Fatih Akins the cut: The passion of the Lord Nazareth.

In the most beautiful scene of his film about hatred, slaughter, and the meanness of a world abandoned by all the gods, Fatih Akin summons the power of the cinema giving consolation. In 1921, the hero, a abgezehrter, schlotternder in shabby clothes young man, in a backyard in the Syrian Alepppo stumbles there. He discovered a crowd that staring staring at a wall. There, the black and white pictures of Charlie Chaplin’s film jerking the kid. And suddenly the hero with all the others from hunger, fear of death and war is terribly beaten people into a big laughter. The man who laughs, here is dumb. Fatih Akin’s new film the cut, world premiere in the competition of the 71st celebrated Venice Film Festival on Sunday night, tells the drama of the Armenian village blacksmith robbed his voice Nazareth Manoogian. The brave craft man, played by actor Tahar Rahim, lives peacefully and initially happily talking with a beautiful wife and two twin girls in the Ottoman town of Mardin. In 1914 he brought by Turkish gendarmes out of bed and forced labor. He is yelled at and flogged. He must watch rapes and summary executions. He learns that his loved ones at a death camp were driven. And he carried himself almost in the hereafter: Nazareth survived only because the Turk split for its slaughter not as ordered slitting the throat him, but stands only deep in the throat. It steals the voice. A little later, the Turk helps the injured to flee. The cut will now begin the font display once upon A time,., it was once,., and the summoning of an Armenian family Idyll in the House of the blacksmith Nazareth. This Idyll is too bright, that she could be out of this world. Similar to surreal are the horrors that the hero will soon have to face, loud and bizarre nightmare tear: Nazareth discovered the intertwined bodies of ghastly massacred men, women and children in a fountain. In a death camp naked dying in the light of flickering fires wind, while Nazareth on is begged by his sister-in-law, plague, but please to redeem them from their suffering. The cut tells the story of the man of Nazareth, who survived the horrors of the genocide, loses faith in any God and yet not the courage down stunning images sometimes proudly exhibiting their Monumentality. Nazareth finds his mission when he learns in Aleppo that his twin daughters have survived: he goes for years of wandering To find them. It will take him to the Lebanon, Cuba and in the United States. He jumps on trains, he scrubs the deck of an ocean liner as a sailor and he shrugged to a homicidal Wegelagerers by himself bumping off the attacker. So, the peace-loving man who was named after the Place of birth of Jesus, spotted his own hands with blood. Turkey already the announcement, has ensured that Akins film in Venice of the world would presented, that the Director has received from Turkish nationalists murder raw conditions. Today, many of the nationalists denied that there has been genocide perpetrated by Turks of Armenians at all. Now Abass on Sunday at a press conference in Venice was asked whether he had fear. Its Very much cheerfully by reply: It speaks for the art, that there is this threat. The actor Simon Abkarian, who has Armenian ancestors and in the cut a starring role playing, said during the same press conference: Fatih Akin has made At last the film, Armenians have been waiting throughout the world for many years. The political explosiveness of the cut the human seriousness may not always keep up with. A strangely naive martyr hero, who always wears a frightened wonderment in the face, and even in those moments not to hate seems capable, in which he invites blame shuffles through the center of the film. That the hero remains silent most of the time, the thing does not make easier – even if one understands that the man is vicariously condemned for his half-deleted people silenced. So you can admire the filmmaker akin for the consequence with which he tells the passion of the Christ of Nazareth Manoogian as anthropological parable: Ballad of a man of who is forced, the evil in the world to take on it, it loses all certainties and a new, disturbing freedom gaining him themselves most of all. But you can feel the greatest passion and narrative power in this film whenever leaving warlike horsemen in the steppe country revived the myth of the classic American westerns, when in a factory in Minneapolis factory workers can be seen at their sewing machines and it reminiscent of the Office girl of Hollywood films of the 1930s, or when the Gehampel Charlie Chaplin’s ecstatic residents of Aleppo. . You can visit the following http://45f1d2261f38e0d7b180f494f3b7c5d0.share4vn.com to learn more about this interesting subject.

Living a daily drama. Are the parents of a young 25-year-old who suffers from obsessive disorder, aggravated over time from drug addiction. The guy in recent times become very violent, coming to lay their hands upon me to MOM and pap. We do not know the IP to santo appeal-tells distressed mother-our son has serious mental disorders but the Department of Psychiatry of Oderzo keeps saying that, he being addicted to it must be the Sert. The latter service, can I just say, has done a lot for us, was always very close to our son. But now the situation has worsened and the Sert does not have the skills to deal with such a case. The woman very worried. My adult son-says-and we parents cannot force him to do something. The only way it seems that of the Court so that the court orders the care. But I’m a long time while my son is giving worrying signals. We’re unfortunately seeing what happens across Italy says Ms.-. We read of the case of Roma and stabbed caregiver. I live in fear that something bad can happen. No late a few days ago the young man been visited privately to a psychiatrist who diagnosed psychotic disorder with paranoid delusion and auditory hallucinations. Needs urgent psychiatric hospitalization, it is written in the report. Psychiatry of Oderzo-continues la mamma-insist that my son must stand by his own will. Are his mom and I say that not to come. I ask the competent authorities of the case. Yet the young teenager was diagnosed with obsessive. Then aggravated by drug addiction. We parents are aware only three years ago, he was a lot abroad we not always under control. My son has hallucinations, hearing voices says, Satan who orders him to do this and that. A week ago I was beaten. We complained, hoping it can serve. three-State community, but she always went by his own will. I wrote to the Mayor, the Usl 9. The police there are always neighbors, I can say that the Sert has done what she could but now psychiatrists who shall occupy. Must be treated in a specific way and only they can do. . Related information can be inspected clicking weblink.

China’s prohibition of election in Hong Kong: Communist capitalists.

In three years the citizens of Hong Kong will vote for the first time in a direct election of its new Chief Executive, said that to Beijing over seven million residents of the former British Crown Colony – one (where) man, one vote. The question is, who may stand to the choice at all. But above all, China’s leaders should stop. Beijing’s arguments against an open candidate freestyle are absurd and contradictory. The civil rights activist in the city, the people newspaper, writes no undermining not only Hong Kong’s stability that, they tried to transform the city to shatter the Chinese Mainland into a bridgehead. And even though the business community of Hong Kong is small, so Beijing but also their interests to represent. We need to ensure that evolving capitalism in Hong Kong, says the lawyer, who advises the Government on matters of Hong Kong. An astonishing argument for a party which calls itself is still Communist. In truth, it’s Beijing, as also in his males dealing with the human rights activists in mainland China, in Hong Kong to the preservation of power. The party should abandon its self-righteousness. Now Hong Kong has the citizenship and civil society, a real democracy can flourish on its soil. That Beijing refuses, it could cost. The citizens to defend themselves. Stormy times ahead of Hong Kong and its Communist capitalists. . For extra insights regarding this matter visit home page.

Radical jihadism has the approval of 27% of young French people.

The German secret services estimate that more than 400 jihadists fighting in the ranks of the Islamic Army (EI) in Iraq and Syria have traveled to the area from Germany and that among them there are a score of former soldiers of the federal army. According to information published by the weekly Der Spiegel, military counter-espionage services consider that Islam is a growing problem in the German army. Not long ago it got to avoid the trip to the war zones of a non-commissioned officer who had been expelled from the army for Islamist beliefs, following an investigation of the counter-espionage services. The exsoldados, stands out the magazine, they are especially valuable to the us by his military skills, which lack much of the foreign fighters. In an interview with German public radio, the Chairman of intelligence abroad, Hans-Georg Maassen, reported that they have evidence that five of the jihadis who have traveled to Syria and Iraq from Germany have already staged attacks suicide. Germany, which today will make a decision on the shipment of arms to the Kurds to fight against the us in the North of Iraq, should be considered that these people come back and comment attacks, warned Maassen. However, he stressed that it is a high abstract danger, since there is no concrete information about possible attacks in the country. The Merkel Government has advanced that it will not be raising the level of alert in the country, a decision that Yes has adopted the United Kingdom. . For extended about this matter visit homepage.

UMP: Sarkozy, last doubts before the big jump.

«Carla him did a crisis in Bali, she won’t go back!» understands a loyal supporter of Nicolas Sarkozy. Like him, most of the Sarkozy swim full question: still no sign of their champion on his return, no battle plan, no beginning of organization. The former president remains walled in silent, secret as rarely. "It is total improv," sighs a supporter, who wonders if he will really stand at the head of the UMP,. or push policy. And now that Carla mixes! The reality is more subtle. The former first lady, who has been suffering from tendinitis in the shoulder during the holidays, always vomit policy. "It her fate through the eyes, wickedness, hatred. She was injured, she is still crazy rage. She said that they could live quiet,"says a friend. And yet, all close to the couple say: If Sarkozy decides to return, it will follow. Make it big in the end of August, the former head of State is in full introspection. "This is a choice of life more than envy, summarizes a respondent. It is very shared, for personal reasons. He will be 60 in January. He said: I do either ten years of another very nice life, 10 years of not very simple combat.  "Because Sarkozy has much more than the UMP in mind. If it starts, it will not simply be candidate at the head of his party. No, he will be candidate for 2017 altogether! "If it is, is that it begins the presidential election now. "It’s not going to say, when we discuss it: I don’t know, we’ll see", ends the same. Then, the former President let time, ten days, to see. Throughout the summer, he stayed in touch with two pillars, the political scientist Pierre Giacometti and his ex-communicating Franck Louvrier. This week, back from Deauville, he received friends, including Brice Hortefeux. "Organize you, I still think", he told them. Where the call to sponsor launched by the strong right of Geoffroy Didier and Guillaume Peltier. So that everything is ready, in case. Because it takes 2 681 militant supporters before end of September to apply for the Congress of November 29. But some signs do not deceive about its intentions. Already, it is rumored that it might occur between 15 and 20 September. «Ideally to wait the Holland press conference September 18 to arise in first opponent», a faithful analysis. And when he will speak, Sarkozy does not want to talk to the UMP activists, but to all French. The idea runs so intervention at the newscast, or even a show in prime time! "To do it big", blowing a confidant. Understanding: not a tweet or a blog post, as Alain Juppé. The crisis in the Government yet honed his determination. Sarkozy is worried about the country, fear a crisis of regime to the uncertain outcome,. He thinks that Holland and Valls are "scorched". "The Netherlands Presidency is a disaster, the Valls Government sows disorder, the strong commitment of Sarkozy is a necessity," pleads Hortefeux. Finally, the former president knows exactly what he wants for the UMP: changing the name, concocting a project for the France, primary extended to the centre to avoid a dispersion of nominations, and raise young. An old buddy blew him: ‘turns me all these mummies. People can no longer like them! » . For additional data about this topic read http://45f1d2261f38e0d7b180f494f3b7c5d0.share4vn.com.

Kohlschreiber will create magical moments – now Djokovic.

New York – this time will be Boris Becker him To give any tips. When Philipp Kohlschreiber will challenge the world rankings first Novak Djokovic on Monday in the second round of the US open, the roles are clearly distributed. For the third time in succession the best German tennis player in the third round of New York faced the 2.08-metre premium Monster. Isner hit 42 ACEs on Saturday in the Louis Armstrong Stadium, was not a single break – and had To give up after more than three hours but beaten. 7-6 (7-4), 4-6, 7-6 (7-2), 7-6 (7-4) won Kohlschreiber and decided also the third duel with the American number one for themselves. Once again the Bayer restart from the Davis Cup team provided precisely the magical moments at the last Grand Slam tournament of the year. Only by beginning 14 German professionals of Kohlschreiber stamped often to the bad boy has succeeded in the second week. The highly traded Angelique Kerber, Andrea Petkovic and Sabine Lisicki adopted at the weekend after some depressing performances. Peter Gojowczyk, Matthias Bachinger or Jan-Lennard Struff in round one sit up, missing the Grand Slam ready for the big stage but (still). And now the very worst challenge awaits. There are little secrets. He is a really good hard court player who has actually no weakness, said Kohlschreiber on the seven-time Grand Slam champion. Confident, as he is now, he but also stressed: I don’t need to hide and will do everything in my power. I must play my best tennis, to get into the situation, to be able to threaten him. . You should visit the following http://45f1d2261f38e0d7b180f494f3b7c5d0.share4vn.com to learn more regarding this great matter.

The unit of the left, in La Rochelle, ill advantage.

At La Rochelle, Saturday, the poster was mouth-watering: coast to coast Pierre Laurent (FCP) Emmanuelle lug (EELV), Jean-Christophe Cambadelis (PS), Jean-Michel Baylet (PRG) to talk about the left unit, why, how? Las, the content of the interventions showed that it was far from being acquired. Senator Marie – Noëlle Lienemann, to present the debate, warned of at the outset: preach unity, will tell me, it’s a little preaching in the wilderness, the situation is complex, we won’t deny it. At the Forum, stakeholders succession of Jean-Luc Laurent (RCM) to Robert Hue (MUP), without making large whirlpool. But, coming turn, Jean-Michel Baylet, the Chairman of the GWP, which is the only party to have Ministers to the Government since last April, is loose: respect its allies, honour its commitments is observe the election contracts and therefore does not consider that these are just pieces of paper that can rip into the Socialist federations. Whistles welcome this allusion to the fact that according to the PRG, the PS would violate, in some places, electoral agreements for Senate elections held in September. Be careful, once party (Government, Editor’s note) there will be more than you, and after this will be current, and others, which will come out!, is annoys waving arms, Mr. Baylet, who has already threatened in July to leave if he didn’t get succeed on the territorial reform. -Emmanuelle Cosse ‘very angry’ – with Pierre Laurent, whose presence is a first since it is number one Communist french, the runaway. For him, the 2012 established with the French contract comes to be, this week (,.) torn before the French with the Valls II Government. Policy which wants to be amplified by the new Government led by Manuel Valls is a dead end and will not allow the unit to the left, he warned, the frequent applause from the room and a few boos. Emmanuelle lug, the National Secretary of Europe ecology-les-Verts, she is extremely angry, in the aftermath of Mr. Valls announcements on housing, which threads in her act, Cécile Duflot. She asks: why is that there are as many smoking cessation? Why is there so much savagery that stray project that we made?No so, hope of a rally, while looming after the senatorial elections cantonal, regional, then those of 2017?We have ardent obligation to find the path of the gathering, wants to believe M. Bangar. It must first reach agreement on a common project, pleads the MRC. The boss of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, tries to calm the situation. If we have disagreements (,.) on how many subjects do we agree?, he said, citing the Republic, education, secularism and many other things. It calls for campaigns together on subjects that we have decided together, compromise and then,. to continue the discussion. Yes, a burst is possible for Pierre Laurent, but through the construction of an alternative. FCP has an appointment Saturday 6 September with the other components of the left Front, seeking a new life. . You must check the following homepage to discover extra on this great matter.

Heart protected, 20% fewer deaths: new molecule heart failure care.

Heart protected and less dead. A new, more effective weapon and with scarce and manageable side effects, to combat heart failure. The innovative molecule, which for now is just an acronym (LCZ696), proved crucial to reduce by 20 percent the number of victims of heart disease whose evolution is often fatal. Characterized by the progressive inability of the heart to pump blood into the body, the progressively debilitating symptoms failure from fatigue, Dyspnea with fluid retention, to the inability to perform common daily activities. The validity of the new drug (manufactured by Novartis and, according to the forecast, marketed in Italy by 2015) has been demonstrated by the study Paradigm-Hf, the largest conducted on heart failure and stopped early in March this year, precisely because they are considered winning against another, the drug enalapril. The results were presented this morning in introductory Conference of the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology in Barcelona until next Wednesday. To search 8442 patients were enrolled in 44 cities including Italy, with the aim of verifying whether LCZ696 was able to increase the survival beyond the limits reached by enalapril exactly, an Ace-inhibitor, currently a key drug for the treatment of heart failure. The Scientific Committee who coordinated the study, confirmed to the subjects to whom was given the reduced probability of molecule, death from cardiovascular causes. From the analysis of the results shows that there is a life saved in every 32 patients treated. In ten years is the best situation reached, pressed Michele Senni, Director of cardiology at the hospital XXIIIesimo Giovanni di Bergamo and Coordinator for Italy of Paradigm Hf which was published today in the New England Journal of Medicine. According to the authors of the trial, the new drug could soon replace Ace Inhibitors after 25 years of use. The Italy the will wrap around the world, at Torre Annunziata (Napoli). But how does LCZ696? Founder of a new pharmacological class, takes place on two fronts, explains Senni: on the one hand intervenes on the Renin-angiotensin system, on the other hand increases the natriuretic hormone production manufactured by the heart that is not just a pump, but it’s also a gland. Formulated in tablet form, it takes twice a day. It will be the only drug for heart failure? No, it should be combined with beta blockers and antialdosteronici, says the specialist, but in the future could unseat Ace inhibitors. For Milton Packer of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical center in Dallas with John McMurray (Glasgow) drove the study stopped in advance for patients and cardiologists revolution is the result of extraordinary power. Heart failure is increasingly common (also for the increased life expectancy and advances in science): more than 26 million people in the United States and Europe suffering from the disease which costs each year 108 billion dollars, which is set to double by 2030. . Similar info can be inspected reading http://45f1d2261f38e0d7b180f494f3b7c5d0.share4vn.com.

Canada, land of welcome for french gays couples.

When Olga and Florence visited the future primary school their son, in Montreal, they have immediately been reassured. An exhibition of drawings by children on the theme of the wedding, hung their gaze. One of them showed a couple of men in tuxes, climb on a giant cake and another two women in extravagant dresses, says Olga, blue eyes and boyish cut. It relaxed us: our little would go in a school where his parents are not illegitimate.   Couple since 2001, Florence French lunch and Olga the Quebec married in 2006 in Montreal. Moms of a 9-year-old boy working in literary circles, these two quadras lead a life like so many others – juggling between job and marmot. Many friends consider us the most stable family and conventional that they know, fun Florence. And it is true!  More and more gay and lesbian french settled in the Canada. According to all couples and families met for this story, it is much easier to live their homosexuality only in France. When the law is on your side, it changes everything, said Florence. You feel protected, free and satisfied because you know you can live like everyone else.   The country legalized marriage between people of the same sex as early as 2005 and artificial insemination is granted to all lesbian couples. Most provinces and territories authorize the adoption homoparental, but legislation varies in relation to surrogacy. Nearly 6500 pairs of the same sex have children to Canada (17% of couples of women, 3% of couples of men), according to the 2011 Census. An increase of more than 50% compared to 2006. And there are 21,000 gay couples (three times more than in 2006), one-third of all same-sex couples in the Canada.   Appear homos and parents has also become almost commonplace, even among celebrities and policies. Quebec singer Arianne Moffat and his fiancée were announced in February that they expect twins. Elected to the head of the Ontario in January, Kathleen Wynne became the first head of government openly Lesbian – and married – in the Canada. Many TV series portray couples of the same sex and a new Quebec Web series, entitled Coming out, has the main characters of gays and lesbians.   In Quebec, babies born to two mothers have proliferated since 2010. This year, the province launched its programme of assisted human reproduction, making free fertility treatment, artificial insemination and fertilization in vitro – a first in North America. Moms of Charlie, 5 months old, Johanna Luparini and Annie Roussel have benefited from this generous program, using the sperm of a fertility clinic Bank. We have chosen a donor with physical features similar to ours, says Johanna, an ex-Marseillaise of 25 years, while nursing the adorable little girl she brought and developed in the world.   In France, even in Paris, it is very difficult to live a normal life without having to justify themselves, says Vincent Wallon, a has of 43 years, installed in Montréal since 2006 with her husband, Ludovic, also Parisien. Here, people are much more respectful of the individual and his life choices. It is also one of the reasons that prompted the couple – who married this summer in Montreal – to make the jump to the Canada. Knowledge that here, it has rights, has given us the impetus to make the decision, said Ludovic.   If there is room for improvement, the Canadian company is not one of the most tolerant of the planet. From Vancouver to Halifax via Calgary or Quebec, at school as in workplace or in the media, homophobia is disparaged and constant outreach efforts. In Toronto, the Gay Pride Parade attracts over one million people in a good atmosphere child. This-l event ‘ one of the most important of its kind in North America – closes 10 days of festivities attracting tourists from all over the world.   I’ve never felt the need to hide or lie, says Richard Philippart. When I searched job, I did not afraid to say that I came here to marry a Quebecer. And it has always been well accepted.   Business Manager, Florence agrees. On its Montreal Office, she did not hesitate to expose a photo of Olga and their son. A wide range of people working with us from all corners and Quebec media, she said. Person would be a homophobic remark: prejudices have more courses for a long time.   . You must visit this http://45f1d2261f38e0d7b180f494f3b7c5d0.share4vn.com to read extra regarding this amazing topic.

Kyenge: League racist party Is banned by law.

By Alberto Maggi (@AlbertoMaggi74) Cecile Kyenge, MEP of the Democratic Party and former Minister for integration, online newspaper interviewed by Shaun Kitchener. it calls for a law to ban the Lega Nord as a racist party. Question: do you think the League is a racist party? Give a dry response: Yes. I came to this conclusion because this party does not take an official position cleanly even with sanctions against its members who make racist statements and behave as such. Not only defend them in court. All this means one thing: the League, as well as Forza Nuova, shares their racist thinking. What should be done? We need a law to sanction those parties that carry out racist posters and we must not allow that there are parties that preach hatred or incitement to hatred. People had more courage than politicians putting banning Golden Dawn because proposed incitement to hatred. To this we must get across Europe, not only in Italy, otherwise spread the acceptance of racist posters and defend thoughts of discrimination. Thinks only the League and Forza Nuova, or even brothers of Italy? Brothers of Italy is not on the same line in the League, but if he had the same behavior of the other two parties then things would change. I never across representatives of brothers of Italy who made racist statements clearly, if it were to happen and not take position so it should talk about net. We are in a democracy and everyone is free to express their views but respect itself begins where respect for others. . Similar facts can be read visiting homepage.

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