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Bribes scandal at Buckingham Palace. Contracts in Exchange for money.

Italy country of bribes? Not only that, the United Kingdom ended up at the center of a scandal that has touched upon none other than Buckingham Palace. The 61enne Ron Harper, manager responsible for managing the residences of the Royal family, went on trial on charges of taking bribes for £ 100,000 by some companies in Exchange for contracts for work inside the luxurious buildings. Joining him are the bar another nine people, all accused of fraudulent activity. Contracts, according to the Daily Telegraph, would be paid for with part of public funding allocated to the Royal family. The manager would have scored the offences between 2006 and 2011, but has been suspended only in 2012. How to script, the cost of the works was inflated in order to include also the tangent for Harper, who for years has acted completely undisturbed. To be precise the contracts included maintenance of three buildings: Buckingham Palace, St James and Kensington Palace, the residence of William and Kate. Finite accused companies provide air conditioning, electrical installations and services and water heater. Two of these companies also have received ‘ Royal Warrants ‘, coveted award given to firms that cooperate with the Royal family. . You must click the following http://8c5503cc7288ced9c1f99deddd2b177e.nappturaliteradio.com to read extra on this interesting subject.