Resumes this Friday the trial against the missionary accused of sexually abusing two minors.

It further stated that it was not normal to take your drive to youngsters who had to be moved to Granada, and emphasised that normally used to go by bus. He also said that he did not have a special relationship with the family of the minor granadino, and only carrying them lottery so they sell it to get money for social purposes, which stopped doing because they failed to that goal. The young man was to live but a few years later in Granada, and he was confident that the accused already would not go to visit him, but did not happen, which came to threaten him with count what was happening if it was going to his house. Since then, he said, it has not come into contact with the Professor of Religion, which has accused of manipulating him psychologically as a child, forcing him to keep psychological treatment. . You should check the following fact to learn extra regarding this great matter.

High flow rates despite fall in prices – the great battle for oil: how OPEC Russia to ruin drives.

The decision for a consistent production marked a U-turn over the recent OPEC strategy to combat falling prices with a supply reduction. Instead, Saudi Arabia wants to apparently push prices for a while to weaken as the shale oil production – ascended to a serious competition – in the United States. In Moscow – is given the developments in oil markets long ago of a plot since Saudi Arabia is a key ally of the United States. Even New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman gave recently to keep in mind: I am imagining this, or do we have to do it with the United States and Saudi Arabia on the one hand, and Russia and the Iran on the other with a global largely oil war, prosecuted? The Iran has accused the two enemies United States and Saudi Arabia also conspiratorial collusion to ruin its economy. US Secretary of State John Kerry also fueled the speculation. When you Riad asked him during a visit to the Saudi capital in September according to the importance of oil prices for the Russian budget, he smiled and said: the Saudis are their ability to determine prices in the world oil market very, very precisely aware. . You can click this to discover extra about this interesting subject.

Palestine: a PS text that divides left and right.

"Enthusiastically" supported by the Socialists, the Greens and the left Front, the motion for a resolution PS on the recognition of the Palestinian State, which will be discussed this Friday morning at the National Assembly, is only an "invitation", in the words of Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. Clearly, it does not include the Government. The solemn vote will take place on 2 December, and the Senate will consider an identical text on 11 December. The discussion will be brief: a quarter of an hour of time for PS and UMP, groups ten minutes for the Greens, the radical left, the Centrists and Communists, and five minutes for the non-registrant Gilbert Collard (FN), who will speak against the resolution. Meeting in Boulogne-Billancourt, Tuesday evening, Nicolas Sarkozy, candidate for the Presidency of the UMP, "asked his friends to vote against" this resolution: "I will fight to ensure that the Palestinians have their State. "But a unilateral recognition after a deadly attack, and while there is no peace process, no!", said the former head of the State. The Communists and the Greens are demanding, them, since long the ‘sovereign and democratic’ recognition of the Palestinian State within the 1967 borders. Co-Chairman of the Group of the Greens, François de Rugy expressed "support for two States living in peace, security and freedom." And François Asensi (PCF) will defend "the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to have their own State. . For more regarding this topic read

Hungary: If you do not want to be raped, be not seductive.

You can do something to prevent this. It is on this slogan that ends an amazing clip of prevention against rape posted on You Tube by the Hungarian Interior Ministry. Background image: an unconscious woman in a squalid Street that comes from being mugged. Before the drama, she was seen to go dancing in the disco with her friends; seductive outfits, alcohol, drugs and lustful games with men in support. This video, also intended to be broadcast in the schools of the country, has obviously ruffled the hair of many feminist associations and other Hungarian citizens. In this country, pinned in 2007 by Amnesty international for its widespread prejudice that prevent women rape victims get justice, estimated that 99% of women do not dare to lodge a complaint in the event of aggression, reminded release association Hungary’s Women United Against Violence. It must be said that in 2006, according to a survey, nearly 32% of the Hungarian or 40% of men – and more than 25% of women-, believed that the woman was responsible for rape. . You must click the following web site to discover more on this great topic.

Death of Lee Zeitouni: returned trial lawyer struck in the toilet.

Around 18 h 30, during the second suspension of hearing and just minutes from the pleadings and the indictment, Claude Khayat Council sued for failure to anyone at risk, was victim of an assault. Me Régis Méliodon was the toilet when a man came behind him and launched him: you’re counsel for Khayat? The defence lawyer nods and takes punch to the jaw height. After more than an hour of interruption, president Jean-Marc Cathelin announced the reference following this aggression which he denounced the regrettable and scandalous nature. Me Françoise Cotta lawyer Eric Robic, prosecuted for manslaughter and non-assistance to endangered, denounced a climate of rampage around the trial. Me Gilles-William Goldnadel, Zeitouni family lawyer, has also regretted the aggression of his colleague and its consequences. Many relatives had come from Israel, and Wednesday, neither they, nor the family only will be-there. Those who waited more than three years that justice be served will not present to the pleadings and the indictment, due probably to a fool, a moron he said. . For extended insights regarding this topic click source.

“If the institutions help Carmen we will attend to other causes”.

"If institutions give Carmen a decent housing us us volcaremos with others in need. If it is true that she is on the street, continue", said Paco Jémez, which maintains its commitment to pay a rent to the woman"If you don’t have other resources", but said the initiative. "I have not spoken with Carmen or with your child. We will have to do to know the real situation. The origin of the initiative was to support a person who had nothing. If that is not the case or changed by the appearance of the town hall or community volcaremos us who need it. We don’t want anyone to take advantage of us". The technician said uncomfortable by the dimension that has taken the matter and defended the solidarity of the world of sport. "We are not more than anyone else. Football is full of social initiatives. This is not exceptional", he defended. . Related data can be inspected visiting

Case Zeitouni: counsel for Khayat assaulted in the toilets, the returned trial.

While he had barely opened, the trial of two French suspected of killing with their powerful 4 x 4 the young Israeli Lee Zeitouni in Tel Aviv in 2011 has been ce marked Thursday by the aggression of a defence counsel at the Palais de justice in Paris Mr. Régis Martin was attacked in the toilets during recess by an unknownwho told him punched in the face and who has managed to escape. The trial was referred to Wednesday, December 3. It will resume "in continuation", i.e. at the moment when it was interrupted, before the start of the pleadings and submissions. Assaulted counsel is Claude Khayat, passenger of the car at the time of the facts, even if he was charged at the very beginning of the case to be driving. It must be tried for failing to anyone at risk. He faces up to five years in prison and 75. 000 euro fine. The other accused is Eric Robic, who acknowledged during its initial review be the driver of the vehicle. He appeared for aggravated manslaughter by a "very excessive and even excessive" speed, failure to obey a red light and his escape, as well as for non-assistance to person in danger. He faces up to 10 years in prison and 150. 000 euro fine. The two men, the survey estimated that the expensive life train in France as in Israel, unrelated to their declared income, suggested that they "evolved in a delictue environment’, appear detainees. Free under judicial review in this case, they were indeed detained in October for other facts, an alleged scam in the sale of cars, and are in custody. Lee Zeitouni, gym and yoga teacher, was 25 years old. She was killed while crossing the street on a pedestrian crossing in the early morning of September 16, 2011, then that she was going to his work, mowed by the powerful BMW X 6 by Robic, launched according to witnesses about 100 km/hour in a zone limited to 50. The two men were outside nightclub, where they had been drinking, according to witnesses. They were not arrested is. The turmoil in Israel had been greater that put both in question had taken the flight into France a few hours after the accident. Many voices amounted to demand the extradition of the two suspects, but the France does not extradite its nationals outside the European Union. Finally, the parents of the victim had filed a complaint in France and the Paris Prosecutor’s office opened a judicial investigation in July 2012, the French court that can judge the French for crimes committed outside France under certain circumstances. . Similar facts can be found checking

Francis flies into Turkey, hand stretched towards Islam.

Vatican City Francis casts bridges with Islam and prepares to fly to Turkey, a country where hinge on the border with Syria, in the Kurdish town of Kobane, he fights every day to stop the Isis. The threat of fundamentalists and the alarm situation don’t have to affect his decision not to make use of an armored car, both in Ankara, unmissable for any head of State and, within two days, in Istanbul, where the Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew incontrer II: there I even use the Popemobile. Given the situation the country is equipped however, Crescent, and has set up a sloppy safety device and impressive: thousands of police are placed on the Papal itinerary, overlying airspace closed, using sophisticated means to control every slightest movement. Bergoglio of the streets of Ankara and Istanbul aboard a Passat without glasses armored vehicles, escorted by gendarmes. Initially it was supposed to be used a Fiat Albea automaker Tofas Bursa in Turkish, but then the Vatican security, opted for a Volkswagen, was deemed more suitable. The trip to Turkey is difficult under each profile. Our expectation that the Pope will give a message to the world against anti-Islamic propaganda. Said the Grand Mufti of Turkey, Mehmet Ciftci, on the eve of the arrival of Papa Francesco. The Muslim cleric has also termed unacceptable persecution against Christians carried out by Islamic terrorists. Papal speeches there will be calls for peace. The Christian community are fleeing, persecuted. I invite all to pray because this visit by his brother Andrea bring fruits of peace, sincere dialogue between religions and concordia in the Turkish nation. Bergoglio would go personally at one of the refugee camps that were set up by the Turkish Government on the Syrian border. Of course the precarious security conditions have prevented, however, the Pope will meet Syrian and Iraqi children, children of families escaped from Iraq and from Syria, on Sunday afternoon, before leaving for Istanbul, the Salesian oratory. The origin of this journey there the invitation that the Orthodox Patriarch of Constatinopoli has turned to the Pope for the feast of Saint Andrea. Bartholomew, breaking a centuries-old practice, at the time of settlement of Bergoglio, in March 2013, had participated in the ceremony of enthronement of a Pontiff at St. Peter’s. It was the first time since the Schism. We aim at the unit of all churches said Francesco addressing Bartholomew. Currently the Christian community in Turkey represents less than 1% of the population and divided between Orthodox and Catholics. . For extended insights about this subject click

Tuberculous children are invisible.

Bacillus in an infant expands to the inside, not out, we could say. Risk of infection is complicated, a meningitis suffer and die, but you don’t cough spreading it in your environment. The main focus of disease control has traditionally been detect the infection, which the children have been out of the debate, explains Steve Graham, President of the subgroup of children who tuberculosis. In addition, children have no voice, someone has to speak for them. And this has not always happened, added Graham, who participated during the last week of October in the 45th World Conference on lung health in Barcelona, the most relevant meeting on tuberculosis. What specialists have clear is that where there is tuberculosis in adults, it also exists in children. Clara Menéndez, ISGlobal researcher, studying the disease among pregnant women, another great unknown. Although not usually produce transmission during pregnancy, it is likely that a child who is born in a home with tuberculosis ends up spreading. Menendez has that your organization has recently made the first study of maternal mortality from tuberculosis in Mozambique. Autopsies revealed that 8% of pregnant women died due to this disease. 75% of the cases was not diagnosed. Here is another dark area. Incidence in pregnant women has almost not been studied and is something that we must solve. The health check of the pregnant should include a test to detect it, as it is the case with AIDS, calls Menendez. . You can read this to learn extra on this great topic.

Federmeccanica: In 7 years production of 33%, collapsed-230,000 people.

Rome, 27 nov. (La Presse)-between July and September the engineering production in Italy fell by a further 1.5% compared to the previous quarter ( -1.9% compared to same period of 2013), an outcome far worse than the European average, which recorded over the past 12 months, a growth of 1.2%. E ‘ quanto emerge from 132° economic survey of Federmeccanica, which stresses that the recovery is still far away. The Italian mechanics is a structural scaling with the drop in production that, except for brief periods of recovery, lasts for 7 years. From its actual pre recessive lost nearly 33 points of production and 25% of installed production capacity; at the same time, have lost more than 230. 000 jobs. Fabio Storchi, Chairman of Federmeccanica, points out that the serviceman is not only the heart of Italian industry and the most relevant among the manufacturing sector for its ability to contribute to national wealth production (8%) and to give work to over 1.8 million people. So is Storchi-continued for its propensity to innovate, to boost its competitive businesses that renew and internationalize and willing and able to respond, all of which constitute a driving force for the economy as a whole. Also in 2014 will confirm the negative trend of employment dynamics in the field of Italian mechanics. In the first 8 months of the year, report it lost Federmeccanica the 1.1% of jobs in enterprises with over 500 employees, while Igc authorized hours were $ 327 million, i.e. +1% compared to the previous year’s record already. . Inspirational data may be studied checking this homepage.

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