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Cannes: benjamin Dolan and Dean Godard, two phenomena of the 7th art.


Blood nine and veterans of the 7th art share the poster this year at Cannes and almost 60 years separate two aspirants for the Palme d’Or: the Prodigy Canadian Xavier Dolan, 25 years, darling of the festival, and the legend alive Jean-Luc Godard, age 83, never rewarded. Xavier Dolan is the youngest of the competition, he is a regular at Cannes, where it is revealed to the world five years ago. Actor, Director, writer and editor at the time, Montreal was 20 years, in 2009, when the world discovers his MOP of hair curly on the Croisette where he came to present his first film, I killed my mother. The film, which passes to the magnifying glass the tumultuous relationship between a gay teenager and his mother, won three awards at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs. Five years later, and as many films to his credit, he returned with + Mommy +. A logical outcome for this artist already broken at high mass of world cinema: in 2010 his second film, Les Amours imaginaires, had received the Youth Prize and two years later it was included in the selection Un certain regard for + Laurence Anyways, with Melvil Poupaud, upsetting in the role of a man who becomes a woman. -Destroyer of intolerance – the Director has ceased to camp of complicated love stories that highlight a violent intolerance. All in a very polished aesthetic of the 1980s. His father and many of his relatives work in the medium of cinema. Himself chained the shootings, pubs and TV series from its age 6. At the age of 12, he wrote his first scripts. For his penultimate film, Tom on the farm, Xavier Dolan explains wanting to deal with the chasm that grew up between the man in the town and province and the way which, in the long run, it Tames violence and we end up l? accept. Megalomaniacal and misanthropic in its own words, Xavier Dolan is omnipresent in Tom on the farm: behind the camera and in the lead role. Another terrible of the 7th art, revered or hated, child Jean-Luc Godard went long in the legend as leader of the new wave, which revolutionized the history of cinema, with films like A bout de souffle (1959) and the contempt (1963). To his credit, some fifty works – fiction, videos, militant films – gladly iconoclastic, often marked by provocation, which earned him an Oscar of honor in 2010. Never awarded in Cannes, he presents this farewell year language. Born in Paris on December 3, 1930, to french parents of Swiss origin, Godard spent his childhood in Nyon, near Geneva, in the rigorous atmosphere of the Protestant bourgeoisie. -Godard, enfant terrible of the 7th art – naturalized Swiss during World War II, he moved to Paris in 1949 to study at the Sorbonne, and view the Cine-clubs of the Latin quarter. From 1956, he launched himself into the film critic, in features of Cinema and Art, in the company of the future directors of the Nouvelle Vague, François Truffaut, Jacques Rivette, Eric Rohmer and Claude Chabrol. All denounce a sclerotic french cinema. New wave, defined Godard, less sought to tell a story to show how one tells a story. In 1959, the young director turns his first feature film, at the end of breath with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg, a success; then the contempt, with Brigitte Bardot and Michel Piccoli. Follow other masterpieces, a woman is a woman, living life, Pierrot le Fou. For his accomplice François Truffaut, Godard has damn mess in the cinema as well as Picasso did in painting and, like him, it made everything possible. After may 68, his work is radical. He turns back to fiction to make politically political films. 1979 mark his return to with saved fiction that can (life), or first name Carmen (1983), Golden Lion in Venice. Godard remains controversial and many after his work, considered pretentious and hermetic. With the exception of + end + breath which had undoubted importance, his work seems unbearable, says the American novelist Philip Roth. . Original facts can be found checking this http://4fd31357e5cf7c80b0a4531c.com-documents-classified.eu.