Living with a smoker is like living in the world’s most polluted cities, like Beijing or London, the levels of exposure to pollutant particles that penetrate deep into the lungs, the so-called ‘ fine particulates ‘. This was revealed in a study published in the journal Tobacco Control by John Cherrie of the University of Aberdeen, UK. -Non-smokers living with smokers are exposed to a number of polluting particles equal to three times the amount of annual tax exposure by who as safe limit for health. The fine particulates, consisting of particles with diameter less than 2.5 thousandths of a millimetre indicated as a health hazard, is used to measure the levels of air pollution of cities both for passive smoking where it is exposed to an environment where you can smoke. Much has been done in various countries to restrict smoking in public places, but private homes remain untouchable and therefore all non-smokers living with a smoker in the House are exposed to second-hand smoke, with pollution levels hazardous to your health in the light of this study. . Related data can be inspected visiting weblink.

Alsace understand sense of tradition for those in a hurry – as a unique selling point.

Maybe it’s what Alsace and its wines do even today so inimitable: the light touch of the Conservatives, unyielding adherence to traditions, which are sets like fog through the medieval villages and the many corners felt here. Who drives easternmost tip in the France, often has the feeling, to visit a very old friend, it has lost over the years out of sight. But the appreciation remained. Alsace is still a reliable constant within the fast-moving wine and world of enjoyment. And that is a good thing. Schlumberger. A name that committed, because Schlumberger is an instance in the region and with 140 hectares of largest privately owned Winery. Thomas and Séverine Schlumberger lead the fortunes of the winery now seventh generation together with Uncle Alain Beydon Schlumberger. Their wines are the epitome of classic, conservative Alsace. No experiments taking somewhat frumpy, the classic "flute", the special bottle of Schlegel, whose form only in Alsace labels. But this is the appeal of the traditional, including especially the white grape variety Gewürztraminer. It is the trademark of Alsatian wine-growing tradition. You will find this ancient variety but also in other countries, but nowhere is as celebrated and cherished as shown here. . Original facts can be read clicking the following

Siegen: Better than losing.

By car you reach forests and lakes, dams and mountains, surrounded by those victories. Who is like outdoors, goes on warm days at the nearby Biggesee, and swim in the crystal clear water. Or wander through the Rothaargebirge. There is no shortage beautiful goals in nature in winning environment. Since 2012, WINS is known as University City. In the past ten years the number of students here almost doubled, there are approximately 20 000 according to the last census in 2014. Who completes the course, looking for the wide but quickly. Prospects the city offers academics, except machine builders and engineers. You can feel that it culturally still benefits from the University, to every nook and cranny. Since 2009 students organize the European literature festival every year and invite authors from all over the world in the city, to name just one example. Events such as the great Highlander poetry slam, see student success an enthusiastic audience. 7 upper Castle (Castle Street): you can learn why it does not really worked all in all with victories, in the Castle Museum. A gallery leads the centuries and shows the city in the stages of their development. A painting from the 18th century.   Century introduces victories as idyllic small town, the River reached still on the Hill, broad and free. Schlote stretch is from the middle of the 19th century the sky contrary to. The city has become Germany’s second most important source of iron. . For more facts about this matter click hyperlink.

Embarrassing technical glitch: system crash paralysing the British Central Bank.

Usually opens the RTGS Portal every day at six o’clock, which however was not the case today. According to the newspaper, the guardian, real estate entrepreneurs were among the first which occurred to the system failure. Therefore people had been affected by the failure, whose moving have be held on this day, which however still do not apply due to the payments lack of as the new owner of their property. The most urgent orders would be entered now by hand by bank employees in the computer. We will ensure that all today abandoned payment orders also are handled, said in a statement. When the damage will be fixed, the Bank is not stated. According to the Central Bank Web site, RTGS runs on fault-tolerant computers that are also gedoubelt at the second location. The payments could be handled parallel across both sites. The breakdown is particularly piquant because the Bank of England concern recently expressed about the stability of the infrastructure of the UK banks. . For more data regarding this matter click url.

Ligabue arrives in New York: ‘ land of giants, from Presley to Chuck Berry ‘.

Two thousand young and not so young, especially Italians of America: a small audience for an artist accustomed to crowds of OFC. But fans came to listen and sing the lyrics of their idol gathered in this environment have warmed Luciano: almost two hours of intimist stories, tales of disillusionment and anger, on the crest of the waves of a raging, fevered rock: ‘ a true celebration of life» to say it with the words of the same Ligabue. The songs are mainly those of «World», the last album from Romagna, protagonist of the Italian tour of 2014. After its debut the other night in Toronto, Canada, and after the appointment of New York, the Italian songwriter will perform in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami. Telling the hardships and sacrifices of a median life», striking at the heart of his audience with "Certe notti» and «little star without the sky», causing him to unleash with ‘ let’s dance on the world». . Similar data can be found checking

Nepal: three new bodies found under the snow.

Rescuers have found Monday three new bodies of victims of the snowstorm that swept Tuesday on a popular route of trekking in the Nepal and are preparing to put an end to their search for survivors. More than 500 people have been sense since Tuesday, day of the storm that walloped the circuit of the tour of the Annapurnas, at the height of the season for trekking, triggering avalanches, killing dozens of people. Six helicopters flew over the affected region Monday for ultimate attempts to find hikers who are still trapped. Though smaller and normal search operations could continue, we hope to finish today (Monday) emergency evacuations due to the snow storm, said Ramesh Dhamala, of the Association of Nepal (Taan) trekking agencies told AFP. Another leader of the Taan, Keshav Pandey, said that a small number of Nepali supervisory staff was still missing but that no tourists appeared to be still trapped in the area. The authorities believe that virtually all hikers were able to be rescued or to be out alone. According to an official of the police, Bikash Khanal, 502 trekkers and guides were rescued, including 299 foreign, since the rescue. We found two bodies in Manang and another, that of an Israeli, in the passage of the Thorong pass, said Khanal told AFP. No one was able to tell if these three bodies were identified in the balance sheet of 40 dead provided previously by the Taan and which includes the trekkers missing and presumed dead, as well as victims whose bodies have been found. Thousands of tourists enjoy the month of October, and the weather usually good for trekking in the Himalayas. Unusual snowfall that fell Tuesday are consecutive to the Hudhud cyclone that had affected the coast is of the India. . You should read this to read extra about this interesting matter.

Lug (EELV): the foreign heavy goods vignette will not forget the ecotax.

A thumbnail for foreign heavy goods vehicles transiting in France, mentioned Sunday by Ségolène Royal, is an interesting principle but which will do not forget the abandonment of the ecotax, said Monday Emmanuelle Cosse, Europe Ecologie – the Greens National Secretary I don’t wear a judgment on this thumbnail. It is interesting for the loss of the ecotax, but it will not forget the fact that it has stopped this system there, thrown by loss and fracas. We will not make the economy of a debate on environmental taxation, said Ms. Cosse on France 2. This vignette has an interest, put the European carriers at the same level french carriers, observed Ms. Cosse. But we regret that should be undermined the principle of ecological taxation, this simple principle: those who pollute must pay, she stressed, pointing out that in Germany there is a true eco-tax and it reported per year EUR 4.3 billion. Meanwhile, Finance Minister Michel Sapin ruled Monday, on France Info, that if a thumbnail was imposed on heavy goods vehicles to offset the tax, needed it to be to all trucks regardless of their origin, not only foreign vehicles, hypothesis raised by Ségolène Royal. . Main facts may be studied clicking this

Yemen: fierce fighting between Shiite rebels and Al-Qaida.

Heavy fighting between the last night in the centre of the Yemen’s Sunni insurgents of Al-Qaida to Shiite rebels of Ansaruallah, who attempt to extend their territorial hold in the country, reported Monday the tribal sources and security. Fighting for the control of Radah in Baida province, erupted following a series of explosions have rocked East of the locality, was added from same sources without being able to provide a balance. After the explosions, fighters of Ansar Al-Sharia (local branch of Al-Qaeda) attacked the rebels (of Ansaruallah), deployed in the Northeast on a road linking this town and the region and Radah Anas, bordering the neighbouring province of Dhamar, said a tribal dignitary. During clashes in the weapons of various calibres and continued for several hours, Al-Qaida fighters succeeded in cut a way of refueling to the Shiite rebels, called houthis, who had infiltrated in the Manasseh region, a stronghold of Sunni extremist network in the province of Baida, told the AFP by security sources and a local official. The Shiite rebellion, whose stronghold is in (Northern) Saada, took advantage of the chronic instability of the Yemen since the uprising of 2011 against the former strong man Ali Abdallah Saleh, to pick up September 21 the capital Sanaa. Despite the signing of a peace under the auspices of the United Nations agreement, these rebels have been let down more in South, seizing Tuesday of the strategic port of Hodeida on the Red Sea and sinking also to the central provinces of Dhamar, Ibb and Baida, in the absence of real resistance on the part of Government forces. At BWI, capital of the eponymous province, negotiations, monitored Sunday by Governor Yahia al-Ariani, for the withdrawal of fighters from the city failed, told AFP one of the mediators involved in these negotiations. The houthis insist to keep their gunmen alongside the forces of security and army to Ibb and the province (,.) to confront Al-Qaida fighters and prevent them from seizing this province, said the Ombudsman. The rapid expansion of the houthis has increased fears of open conflict with Al-Qaida, very active in the South and Southeast of the Yemen. Al-Qaeda, which recruits among the Sunnis, majority to the Yemen, has vowed to deliver a ruthless war with Shiite rebels from the zaidi majority community in the North of the Yemen. . You can read the following home page to learn extra regarding this interesting subject.

Hong Kong: Chief Executive accused the foreign forces to be in the manoeuvre.

The Chief Executive of Hong Kong has accused foreign forces to be in the manoeuvre in the pro-democracy demonstrations that paralyzed part of the former British colony for more than three weeks. Leung Chung-ying said that external forces originating in other countries stoking the flames of the pro-democracy movement, which since 28 September the streets by the tens of thousands of demonstrators and occupy three sites in the autonomous territory under tutelage Chinese. The number one local Government has however refused to identify these external forces. I don’t want to go into details, but it is not entirely an internal movement, he told a Hong Kong television channel Sunday night. Official Chinese media have repeatedly accused anti-Chinese forces like the United States to handle the protesters. Beijing has warned against any foreign interference in the events of Hong Kong. Mr. Leung, who is considered by the as the puppet of Beijing pro-democracy movement, said that the protests had now escaped out of control. He called for a peaceful and sensible of the problem settlement. The number one Hong Kong was speaking after new violent clashes between police and demonstrators, who had 20 wounded in the early hours Sunday. The Government intends to meet the students, spearhead of the movement, Tuesday. Few observers expect that Beijing, which fears the democratic contagion, to make the slightest concession. The protesters are demanding the resignation of Leung Chun-ying and the establishment of a genuine universal suffrage in the autonomous territory which is experiencing its most serious crisis political since its handover to China in 1997. If China has accepted the principle of universal suffrage for the election of the next Chief Executive in 2017, it intends to retain control of the applications. . For more information regarding this matter visit url.

Virus from West Africa: Spanish nurse has probably defeated Ebola.

The Spanish nurse with Ebola has apparently defeated the virus: A first test with Teresa Romero had been negative on Sunday, said the Government in Madrid. But a second test had to wait, to consider them as healed. The fear of Ebola was promoted most recently also in Europe and in the United States, patients who themselves had infected in West Africa, were flown to the treatment there. In Luxembourg, the EU Foreign Ministers want to among other things discuss the procurement of special aircraft for the evacuation of foreign aid personnel who are infected when used in West Africa with Ebola. In Luxembourg, the EU Foreign Ministers, in addition to other topics on the European course of action against the epidemic will advise on Monday. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) had most recently reminded a better international cooperation to contain the Ebola epidemic. If we do not act, the consequences–even for us in Germany – are unpredictable, he said in the evening at the opening of the World Health Summit in Berlin. He suggested among other things a civilian EU mission for West Africa. . You can click this to learn more about this amazing subject.

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