Brazil: Rousseff ahead Neves from 4 to 6 points on the eve of the presidential election.

Left Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, in slight decline, always beats his Social Democratic rival Aecio Neves of four to six points, according to two polls released Saturday on the eve of the presidential election. Ms. Rousseff would win with 52% of the vote against 48 percent for Neves, according to a survey by the Datafolha Institute, carried out between Friday and Saturday. President backtracks a point and Mr Neves WINS one compared to the previous poll by the same Institute. Suddenly, the gap between the two rivals returned to the margin of error of +/-2%. But the likelihood that Ms Rousseff is in mind is more important, stresses Datafolha. The Ibope Institute credits for its part the outgoing President to a more comfortable six-point lead, with 53 percent of voting intentions compared to 47% for the opponent out of a margin of error of +/-2% also. Compared to the previous Ibope poll, released October 23, President also lost a point and Mr Neves WINS one. A total of 142.8 million Brazilians are called to the polls Sunday to decide between the two rivals. Ms. Rousseff, candidate of the party of the workers (PT) in power for 12 years, had won the first round on 5 October with 41.59% of the vote to Mr Neves (33.55%), Brazilian social democratic party candidate. But the battle between the two towers has been fierce, as Mr Neves, beyond the classical right, has attracted many middle class voters disappointed by the left and who had voted at first all for conservationist Marina Silva. Ms Rousseff is guarantor of the great social advances recorded in 12 years of Governments of his workers party. Mr Neves promises him to reconnect with a more liberal economic management to boost the economy out of the emerging giant of Latin America, and fight against inflation giving worrying signs of overheating. . For additional facts about this subject read

IN PICTURES. Paris: thousands of visitors flock to the Picasso Museum.

After five years of renovations, the Picasso Museum has reopened Saturday to the public rue Thorigny, in the 3rd arrondissement, in the heart of the Marais district. Thousands of visitors have discovered or rediscovered in the afternoon in the courtyard and the rooms of the Hôtel Salé.   Francois Hollande described as it «one of the most beautiful» and «moving» Museum of the world by inaugurating the facility in the morning. "It renders work hard, huge, prolific of the best-known artist of the 20th century", continued the president of the Republic. He repeatedly praised the work of the former Director Anne Baldassari, dismissed after a serious internal crisis, but which produced the inaugural clash, as well as the Jean-François Bodin architect. The Hôtel Salé, one of the most beautiful mansions of the Marsh, was the subject of a major renovation that transformed attic and cellars in exhibitors and thus double spaces to the public, passed 2. 300 m² (of which 1 600 m² of exhibition space) 5. 000 m² (including 3 600 m² of exhibition space). For the inaugural, both chronological and thematic hanging, Anne Baldassari has designed three circuits of visit, including a Masterful course on three levels the whole of the work until 1972. Attics are dedicated to a "confrontation between Picasso and his favourite artists’, modern or contemporary, such as Cezanne, Degas, Matisse, Braque and Le Douanier Rousseau,. In the cellars, are evoked the various workshops of the master, and through them, his creative process. Free this Saturday, the Museum, which can accommodate up to 700 people at the same time, hosted approximately 4. 000 visitors between noon and 5 p.m. (closure of the doors), depending on the direction. Again can visit it freely Sunday from 9:30 to 18: 00. . You can visit the following web site to discover extra on this great subject.

Sanchez leads arsenal to victory – defeat for Manchester City.

London – the FC arsenal has retracted the third victory of the season in the English Premier League and moved to 14 points on the fifth place of the table. The Gunners won 2-0 (1-0) with central defender per Mertesacker in the starting lineup on the Sunderland. The decisive results achieved Alexis Sanchez in the 30th minute and in stoppage time (90 + 2). The German footballer Lukas Podolski was not used. On Wednesday, the ex-Cologne in the Champions League had been still the winning goal for the North London for RSC Anderlecht 2-1. The Italian international Mario Balotelli can currently only dream of this quota. The striker of Liverpool was again empty in a disappointing 0-0 against Hull City. The reds (14) slid down behind arsenal on the seventh place. It also the German U21 international Emre can could not change. After his long injury break he was already the second time back in the starting lineup. . Main data can be found reading the following

After case in New York–Ebola suspect: Quarantine, United States prescribed three weeks.

After the Ebola disease, a physician in the United States, the States of New York and New Jersey have tightened their security measures. Travelling from West African countries have suspected in quarantine for up to three weeks. Who died in West Africa with Ebola patients in contact with must in the re-entry into the United States in the future for up to 21 days in quarantine, communicated to the Federal States. The Governors of New York and New Jersey, Andrew Cuomo, and Chris Christie, gave a joint press conference in Manhattan to announce their response to the first Ebola case in New York. The stricter quarantine rules therefore affect travelers who from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia again at airports of JFK in New York and Newark in New Jersey arrive and in West Africa have treated Ebola patients or have come in contact with them. In New York, a doctor was been tested on Thursday, positive for Ebola. The 33-year old physician was recently used in West Africa. It will be treated in a hospital in New York, his condition was stable on Friday. He had arrived at the JFK airport. The US nurses who had been infected in Texas in the care of a patient with Ebola, have overcome the disease however now both. Nina Pham could leave the clinic of the national institutes of health (NIH) in a suburb of Washington on Friday, then she was received by President Barack Obama in the White House. Amber Vinson had already been declared according to their family on Wednesday for virus-free, now hospitalized in Atlanta confirmed these findings. Already almost 4900 people died during the recent Ebola epidemic in West Africa. The most affected the countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. In Mali, the authorities reported a first case of Ebola on Thursday – a two-year girl who recently was in Guinea, was tested positive for the virus. In Mali, meanwhile, died in a two-year girl, considered the first Ebola case in the country. On Friday then, the Malian Government and the Ministry of Health declared that the girl had died. Despite the considerable medical efforts to save the child’s small patient not survived the infection, the Ministry said. . Root facts could be studied reading the following

Blixa Bargeld, sound strategist: Open doors nobody knows its existence.

Milan-straight hair pulled to one side, and cavernous entry ways, even when answers Blixa Bargeld punctuates the syllables as if he were reading out an avant-garde manifesto. Hard to see-beyond the firm, rigid, distance that takes from the other person-the real identity, but Bargeld actually is called Christian Emmerich, and was born on 12 January 1959 in Berlin when the city again was cut into two parts, an affront between East and West. The transformation came only later, over the years, when Christian stole the surname to Johannes Theodor Baargeld-German Dadaist near Max Ernst, lived between 1892 and 1927-and name to a brand of German, the markers Blixa, indeed. Einstürzende Neubauten (collapsing new buildings), how to redefine the sound of music: with the noise, metal and silence. The band’s new work of Blixa Bargeld has finished a new album, Lament, which chronicles the World War I. The 11 November and will be presented in the November 28 Italy in Bologna, the 29 and 30 in Turin to Rome. But in his article signals that in those concerts will only Lament, not other songs from Einstürzende Neubauten. Wouldn’t people be expecting a regular gig of the band. It won’t, said Bargeld. Sabrina, this official live video from Silence is Sexy. Who I am today? The result of everything I’ve done in the past, the sum of my experiences. And, thinking about it, couldn’t that be so. Irregular, anarchist, for many even insane, in thirty-five year career Bargeld has always been a loose cannon, never down to compromises, leading to an Arabesque artistic years they didn’t like, just think of the two parallel experiences with Einstürzende Neubauten and the magnificent Bad Seeds Nick Cave appears, abandoned in 2003. His new bet? It’s called Lament albums on the first world war in the November 11 that the artist will present in Italy on November 28 in Bologna, the 29 and 30 in Turin to Rome. But in his article signals that in those concerts will only Lament, not other songs from Einstürzende Neubauten. Wouldn’t people be expecting a regular gig of the band. This will not happen. Rigorous and brilliant, a couple of discs masterpiece shipped in archive (Silence Is Sexy recuperatevi of 2000), Bargeld escapes every sound mixes in cataloging his music soundscapes and Offenbach, Lenin and Dadaism and futurism, Marinetti, all blended in an idea of art that does not have any border or boundary, reflection of the same musician, grew up between Berlin, London, San Francisco and BeijingSince in 2006 he married Erin Zhu, CEO of OpenNote with which-among other things-he studied a new model for the music industry’s survival. But Beijing we abandoned since our daughter was born explains Bargeld. You can’t live there, the air is unbreathable so that the Government hides the true data, that you may know thanks to an App. Wild industrialization is doing enormous damage, there are millions of machines and to cross the city from North to South, uses four hours: the city is as big as the Belgium, has 15 million inhabitants. Now, fortunately, we went back to Berlin, which remains a unique city and different even from the country around. The rest I am used to living in enclaves: San Francisco, where I’ve been for years, is a city that doesn’t seem to belong to the United States. Fascinates me much this condition, I’ve even written a song (Nagorny Karabach, in Alles Wieder Offen of 2007, nda). In many over the years have tried, without much luck, to decipher the riddle Bargeld, the charming strategiegeber (strategist) of Einstürzende Neubauten-as he likes to call himself-the kid with the hair fired in the air in the 1980s sounded sheets and ferri found in Potsdamer Platz, looking for a sound idea that did not exist. Even the partner Nick Cave, who discovered him by chance while watching a television broadcast in Amsterdam, was able to understand that, indeed, the first time he parried before thought it sick. Many years have passed since the beginning, says Bargeld, yet it is very simple to understand the craft I do: open doors that no one even knew existed. . Similar data can be inspected clicking

First victim of Ebola in Mali, is child of two years.

The World Health Organization has confirmed this morning the death of a little girl of two years in Mali, first victim of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in the country. More than 40 people have been in contact with the child and have been placed in quarantine. The girl, reports the Bbc, was treated in the city of Kayes, after his hospitalization occurred Wednesday, after a journey of over a thousand kilometers. The young victim was transferred from Guinea. -The child’s mother had died a few weeks ago in Guinea, after having contracted the virus. The Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta has tried to reassure his country and said he was determined to do everything possible to prevent psychosis. We will do all we can to avoid psychosis, panic, said the head of the Government of Mali, in an interview to RFI and Le Monde before the announcement of the death of a child. Since the beginning of this epidemic, we have taken all measures in Mali to get safe. Guinea is a neighboring country to Mali, we have a common border that we have not closed, and that we will not, he commented. . For extended on this subject visit

The 12th Festival of science, this year’s theme of the time.

from people of science and philosophers, theologians and musicians, who worries her so as not to miss the bus and those who follow the seasons to harvest the fruits of the Earth. A trivial and complicated topic that fascinates the man, who comes closest to master it more seems to fail to grasp it:. An issue to be addressed in its infinite facets, from everyday life to more advanced studies on non-uniform time and elastic through meetings, conferences, performances, workshops, exhibitions, with the usual mix of divulgation and scientific rigor that characterizes the event since its first edition. (what does the chemistry in confectionery? How do you split the second, especially if it is a second invisible? Is it really possible to travel through time?), meetings and workshops for toddlers: why science can be spectacular and entertaining, certainly interesting and, above all, accessible to all, as long as you translate it into simple language, attractive and engaging. : through the regional tourism website you can program your stay in the city and any excursions to the two rivieras and in the hinterland, with a wide selection of news and upcoming events these days. To deepen the cultural offer of the Liguria you can consult the website of the regional culture. For the complete program of the event: www. festivalscienza. it. . For extra data regarding this subject read info.

Google managers probably breaks Bacalla spectacular altitude record.

Baumgartner had jumped more than two years ago from a height of over 39 kilometres. While there was much media attention and a live broadcast on the Internet on his record, the crack of the Google Manager became known afterwards. When starting on an abandoned runway in Roswell include a technology reporter was the New York Times. Baumgartner also was launched on October 14, 2012 in Roswell. The Google Manager renounced a capsule in contrast to baby and left upward move is only in his special suit on the balloon attached. He opened the parachute at an altitude of about 5.5 kilometers. Previously he had stabilized about four and a half minutes after the take-off already its flight with a mini screen. The top speed had reached 822 mph (1323 miles per hour). A jump height will logged 135 890 feet the World Air Sports Federation, the New York Times. The competition Chief of American skydiving association have verified the record. . Extended information can be read reading

decreed 2015 year of Russia in Monaco.

We seriously prepared to this event because I think that the land of Monegasques is closely linked to the dynasty, history and Russian culture,. I am convinced that it is important for us today to show that despite all the economic difficulties and political, real life is much wiser. It evolves through its own channels, sometimes impenetrable by great politicians. We will try to show that the contemporary Russia is a country that lives in a civilized world both according to its own laws and universal laws, said Mr. Chvykoï. He added that Russian culture had always been part of world culture, but that it had features that have always attracted other nations. The solemn inauguration of the year of Russia in Monaco will be held a few days before the new year. A mis ballet staged by the troupe of the Bolshoi theatre and the monegasque choreographer Jean-Christophe Maillot will be presented on 19 December on one of the biggest stages of the Principality. The Taming of the Shrew ballet staged in cooperation russo-monegasque, presented in Moscow this summer. It is very rare that a foreign choreographer can work with the troupe of the Bolshoi, and I am delighted to have been able to participate. I hope to soon see the fruit of our work, carried out with the heart, said Mr. Maillot in a press conference in Monaco. The general public will also support, during the inauguration, to the presentation of a postal stamp created specifically for the year of Russia in Monaco. The stamp was made by the Russian painter Georgy Shishkin, who lived for some years in the Principality. Residents and visitors to Monaco will have more of an opportunity to enjoy next year works by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich, Rimsky-Korsakov and Prokofiev. The public of the Principality can attend the performances of the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theatres, the choir of the Red Army, the Russian opera singer Anna Netrebko and conductor Yuri Bashmet and Valery Gergiev. For a better immersion in Russian culture, Monaco will celebrate in 2015 the Maslenitsa (Shrove Tuesday) and will organize several activities for the day of the independence of the Russia. In the year the inhabitants and visitors of the Principality can try Russian dishes in restaurants, in solemn diners and Russian culinary seasons which begin on June 12. The year of Russia in Monaco is not limited to cultural events. The Principality will host a series of business meetings. Some activities for sports enthusiasts are also expected: the Yacht Club Monaco will organise a regatta with participation of crews of Russia, friendly games of football and hockey will be organized. The Russian Krusenstern and Sedov ships dock there. At present, the program of the year of Russia in Monaco includes 128 events but organizers say that others will be added to the agenda. It is unknown yet what will be the closing event of the year of Russia in Monaco. The Minister of State of Monaco Michel Roger said Friday that organizers had prepared several versions but no definitive choice had yet been made. It should be a spectacular show and we are still trying to choose the best solution, Michel Roger told journalists. The memorandum on the Organization of the year of Russia in Monaco by 2015 was signed in July 2014. . Main data could be found checking this site.

Keywords: lactose intolerant European prehistoric even after ‘ discovery ‘ farms.

Rome, Oct. 21 (Reuters Health)-The Dna analyses of the bones of the skull of the ancient Europeans showed that they were lactose intolerant, most abundant sugar in milk, to 5. 000 years after the adoption of agricultural practices and to 4 thousand years after the development of know-how for the production of dairy products among European farmers. In short, raised cows and goats but not digerivano lactose. To establish it is a research paper published in Nature Communications ‘ signed by University College Dublin. The researchers analyzed the Dna extracted from the remains of thirteen skeletons, especially from an area of the inner ear well protected from external damage, which then led to extrapolating several markers including those for lactose. The skeletons, which date back to 5. 700 BC (early Neolithic) and 800 BC (iron age), were buried in an archaeological site in Hungary, an area known for having been the crossroads of various migration flows in prehistory. Our results show an increase in lighter skin pigmentation-explains Ron Pinhasi, study author-but surprisingly no presence of an increase in tolerance or the presence of lactose. This means-continues-the ancient Europeans despite having domestic animals like cows, goats and sheep had not yet developed, genetic level, a wide tolerance in the consumption of large amounts of milk of these animals. . Additional information can be found reading site.

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