CRISSOLO (CN)-the League raises the tone on taxes: If Radio will put one half extra fee, in Rome with sticks. Matteo Salvini’s word that, from Monviso, where is the "Festa dei popoli Po. And to those who question where will the money for the stability law answers: ask that genius of Renzi. Us any proposal we made: If the constraints of Brussels take you to die you’ll have to scrub. The 3%, the stability pact, someone cares and money finds them doing restart the economy. Renzi instead-continued Salvini-bark but not bite, why then says it will honor all constraints in Europe and I don’t know really where to find the money. For the leader of the Carroccio are tax cuts, too: If you close a hospital is a tax for the citizen, who must make 50 kilometres to go to seek treatment-claims-if you close a school is a hidden tax. The proposal we made it: the tax rate of 20% working in 40 countries around the world, fight tax evasion is cashing out more to the State. I don’t understand why on this Radio has not yet responded. Then, speaking of the referendum for independence in Scotland, takes up a theme dear to the Carroccio: was never closed the issue of independence. If Scotland WINS is a breath of fresh air for Europe and there will be the Veneto, Lombardy and the Salento. Is already the fact that historic Scotland votes. Is an important step towards democracy. The independence battle we didn’t ever bases, against the regimes in Europe and Rome. If we all together we have more chances of winning, I say this not only in the Piedmont but also to Sardinia to Sicily and the Salento.   .

Iraq: Kurdish combatants commit against the jihadists.

The shoulder gun and grenade belt, Tekoshin, a 27-year-old Kurdish, maintains its position in the mountains of northern Iraq, ready to fire on jihadis that it fought on behalf of the struggle for liberation of women. For her as for his comrades of the party of the workers of Kurdistan (PKK), the objective is to dislodge mont Makhmour out-numbering of the Islamic State (AR), which spread terror in Iraq and neighbouring Syria. But this war of position doubles as a more personal struggle in the eyes of Tekoshin and dozens of combatants enrolled in the ranks of the PKK, révulsées by the exactions of the ultra-radical group against women. In the areas they control, they forbid women to go to the market and force them to wear the veil, tells Tekoshin about large areas which the EIS is grabbed, threatening the Kurds and other minorities. Our fight against (the IC) aims to defend women from this right-of-way and of this way of thinking, she says. Around 50 women are deployed on Mount Makhmour, where the Turkish Kurds of the PKK are strong hands to the Iraqi Peshmerga, supported by U.S. strikes. They fought side by side with men to free the town of Makhmur, provides Tekoshin. -Mixed deployment – the PKK rebels, who took up arms in 1984 to create an independent Kurdish State before starting negotiations of peace with Ankara two years ago, include long-time women in their ranks. It is same for committees for the protection of the people (YPG), the main Kurdish militia in Syria, and to a lesser extent among the Iraqi peshmergas. We are usually organized in a group of four women, I order for one of them, says Tekoshin, dressed in traditional Kurdish dress, generally worn by men. But when the fighting broke out, we separate and we deploy alongside men on various fronts. Marriage is not prohibited for the rebels of the PKK, but perceived bad d?He says the fighter. She laughs when asked if itself has passed the ring finger: most of us here are not married. I joined the PKK when I was 14 years old. -’ To hell’ – according to her, the fact for the jihadists to meet face to face with women combatants produces an effect of surprise to the advantage of the Kurds. I think they were more afraid of us that men, says. They think that they will go to hell if they are killed by a woman. On the question of weapons, Tekoshin shows be more comfortable with a Kalashnikov. At his side, Saldana, 18, explains sheepishly appreciate the machine guns and assault rifles. Saldana, whose parents are members of the PKK, said to be engaged in the fight against the jihadists as his two brothers and his sister? ur fighting in Syria. When I was a kid, I didn’t take up arms. But I realized how much my (Kurdish) nation needed me (,.) and I have chosen this path, she says. It is important for us to find our place in the war, side-by-side with men. In the fight against the EI, women’s solidarity are largely reinforced stresses Shimal, another aged veteran of 26 years. Ensuring that jihadis are transforming women into slaves, she explains her empathy for the victims of the EIS is today equal to its attachment to the Kurdish national cause. A Syrian NGO said late August that dozens of women yazidies, a Kurdish community and non-Muslim, captured in Iraq by the IC, had been forced to convert to islam and then sold to be married by force Syria to fighters of the Jihad Group. .

25 years of ZKM: Art Centre celebrates with power plant.

Power plant proved to be its reference the ZKM, by whose façade was integrated into a 3D-Video-Installation piece of Spacelab, so a spacecraft gently floats through the streets of Karlsruhe. The Foundation Council Chairman Frank Mentrup said in his speech, the Centre worldwide known as in Germany. It was in Karlsruhe at home and in the world at home, but in between, the traction that we would want is missing sometimes. The ZKM was founded in 1989 as a public foundation of the city of Karlsruhe of Baden-Württemberg. in 1997 the Center moved into the Hall of a former armaments factory from the first world war. In the second world war, forced laborers had to produce ammunition there. Mentrup (SPD), Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe, described the ZKM as a wonderful example for conversion, i.e. for the conversion of the defence industry in a civilian use. Where earlier hard ammunition was created, the company will be reloaded today for the future, he said. .

Ligue 1: Lyon reunites with the victory, Monaco penalty.

Lyon has emerged at the expense of Monaco (2-1), Friday at the Gerland Stadium at the end of a good match of the 5th day of League 1, that Monegasques could win, if they had fulfilled their opportunities, and marked by the return of Yoann Gourcuff in competition. Breton entered a quarter of an hour from the end in place of Nabil Faulkner while Olympique Lyonnais came to score his second goal. OL puts an end to a series of three defeats on Championship against Toulouse (2-1), Lens (1-0) and Metz (2-1) and dates back to the 12th place (6 points) while Monegasques, who are only a victory for a result null and three defeats, are 16th (4 points). Nabil Fekir young opened the scoring for Lyon in the conclusion of a collective action and after a one-two with Steed Malbranque (30). Faulkner, return after being victim of a dislocation of his left shoulder early August, has thus scored his first goal in L1. After a very good start of meeting, Lyon was logically even though it is not created to a large number of opportunities during the meeting. At the entrance of the last quarter of an hour, Corentin Tolisso gave the advantage to the OL taking law a centre from the left of Samuel Umtiti (2-1, 74). It was previously shown guilty of a mistake on the action causing the monegasque equalization signed Lucas Ocampos after a centre issued the right by Geoffrey Kondogbia (1-1, 39). -Regrets for Monaco – apart from his two goals, Olympique lyonnais was only dangerous on a Jordan Ferri action that failed little opposite the exit from goalkeeper Danijel Subasic (50). A flock of Alexandre Lacazette resumed going on little side until it narrowly missing the resumption of a centre from the left of Clinton N’jie (70). Behind, if its central defense gave signs of weakness, the OL’ could count on the fine performance of goalkeeper Anthony Lopes on many occasions of the ASM. That is interposed on Katta attempts (35), Dimitar Berbatov, again very present (45, 53, 70), Yannick Ferreira Carrasco (22) and then a resumption of the head of Valère Germain that he diverted on the bar (84). Furthermore, Christophe Jallet was is also interposed before Berbatov after a centre of Ferreira Carrasco (15). Berbatov from the head (15) then again Ferreira Carrasco of the head also (22), Ocampos (36) were also very threatening and could have allowed Monaco to win. Leonardo Jardim men can feed a few regrets. .

Top 14: La Rochelle sinking Castres (41-16).

La Rochelle, worn by the legs of fire of his veteran Fijian Sireli Bobo, a little more pressed Castres (41-16), finalist of the last Top 14 in full turmoil, Friday evening at the stade Marcel Davis, at the opening of the 5th day. CO, in big trouble this season since his initial against Stade French (25-22) setbacks, suffered a setback disturbing, fraught with meaning, both on the bottom form, and ends up last in a Championship more and more homogeneous and surprising. Stade Rochelais, he has achieved an offensive performance of choice, with four tries including one bonus ripped two minutes following interception of Bobo (age 38) and a 90 metre race welcomed by the sea people to the angels. Patrice Collazo men can thank the large Tarn, black dot side visitor discipline, punished by the success of local striker Julien Audy who did swell the gap in a balanced first period. Above all, promoted, like his performance accomplished two weeks ago against Toulouse (37-25), yet seduced alternating well the game, rewarded by a test of Barraqué (12), opportunistic at the reception of a pass at the foot of Grant to the favourable rebound. Draft in its initiatives, increasingly tended to the thread of the game with a lot of blunders, Castres could never pick up, accumulating fouls (19-9, 40). Worse, the return of the locker room, this devil of Bobo went alone to the output of a ruck again punish teammates Kockott (42), which responded to the pride in sending after a nice time playing Thomas Combezou corner behind the line (26-16, 44). The last thinning in the encastrais sky, who lost the thread and a bit of lucidity, in the image of Yannick Caballero, and as the conquest is not arranged, CO cashed a third test signed Murimurivalu, there also after a big strong rochelais (34-16, 55). Mode defense during a big quarter of an hour, La Rochelle was not cracking against disorganized vice-champions of France without flame flare-ups and would even pick his first bonus of the season by the elusive Bobo. .

Aviation, energy: As Putin’s ammunition in the war of sanction is sharp.

After the turn, Russia and Europe made many years bright shops together. Now, trustful relations in the Ukraine conflict are long tilted in deep suspicion. The sanction spiral rotates faster and faster. After the EU has presented a second package of sanctions against Western companies should be in the Kremlin finish Putin’s drawer. It could soon be – Announces, heightening uncertainty in important sectors of the German economy. The Kremlin is threatening to restrict the import of Western cars to Russia. The Russian market is already longer in the crisis. 2013 German manufacturer 132 000 exported vehicles to Russia – the year before there were about 157 000. The consolidated sales in Russia is Volkswagen after two-thirds of the year 12Prozent on the previous year. Regardless of the sanctions, a VW Insider says: the market pretty fly us around the ears. The sanctions could partly protect those manufacturers which produce in Russia in its own factories. The Duisburg auto expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer considers import ban therefore bear: nearly all major German car manufacturers such as VW, Opel-Chevrolet, Ford, BMW, Daimler commercial vehicles are represented with works in Russia. The President of the industry association VDA, Matthias Wissmann, but advises to look outside the box: the subject of pressures on the psychology of the international markets. Foods made Putin already serious and imposed an import ban in early August, first EU sanctions not tasted it. The 28 EU States, the United States, Australia, Canada and Norway may No more introduce fruits and vegetables for a year meat, fish, milk. It hits hard individual agricultural countries like Greece. The consequences are manageable, for the German agricultural industry says Federal Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU). To prevent distortions in the EU market because of oversupply, Schmidt also called on consumers to eat more local fruits and vegetables: one apple a day keeps Putin away (an Apple keep Putin on the day). Now, Moscow Announces products of the textile industry to the index.  But it remains unclear are details. Here, Putin holds the ultimate weapon in his hand. He turns to gas supplies, Europe would have a problem. No reason to panic but. The gas tank is full to the brim (Germany: 91.5 percent, EU-wide: 90), the supplies should last at least in Germany, which covers its gas supplies to more than a third from Russia, until the spring. But the Baltic States and Finland are subject to 100 per cent of Russian gas imports, many South-Eastern European countries are also on the Gazprom drip. The Federal Government assumes that Putin remains faithful to delivery, on the export billions can’t do without. The EU, the Russian energy giant Gazprom Neft, tough decision now by the European capital market to cut off Rosneft, Transneft, as well as armaments companies, may irritate but powerful Putin. Poland reports, Gazprom will deliver less gas than agreed – what denies the monopoly, followed Putin’s grace. .

For the Supreme Court is still necessary to prohibit the Roman salute.

In Italy and in Europe there are still risks of "resurgence" undemocratic, for this in our country still must be maintained in force the law prohibiting Scelba reconstitution of the fascist party and gestures such as the "Roman salute". He reiterated today the Cassation definitively condemning two neo-fascists who are related to the ideology of Fascist period with Roman salute. "The need to protect democratic institutions is not eroded by the course of time and frequent are the episodes where they are recognizable outbreaks of intolerance to dialectical values of democracy and respect for the rights of ethnic or religious minorities" write the judges of the High Court in its judgment, adding: "it’s possible that freedom of expression can go free from limitations where the seal is violating policy by other constitutionally protected interests". As regards more specifically the Roman salute, the judges held to stress that "it is not the exterior manifestation because such to be subjected to incrimination" but rather "his coming to be advertising these to represent a concrete attempt to collect signatures for a recovery project" fascist ideology. For the Supreme Court is not a justification that the Roman salute was made during a rally in which the other participants already shared "fascist ideology and the use of symbolic acts." For judges, in this particular case the conduct of the two represents a confirmation of the reorganisation will of fascism among multiple subjects. The final sentence of two months ‘ imprisonment and fined 300 euros for the first defendant, who had a criminal record, and 20 days ‘ imprisonment and 140 euros fine (penalty replaced with a fine of 760 euros), for the second defendant, to which they have been granted the generic mitigating circumstances. .

On the gallows Hill in Belzig – current excavation: Already our ancestors are buried here.

In the meantime, we dig nearly two weeks on the site of the former Raven stone in Belzig. Today, the Hill is idyllic in the forest, the old trade route may have presented himself busier to Magdeburg in mists and we archaeologists To find embedded in the good old märkischer sand up there A lot of living history. According to the written sources was hanged here at least since the 16th century, Whacked and beheaded. On the historical maps, the name "Gallows Hill" can be situate again here at this elevated point. The distinctive collection has served as a burial place probably our ancestors. The large amount of shards, burial pits and Flint devices indicates that once the dead of a bronze age community over a period of time were buried with A lot of love and care. For the students who come with me on the research excavation, which is fortunate: there is to dig a lot, to draw and to measure. They learn their craft up here with A lot of joy on the thing. A: Some gallows Hill, such as for example German or even Alkersleben, were located on prehistoric burial mounds. You deliberately chose these places for the construction of a gallows. Was it to ensure wide visibility due to the increase or is possibly "Pagan burials" in the form of traditional knowledge in the middle ages held. In other words: Wanted to pass the pagan demons housing in the hills "Villains"? This means futile to suggest,. for Belzig here first, the bronze age burial mounds is quite the find situation of a gallows. However, bucket and spade got stuck in the first week in the orange-brown layer of bronze age, we found a completely different ground findings this week at the advanced Sondage. Loose sand of light colour from "the Holy Roman Empire spreading sand box" contained what archaeologists find the desire for a hanging. Bones and skeletal fragments, shifting partly in pits, or and by the modern plow. For the students working for the part for the first time on an archaeological dig, capturing the temporally and culturally so far apart complex is a dizzying journey through time and rituals. At this point, a big thanks to their fast learning, your dedication and your lively curiosity, which welcomes each fund with the same enthusiasm.

Today in the Feuilleton: the meat mushy and sweet.

The Berliner Volksbühne begins its season with René Polleschs House for sale. In it the Director opposes the socio-critical intervention art congealed to the ritual, Christine Wahl in the daily mirror tells us. Much more than shrug seems that the critic not to have raised: Apart from a religious discourse that is trained on Slavoj Zizek, the Theoriemasse thinks he’s striking in the background this time Pollesch ratios. There are A lot of funny mood banter and applied gender-switching,, [But] Of course, it’s entertaining to watch ROIs, large and part corner at the corresponding simulation of virility, Breitbeinigkeitsparodie and the vital use of guns. In the night critique Esther Slevogt is impressed, without appearing too approvingly To want: with great ease to juggle the three actresses with the scraps of discourse and partly walking theses records. Especially Sophie ROIs’ great feel for language makes up for a lot of the acting occasionally somewhat half-baked value conservatism ‘ this evening. Since admiration for the authentic Catholic representation pageantry and the roots of theatrical representation therein is formulated as nonchalantly, as the question whether against publicly any Nazis but rather helps, the balancing of a baseball bat Instead of ‘Concerts against the right’. So real Instead of symbolic actions. Also: Pollesch questioned his own work on power, here means a fairly tranquil Dirk Pilz in the Fri but unlike begin in the security Pollesch designs here to dance not. Mounia Meiborg (SZ) has at least just fine amuse: Although offer Pollesch not always great philosophy. Sometimes it is more nonsense. But he wants something, this fun evening. And if only to remind us the discrepancy between desire and reality. Other articles: for the daily Der Tagesspiegel, Sandra Luzina portrays the working on the Berlin Maxim Gorki Director Yael Ronen. The great Pasolini exhibition at Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau sustainably impressed the critics. Gregor Dotzauer by the Tagesspiegel in putting together this exhibition recognizes a Pasolini, who is so deeply depressed in the circumstances of his time, that one hardly can imagine, how he made his double front position against the ‘clerical fascism’ (with secret sympathy for Catholicism) and the Marxist orthodoxy (in spite of the utopia of a classless society) would have won a position in the fickle opinion poll democracies of today. Certainly, it can be said a maximum: he would run amok. For the Berliner Zeitung, Harald Jähner has viewed the exhibition. Other articles: in Paris, the Pathé Foundation has a Renzo Piano built Museum opened, forward Marc Zitzmann in the NZZ. ZeitOnline Wenke Husmann has for its new is with Director Anton Corbijn, (besprochene in the FR by Daniel Kothenschulte) film A most wanted man has come just in the movies. All mourn Joachim Blacky Fuchsberger: obituaries To write Klaudia Wick in the Berliner Zeitung, Jan Feddersen in Die Tageszeitung, Christian Mayer in the SZ, Daniel Kothenschulte in the FR, Harald Martenstein in Der Tagesspiegel, and Edo Radford in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Discussed are the forest (FR), the comedy sex tape starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Michael Oberts documentary song from sailing (Tagesspiegel, Pearl), Maria Sangdao daughters (daily mirror) and Vanessa Jopp lies and other truths (Tagesspiegel, reviews. de). For the SZ, Catrin Lorch speaks with the painter Georg Baselitz, whose working will soon be seen in the Haus der Kunst in Munich. Regarding his written word messages, he is not modest: by my loneliness I’ve managed, me to complete to be hermetic. For more than forty years, I’m talking more with any other artist. And now, I would say I deserve the Nobel Prize as a grass more. Adrian has praise for the NZZ with several architects on opportunities and risks of the 3-D printer for the construction industry have. Overall outweighs the hope to be able to build to more interesting and less expensive: ‘The challenge will be to diversify the building materials and to develop lower-cost printers’, says Carlo Ratti. A 3-D printer is able to print any building. ‘ Active communities will be the result of these improvements, which citizens can design their own cities, thanks to the different tools you give them to the hand. An interesting aspect is that the third industrial revolution production of goods could come back in the city centres. This would help to cure a segregation that has existed since the middle ages. ‘ Here the architects of the Dutch Office of DUS architects explain how (more here), they planned a canal house in Amsterdam for the 3D printers: other articles: Gde. examined the ambitious new winery, which has built Marco Casamonti for the Cantina Antinori in Bargino San Casciano of the NZZ. In the daily mirror, Anna Pataczek portrayed in Israeli artists living in Berlin. In the Berliner Zeitung, Nikolaus Bernau brings wallpapers to the Ghent Altarpiece of the brothers van Eyck, which is seen as a reproduction in the Berlin Gemäldegalerie. Discussed the exhibition captured pictures in the historical Museum in Frankfurt (taz) and an exhibition from the archive files of the media art pioneers Van Gogh TV in the Petra Rietz be Salon Gallery in Berlin (in German). Wolfgang Rihm explains in an interview with the world, why he has composed three new concerts, should be listed in this year:,. this hot three Very much aware ‘Concert’. But that just means there is a soloist and a collective, which behave to each other, nothing else. Everything else is my fancy and invention. Can a mesh and merge but also an antagonistic being against each other fighting a common power be, interplay,. In any case first and foremost is my idea of a concert is not a virtuosity registered in, but registered further energy. That’s why Me too wrote A lot of concertos for strings and wind, there is to realize that the best. I love it when he sings. Tim Caspar Boehme in the taz the herb rocker Harald Grosskopf presents, whose Alben Synthesist (more) and Oceanheart were just re-released: his electronic minimalist proto-techno design, which flopped in the 1980s, proves to be as gratifying time-resistant. We can only endorse the. Other articles: Haami was for the NZZ in the Tonhalle Orchestra under its new Chief conductor Lionel Bringuier opened the season caravan of ESA-Pekka Salonen the commissioned in Zurich with the premiere. Michael Pilz reported by pharell Williams’ appearance at the iTunes Festival in London. Jan Brachmann visited the new Philharmonic Concert Hall in the Polish Szczecin, it shall in particular also the music lovers in the neighbouring Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to the heart for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The season opener of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra under Semyon Bychkov (SZ) will be discussed. And Reinhard J. Brembeck has the good idea to remember, the great composer and theorist Jean-Philipp Rameau died 250 years ago in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Alexander Festival resigns from his post of Publisher of Rowohlt, get the House but remains as editor at large, reports Wieland friend in the world. Thus, he make free also of making sales. Barbara lye was, however, his successor to the post of Chief, which so far is understood: she has is responsible for the pocket book program and the popular imprint Rowohlt Polaris and made with Jan Weiler, Ildikó von Kürthy or Jan Josef Liefers bestseller. In the Jungle World, Norma Schneider screened the neuroses and chasms of Batman, who made his first appearance in a comic book 75 years ago. The traumatized, multi-million dollar vigilante she finds interesting even as model for left freedom fighters: in the repetition of the same history of failing heroes the impossibility is expressed, to be a good person in this society. Batman reflects the powerlessness of those who strive for better conditions. A character who repeatedly experience this impotence and is still refusing to give up and accept the world as a violent place, is perhaps not the worst Super Hero version which has led to mass culture. In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Andreas Kilb reported by the opening of the international of literature festival in Berlin. Lutz Seiler Kruso (FAZ, our sample) will be discussed Nicolas Wouters’ and Mikael Ross,’ comic of louder life (daily mirror) and Meg Wolitzers the interesting (SZ). Heavy allegations the Green Deputy Konstantin von Notz of the Federal Government in relation to their education will in the NSA scandal – and that makes all people in the world: the enlightenment by the Parliament expands. The political is responsible for a black red Government, which does not fulfil its legal obligation under article 44 of the basic law, to provide assistance, the Committee. Instead, she sabotaged the workings of the Parliament, where it just goes. Files are too late, or blackened out. She denied information Which one acts when were shredded. The US Government threatening Yahoo in 2008 with 250 000 dollar penalty daily, if the company publishes not data, reports Josh ONG in the next Web. If you have time to read – Yahoo released 1 500 pages from the process. Not all documents, but Yahoo says that it is fighting for the release of other documents. Abolishes the online journalism, calls (not online) Mathias Müller von Blumencron in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which he says but not the withdrawal of newspapers on the net, but an end to the debate about print versus online journalism. That as these could fall together in the future, he arrives but not specifically, but takes stock of the first twenty years of newspapers on the net and describes the challenge, before the editors have always stand: excellent material produce, work him in overwhelming opulence, cleverly distribute across all social and non-social channels and on top of that a new Exchange with the reader maintain. In short, they need to light a fire, where no one comes. The Germany radio comes the demand of the Federal Constitutional Court and starts an Inititive for transparency, Tatjana Kerschbaumer in the Tagesspiegel reported. To a first public meeting of the radio Council in Berlin was held broadcasting house, in a closer contact with the listener and an increase in transparency summoned – and was immediately again prevents: audio – and video recordings were blocked, ask the guests were not planned. At a heckling was threatened even equal with the householder’s right. Is America an empire of the ticket? Sarah Yager in the Atlantic is the story of the Red Delicious, a bright red Apple, which dominates all supermarket shelves in the United States, although it never tastes. But he just looks: in the forties was the delicious red with his broad shoulders and lipstick gloss of Hollywood era has become the most popular Apple in the country. The cosmetic changes were a boon for industrial agriculture: apples which have been red before they were ripe, picked earlier and could be stored longer. Bowl of Red pigments is thicker, and extends the present ability of the apples in the supermarket shelves. But as the beauty genes were permanently preferred the taste genes, the shell is hard and bitter and the meat mushy and sweet. Sadiq al-AZM Syrian philosopher in the interview makes very serious allegations the Western countries, which have allowed the civilian opposition in Syria in the lurch with Andrea Pollmeier in thumb culture. On the question of what you can do to support the civilian development process in Syria, he replied: I think it is already too late. Leaving for too long, that the rebellion and the Suppression of the uprising in Syria could solidify. The West, so Al-AZM’s accusation that has the forces, which for a concept of civil society and human rights have been completely betrayed and in a moment repellent and passively behave as passivity scored worse consequences than direct concrete action. Obama and Western Governments have refused to act, and the voices to listen to, who had predicted that inaction would lead to Radikalisierungen. In Syria and in the Iraq these consequences are reality now. Similarly, Al-AZM expressed recently in the Boston Review – our summary. In Die Tageszeitung, Heiko Werning raises little sympathy for the independence aspirations of Scots, Catalans, and Ukrainians: like it To give also mass jerk, that To want to be absolutely proud of their country or their people. But what is today fighting, tuned, fought and killed at the end and died, or so a few generations later the waste. Because what is a stroke of luck, not static people. Parallel to the free trade agreement with the United States (TTIP) the EU is negotiating for years with Canada on a comprehensive economic and trade agreement (CETA). Network policy. org the 1,500 pages secret negotiating documents has gel, which contain problematic provisions in areas such as data protection and copyright: TTIP is definitely the project with more political capital, but CETA can be viewed as ‘Beta’. What is CETA, can prevent bad in TTIP. Unfortunately, only a few seem to care. We hope that we can contribute to the informed debate with the publication. .

The France, champion of the levies on labour.

The Executive does not provide for further increases in levies on companies or households despite poor tax revenues and economic conditions? So much the better because the France already holds the Palm of the levies the highest labour in Europe, according to a study by audit and Council BDO published Friday and which Le Figaro noted. The results are particularly eloquent. "The France has the rate of levy on the highest work of Europe, not because of the level of the income tax burden on households, but because the employers contributions that are far superior to those of our neighbours," insists Christine Costard. In the end, says the associate of BDO, ‘for a couple with two children with annual gross revenues of 50. 000 euros, the total drawdown (tax on income, social contributions and employer contributions, Editor’s note) amounts to 30. 079 euros in France. It is 16% more than in Germany, 17% more than in Italy, 27% more than in Spain, 68% more than in Switzerland or 77% more that in the UK". No more discard!

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