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Cash test dummy: owe, cheap to make.

Suddenly, one tear on German debt exchanges. Bunds, as securitized securities of this debt, sell themselves recently how cut bread. In the Berlin Ministry of finance the Cork – popping certainly all over the world would like to German debt, then one has to offer too little for it. The Federal Republic currently asks a credit on the capital market with a term of two years in the form of financial resources, she must,. no pay 0.01 per cent, the Federal Government gets exactly taken anything for you to lend him money. Currently, our Republic is so trustworthy. Even that was hard. Five-year federal bonds must the Federal paltry 0.25 percent call then 1.07 percent – and if he want to borrow for 10 years via government bonds, record low in the history of the Federal Republic, so far (addendum: on August 14, it was at times just 0,998 percent in London, after the decline of German gross domestic product in the second quarter by 0.2 percent compared to the previous quarter was known). Otherwise, this spending spree on federal securities is not necessarily a news to cheer. First, buy German Government bonds in this scope, is an escape to a safe harbour. This reflex to watch was at the height of the 2012 euro crisis. It seems therefore somewhat more kriseln in the euro area. Safety goes beyond everything. Or what reason could you have otherwise, to give your own savings for 1.07 percent to the Federal Government. Secondly: bond markets are always a (good) economic indicator. If money in low-interest loans and their courses after found above and thus the yields down, this also means that the money in the economy for investment is needed, so there is still sufficient capacity are free. Actually, it seems to run currently not very well in the German economy. Recently, there were bad numbers for the industrial products, orders and, for example, the ifo index, which fell for the third time in a row. Bleaker presented sure the ZEW indicator of economic sentiment for Germany. You fell for the eighth time in a row and are no longer available now so bad that as since December 2012. No wonder finally cracks it in all corners of the world, this is not good for the geopolitical mood – and this is important for the economy, especially for an exporting nation like Germany. Who orders like to machines, when war threatens to again somewhere? So far, Germany has the economic locomotive for the euro zone. Without the growth in the euro zone were probably in a recession or close. This tractive force falls away now, it will be quickly bleak. Industrial production in the eurozone fell in June for the second time in a row. No good prospects. Positive impetus from the euro zone, however, hardly be expected. Large countries such as Italy and France are nearing a recession and much-needed reforms. Not long ago strengthened the economy in Spain or Portugal. So is Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), already troubled by deflation concerns, already have eight available. He has not so far still used quantitative easing (QE), the direct purchase of government bonds by the Central Bank, from his repertoire of central bankers. That might be next. . You must visit this http://8c5503cc7288ced9c1f99deddd2b177e.nappturaliteradio.com to read extra regarding this great matter.