Ebola, the US alert: 1.4 million cases by January.

By next January, cases of ebola in Western Afrioca could reach 1.4 million shares. The alarm was launched by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American National Agency that deals with public health. According to the Cdc, at worst it is this scenario that is looming for Liberia and Sierra Leone if you do not take the necessary steps to stop the epidemic. The two African countries could get to touch already 21 thousand cases share by next Sept. 30. The New York Times writes the data to take into account the fact that many cases are not detected and that in reality are superior to two and a half times those reported. But besides a negative scenario, the Cdc is expected in reality even one positive and run where the victims are buried properly and with 70% of the patients treated in environments with low risk of transmission. In this case-says-in both countries the epidemic would be extinct by the end of January next year. The UN SPECIAL ENVOY-UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed David Nabarro Special Envoy for Ebola and Anthony Banbury Special Representative and head of Mission of the United Nations on emergency virus (Unmeer). It communicates the glass Palace spokesman. The budget of the who-Are 2. the 811 deaths caused by ebola outbreak in West Africa. This was stated by the World Health Organization (who) in the last budget. The people affected are in total 5. 864. The UNITED STATES is DOING ITS PART–The Italy is doing its part to combat the ebola hemorrhagic fever that has killed more than 2,000 people in Africa. This was confirmed by Health Minister Beatrice Latt, on the sidelines of the Conference which ended today in Milan, the informal meeting of Ministers of health in Europe. We have given a commitment right now, "said-not so much the Ministry of health as that of cooperation: we achieve manned by persons in Sierra Leone to treat infected people and humanitarian workers affected. Furthermore, the cooperation has already allocated 1.5 million euros, and you would get a total of about 4 million for humanitarian aid and assistance on site. So Italy is doing its part, in addition to what already is being done at the level of the European Community, which so far has allocated 150 million euros. The CURFEW IN SIERRA LEONE-150 new cases of Ebola and 70 corpses were discovered in Sierra Leone after three days of quarantine. This was announced by the Government of the African country. The announcement of the Ministry of health of the African country on Facebook. In MADRID SPANISH DOCTOR INFECTED IN SIERRA LEONE-the religious and Spanish doctor Manuel Garcia Viejo, hit by the ebola virus, was repatriated from Sierra Leone today in Spain, where it arrived at dawn on a Army Hospital plane, landed at Madrid airport 3.00 of Torrejon de Ardoz. Manuel Garcia Viejo, of 69 years, the last 12 of them spent as the Director of the Hospital of San Juan de Dios in Lunsar, in Serra Leone, was transferred to hospital Carlo III, with the same security protocol used for the first ebola patient arrived in Europe, the missionary Miguel Pajares, who died on 12 August, the victim of the virus. Garcia Viejo is in an isolated, on the sixth floor, with a special ventilation system that prevents to escape from the hospital room, though on this occasion it was not evacuated and the hospital ward, as in the case of hospitalization of Muguel Pajares. His condition is stable in the defined severity. DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS: WE are at the LIMIT-to 6 months from the beginning of the worst outbreak of Ebola, the international response is still inadequate, we are losing too many lives, and our staff are at the limit of their capabilities. We must act now to stop the epidemic. Is the appeal launched by doctors without borders (MSF) committed in West Africa since the early days of the epidemic. No one expected that the 2014 budget of MSF for Ebola to come to 46 mln. From now until October 4 you can make donations to the number 45507. . You must read this homepage to learn extra regarding this amazing matter.

Crisis in France: Valls conjures up blood, sweat, and pride.

First, the head of the Federal Association of German industry (BDI), Ulrich Grillo, got to feel Valls’ determination. Grillo had objected in his introductory speech claims, stating that the Grande nation should kindly support the German economy with a national economic recovery plan: Germany is not responsible for the structural problems in France and Germany is also not responsibility to solve these problems. Something, Valls, replied would him even in the dream come up: I will never therefore ask Germany to solve the problems of France. And what applies to him, also applies to the rest of his team. Never a member of the French Government will say something. He would today Not here, if the French believed that the Germans were to blame their problems, he said. We know that the reform must be conducted by ourselves. And because foreign appearances have always also a domestic effect, he made himself also on the former President Nicolas Sarkozy funny. Sure, so Valls, there had been French politicians in the past, which had more big talk about reforms in Germany, but then not have tackled these reforms. You know who I mean. A few days ago, Sarkozy announced his return to politics. Valls candidly admits the problems of France. I look with transparent on my land, he stressed. The social blockades and the conservative attitude be known, if it is matter to implement reforms. So, public expenditure in his countrymen were high in the course. We rely Very much on the State budget. Overall, the State has accounted for 57 percent of the gross domestic product – and that is too high. For four decades, there have been no balanced budget, the debt go, France is in a debt spiral. Anyway, France is better than its reputation in many things. French engineers were better trained than those in the US Silicon Valley. The average will worked in France longer than in Germany. International stand the country in fourth place, regarding the expansion of broadband networks. It got the lowest electricity tariffs in Europe, and 31 French companies among the biggest of the world. . Extended info can be read checking http://ullapopken1.jennifersays.com.

Pg on case Cucchi: Condemn even nurses and agents.

Overturn the judgment of first instance and condemn all defendants of the trial for the death of Stefano Cucchi, the Roman surveyor arrested for drugs and died a week later in hospital. He asked the Pg, Mario Remus in the appellate process. At first instance were sentenced just 5 doctors. Pg: Condemn even nurses and agents-pg’s request came at the conclusion of his indictment in the appellate process before the first court d’Assise d’appello di Roma. In first instance the officers and nurses had been acquitted by the third Court of Assizes; had been convicted only doctors to penis ranging from 2 years and 1 year and 4 months. For the accusation was pounded into cells Chumps of the courthouse shortly before the validation hearing of his arrest, abandoned by doctors and nurses who were receiving treatment in the hospital’s inmates Ward Pertini. Tougher penalties for five doctors-in the process of appeal on the death of Stefano Cucchi Pg demanded not only the condemnation of nurses and servants but a tougher penalties for the five doctors convicted in first instance for manslaughter. A sixth doctor, Rosita Cambas, was sentenced to eight months for ideological fake and only pg asked the confirmation of the sentence. He was beaten after arrest-validation hearing Stefano Cucchi was ‘ beaten ‘, but the attack occurred after the validation hearing of his arrest for drugs. It’s the twist appeared in the Chamber from the words of the Attorney General. According to the indictment put forward at first instance, Cucchi was beaten in the cells of the courthouse shortly before the hearing of validation. This has enabled the Pg to a request for conviction for prison officers who were receiving treatment, and Cucchi first instance were acquitted. Nurse: always tried to help but did not want to-I have always done my duty, I have always tried to help David, but he has not wanted to. So the nurse Joseph flute, one of the defendants in the trial for the death of Stefano Cucchi, during spontaneous statements issued to the appellate process. For him (and for two other gentlemen) the prosecutors asked for the sentence to one year’s imprisonment; at first instance were acquitted. . You can check the following http://ullapopken1.jennifersays.com to read extra regarding this amazing matter.

Ciro Esposito’s death, the family: clearly must be on the figure of De Santis, remain dark sides.

According to the family of Ciro Esposito should shed light on the figure of Daniele De Santis and protections and coverings that would enjoy and push the national press to delve into all the dark sides that still remain about what happened before the Cup final Italy Napoli-Fiorentina, around the Olympic Stadium. Ciro had been struck by a bullet and died in hospital in Rome, after nearly two months of agony. Today at a press conference, which was attended by Ciro’s mother, Antonella Leardi, father Giovanni, uncle Enzo and the family law, the lawyer Angelo Pisani was presented the text of a petition, signed by dozens of representatives of civil society, world of entertainment, sports and politics in which, in addition to ‘ truth and justice for Ciro Esposito is calling for an end to ‘ misrepresentations of Naples ‘. Uncle: Is leaving the mud-machine at the center of attention of the members of the family of the dead boy is there especially the position of Daniele De Santis ‘ what you must still define the alleged murderer of my nephew ‘-says Enzo Esposito. ‘ ‘ We believe, he added, I’m sharing the mud machine and that is why we must take the battle to Ciro and for the respect of our city. Every time there is a breakthrough in the investigation starts the smokescreen. Is the black hole of De Santis. He was admitted to three hospitals and were never found, ” knife wounds. Why again was acquitted? -” The questions that we still said Enzo Esposito-are many: why was expelled by the curve of the Roma ultras? Who was with him when he was injured Ciro? ‘ ‘. But questions also relate to other aspects of the story. ” How-ever wondered Enzo Esposito-past management executives of Cones have never posed the problem to know what happened and how it was used a structure that they own? How Come to Brescia De Santis is seen stab a police officer and is eventually acquitted? ‘ ‘. MOM: in the end the truth will come to the surface-’ ‘ Ciro was polished, said Antonella Leardi, the boy’s mother died-and told me everything that happened. When I hear news like that bring out cuts on the body of De Santis I wound as a woman, as a mother and as a town. We however we trust justice and we are confident that in the end the truth will be ‘ afloat ‘. . Root source can be studied visiting this http://ullapopken1.jennifersays.com.

Obama, the bombing in Syria have foiled a plot by Al Qaeda against u.s. and allied forces.

NEW YORK-Barack Obama, who will attend the UN climate summit and at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, does not neglect its present international policy priority: the war on Isil and terrorism in Syria and Iraq and the protection of American and international security. In the aftermath of the first bombing raids on strongholds of Islamic extremists in Syria, Obama stressed that "the struggle against Isil today is not only American congregation» and as the United States acted in Syria as part of a broad and strong coalition". The President said that the American and international campaign against Islamic extremists will continue. "There will be no sanctuary for terrorists," he said. It also welcomed the consensus in American politics: "I am pleased with the bipartisan support from Congress." The raids are just ‘ the beginning ‘ attacks, continued Obama, viewed the participation of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain and Qatar on a mission ‘ common security ‘. And he added that "more than 40 countries have offered help to compare this terrorist threat." Initial indications are that the raids have been successful. " Loha said the Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, noting that U.s. raids yesterday are "just the beginning". . Extended data can be found clicking hyperlink.

Spain, Spanair’s Board all condemned the failure of the company.

The entire Board of directors found guilty and sentenced to pay 10.8 million euros, with the public company of the Government of Catalonia, the Avancsa, Managing Director of the airline. It’s over as well, with an unprecedented ruling in a case brought by the Government in Madrid, the entrepreneurial venture of Spanair, the airline of Barcelona failed in January 2012 and cost taxpayers around 150 Catalan million. Among the condannatianche Ferran Soriano, then President of the company and current General Manager of Manchester City.  According to the Court of the section number 10 of the commercial court of Barcelona, entrepreneurs and public companies in 2008 (the same year the first saving Alitalia from the consortium led by Roberto Colaninno) took over the majority of the company have deliberately delayed the bankruptcy request. Continuing to sell tickets as if nothing was happening, not giving the market an appearance of solvency that you can qualify at that time as unreal ". Spanair was technically bankrupt already since at least June 2011, and shareholders were supposed to communicate the situation no later than August of that year. Instead they didn’t. With the "side" of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Catalan regional government, that between 2011 and 2012 has injected at least 91 million of fresh money into the coffers of the company to pay glistipendi, ilcarburante, dellerotte, exploitation the assicurazionee aircraft rental, letting idebitiverso banks and suppliers continues to increase.   Soriano, questioned by judge last July, said that "the Government was funding the deal because of strategic interest".  The investment in the airline, in particular, was intended to make the Barcelona El Prat Airport, one of Europe’s major airports. Hide the problem, though, did that aggravate the situation. And when, in January 2012, Qatar Airways has abandoned the negotiating table for the purchase of a share, the nodes have come home to roost. Public resources are finite and the Board, with at least six months late, had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. At that point the liabilities had reached 474 million euros and 2 thousand employees were on layoff.    . You should click the following fact to discover extra regarding this amazing matter.

‘My obsession is to be continuously better.’

As, to Luis Enrique, this ‘run run’ is not decentering the team but to motivate him. Manage a group of athletes is similar to what a teacher does with his students at ESO. Sense com n, which is the less com n of the senses. As I manage my computers be sincer. Without a doubt, we are going to improve things in insurance defense and does not mean that we are not going to lose alg n split and fit goals. We must improve, there is scope. In these days we have made some things not in the way m s adequate, but as we have not embedded it seems that est n, t Asturian technical nuance. Asked about the rotations, tir t peak but well marked personality. I am injust simo with all players. The problem is not m or, is that I only have 18 players to choose. I am delighted with Bartra, who is by who you ask me. He is not being fair or unfair, but if coach, apunt. . For additional facts regarding this matter check http://ullapopken1.jennifersays.com.

Spain, the Government withdraws the reform of abortion. Rajoy: Lacks sufficient consensus.

MADRID-the reform of the abortion law in Spain will not. This was confirmed today the Spanish Government headed by Mariano Rajoy. The draft law and protection of women’s rights during pregnancy, the controversial abortion law reform promoted by the Spanish Conservative Government of the Partido Popular, will be withdrawn for lack of sufficient consensus. Reform the current Executive legislation establishing legal terms for the voluntary termination of pregnancy, to introduce the requirement of parental consent for minors of 16 years who decide to abort. Speaking with reporters, on the sidelines of world public relations Conference being held in Madrid, Rajoy also announced the launching of a family protection plan, which will see the light at the end of this year. The popular party (Pp) and the Catholic Church opposed strongly four years ago at the abortion law promulgated by the Zapatero government to stop up to 14 weeks of pregnancy, or up to 22 in the case of malformation of the foetus. Rajoy’s Government had promised to return to the previous Spanish law of 1985, which allowed women to terminate pregnancy only in cases of rape, fetal malformation or serious physical or psychological risk to the mother.   . You must read this article to read more regarding this amazing matter.

Turkey: the veil is authorized in secondary education.

The change applies to the college and high school, said the Minister to the press before adding: any initiative in favour of freedoms is a good thing. The Government of the party of justice and development (AKP, an Islamist movement) expanded freedoms in all areas and this measure fits in this way, said the Prime Minister. When we lifted the ban on wearing the veil in public service (in 2013), it has had no conflict, insisted Ahmet Davutoglu denied any desire for intervention of the regime in the lifestyle of the Turks. Nabi Avci also explained that the decision of the Government answered numerous requests of parents and stressed that it did not apply to primary school. The AK Party, led until last August by president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is accused by the secular circles want to Islamicize the country. In summer 2013, the Turkey was rocked by unseen, violently repressed demonstrations denouncing the Islamist drift of the regime. Power also took measures restricting the sale and consumption of alcohol, banned by islam, and expressed his opposition to coeducation in university residences. Last week, the European Court of the human rights had ordered Ankara to reform religious education compulsory at the school that highlighted the Sunni approach to islam, a majority in Turkey. Mr Davutoglu had swept the critics believing that these courses were preventing radicalisation in Turkey, in reference to the rise of radical islam in Iraq and Syria. . Inspirational data could be studied checking this home page.

Facing the threat of jihadists, historic meeting between Cameron and Rohani.

In a historic meeting in New York, the premier British David Cameron must meet Tuesday or Wednesday Iranian president Hassan Rohani to evoke the cooperation of Tehran against the jihadists of the Group Islamic State. French president Fran̤ois Holland has scheduled him also to meet with his Iranian counterpart Tuesday on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations dominated by the Iraq crisis. But the two men had were already tight hand in the same place a year ago, while the meeting between Dr. Rohani and M. Cameron is a first between Iranian president and a British Prime Minister since the Iranian Islamic revolution of 1979. After three years of crisis, it confirms the warming of relations between the two countries, which should lead to the next reopening of the British Embassy in Tehran. It was closed in 2011 after being ransacked by protesters to the controversial tightening of sanctions by London against Iran because of its nuclear program. In New York, David Cameron will attempt to join the international coalition against the Sunni extremists of the EIS Tehran. The Iran has already rejected a request for cooperation from the United States in this sense. And U.S. officials have warned that they would turn any concession on the nuclear programme of Iran to obtain the cooperation of Hassan Rohani. But London seems determined to go a little further, according to a Downing Street source, quoted by the British media accompanying Mr. Cameron in New York. We let us not illusions about the dangers of the Iranian nuclear program and our approach to this subject does not change. But if the Iran is ready to join the international coalition to defeat the Islamic State, we will work with Tehran on the issue. While recalling that cannot defend an approach in Baghdad and another in Damascus, said this source, referring to the Iranian support for the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Britain has not yet adopted any decision as to possible air strikes against British jihadists of the EIS, responsible for the murder of an aid worker and threatening to kill another. Our position in relation to the Iraq and the Syria has not evolved. Discussions continue, no decision has been taken about our commitment, insisted a spokesman for the Ministry of defence when questioned by AFP Tuesday. -Hesitant Cameron Рthe official line has therefore not moved while the United States, conducting air strikes in Iraq since August, supported by Allied Arab countries, bombed for the first time Tuesday the positions of the jihadists of the EIS in Syria. David Cameron shows very hesitant on the issue after the snub that were imposed last year MEPs when they refused to support his project of air strikes against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. But according to the British press, the Prime Minister could convene Parliament soon after his return from New York Thursday for a vote in favour of British military engagement in Iraq. According to several sources at Westminster, the Parliament would be this time more inclined to support David Cameron, especially if the intervention is limited to the Iraq. Public opinion also seems ready. According to a YouGoV poll conducted September 16, 52% of British would even support this London to intervene in Syria, 27% being against. The France is the only European country to have so far participated in the campaign of air strikes led by the United States in the North of the Iraq, but ruled out to do the same in Syria. These keystrokes, this commitment will obviously continue, hammered Tuesday Prime Minister Manuel Valls, while a french hostage threatened with death in Algeria by an Algerian jihadist group that has made allegiance to the Organization of the EIS. Arrived Monday night in New York, Fran̤ois Holland will be Tuesday, the first day of his visit, two opportunities to evoke this dramatic news during bilateral talks with Hassan Rohani, but also her Egyptian counterpart, Abdel Fattah al-Sissi. . For extra facts regarding this subject click weblink.

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