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50 shades, the count down the gem: “the pleasure is more”.

by Claudio Roma 167 days, 14 hours, 30 minutes to the August 28 11.28. The fansite of the cinema version of success 50 shades of gray, is inexorable in count down which will turn off the next 12 February 2015, when 50 shades of gray will come out in Italian cinemas. Intent is big disappointment for those who counted on the presence of Dakota Johnson at the Venice Film Festival. The "no thanks" of the first call is the official denial of what looks set to become the universal face of Anastasia Steeel, the young journalist become slave for pleasure in the hands of Christian Grey. Among so much waiting, there are also those who do not hide doubts and misgivings. As Roberta Gemma, the movie star red light depopulated throughout the planet. Reached by telephone by Shaun Kitchener. it during her vacation in Salento, the gem of Italy commented that attention is growing around the movies and paves the way to controversies: "Mah, gray shades, black and red. The only substance that had the trilogy is to clear that subtle and intense pleasure you feel being held physically and mentally by a male. First bondage and sado-maso were confined in limbo kinds of perversions, now belong to the cultural sphere and common desire ". The volume and on the gem has no doubts: "I read them a bit bored and frankly I think are on the point of view of a man. What a woman is much more intense than what is told and I just hope that the film will put an end to pages and pages of waiting to see a report in 4 rows. There are two ways to watch the film: waiting for two hours of wonderment and confirmation of scarce emotions of the book. If you want the point of view of a woman who has explored its physicality and vibrations that gives the body more than a masterpiece I seem a planetary marketing well-organized. The language of eros is another thing. Trust ". And while the gem prepares to get in line at the cinema, on specialized sites run previews. As photos of the suite at the Fairmont hotel in Vancouver: a warm and cosy room with a wooden table, two sofas and a recliner in fabric of various shades of red in the living room, covered with an elaborate purple chandelier and framed by paintings, ornaments, lamps and ornamental plants. . For more information about this matter check fact.