A range of deaths on the North-West Alps: four victims, two on Mont Blanc.

One Sunday in a sign of mourning over the mountains of the North West: four victims, three of them foreign. A chain of accidents from alta Val di Susa has stretched until Monte Rosa touching even the Mont Blanc. The first tragedy Sunday morning, on punta del Villano, rocky peak that dominates the Orsiera Rocciavrè and mountains, in the homonymous Park in the province of Turin. A very appreciated by lovers of mountain, straddling the Val Susa and Val Chisone, but also very demanding restraint by climbers because it has very steep slopes and two rugged ridges. The victim was a 64-year-old man residing in the Principality of Monaco. Fell down with his partner and a friend, waiting for the other two companions fall from the Summit when he lost balance and crashed, slamming his head violently against a gravel pit. Speakers included the mountain rescue and helicopter rescue of 118, but for the man there was nothing more to do. Another mountaineer, a forty-year-old native of Varese, has died on the side of Piedmont of Mount Rosa. A download of stone hit him on the climb towards Punta Giordani, soldier on the Ridge at a height of about 3. 600 metres. To recover after a few hours of research-carried out thanks to the Valle d’Aosta mountain rescue helicopter-the man’s body were carabinieri della Compagnia di Vercelli, in collaboration with the guardia di finanza of Riva Valdobbia. The victim was part of a group of three people, but the first information it seems that was untied by the two companions of Ascension. The download of stones made him lose balance and the man crashed a few hundred metres. The latest calamity was consumed on the Mont Blanc, the French side. Two climbers have died falling into a ravine while climbing the giant’s tooth. The reported in the evening the High Mountain Gendarmerie. One of the two had the Irish passport, the other was found without documents. These are two men, one in his forties and one of about 25 years. . For extra facts regarding this topic visit http://2b30fc2eccd46ecf9ee5d4035bb71d9b.bloggerpemula.com.

War in Gaza: we fight not the Jews, we fight the occupiers.

According to a humanitarian cease-fire on Saturday Israel and the radical Islamic Hamas have delivered again fierce battles are on Sunday. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu the fraction of a further 24-hour ceasefire proclaimed by her accused Hamas and announced a continuation of the military action. Worldwide urgently called an end to the bloodshed. In the morning, Israel in turn had again announced a unilateral cease-fire because of ongoing rocket fire by Hamas. Israel had previously extended a twelwe lull held by both sides on Saturday at first four and then to another 24 hours. Due to the unrelenting Hamas attacks, the army announced the resumption of its use on Sunday morning but. Since then, several Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were killed. On the Israeli side, another soldier on the border with the Gaza Strip was killed on the night of Sunday. So now 43 Israeli soldiers died. Also killed three civilians in Israel. The number of injured Palestinians is about 6000. In East Jerusalem two Palestinians were attacked late Friday night apparently brutally by Jewish extremists. A 20-year-old was on Sunday according to the hospital in the ICU, a peer on a surgical ward. The police arrived. . Inspirational facts could be read checking the following http://2b30fc2eccd46ecf9ee5d4035bb71d9b.bloggerpemula.com.

A Grand Prix of Hungary completely crazy.

Alonso and Hamilton, left the pit at the wheel of a completely new Mercedes s apr of qualifications g ch by a fire, have been doing throughout the race by only two arr ts. Nothing could do when Ricciardo, fresh tires, has s contested at the end of race. The race was especially t e marked by a new tasty episode of the duel more acharn between Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg drivers. I was shocked that the team asks me to slow down to pass Nico (before his last judgment at the booth). It would have him s undoubtedly permit from me d pass at the end of the race, with fresher tires, also has identified Hamilton CONF. Press Conference. Party pit, the British has t: Hero of the day since it finished 3rd and so on the podium, after having refused to slow down to pass in the 50th round, his assistant co and rival for the world title. The two world champions were unable to r sister long when Ricciardo d cid to attack them. They do with a r inesp r result, especially for the Scuderia of the fantastic Fernando: I am extr extremely satisfied and very proud, ” said the two-time champion of the Spanish world. It was a race s tr e decided, we made a bet and a failed walk, he added about his strat gie two arr ts only, as Hamilton. � . You can check this homepage to read extra about this amazing topic.

+++ Football Transferticker +++: Arsenal will bring Colombia’s national goalkeeper Ospina.

[12 52 pm] Eintracht Frankfurt striker Nelson Valdez back in the Football League took. It reports the Bild newspaper on Sunday. Therefore, the transfer of 30 years on the main was perfect. There, the Paraguayans encounters his ex-coach Thomas Schaaf, which he already has worked with Bremen from 2003 to 2006 with Werder. Valdez played after his time at Borussia Dortmund in Greece with Olympiakos Piräus. [12 30 pm] the FSV Mainz 05 wants to prevent the exchange of its Offensivspielers Nicolai Müller to Hamburger SV. A sporty weakening not eligible in the coming season for us, Manager Christian Heidel said the Rhine Main Press and also confirmed that HSV Chief Executive Dietmar Beiersdorfer contacted him because Müller. We have exchanged us. Mainz 05 has no financial need to give the players, so ham. According to media reports, the HSV has reached agreement with Müller about a change in this summer. Now it go only to the amount of the transfer. In the room were four to five million euros. Björn Bezemer Miller’s consultants wanted that neither confirm nor deny. I won’t comment on that, said Bezemer, whose Klient is until 2015 at Mainz 05 under contract. (asi). Main data can be studied clicking the following weblink.

Ebola, red alert in Nigeria after another victim: infected even a doctor.

the man had arrived last Tuesday at the airport in Lagos, as the Bbc online. The surveillance has been strengthened in all airports, ports and borders, said Minister of Health Onyebuchi Chukwu,. Since February, more than 660 people have died of Ebola in West Africa, in what at the time the most deadly epidemic in the world. The first victim in Nigeria was a man of 40 years takes to the Liberian Government. All passengers who traveled with him were traced and monitored, said the Minister. In Sierra Leone the doctor who coordinated the effort to contain the Ebola epidemic was infected by the virus. He announced with a press release by the Presidency of the African State where the disease has made the largest number of cases, 442 with 206 deaths. Sheik Umar Khan was found positive to the virus-test says the press release-and was hospitalized in a facility run by Médecins sans Frontières in Kailahun district. The epidemic in the country is affecting the eastern side, one on the border with Liberia and Guinea, the two other countries concerned. In Sierra Leone have already killed three nurses who were part of the team working on the epidemic. The episode gave rise to a strike of health personnel, back when the Government has allowed to move patients from hospitals and let Msf coordinate efforts. According to the latest figures provided by who are 1048 cases in the three countries, with 632 deaths. Dr. Khan, a national hero-reads the note-spent twelve hours a day to save lives. . Additional data can be inspected visiting http://2b30fc2eccd46ecf9ee5d4035bb71d9b.bloggerpemula.com.

Pa debt, part of the process for pay 6 billion. The Sme guarantee fund extends to minibond.

You add another piece to the slow and complex operating steps for payment of arrears of the Pa to businesses. In the ‘ official journal ‘ of Saturday was published the implementing Decree of the Ministry of economy (Dm July 15, 2014) that unlocks the other 6 billion intended to "pay" the debt accumulated by local authorities, regions, provinces and healthcare companies for supplies and services. This is the fullest package of about 8.8 billion liquidity advances provided for in Decree on bonus Irpef (Dl 66/2014). Now take a real countdown to bring the actual resource allotment unlocked. The distribution of funds is as follows: 3 billion to local authorities; 2.2 billion to the regions and autonomous provinces, aimed at the extinction of debts other than health and financial; 8oo million for payments of national health service bodies. However the budget could also be modified with a subsequent decision on the basis of access requests by the institutions concerned. You must be ‘ assured, liquids and payable at aturati December 31, 2013 ‘, i.e. debts for which it was issued the invoice or the equivalent request for payment within the same day or even off-balance sheet debts that were eligible for recognition at the end of last year. To get to the actual disbursement will need a series of successive step for which, however, the decree establishes a very short timeframe. The funds allocated to the regions for health debts for those several, in fact, will be allocated proportionally on the basis of the subscribed demand by the President of the region and the financial manager who will get to the Mef by Thursday, July 31. Then the Ministry will have to decide the anticipation to be granted to the regions and autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano by next August 11. In fact, the State-regions Conference may decide a different policy of distribution of funds but must do so not later than August 6, otherwise the proportional allocation. You must however remember that remain valid the stakes set by the 35 Dl/2013. In practice, the cash payments to the regions are linked to a whole series of tasks: the preparation of a plan of repayment of advances, signing of an agreement between the Ministry and the region concerned which defined modalities for disbursement and repayment of the amounts, including interest payments over a period not exceeding 30 years. Guarantee fund extended to minibond In «Official Gazette» also joined the development economicoche Decree extends the guarantee fund for SMEs to minibond subscription from institutional investors, as well as expected from Dl 145/2013 («destination Italy»). Altogether on the plate there are 50 million. The maximum amount per company will be garantibile of 1.5 million and the minibond may have a duration of between 36 and 120 months. As revealed in response to a question time in the House Finance Committee last July 9, 2012 to June from November 2014 issued mini-bonds (debt instruments as financial bills with maturities from 1 to 36 months, and bonds in the medium and long term, issued by SMEs) 38 non-financial companies, two of which are foreign, for a total of 6.7 billion. Issuers are the manufacturing and services sectors, and until the end of 2013, chosen placements especially large size companies, were about 290 million for the company. In the first half of 2014 the average amount placements fell to about 45 million. . You can click the following homepage to discover more about this amazing matter.

Gaza: more than 1,000 Palestinians killed, 6000 wounded.

If lecessez-fire Gaza – prolong till midnight – arms silenced, it also allowed the rescuers to go explore the combres d and d cover new victims. Since the d purpose of the isra lienne offensive on 8 July, on d number and d now a thousand Palestinians tu s – including pr s of 200 children – and some 6. 000 s bless, in vast majority of civilians, according to local rescue Saturday. Thus at least 100 corpses have been removed from the rubble after the judgment s hostilities, including 29 Chajaya, a suburb East of the city of Gaza, Zeitoun and Iqlim al-Tuffah, 13 camps r. Srikrishna of Deir al-Balah, Bureij and Nuseirat (centre) 32 Beit Hanoun (North) and 11 Khan s Youn and Rafah (South), according to a provisional published by the spokesman for the emergency servicesAbdo al-Qodra. In the night of Friday Saturday, a few hours before the entry into force of the ceasefire, 20 people including 11 children were you are in an isra lienne Khan s Youn (South) hit, according to Mr. al – Qodra. Most of the victims were the m me family, has pr cis, and children included a daughter a year and a gar on three years. � . Extended facts can be read visiting reference.

Virtual reconstruction of the Stasi files: snippets for eternity.

That is a success story,"says the spokeswoman of the Federal Commissioner for the Stasi documents,"The algorithm is cracked". "We see completed the project a success", says Bertram Nickolay, head of Department at the Berlin Fraunhofer Institute for production systems and design technology (IPK). Stephen is the initiator of the "ePuzzlers". Now, at the end of the trial period, he considers the evidence led that the composition can be automated by million scraps of paper. The snippets are the legacy of the GDR Ministry of State security (MfS). His staff wanted to remove traces of their spy activities 1989 autumn revolution. Representatives of citizen movements made on the way to the Stasi headquarters, the shredders were overheated, files from the desks of the MfS staff were torn by hand. You should then be burned. But it did not. The software for the reconstruction of shredded Stasi files, the "ePuzzler", the IPC received the innovation award of the "European Association of research and technology" last year. But now that the Fraunhofer researchers that could go to construct a veritable "road" on which the torn pieces of robot arms based on the principle and will be ‘Pick and Place’ abrogated, placed on a surface, scanned both sides finally virtually, the Federal Government may not pay more. Beatrix Philipp says she was in her long political work "never lied to were like virtual reconstruction on the subject of". She was Düsseldorf CDU Bundestag parliamentarian from 1994 to 2013 and is one of the few politicians, the great expertise on the issue of DDR processing purchased. In the years of political service for the "snippets"machine has become, as she has christened the "virtual reconstruction", her of the affair of the heart. She is convinced that the success story is before the end if the Bundestag approved the repeatedly promised money for the continuation of the work. No one of the politicians who support the project with skepticism or indifference may be as doomed to bring needs imagining, Beatrix Philipp have abandoned the fight, just because she are no longer sitting in the Bundestag and which of the CDU in the Commission may you send should make proposals for the future of the Federal Commission for the Stasi documents (BStU) including the snippets machine the Bundestag. Recently the Advisory Board of the Stasi document authority in a letter has reminded MP once more, the virtual reconstruction of rhetoric, not living, but need urgent money. . You should check this http://2b30fc2eccd46ecf9ee5d4035bb71d9b.bloggerpemula.com to read more regarding this interesting topic.

Journalists, postmen, travel agents: works designed to disappear by 2022.

The study of Career Cast argues that in few year crafts as the woodcutter and the Turner will be blown away by the technology. And other work as journalist and hostess, will be for the few, because the economic crisis. Travel agent, supplanted by large portals that allow you to organize your travels comfortably from the web, to the postman, "killed" by email, up to the reader of the water and electricity meters, which will disappear thanks to telephone links: are only some of the crafts that all belong to the genus on the way out of here in less than ten years. That, at least according to the ratio of Career 2014 Cast that also includes for loggers and journalists love prospects: they will disappear. What causes more fuss is obviously the prediction on journalists. The latter are, however, aware that the prospects of employment for newspaper reporters are in precipitous decline (-13 percent by 2022, according to the forecasts of the Organization). Is the technology that is taking over some trades such as the meter readers or the lumberjack. And even for farming, thanks to the technological automation, less and less required: -19% within the next 8 years. The crisis then made his: a risky trades second Career Starring 2014 is the hostess, having regard to the large companies that stand behind the competition from low-cost airlines, have agreed to cut spending on the crew. Turners and typographers are swept away by modernity and finally, even the tax collector is about to become "rare": the controls are carried out mostly through the intersection of software. And a person who comes to claim at home due to the IRS no longer needed. . Extended facts can be read visiting hyperlink.

Eni Gas of Renzi and Descalzi relaunches on Africa. But Russia is difficult to compensate.

Having withdrawn to the sound of shots of sponge and investments agreements for Italian refining, Eni strengthens its presence in Africa. The CEO Claudio Descalzi and Matteo Renzi, during the recent mission of the premier in Africa, have announced projects on gas for 50 billion dollars over six years in Mozambique. "The company (leader of a consortium with Anadarko, ndr) has made the biggest gas discovery in its history: 2.400 billion cubic meters of gas that would enable us to meet the needs of Italians for thirty years," said Descalzi. And the Prime Minister has reinforced the dose: "if it goes into port the operation (which is linked to the approval of a law enacted by the Government pending the go-ahead from Parliament, ndr) we have enough gas for the next 30-40 years. We are laying the conditions for our children’s future ". Statements that Italian workers sound almost like a taunt and throw gasoline on the fire in the dispute on the refining crisis. "We don’t want to go in Mozambique", he wrote on a banner in the procession of thousands of workers took to the streets to Gela, where Eni has revoked the 700 million in investment to modernize the plant. Are days that Filctem-Cgil, Cisl, Vidya Uiltec-Uil ask Radhi himself to intervene to defend the industry and Italian workers. Moreover, the Government is a shareholder of the six-legged dog. Now the Federica Guidi Development Minister has called for the July 30 a table on refining with labor unions and corporations. Too little for workers ‘ representatives, who would like a more incisive action from the premier himself. "The Government clarify whether Eni only responds to the market and the bag or must give an account of decisions the reference shareholder" say the three initials. Moreover, Eni’s intentions are clear: already some time in April, presenting the business plan to 2017, the then number one Paolo Scaroni had told him that the company would grow up especially in the exploration and production (E&P), and would reduce the presence in refining and fuel network. Even the subsequent appointment as CEO of Descalzi is significant: the manager has built his entire career in the Eni E&P, especially in Africa. Arguments that are even more valid with the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine and the European Union’s decision to strike with the new sanctions, Russia also in the energy sector.  "Sanctions are always a problem for both those who receive that if the forces" warned economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan. Don’t help, among other things, tensions throughout the Middle East and particularly in Libya. Continuing clashes in Tripoli and was hit a fuel depot at the airport. In recent days the staff was evacuated from Eni Oil & Gasnella diMellitah capital and the gas flow toward Italy has slowed appreciably. In addition to business-related reasons (the E&P is the sector that makes more than all the oil companies), Eni has a huge need to differentiate suppliers. Hence the idea to focus on Africa, particularly on Mozambique.  The company is already present in Angola, Congo, Ghana, Gabon, Nigeria, Togo, Kenya and Liberia. Africa for Italy and for Europe must be a priority, is no longer a place to forget, "said Renzi. So much so that "this is the first time an Italian Prime Minister in Mozambique, but also in sub-Saharan Africa excluding the visit by Prodi in 2006 in Addis Ababa for the African Union". There is, however, to consider that even this area is very unstable politically. In Mozambique at the end of 2013 occurred new violent clashes between Government and opposition. In addition, they are countries that have no effect on our energy needs and you can hardly think that in the future they can compete to current suppliers. In 2013 more than 40% of national consumption were covered by Russian gas, the 18% from that of Algeria and 8% from that of Libya. It was an unusual year because many Italian importers have reduced for contractual reasons withdrawals from Algeria and increased those from Russia. In 2011, more stable year, Algeria was imported from the 32.6%, from the 28.1%, Russia from the 8.8%, Qatar from Libya the 3.3 per cent. Even if the operation in Mozambique went to port, the picture probably would change little: it’s easy to speculate that the gas found would be sold to Asian countries without ever arriving in Italy. . Root source may be studied checking this blog.

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