Drownings in the Saône: three indictments.

Six young, from the Loire and Haute Loire, after an evening during which they would have consumed alcohol and cannabis, had taken place in a Clio was one of them, aged 17, driving the only able to drive the car, the oldest being not able to do so. But it would be lost, blind addition by heavy rain and would have therefore inadvertently crossed the pedestrian area of the wharf along the Saône to pour into the River, according to investigators. "There has been a phenomenal downpour and they did not know the area. The car was travelling at 30 or 40 kilometers per hour and for some unexplained reason, she appeared as if she was going to join a street. Then she sank to peak,"describes this same source. The driver of vehicle was put under investigation Tuesday for involuntary homicide aggravated, endangering the lives of others, lack of driving licences and non assistance to person in danger. Despite the mandate of deposit required by the Prosecutor’s office, it has been released under judicial review by decision of a judge of freedoms and detention (JLD). The other two have been was indicted for non assistance to person in danger and placed under judicial control, learned from their lawyer and judicial source. . Root data may be found clicking the following website.

Blue sharks near the French coast: should we be afraid?

It is first a shadow in the water which has s alert. Then, a spoiler has s information on the nature of the fish that swam some m very Calzarellu Beach, in Corsica. Last Wednesday, around 12:30, a family of the Parisian region, holiday r on the the beauty, a film a blue shark, about a m tre, gar proximity from the shore. It is the third me times this month that this type of shark is aper u on your Mediterranean European m c: July 15, six beaches of Barcelona were temporarily ferm es because three r blue sharks had. A week later, a swimmer of Canet a affirm having seen a while he was swimming with his mask and his tuba. Rest know why these sharks have t aper us proximity of the c your: the blue shark is indeed an esp this so-called p pelagic is –say e cens live on the open sea. It too is t t to say that the blue shark is close to c, explains the oc anographe. See proximity from the beaches is not unusual but with smartphones and the r’s social networks, each of their appearances is relay e and m diatis e. As with attacks the union R, people are much more attentive. M e dynasty account also among the esp those the most dangerous: the great white shark. But unlikely to turn a remake of the teeth of the sea on our c your: this predator pr lives mainly between the Strait of Sicily, Tunisia and Malta d. With a few exceptions s pr,. Thus, in 2009, a Marseille trawler had the surprise of d cover in its nets a great white shark. Some ann previously, it was a group of divers left explore one pave not far from the the Friuli who is tomb nose nose with one of these sharks, luckily not aggressive. � . You must check the following http://fc6d2f1a1e0b9f02df150b4cdd8a101b.utevalleyproxct.com to learn more regarding this great matter.

+++ NewsTicker Ukraine +++: Russia: Ukraine shoots on Russian Terrirtorium.

After their brief escape from the crisis-hit Ukraine, six South American soccer professionals are now returned to their club Shakhtar Donetsk. The Brazilian Douglas Costa, commonly, Fred, Ismaily and Alex Teixeira, as well as the Argentine Facundo Ferreyra had denied the trip last week after a test match in France. You justified this with the fierce fighting between the army and pro-Russian separatists in the ex – Soviet Republic. Due to the conflict, Shakhtar plays its home games in the current season in Lviv (Lemberg). The city is more than 1000 kilometres from the embattled Donetsk in the West of the country. The heavy fighting in the East of Ukraine increasingly civilian casualties. A spokesman for the municipal administration of Gorlovka complained at least 31 civilian deaths, including eight children. Near Donetsk is located according to the days under artillery fire. This 43 people to be injured. Five people by a grenade strike in a retirement home killed in Lugansk. Eight other people were injured according to the City Government. Large parts of the city were without gas and electricity supply, it says. Separatists and Ukrainian army will be blaming the civilians killed each other. Russia has criticized the increased Japanese sanctions because of the Ukraine crisis. Japanese behavior was rude and short-sighted, it is based on a faulty view of the operations in the Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. The Government in Tokyo announced the day before, to freeze the assets of individuals or groups that are involved in the annexation of the Crimea or the conflict in the Eastern Ukraine. Moscow explained that Japan had no independent policy despite of all expressions of friendship, but go on the sanctions in the wake of the United States. The Ukraine crisis is to blame for most Russians a failed policy of the West a survey after. 64 percent of respondents accuse the United States and Europe an unauthorized intervention, communicated by the independent levada Institute in Moscow. 52 percent fear that the bitter conflict in the neighboring ex – Soviet Republic to a world war could spread. 23 percent favor, that did not recognise people republics Lugansk and Donetsk should – be modelled on the Crimean peninsula parts of Russia. 56 percent are sure that Moscow supported the separatists in the Ukraine. Impending hard economic sanctions of the EU against Russia will hardly meet the German armaments industry according to their industry association. We have an export volume of approximately 35 billion euros for the whole German economy towards Russia at present. There the German security and defence industry is only to a Milli, so we are not affected by the planned sanctions, so the Chief Executive of German security and defence-related industries (BDSV), Georg Wilhelm Adamowitsch, in the Germany radio. When policymakers hold now economic sanctions, to exert pressure on Russia in the Ukraine dispute, he think it right. The conflict between the Ukraine and Russia is expanding now to the cultural sector. The Government in Kiev wants to control in the future more books and films from the neighbouring country. For films from Russia a share was, whether they correspond to national legislation, so the State film Agency in Kiev in the future. Vice Prime Minister Alexander Sytsch says on the book market, the Ukraine wants to protect a quota to local books against the overweight of foreign, especially Russian literature, of the nationalist party Swoboda. Only one-fifth of the books in the country come from Ukrainian production. The United States accused the violation against a key nuclear disarmament treaty to Russia. This is a very serious matter, that we have been trying for some time, to raise with Russia, as a representative of the Government in Washington. In whatever form, Russia should have violated the agreement concluded at the time of the cold war, does not explain though. The New York Times had reported in January that the United States had informed its NATO partners about it, that Russia had tested a land-based cruise missiles. The so-called INF Treaty foresees the destruction of all such missiles with a range of 500 to 5500 kilometers. . You must check the following homepage to read more about this amazing subject.

Armed with hedge funds – heading for Argentina on the next sovereign default?.

The State bankruptcy threatens Argentina for the second time within 12 years. Reason is a battle with hedge funds: bought up government bonds of the country and demand the full repayment. A US Court has given the Fund right – and brought Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in a complicated situation: it disburses the funds, possibly also the other creditors want more have dispensed with the debt restructuring. As long as the hedge funds but are not paid out, Argentina can afford no interest payment on the other bond holders. Thus threaten the new default. But different than they were then, as Argentina crashed out after an economic crisis in the bust, and riots broke out, the country could get away this time lightly. It is already cut off from international capital markets. An impending inability to pay is therefore no Specter of more. A way out of the dilemma could look like: Argentina can occur on a default and plays on time. Expires at the end of the year an important clause of the law? It states that all creditors must be treated equally. The clause no longer applies Kirchner could negotiate separate solutions with the Fund. . Similar information can be inspected clicking http://fc6d2f1a1e0b9f02df150b4cdd8a101b.utevalleyproxct.com.

Crash of AH5017 flight: a scenario expected “in a few weeks.

"I think we will start, I hope to have a scenario in a few weeks. On Europe 1 Tuesday, the Director of the Bureau of investigations and analyses (BEA) has remained cautious about the future results of the review of the black boxes of the Air Algeria plane which crashed the week last in Mali, killing 118 people. "I hope that this will be a matter of days but if there were difficulties, this may be long," warned Rémy Jouty.   The BEA, responsible for the technical investigation, received two MD-83 flight recorder that Monday. The black box recording the flight parameters could be read and its data are being analysed.  However, french investigators must still retrieve the cockpit conversations contained in the second black box, which was damaged.  "Concretely, in the case of this accident, the recorder is magnetic stripe (,.).". "The band has been highly compressed during the crash (,.) it is wrinkled by location, has been broken at some places so you have reconstitute this band before reading", explained the Director of the BEA.   The information that the crew would have asked the control tower to turn back comes, according to Rémi Jouty ‘of very preliminary reports on trade that could have this aircraft with air traffic control. But the priority for the BEA is working on recorders. "The recordings of the conversations are computer systems that are on the ground. He there has worry on the fact that these are data saved". "Then, we will complete this work by a systematic collection of all data relating to exchanges with air traffic control" Rémy Jouty assured.   The day before, the Director of BEA still showed careful, asserting that it was "too early to make any assumption" on the causes of the accident, then the Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve had cited the day before the weather conditions as "the most likely hypothesis.   . Main facts may be found reading the following source.

Art in the Spa: the morbid charm of the Jet set.

Their locations are Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Beirut, Tokyo and in between a year in London or Mexico City. Street noise, high-rise buildings, asphalt, crowds and everything else, what constitutes a city. Hiking, spas, mineral springs and meadows have played up to now no role in their lives. Until now. Until the eight artists here, the speech should be, contested her scholarship in Bad Gastein, the formerly glamorous spa town, where crowned emperors and Kings, and the cultural elite of the summer vacation in luxurious hotel palaces spent. The problems are visible especially in the summer, and the spa and Tourism Association and some hotel owners have developed a cultural programme. This includes the art residence scholarship, too, its initiator and artistic director Andrea Goetz and Schwanenfliess every year from Hamburg in their family coming to Bad Gastein. Now a jury selects eight four years from about 40 proposed artists that come to work for four weeks after Bad Gastein and within the summer fresh art exhibit the results in their studios at the end. Their studios settled the fellows in the old, grade II listed hydropower plant, which is located right next to the waterfall, Thunder through the heart of the town. Many visitors not only from Hamburg and Berlin, where the majority of the scholars, but also from Bad Gastein came to the just opened final show in the studios. Because the artists have included, and because you want to see then what they did so, Hannes says the young Bad Gastein Snowboard instructor who looks like his profession was invented specifically for him. It was not so easy with the belonging to the eight however. All of them had no idea what awaited them in Bad Gastein. A little worry was it, says Michael Conrad, along with seven other artists, he either not at all or only casually knew day door door to work on, to stay in the same hotel to eat together every day and that in a place none of us knew. For all the concerns have dissipated quickly in air, because we all super have understood and Dirk Meinzer says. For Conrad, who was traveling with seven screens and a plan, what should it be, the daily talks have led for example, that he threw everything overboard and began a new series, with which he wants to continue in any case. For Nick Oberthaler Bad Gastein was a field of experimentation, without thinking stress about the perception of his abstract paintings on aluminum, that he now exhibits in his Studio. Dirk Meinzer has interested in the history of the place. So the old walls and wallpaper colors have tempted him in the studios and in the opulent place that is famous for the effect of his radioactive radon baths, he has brought also radiant material and painted with a phosphorescent, crushed stone flour colour images. The Japanese Aiko Tezuka, who works with old fabrics, embroidery and woven souvenir pictures, was happy about their experience in the mountains. Although she missed a fish and fabric store, but in the old hotel, she found traditional aprons, towels and a pillow case, which found stains it has doubled and highlighted with gold embroidery. And Susanne Stroh was her delicate drawings on white images by Grillparzer’s poems inspired to the, so with a plaque in the village, in Bad Gastein and also written. Stefan Panhans ‘ new film is not shown yet, he still needs to be cut. It creeps that actress Lisa Marie Janke with an action camera on the head by a car that is crammed with props, bought the Panhans in Bad Gastein shops and that he shows in his exhibition in cool black and white photos. . Related information can be read visiting http://fc6d2f1a1e0b9f02df150b4cdd8a101b.utevalleyproxct.com.

Limoges: two orders against prostitution and begging.

It was a promise of the elected UMP campaign. The Mayor of Limoges, Emile – Roger Lombertie, took the 22 municipal arrested two July that tackle problems of prostitution and begging in the city. The objective? "Say no to the exploitation of weaknesses in our societies", explains the aedile to the Figaro. By Decree on "prostitution-related disorders", it is "prohibited persons engaged in prostitution Park or indulge in driveways and come repeated on streets, squares, sidewalks, gardens, parking and private ways open to public traffic areas". In another order, the city prohibits "abusive occupations or extended Street accompanied by stress or quests for passers-by with or without a dog when they constitute barriers to the free movement". "I want to fight against non-compliance with the rules of community life. There are marginal to more aggressive behavior that challenge people, jostling them and are drunk on the public highway. "According to him, the Limougeauds are exasperated by this phenomenon in downtown. Contraventions, applied with "discernment", will amount to a 50 euros and the police will be able to place dogs impounded. "Fine insolvent people seems ineffective," Judge Philippe Rhillac, Councillor of opposition. Emile-Roger Lombertie defends himself stigmatize the poor: "We have in place of the accompanying measures for the fixed homeless in social disruption." Concerning the Decree on prostitution, Philippe Rhillac believes that "this is posturing, symbol and communication. This ban is "totally unrealistic and impossible to apply, blows the Socialist elected. We’ll see the results in a few months. "For the fight against HIV AIDS association, who performs work of prevention and reduction of risks with street prostitutes, this prohibition does not meet the problems related to prostitution. "This is a shift of the problem and the benefit of our actions, regrets Sandrine David, regional coordinator. Sometimes, we are their only link to access to care and prevention equipment. More it alienates them from visible places where you can contact them, they are more vulnerable. "More than 80% of these sex workers are foreign in the capital of Haute-Vienne, according to aid. "It is mainly girls of Africa and Eastern Europe who are not concepts against the risks of transmission. This order may create a real public health problem", is concerned about Sandrine David. To enforce these decisions, the number of municipal police officers should gradually move from 30 to 80 by the end of the year 2015. . You should read the following site to discover extra regarding this interesting topic.

Court Auditors on Fs: centered its objectives, but it remains the Trenitalia.

Ferrovie dello Stato also confirmed for the year 2013 as the ‘ achievement of strategic goals and management defined in the business plan. " To detect it is the Court of Auditors in the report on the outcome of the control over financial management of Fs for the year 2013. The judiciary accountant highlights some critical aspects for the two most important operational group, Rfi and Trenitalia. The Trenitalia Trenitalia, explain the accounting magistrates, "continues the path towards further improvement of its management ‘, but must" confront its financial weakness structural characterized by an overall indebtedness which continues to settle around 6.2 billion. " On the front of the system operator Rfi, the Court highlights how the transposition of European legislation "will result in a new corporate governance model, with a clear focus and separation of different segments of activity in terms of management, organization and use of assets, distinguishing clearly those regulatory activities in the market ‘. The numbers of the Group consolidated financial statements of the Group Fs 2013, stressing Italian magistrates accountants, registered a net profit of 460 million euros, an increase over the previous year to 79 million euros (more than 20 per cent). "This positive result-the Court of Auditors-is based primarily on the increase in operating revenue of the Group (+101 million euros), which basically drove the growth of EBITDA (+112 million), and the increase of all other intermediate results (EBIT +99 million and profit before tax of +155 million euros)." Rfi, the Court of Auditors highlights, in 2013 has obtained a profit of about 270 million, exceeding by nearly 70% from the previous year’s result. 2013 management of Trenitalia, on the other hand, sees a decrease of 25 million euros of the net result for the financial year ( -12), even in the face of an improved EBITDA by approximately 3% and operating profit also of 3%, You can check this http://fc6d2f1a1e0b9f02df150b4cdd8a101b.utevalleyproxct.com to learn more regarding this interesting matter.

Rotten meat scandal in supplier: Chinese McDonald’s outlets remove meat from the card.

The US manufacturer OSI the ripcord pulls in the scandal over rotten meat in China. To lose any more customers, announcing a major cleanup. So the Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai to close Hari food, which is responsible for the scandal, for the time being. Also get all plants in China to the test. This is my company – incidents such as these have also personnel consequences, founder and head of the OSI group, Sheldon Lavin, in Shanghai said. The operations at Hari correspond to the standards of the company in any way. Therefore, OSI wants to replace high-ranking executives in the business in China. Employees should be better trained and monitored by experts, as manager David McDonald said. Also, the Chinese offspring in the future directly to the parent company should be attached. In order to be able to respond better to local needs, a certain independence had been given to date him. Chinese fast-food fans in some McDonald’s outlets to renounce classic of the food chain. In Beijing, not chicken, but only fish on Monday in a fast food restaurant in the city centre were to have more beef or Schweinefleischburger. Signs at the ticket offices pointed customers to the reduced offer. From early August, was to be expected with a full menu in some restaurants, the Burger chain has announced. Elsewhere it could last longer but also. In Shanghai there is currently neither beef nor chicken products, said an employee of McDonald’s delivery services. To what extent McDonald’s branches in other places in China by the restrictions are affected, was initially unclear. There are more than 2000 McDonald’s outlets in China. . Main source could be read visiting the following link.

Flight MH17: investigators are obliged to give up to reach the crash site.

After a first attempt Sunday, Dutch and Australian police team was once again forced to abandon Monday to visit the site of the crash of the MH17 in Eastern Ukraine, after "explosions" have been heard nearby, announced the Ministry of security and Justice. "They have turned around and took the road back to Donetsk, assured AFP Sentina van der Meer, spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of security and Justice. The Ukrainian forces announced Monday be entered in several towns near the crash at the end of fighting against the separatists. Sunday, the Deputy Chief of the Australian Federal police, Andrew Colvin, had explained that the Australian police, unarmed, would single role to observe in detail the site, an important for the purposes of the investigation component and that could take five to seven days. They are not involved in securing the site. Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, also arrived Sunday in Kiev to meet with the Ukrainian Government and to discuss security on the site. The Boeing of Malaysia Airlines linking Amsterdam-Kuala-Lumpur with 298 people onboard was shot July 17, 10. 000 m altitude by a missile and a series of elements led the Western to point the finger the pro-Russian rebels and their protectors in the Kremlin and Kiev. . You must read the following http://fc6d2f1a1e0b9f02df150b4cdd8a101b.utevalleyproxct.com to discover extra regarding this amazing matter.

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