The skeletons that holding hands: a 700-year long love.

They were kept hand-in-hand to the last. And so have them buried in a chapel in the County of Leicestershire, England. Crossed with seven centuries of history, during which time their names were forgotten and that place you are untraceable. They have found now in the chapel of San lost Morrell, a place of pilgrimage to Hallaton in 14 century of which is mentioned in a will dated 1532. Archaeologists have spoken for centuries, but only recently found thanks to a local historian, John Morrison. I had to put together various indications from Geophysical to resume to deliver images of the top area and identifying the exact location in which to search. Since then teams of local volunteers have excavated the site, built on top of a Roman building, two weeks a year for four years. Until you have found those two skeletons forgotten by everyone held still for the hand. Vicky Score, an archaeologist at the University of Leicester, said at 7: the main question: why were buried lass when there was a great Church to Hallaton? It was a special place. ‘ Maybe ‘s, given that the chapel was a place of pilgrimage. It may well be, for which the two corpses was refused burial in the main church because they were criminals, foreigners or sick. The skeletons were found along with other nine for the same period. Among them, a male senior pi was killed by a shot to the head, possibly launched from an axe, presumably in battle. Another young man was buried in a pit with legs raised to chest, perhaps as a result of a disease. Excavations have found the walls and the floor of the Chapel, ceramic fragments of stonework, tiles and leaded Windows, a number of silver penny dating between 11 and 15 century. There were among them those two, whose et seems to more or less the same? Criminals, foreigners, sick? So what, 700 years later. Those two were a couple. And they never stopped holding hands. As promised. . For more data about this matter read

Portugal: Mota-Engil won the privatisation of a waste treatment company.

The consortium led by the Portuguese group BTP Mota-Engil won the privatization of 95% of EGF (Empresa geral do Fomento), a holding company specializing in the collection and the treatment of household waste, decided Thursday the Government in Council of Ministers. The SUMA consortium, which also includes Spanish Urbaser, had offered EUR 149.9 million for the whole of the capital of EGF and thus won the tender at the expense of the Spanish group FCC, which proposed 145.3 million euros and the Portuguese group DST, which offered 90.3 million. The Belgian Indaver had also submitted a bid, but it had not been selected. Present in 174 municipalities where it provides services to some 6.4 million people, or 60% of the Portuguese population, the EGF was 51% owned by the public company of waters (Aguas de Portugal) and 49% by the municipalities where it operates so far. This sale has been strongly challenged by several of these municipalities, some of them having even before justice to curb the privatisation. Under international financial assistance until last may, the Portugal has implemented an extensive program of privatization who reported 9.2 billion euros from 2011. TSC/ode/etr. For extended information about this matter click article.

Melty diversifies in sporting events.

Online video games, Melty will put in place in November under the Melty label e-sports club, three teams of professional players.  This fifteen people paid to play will be organized around a "manager team" and their coaches. Two teams, one male and one female, earmarked to Counter Strike GO, video game shooting involving special forces and terrorist, while the last, men, will be devoted to the game of soccer Fifa. In addition, the Group also signed a four-year partnership with the French Federation of university sport and acquired the rights to broadcast France University Basketball Championship which will be renamed Melty Basketball League. This competition will be held from November to may, 2015 and will be broadcast on a platform dedicated to the follow-up of the Championship information, results and presentation of the teams and universities. "If it works, we would like to launch other leagues or develop the concept at European level", said Alexandre Malsch, founder of Melty. "These two projects are very similar because nobody told the story of these young talents. With these bridges, it creates content and disseminate to be not only a catalyst,"said the founder of Melty, which has a dozen thematic sites. . For extended information regarding this matter check

Analysis: The unrest is growing in Europe.

Small States? No thanks! -as or similar to the argument by EU leaders can be summarized. To stand on the issue of Scottish independence behind London, the Commission made no secret so far. The European treaties would No more apply to a part of the country, which had become independent, wrote Barroso already 2012 at the British House of Lords. Separatism is a taboo subject in Brussels, because several Member States in varying degrees of intensity. In Catalonia, the strongest economic region of Spain, calls to independence are increasingly louder. For Nov. 9 is a legally highly controversial referendum planned, which is not recognised by the Madrid Central Government. In Belgium, many citizens of the rich region of Flanders turn away from the Central Government – N-VA Flemish separatist party will be represented in the future even in the new center-right government in Brussels. In the legal grey zone proliferate speculations and scenarios. Could be through an amendment of the treaties (article 48) so my supporters of independence, Scotland by March 2016 to seamlessly joins of the European Union. . Root source could be read reading the following site.

Independence of Scotland: day of celebration in Glasgow.

Side no., all dressed in red, secession opponents argued ad nauseum, as Gregor McIvor – trainee lawyer – the virtues of a history, a culture of shared values. But invective and stampedes do they nothing, all are convinced that this referendum will change forever, otherwise the status of the Scottish nation, the less its links with England and the manner in which they intend to transform their nation in State. Because a few hours before this historic election, impossible to know who will prevail. The last two survey (Daily Telegraph, 52% for non, as The Scotsman) do not include the undecided. And the panels are too weak to draw conclusions from this new change in trend. Primary concern of public authorities: to ensure the vote for which expected record attendance takes place peacefully. In the crosshairs markets for freedom (freedom markets), actually kinds of stakes of strikes that the radicals of the Yes would prepare to prevent access to the polls of the unionists. And the late licensing, open all night pubs where the exit after a few pints may be hot. . Root facts may be studied checking the following source.

Fighting in the Iraq: Chief of staff of Dempsey does not rule out ground troops against IS militia.

The American Chief of staff Martin Dempsey not generally otherwise excludes the use of ground troops in the fight against the radical militia Islamic State (IS) than President Barack Obama. In a hearing before the Senate Dempsey said that American military advisers could "join the Iraqi army units in operations against the ‘Islamic State’ (IS) in the field". So far Obama has ruled out only last week a combat mission from Americans on the ground the President in relation to the deployment of American soldiers said: "these troops are not sent in a combat mission. We will allow ground war involve us again in the Iraq. "The American Government talks so far explicitly by military advisers Instead of fighting forces, because Obama ("boots on the ground") strongly rejects the use of"Boots on the ground". In such a case, he would advise the President to send special units, which should operate in the form of a "close combat advice or accompaniment" and help the Iraqi leader of command on the ground, how exactly the troops attacking their targets. Obama had in the last week in a speech to the nation announcing the extension of the anti-terrorist fight against the IS. The Congress questioned Defense Minister Chuck hail and Dempsey to the strategy. Previously, the US air force had bombed for the first time a target southwest of the capital Baghdad to assist Iraqi forces. American warplanes had attacked extremists previously only in the North of the country. . You can read the following reference to learn more about this amazing matter.

We are proud to be notaries!.

Second misconception: "the liberalisation of the tariff lowers the cost of acts.  "To ensure the drafting of a will with a cost less than 117 euros requiring at least three appointment or contract of marriage for 195 euros? Inevitably these rates will increase and the purchasing power of the French will suffer. The liberalisation of the Dutch notariat from 1999 had no conclusive effect on lower rates: certain acts increased sharply (family and companies), others, such as real estate, decreased,. which has benefited large transactions. Dutch reform illustrates the risk of increasing inequalities in access to justice. On the other hand, it is desirable to reform the tariff, to make it more readable. Fourth misconception: "notaries are the annuitants.  "We are public and departmental officers aware always of our responsibilities. We are also business leaders: we invest, hire, innovate. While the economic situation deteriorated the past two years, the offices of our network, in unison with the profession, have maintained their 600 staff stationed. The questioning of the economic balance of the offices would have very serious consequences on employment. Fifth misconception: "the defence of notaries is corporatist.  "The issue is much deeper. Weaken the notarial profession, it is drag to an anglo-saxon law system that turns its back to the balance of the contract and social peace. Is to create the conditions latent legal insecurity and a permanent dispute. Is to create a law where the richest is the strongest. In Anglo-Saxon countries, a transaction in three gives rise to litigation while in France only a transaction on 1. 100 is contested. China, tomorrow first economic power in the world, chose the model of the french notariat. Corporatists, the Chinese? You can read the following to read extra on this great subject.

World volleyball: semi-finals at fingertips for the Blues.

French volleyball players have dominated the Germany 3 sets to 0 (25-15, 26-24, 25-22) at the end of a game perfectly mastered to open the road to the semifinals tending them arms, Tuesday in the third round of the world in Poland. The Blues, who still have a game to play on Thursday against the Iran, may be qualified as early as Wednesday night if the Persian selection is necessary to turn to the Germany or if the Germany beats Iran 3 sets to 2. The France no longer has reached the last four in the world since 2002 Championship and obtained by the generation bronze medal Antiga, Henno and Gjoni. This is the only time in its history that the France is mounted on the podium. The team of Laurent Tillie, which dream medal since the start of the competition, overthrew mountains with brio to arrive until third phase where it comes to sign his eighth win in ten matches. Leader of the Group of death in the first round, before the Iran and the United States-the Italy, she had confirmed to the next step with still first place, front, this time above the Poland. Some do not compete the Brazil, triple holding the title, with its ranking, she received a draw favourable to avoid Olympic champions and Russian Europe, as well as the Poland. The blues are poised to seize this golden opportunity presented to them. They had however not lightly take Germany, a team that rises to power. Deprived of its stars at the World League, where the France had beaten it three times out of four, the selection of Vital Heynen had recovered them in the world, in particular the Gy̦rgy Grozer Hungarian bomber. But striker Lokomotiv Belgorod, winner of the champions League, did not have his usual performance with lights that cleverly contained it. -Grozer content Рit should be used as input to slow them down and gnawing, had explained before the meeting the captain and french smuggler Benjamin Toniutti. The blues have well respected this principle to begin by flying the first leg (25-15). In the wake of an effective Antonin Rouzier, the french block put pressure on Grozer, which found no solutions. Below its level at the hand, the Germany found the strength to rebalance the debates in the second inning. The German saved three set balls to return to 24-24. At this time of the part, Earvin Ngapeth had a Flash of genius. Rather than try to force the opposing wall, the passer of Modena gently placed the ball right to offer his camp a fourth set ball. Laurent Tillie was then return Nicolas Mar̩chal. Renowned for its power to the service, the passer-attacker to Belchatow (Poland) propelled a missile on the Germans. D̩stabilises at the reception, they used their lethal weapon Grozer, who found the sight (26-24). After the break, the France wanted to quickly kill the match like Ngapeth which served as the lead (3-1). The Germans tried to hang on but Ngapeth, again, was going to give the advantage to France on a devastating (12-10) then a new service canon (14-11). An advantage that most rating changed until the end, For additional facts on this subject visit page.

Netflix, Canal Play, iTunes, OCS, MyTF1,. VOD on the test bench.

Not serious, you’ll find maybe some old movies to review? Not even.  The Bad Boys of 1995 is available on Netflix and Jook Video. And impossible to find fifth element and Titanic, or Santa Claus is garbage or Le dîner de cons. The younger also may be pouting. Lion king and Aladdin are also absent as the latest success of the snow Queen. Take advantage of Disney is done sparingly. Netflix and Canal Play however offers Kids sections provided with, on both sides, the world of Nemo, Cars, Toy Story, the beautiful and the Tramp and Robin Hood. In the series, Netflix is the top of the basket. It responds positively to the quest for Modern Family and Doctor Who, but also of the french do not here do that, childish the bunnies or moronic. However, the American was not won so far the Crown in this respect. OCS is distinguished with the sensational Game of Thrones (broadcast 24 hours after the United States), while Canal Play done the job with Community and Titeuf. The promised revolution by Netflix and others is not yet there. Let us hope that the catalogues of each of the platforms should improve over time and over the number of subscribers. Subscription to SVOD service could then appear as a nice Christmas gift. But these new offerings will not replace the good old VOD for recent films and find a series in particular at one point. . Original facts could be read clicking this blog.

CRISSOLO (CN)-the League raises the tone on taxes: If Radio will put one half extra fee, in Rome with sticks. Matteo Salvini’s word that, from Monviso, where is the "Festa dei popoli Po. And to those who question where will the money for the stability law answers: ask that genius of Renzi. Us any proposal we made: If the constraints of Brussels take you to die you’ll have to scrub. The 3%, the stability pact, someone cares and money finds them doing restart the economy. Renzi instead-continued Salvini-bark but not bite, why then says it will honor all constraints in Europe and I don’t know really where to find the money. For the leader of the Carroccio are tax cuts, too: If you close a hospital is a tax for the citizen, who must make 50 kilometres to go to seek treatment-claims-if you close a school is a hidden tax. The proposal we made it: the tax rate of 20% working in 40 countries around the world, fight tax evasion is cashing out more to the State. I don’t understand why on this Radio has not yet responded. Then, speaking of the referendum for independence in Scotland, takes up a theme dear to the Carroccio: was never closed the issue of independence. If Scotland WINS is a breath of fresh air for Europe and there will be the Veneto, Lombardy and the Salento. Is already the fact that historic Scotland votes. Is an important step towards democracy. The independence battle we didn’t ever bases, against the regimes in Europe and Rome. If we all together we have more chances of winning, I say this not only in the Piedmont but also to Sardinia to Sicily and the Salento.   . Extended facts can be found checking fact.

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