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Bundesliga in the star check: madness on Schalke and HSV cucumbers force.

This time especially the Bayern have upset. Keeper Manuel Neuer was incensed and excitedly ran to the linesman to him to present his view of things to. Benedikt Höwedes was the ball with the elbow to the 1:1-pressed compensation over the line – and the referee had to apply the results. The reason: landscaped arm. That distance of the elbow A little bit of the body and without this body surfaces increase the ball never would – have gone into the network played no role. Also for referee expert Markus Merk not. His verdict: The hit was accurate. So, elbow goal spoiled even the good debut of superstar Xabi Alonso, who was just so from Real Madrid and was started Right away without a single team training. You feel won’t go easy, that even the experts (not only cue) secretly wildly rejoiced, that Schalke had managed the compensation and the Munich not equal parts at the beginning of the season of the competition. Something commonly clouds the objective view of things, or? The gate of Cologne Anthony Ujah was not exceptional, but it’s just beautiful to look at. With the results for the 2:0 against Stuttgart, the game was decided. A powerful shot from a distance, volley, powerful and without frills. Exactly so, played Cologne against the Swabians. It is the manuscript of the Austrian coach Peter Stöger, who got led Cologne in the Bundesliga, and can now celebrate a successful early start. However this man not prone to excessive euphoria. Quiet and calm – as it is described. And Carnival is not his thing. Maybe it’s his Erfolgeheimnis in traditional soccer city, where the coach usually won’t hold. The horror continues, headlined the Hamburger Morgenpost. This is aptly formulated after the embarrassing 0-3-home defeat of against the research promoted Paderborn HSV. The Association for structural reform and many millions of billionaire Klaus-Michael Kühne (sometime the HSV is to win the Champions League) gene from there, where he stood at the end of the season: with a point at the bottom. You have to say it so clearly. This team is and remains a real troop of cucumbers. In Hamburg they all beat the hands over the head, everywhere fatalism and evil sarcasm prevails on the once proud red shorts. But wait: on Sunday, the lending reported by Bayern talent Julian Green, on Monday, Lewis Holtby is probably reported by Tottenham Hotspur last of six new train to gene. There is still hope. And the new HSV boss Dietmar Beiersdorfer is not long hesitation To give coach Mirko Slomka the dump, if not soon set to success. It is Not yet all day night, dear fans of HSV. We remain on Schalke, this grab-bag of German football. The Club flew out of the Cup against the third-division team in Dresden. The performance in the first League match against Hanover was not so dolle. And zack, there she was again the discussion on coach Jens Keller. The author of these lines has written smart Meier in terms of one and a half years ago that Keller was not the right man for the difficult Club. There, the man was just a few weeks in Office. It was followed by: two Champions League qualifying, second half of the past was the best in the history of Schalke and: so far, Keller has the best balance sheet of all Schalke coaches! Still being discussed again the man, which is certainly not a skilled salesman of his person. The longing on Schalke for a super coach, is great the how Klopp is extraordinary in Dortmund or Guardiola at Bayern. Keller is not in the eyes of many followers and experts. Now, after which discusses yet blithely a successful draw against Bayern. President Clemens Tönnies wanted to stifle the discussion and grim breezily claimed there was an appointment for a conversation about a possible contract extension. Cellar in turn said he heard yet from any date. Herrlich. This is Schalke. . Main source could be studied clicking the following home page.