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Brescia, false invoices to cancel the tax wedge. From 10 million fraud: 5 arrests.

Italy's Beppe Grillo given four month jail sentence - Worldnews.

There is also the Director of a post office between the five people arrested in Bresciano by the guardia di finanza of Chiari (Brescia) in operation ‘ Cash ‘. The charges include bribery, conspiracy, issuance and use of false invoices, omitted and infidel statement, concealment and destruction of records, improper compensation. The overall damage to the Treasury in terms of shortfalls, has been quantified at about 10 million, caused by fictitious employment relationships covered by false billings for over 40 million euros. The system of illegal taxes and savings contributions devised by the Group was founded on the ‘ fictitious ‘ interim labour. Were created companies ‘ paper ‘ (i.e., existing only on paper) that assumed that labour was actually used by the entrepreneurs arrested who, in this way, were exempted from any form of liability and any monetary or fiscal slope that Provident Fund. Documentary coverage of economic relations was ensured by a false Billings crossed. The use of these companies had so intended, according to the prosecution reconstruction of neutralizing the so-called tax wedge of companies actually employed the workforce, through outsourcing ‘ fraudulent ‘ social security and tax burdens. Who made use of the labour force not paid any tax, welfare, social security or whose performance was in fact hijacked on companies ‘ container ‘, on paper, who had apparently hired employees. Essential for the implementation of the plan, was, according to investigators, the cooperation of the Director of a post office, accused of corruption. Investigators have discovered that the man, on the other hand, failed to notify the Bank of Italy the huge anomalous transactions and cash withdrawals made on accounts of companies involved that between 2010 and 2012 were about 20 million euros. . You must visit this http://11722bcdec7d3694757275a7f7845c7.com-documents-archive.eu to learn extra regarding this amazing matter.