Pride in the cinema: we’re disco.

We know this swell of ebullience, the British that became famous as the theatre director Matthew Warchus produced in his film pride – according to a true story from fairy tales and musicals: 1984 a clique of young gay activists from London decides to support striking coal miners. They call themselves lesbians and gays support the miners (LGSM) – lesbians and gay men for miners. The idea arose during the Gay Pride March in June 1984 mark (Ben Schnetzer), the quirligste of the activists will be insulted by passers-by as disgusting pervert – what was in those years still on the agenda. He calls his friend too: the strikers who hates the most? Margaret Thatcher, the police and the reactionary tabloids. Not known is that? The shared experience of exclusion and defamation made gay and strikers to allies. It seems mark, and his vision of this extraordinary Alliance will actually take shape. Against all probabilities and resistors. At the beginning, it is not so easy to bring the collected donations to the man for LGSM. Are miners not the paragon of macho mentality of that fear contact with gay as the devil in the holy water? Many strike Committee waving off once, until finally a small, remote village in Wales responded with an invitation. Cleverly, Warchus linked the great dramatic arc with the lines of development of individual destinies. In the struggle for the political thing unfold the characters, gain self-confidence, self-esteem, to the appropriate voice. Joke and Pantasie are needed. LGMS counters rushes a tabloid against the Alliance by pits and perverts, miners and perverse, with the Organization of a charity concert in London’s electric Ballroom under the title of pits and perverts, occur in the including Bronski beat. . Similar data can be read checking

Ebola: how the France handles the expulsion of asylum seekers.

Brussels has said that since mid-August the services concerned expelled more candidates recalibrated asylum to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Explanation: not the health of asylum seekers but that of the Belgian police take foreigners in their country. We do not want to take any risks for staff members, having regard to the epidemic raging there, said Agnès Reid, a spokesman for the federal police. This association for assistance to migrants believed nevertheless that the expulsions to the countries concerned have been suspended, and guidelines were addressed to this effect in the prefectures. It is based on a statement made by foreigners in France (DGEF) Branch (which depends on the Ministry of the Interior) to Rue89. No, there is more of renewed border to these countries. It is a matter of good administrative sense: in the event of a crisis situation, as for the earthquake in Haiti, it suspends the renewed, explains the DGEF. At the Cimade, it also upsets of a double discourse of the Ministry of the Interior. Hand, we are told that there is more expulsion but we are aware of cases of refoulement, explains the association. A discharge is a reference to the country of origin of a person who did not his asylum application within 24 hours following his arrival on french soil. Anafe, national association for assistance to border, confirms at least five cases, late August and September. It was four people who have returned to Sierra Leone and one towards Guinea Conakry, says a spokeswoman. She particularly indignant that these references have been made via the Royal Air Morocco flights since Air France had been injunction no longer ensure flights destined for Sierra Leone. . For extra facts on this matter check

Israel-Palestine: tensions revived by the closure of the esplanade of the mosques.

INTERNATIONAL – Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas described Thursday’s declaration of war against the Palestinians and the Muslims the closure by Israel of the esplanade of the mosques and the recent Israeli actions in East Jerusalem. The continuation of this aggression and this dangerous escalation Israeli constitute a declaration of war to the Palestinian people, its sacred places and the Arab nation and Muslim, said Mahmoud Abbas, according to his spokesman Nabil Abu Majid. Since these new events, Palestinian youths exchanged with police Israelis of stones and stun grenades on the border of the districts of Abu Tor and Silwan, epicentre of the unrest at the foot of the old town and the esplanade of the mosques for a week, according to an AFP journalist. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu again defended himself Monday, October 27, you want to change the status of this holy place. The status of the esplanade of the mosques is, for the Palestinians, the most Cardinal sources of tensions, a red line according to the Palestinian authorities. But the tensions have been exacerbated by a series of events since June, the war of Gaza, the continued colonization by Israel, permanent bullying to which the Palestinians themselves in butte, and more generally the continuation of the occupation. . Extended info can be read checking home page.

Stripped and assaulted in broad daylight: attempted rape in Bologna.

A woman of Casalecchio, in the province of Bologna, was a victim of a violent morning attack was staged in broad daylight, in the center of the city. The woman, aged between forty and fifty years old, around lunchtime was attacked by a man probably drunk, and this has been kidnapped and stripped. To describe the attempted rape case in Casalecchio is Resto del Carlino: the woman, since rebuilt, was walking on foot on the street maybe live at home. Suddenly she met on her journey a man of dark complexion, probably a Maghrebi, who had in his hand a bottle of wine. Police working to find the aggressor-the aggressor has watched, approached her and pushed to the ground. The man was immediately ripped the shirt and BRA. The woman had no way out, behind it there was a wall and in the face of her attacker. Failed though, despite the fear, screaming and his voice attracted the attention of two passers-by and thus, only after having ripped a gold chain from his neck, the man ran. Helped by passers-by the victim is raised and is back at home: the police are working to find the attacker. . Additional information can be inspected checking reference.

The Sweden recognizes the State of Palestine: president Abbas welcomes this decision.

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas welcomed Thursday the recognition announced by the Sweden of the State of Palestine, and called other countries which have not done so to follow the Swedish example, said a spokesman. ?President Abbas welcomes the decision of the Sweden considers courageous and historic, said his spokesman Nabil Abu Majid. The head of Swedish diplomacy, Margot Wallström, announced that his Government recognized Thursday by Decree l?State of Palestine, becoming the first Western EU countries to take this decision. Today the Government took a decision to recognize?State of Palestine. It is an important step that confirms the right of the Palestinians to self-determination, said the Foreign Minister in a column published in the daily Dagens Nyheter. The Government considers that the criteria of international law for recognition of l?State of Palestine are filled: a territory, although without fixed borders, a population and a Government, she added. We hope that it shows the way to others, said Wallström. According to an AFP count, at least 112 countries have recognized l?State of Palestine. . Similar text can be found checking

Possible training mission: Bundeswehr sends reconnaissance team in Iraq.

Berlin – a reconnaissance team of Federal Government breaks up on Thursday in the North of Iraq, to check the Bundeswehr’s participation in a military training mission. The team includes three representatives of the Ministry of Defense and one of the Foreign Office. Germany considers the training of armed forces in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil. Thus, the Federal Government wants to support the fight against the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). The Kurds in Kobans are also waiting for more 150 Pesh fighter from the northern Iraq. A first group of around 80 Pesh landed on the airport of Sanliurfa in southern Turkey on Wednesday morning. Television pictures showed how they were greeted by people cheering. Together with other 70 troops who have taken over land on the way, they should cross the border towards Kobans shortly. In his luggage, the Pesh fighters have heavy weapons, including artillery and anti-tank missiles. You are urgently needed to beat back the IS in Kobans. The terrorists for weeks attempting to take the town inhabited predominantly by Kurds. You control the surroundings of Kobans and attacking the city on the Turkish border by several pages. . You must visit this to learn extra on this amazing matter.

Nato: Unusual alarm air Russia activities in the skies of Europe.

Brussels (Belgium), 29 Oct. (LaPresse/AP)-Nato has detected an unusual increase in Russian military aircraft activities on the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea over the past two days. The reported Alliance spokesman Jay Janzen, adding that the maneuvers in international airspace were conducted by four groups of strategic bombers Tu-95 Bear H, MiG-31, and other types of Russian warplanes. In response to this activity, says Nato, were chasing Norway, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Turkey and Denmark, as well as non-member countries ‘ air Born Finland and Sweden. Have not been recorded accidents but it is aerial activity of unusual proportions, says Nato, adding still mid-afternoon today was traced some Russian aircraft. Tensions between Nato and Russia have increased since Moscow in March it attached to its territory of the Crimean peninsula, until then part of Ukraine. The spokesman for the operational command of the armed forces of Norway, Brynjar Stordal, explains that Norwegian F-16 have a training interettato Bear bombers and aircraft tanks West of Norway. The tanker then headed northward, while the bombers continued to fly south to international airspace which lies to the West of Spain and Portugal. We have several of these incidents, about 40 per year, said Stordal, adding that what distinguishes this from some other missions already seen from the Russian side is that the training was a little bigger than what we usually and which have gone a little further south than they usually do. According to Nato, this year the Alliance’s pilots have intercepted the Russian aircraft over 100 times, that is about three times more than 2013. . For extra information on this subject check home page.

Crazy costs at Pirelli, prompts the process for 64: there are the Minetti and Renzo Bossi.

Politicians accused of having made repay with public money absurd costs like the purchase of hunting cartridges or ‘ scratch ‘, or very high and unjustified, as dinners from hundreds of dollars for a few people or thousands of dollars to take home delicious cheeses and wines. Today, in fact, the Milan Prosecutor Alfredo Robledo added and pm Paul Filipinos and Antonio Alessio’s Office forwarded to the gip the indictment request for 64 people, almost all now former advisers because States not standing for re-election, except for some that are still at Pirelli, as Vice-President of the Regional Council, the League Fabrizio Cecchetti, and Elisabetta Fatuzzo of the pensioners ‘ list. I am puzzled and amazed that the same matter already concluded positively before court of Auditors see today the request for indictment of the Prosecutor, said Castro. The Prosecutor had closed the investigation last March, against 65 people but, from what is known, the location of a former adviser, Mauro Parolini, was removed for storage. Now on trial for the 64 defendants must express itself the judge of the preliminary hearing. Among the people who risk the process there are also Renzo Bossi and Nicole Minetti, besides Davide Boni, former President of the Regional Council, Massimo Ponzoni, Franco Nicoli Cristiani, Monica Rizzi, Romano Colozzi, Massimo Buscemi and Giulio Boscagli, to name a few of the then majority. For what was the opposition (the charges relate to the period from 2008 to 2012), on the other hand, there are, among others, Chiara Cremonesi, Luca Gaffuri, Fatuzzo Carlo Spreafico and Elizabeth. The investigation centred around the alleged expenses ‘ writing with public money, those reimbursements Board, groups had revealed, for example, that the former head of the Pdl, Giovanni Rossoni, had spent over $ 3400 for ninety provole di Auricchio. And public money then would be used by counselors even to buy Tan and to pay for dinners of lobster and sushi. All for a total of over 3 million. In the nearly 700 pages of request for indictment there are detailed lists of all the disputed expenses politicians, already emerged and, with respect to the closure of the investigation, have been slightly adjusted downwards. The accusation for almost any embezzlement, while two defendants were accused of cheating. It’s Davide Boni and Stefano Galli. Boni, although from 2003 had transferred his habitual residence and domicile in Milano, would believe to live again at Sabbioneta (Mantova) and that usually reach the municipality Council. Therefore, it would be made clear by way of transportation expenses between 2003 and 2011, about 32.000 euro. And then, write pm, declaring on 11/2/2010, in contrast to true, that he renounces the chauffeur service provided by Regione Lombardia, it was settled, in virtue of a decree of the Presidency (,.) that emanated from the same Davide Boni, 69. 484 euros for 2010 and 2011. The former League Galli, however, would get advice from 196mila euros to his son-in-law, who was also among the defendants. To the Gauls, incidentally, is challenged he did repay more than 6,000 dollars for the now-famous daughter’s wedding banquet. . You should click this to discover more about this great topic.

Digital Board Member Henry Ritchotte: Tamer rebel.

He is the colorful bird in the Management Board of Deutsche Bank: Henry Ritchotte has studied history and saddled on top then Asian studies. That sounds more like shopping student as a straight-line banker according to. His hobby is golf, but the 51 learns languages. On the way, you get to know the soul of a country, is his opinion. And so he feels in the Japanese mind, the Turkish, Italian, Spanish and even the German. German, he speaks better than Anshu Jain – CEO of course never would admit what Ritchotte. He adorns himself even if he should speak German, almost a little shy, he then acts. Sure, the polyglot Americans should now find an answer. On the search he has already made himself: he was with many starting entrepreneurs in the conversation. And not just in Silicon Valley, where German media makers like to go on a pilgrimage, but: in Berlin. What he saw there, fascinated him much more than Silicon Valley. The tech scene is younger and more diverse, it is not just finances, but to all sectors. As colorful as possible, like Ritchotte. In his career there at the various locations brought variety: Tokyo, New York, Singapore and London. One has the feeling that there is no location where Ritchotte not ever was. So he continues his childhood only in principle: as the son of a U.S. soldier, he grew up on the different continents. And of course his wife does not come from the same country as he – but from Panama. . Main facts can be read visiting this

Uncle of executed Farzaneh Jabbari: for me, she’s still alive.

Fariborz Jabbari, 57 years old, born in Iran and now taxi drivers in Berlin, lives according to own 35 years in Germany in exile. A prominent he is not, however, came many of his press conference. People sit close together in the small area of the Association of Iranian refugees in Berlin. Almost three quarters of an hour talking Fariborz Jabbari. On the death of his niece, but also about what have thus does it from his point of view: that the arbitrariness of the Iranian judiciary for all been disclosed even if it cost her life. I’m very grateful that she has withstood. The 26-year-old Farzaneh Jabbari was been hanged on Saturday in an Iranian prison. In Iran, she was sentenced to death for the murder of a former employee of the Iranian secret service. The then 19-year-old had always claims to have acted in self-defense. The father I want to rape her. But the public prosecutor’s Office had argued in the proceedings, Farzaneh Jabbari had no business reasons, in the apartment to go – but private. Also no signs of rape had been found in forensic medicine. A concrete motive for murder was however not convincingly explained. The United Nations, the United States, the EU and human rights organizations had repeatedly urged the Iran, to suspend the enforcement of the penalty. There was evidence that the young woman had received a fair trial. Until Tuesday the Special Representative of the UN for human rights had shown appalled by the execution of Jabbaris. In a report, he also criticised an increase in executions in the country, torture in prisons and a deterioration of the situation of women. The allegations were rejected by an Iranian Envoy as Iranophobie. Also at the Association of Iranian refugees in Berlin, one does not believe in a single fate. Farzaneh Jabbari is one case among many, says Managing Director Hamid Naidu. In Berlin, they now hope that the international attention will continue after Jabbaris death. Fariborz Jabbari want to not forget the death and the story of his niece. That’s why he is now fighting for its heritage and collects more accusations against the Iranian judiciary. In particular the report on the last hours of his niece make to create him. Her lawyer had not been admitted to Farzaneh, although as foresees it the law. Until recently the secret service tried by all means, to vacate their rape allegations from the world. Even as she in her great-grandmother’s grave been laid had, employees of the secret service would have disturbed the funeral. . You must click this web site to discover more on this great topic.

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