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Athletics Championships in Zurich: Heidlers flies no longer hammer.

It was really a pity. For Heidler, for the German Athletics Association, which on this cold, wet Friday night so to speak as the main Act had offered up his deserved leadership and the night went well without any medal. And also Anita Wlodarczyk, the victorious Polish, had wished that Heidlers would sail hammer at least a little further. I thought that I would fight for the medals with Betty Heidler, Wlodarczyk said, then she stated: at the end, I had to fight with myself. The question remained at the end: what is actually happening with the form of Betty Heidler, the 2007 World Champion and world record holder,? Heidler is most likely the Holzdeppe category. She carries around no injury, but not make it profitable to reconcile the four rotations with their athleticism. Success and failure depend on often in the technology-heavy Athletics disciplines minute. There are phases, because the athlete has properly calibrated his system, he can get on then carefree in the competition, without being burdened by sources of error. When Heidler, it took years before she all so far had hired, that she could improve the world record. But as soon as inaccuracies creep, the system becomes unstable. Then the fun at the competition evaporated the self-evidence of throwing, then the confidence, until sometime. At least the feeling at the European Championships in Zurich was another: I have set up everything in my throws, I was really mad. Thus the distances were not much better. Heidler while increased in every attempt, she also had to admit: no matter what I did today, it has not reached. If the look in the now is a murkier, you must extend the perspective, this setting, Heidler decided the evening: your goal is long term saw the world record again. She said: I got the 80 meter, I can do that. But at the moment I need not talk about probably more. Others took over the speeches. Anita Wlodarczyk announced that she certainly could throw the world record in the here and now prefer at the meeting in Warsaw after the European Championship. It should actually work with the record, then had Heidler lost not only their form – but also the largest brand of statistics from the time when the hammer still flew. . You must read the following weblink to learn extra regarding this amazing subject.