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‘Chinese bastards’: an Australian magnate forced to apologize.

It is an uncontrollable man, a sort of Patrick Sébastien policy, estimated David Camroux, Professor at Sciences Po Paris and associate researcher at the CERI (Centre d’Etudes et de recherches internationales). This kind of declaration is politically stupid, because China is the economic locomotive of the Australia and across the Pacific. It is the China that has made the fortune of Mr. Palmer, who has himself strongly defended Chinese investment in the past. "A strong complementarity is established between a growing Asia and a rich Australia of its mineral reserves (coal, uranium, iron, gold, lignite, nickel, lead, copper,.), energy (gas) and agricultural (meat, cereals, cotton, wool,.). Beijing is the first customer and first provider of Canberra with 24% of trade, and its first investor, making the Australia the sixth economic partner of China. A dependency that explains why, faced with the outcry caused by his remarks, Mr. Palmer had choice of contact on 26 August a letter of apology to the Ambassador of China in Australia, Ma Zhaoxu, former spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "What I said (,.). "was an insult to the Chinese wherever they are in the world and I want to assure them that I present them the most authentic and most sincere apologies, and I’m sorry for what I said during the broadcast", he wrote. In a statement published on the website of the Chinese Embassy, Mr. Ma stressed that it was "in the fundamental interests of the peoples of the two countries that China and the Australia have healthy and stable relationships, and this may be hampered by a single individual.". Additional info can be found checking http://1775efb6f10d7737d76fb0f5cb649ccb.utevalleyproxct.com.