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A pederast in unprecedented series.

Madrid faces a pederast in series that kidnaps children and does it with a degree of Audacity extreme, unusual, because attacks on the street in a very risky way. The authorities of the capital just declare "public enemy number one". Police engaged a large deployment of assets to find the criminal, which has acted three times over five months and whose criminal activity could start in September of 2013 with a not sufficiently documented case because the affected child does not remember anything. There is no precedent of a similar offender in Spain. On the future behavior of this molester, there are many guesses. Experts are in agreement that a pederast never ceases to be. "It is a very rare case. There are no parallels with other cases in Spain", says Pueyo. "It is very difficult to forecast because their degree of self-control is not known. The possibilities of that sanctioned it with all the police alert would be very high, but you can change city. He knows the terrain, but you don’t be reckless". . Additional data can be inspected clicking http://055af37f8f12a060cda9f73fae3b0bbd.bloggerpemula.com.