, the United Kingdom ended up at the center of a scandal that has touched upon none other than Buckingham Palace. The 61enne Ron Harper, manager responsible for managing the residences of the Royal family, went on trial on charges of taking bribes for £ 100,000 by some companies in Exchange for contracts for work inside the luxurious buildings. Joining him are the bar another nine people, all accused of fraudulent activity. Contracts, according to the Daily Telegraph, would be paid for with part of public funding allocated to the Royal family. The manager would have scored the offences between 2006 and 2011, but has been suspended only in 2012. How to script, the cost of the works was inflated in order to include also the tangent for Harper, who for years has acted completely undisturbed. To be precise the contracts included maintenance of three buildings: Buckingham Palace, St James and Kensington Palace, the residence of William and Kate. Finite accused companies provide air conditioning, electrical installations and services and water heater. Two of these companies also have received ‘ Royal Warrants ‘, coveted award given to firms that cooperate with the Royal family. . You can visit this to discover extra about this great topic.

Piedmont region, with the cut of annuities increases the salary of counselors.

Nothing but cuts the cost of politics, the Piedmont regional advisors find themselves with a monthly salary of about 1. 320 euros more than last term. The condition even more strange is that all this has happened thanks to the cut of the annuities the previous legislature decided. The explanation of what happened is quite simple but amazing.  With the much-heralded cut of annuities for politicians, in fact, to the Piedmont region the amount before the regional advisers ended straight sborsavano straight in their salary. With the start of the new term came minus the lifetime allowance to which the regional councillors were entitled to their 65th year of age, and therefore also the deduction has disappeared on the contribution. The end for the Piedmontese Councillors there was a net increase of salary of 1. 320, 330 euros for more who opted for the reversibility of the annuity. A nice increase in Payroll that leavens the salary for Committee Chairmen over 9,000 euros per month. The first to denounce this inconsistency were activists and members of the movement 5 stars who now ask the Piedmont Regional Council to intervene as soon as possible to reduce the allowance.  "At this point it is urgent the adoption of a new law on the reduction of the costs of the policy. We have already prepared and, as promised in the election campaign, it will be the establishment of a provision for guaranteed minimum income in Piemonte "explain the M5S. Any decision, however, will have to pass necessarily from the Regional Council, as explained by the Chairman of Piedmont, Mauro Laus. "The various positions expressed on the merits by the political forces must find a summary in the Council, which is sovereign in the matter. Each proposed amendment shall be submitted to the vote of the Assembly, "said the President of the Regional Council by acting on the issue of the salaries of the directors of Lascrais Palace. . Extended info can be read clicking website.

Clint Eastwoods “Jersey Boys”: You will get it Yes always colorful!.

So it is based "Jersey Boys" on a stage production of 2005 also, the Marshall Brickman (who has written well the script for Eastwood) tells the story of the four seasons, a successful American singing Quartet in the early 1960s. Their hits such as "Sherry" and "Walk Like a Man" are still evergreens around the world, and with "can’t take my eyes off you" had the lead singer of the group, Frankie Valli, 1967 a solo success, which was always good American Songbook for the great. But with this title we are almost at the end of the movie, and it though it is still too early. It all starts in the 1950s, in a small town called Belleville in the American State of New Jersey, and Tom star camera captures a hair salon, in which a young man shaving an older. The boy is Frankie Castelluccio, who himself will later give the artist name Valli, the older is gyp DeCarlo, the obligatory mafioso in a society strongly influenced by Italian immigrants. Christopher Walken, the only big star of the film plays this sentimental gangster, who will accompany the four seasons again and advice. The role of Frankie’s has awarded Eastwood to John Lloyd Young, 2005 played this part in the musical and won the most important American stage Award for the Tony. Where but on the musical stage include especially persuasive vocal performances, there’s also great actor on the big screen. Eastwood makes remarkably exactly from his unknown actors. The principle of a participating Narrator, suddenly aimed at viewers in the middle of the action, is at the latest since the television series "House of Cards", but naturally that embedded in Eastwood’s film and played, where all group members one comment on a part of the action (Frankie however only once towards the end of the off), of which you can learn real staging art. In terms of content but he follows her too much, and unfortunately what is true on the stage is yet long not consistent for the cinema. The story of the rise and fall of four seasons is in sight, too rarely, the emotional tension in the group is so evident as in a brilliant burst of Nick DeVito, the otherwise quiet Member, against his brother Tommy, with which he must share room on the tours. But Eastwood is still a real final, when he a great ensemble scene in the night-time streets of Belleville dance his entire cast to the end credits. Also this is not new, but it’s beautiful, especially since here, the culmination of an increasingly growing over the duration of the film color is achieved, the from the Brown-grey fifties in the province about the pale coloured stage performances of the 1960s up to the monumental comeback Frankie Vallis with "can’t take my eyes off you" extends. . For more facts about this topic check

The plague in Walt Disney, how rats became nice.

Marc Elbaz, Cabinet of ‘Treatment-harmful’ society, tells us more in 20 minutes on the reasons for this strange migration: "the tourists leave every day to make a feast, laments.". They throw their purposes of sandwiches on the ground when they do not feed squarely as is done with the pigeons. ». At first glance, nothing short of astounding that this solidarity between harmful. It would almost take to dream of a postmodern Hamelin who would lead them all, day trippers and rodents, to the sound of his flute in the Seine. But if we dive more deeply into the reasons of such an alliance, we discover surprising things. If the rat now attracts pity rather than the horror of men, this would be due according to some, in the movie Ratatouille, Pixar released in 2007. The history of this rat haunting a great Parisian, passionate about French cuisine restaurant kitchens, unfairly stigmatized by the bad reputation of people of his kind but actually extremely refined, would have allowed to fight effectively against the ratophobie. Many tourists think so, that as in the elaborate tale in the Hollywood studios, there is a wonderful agreement between rats and men in Paris, and you can eat well. Filthy creature, companion of dungeons, bearer of bacilli, Biblical scourge and deadly omen, the rat has therefore sanctified by Walt Disney. The rat became hygienic. He became moral. It has become ‘cool ‘. It is tucked into the huge procession of all saints. The empire of good, who does not support negative recovered it in her lap. In a world that no longer believes in the tragic, the rat and his blackness have no place. . Additional info can be found clicking

Paris: released, ‘Belleville strangler’ has just be arrested for rape.

The Belleville strangler was perhaps more dangerous than the justice had imagined. This man indicted two weeks ago for assaulting two women in Paris, before being released, is now suspected of having committed a rape he was arrested again Tuesday in Paris, according to the Figaro information confirmed by the police and the courts. The suspect, presented as a homeless of Guinean nationality, was still in custody Wednesday after his arrest in the West of Paris. He is suspected of violating woman rue des Pyrénées, on the night of Saturday to Sunday in the 20th district (northeast of the capital). The suspect had already been placed in custody on 10 July for assault committed two months earlier, on the night of 17 to 18 may, in the 20th arrondissement. He attempted to choke two women. It is through the phone that he could be arrested. During his custody, he acknowledged the aggression of these two victims. The Paris Prosecutor’s office had then opened a judicial inquiry for "attempted homicide", and asked his remand in custody. The investigating judge put him under investigation for "theft with violence resulting in a total incapacity for work (ITT) of 8 days", concerning the first assault, and "violence resulting in a 8 days ITT" concerning the second assault. Whereas, however, that the suspect had no intention to murder, it had been left free under judicial supervision. The Paris Prosecutor’s office had appealed the qualifications of the implementation review and placement under judicial supervision. But the appeal had still not been examined when the suspect was again arraigned Tuesday. . For more information regarding this matter click

Keywords: robot invades Milan, 3 days of pioneers of ‘ living machines ‘.

Milan, July 30. (Reuters Health)-will come out from their laboratories. Destination: Milan. The metropolis, after Barcelona and London, will become the capital for three days of robots. Any machines, but not ‘ full of life ‘. Pioneer Team of scientists around the world, including Italy, we work for years and have managed to create a real ecosystem: Humanoids and quadrupeds, robot insects, plants, fish, microorganisms, interfaces between artificial systems and biological systems. It’s the army of ‘ Living Machines ‘, living machines, a three-day Conference that opens today at the National Museum of science and technology ‘ Leonardo da Vinci ‘, to close the 1 August. An event organized by the European Consortium ‘ Convergent Science Network of Biomimetics and Neurotechnology ‘ (CSNetwork), in collaboration with the Italian Institute of technology (Iit), which is the cradle of many robots made in Italy, and the support of the European programme ‘ Future and Emerging Technologies ‘. It is nature to inspire the work of these scientists who annually meet at conferences Living Machines to take stock of the progress of the sector. (more). Inspirational data could be studied reading the following article.

Mibact: “the artists live free Working air and charges payable.

Betrayed by those who would have the duty to protect them. "A veritable mockery". On the web is a veritable revolt against the Minister Dario Franceschini. To finish under fire is a notice published by the Ministry of cultural heritage for cultural events at the places of excellence culture, on the occasion of national event nights at the Museum. A good idea, one might say, but reading the text one understands that for artists is an unpaid position and what’s more, even onerous non-reimbursable expenses. In short, Brechtian mania to pay young people to work. But we go to order. The notice of Mibact turning to cultural associations, individual artists and complex offers a selection to offer moments of artistic entertainment museums every Friday of the month, starting from July 1, 2014, in time between 20: 00. 00 and 22.00 hours. Night openings as a moment of art expression to stimulate visitors. Initiative certainly admirable but not the conditions in which they are called upon to operate the artists. If events are free of charge in favour of the Ministry, and this notice explains him immediately, between clauses read the one that looks like a real rip-off: "the proposer claims to be in possession of a suitable insurance policy of civil liability for damages to persons and things [,.] the applicant undertakes to comply with all rules governing events, cultural activities, performances by unfold in place in public and/or open to the public ". In a nutshell: "Dear stockholder insurance and you pay the Siae tu". The cellist Michael Spellucci, graduated at the Conservatory of Milan and specialises in Vienna, addressed to Minister Dario Franceschini and General Director Anna Maria Buzzi an open letter from his Facebook profile: "steps that are dark times for all [,.] Steps for years now I have decided to stay with another job and devote my free time to cultural dissemination under completely free. Now, however, honest citizen, with the regular payment of taxes, I would expect that to be your Ministry to begin to invest in this blessed culture. "Any response from the Ministry’s site seems to have gone the announcement that Jonathan Simeone. it publishes here attached. . For extra insights about this matter check

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