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Cottarelli: 500 million already in 2015 savings by cutting 2 thousand holdings.

Skip the first rationalization measures, initially planned in dl Unlock-Italy, the game of join will be played all in the law of stability. To confirm it today was the extraordinary Commissioner for the spending review, Carlo Cottarelli, during a briefing at the Ministry of economy. Cottarelli explained the strategy of rationalising participate in 33 early proposals in August. And reaffirmed the objective: to reduce the number of participating in 3-4 years from 8 thousand to thousand, with annual savings of 2-3 billion. As early as 2015 possible 500 million of savings in the first year, said Cottarelli-if one moves with energy you can reasonably get to reduction of 2 thousand attend, producing savings for half a billion and maybe even more. " According to the Commissioner, to get to the ‘ closure ‘ within a reasonable time, it would be useful if the legislator introduced penalties for local authorities that do not reduce the quotas in municipalities, contemplating the "immediate suspension". Best organic measure ‘ measures are not finished in Unlock-Italy-explained the Commissioner-because I believe it is better to intervene with a general, overall measure, instead of taking some measure in a decree and by other measures in other decrees ". In Italy more than 10,000 participate, eight times the France In France the join are a thousand, in Italy are 8 thousand officers, surveyed, and over 10,000 reals. Cottarelli said the numbers of local society: «The resulting December 31, 2012 the Treasury data bank 7. 726, but the real number is uncertain, they certainly are more than 10 thousand, there is not a precise estimate because not all municipalities responding to the questionnaires. " A black hole in the 2012 has built 1.2 million loss. "The fact that every year there are considerable losses is a fact relevant to public finance," commented Cottarelli, adding that "it is necessary to have more stringent rules for creating new experience because it is harder to dismiss the existing ones." Public transport: revise upwards the subscriptions Increase subscriptions to bus and metro, but not too much to avoid that people resist using them and decide to take your car. For the relevant taxable Cottarelli of Italian firms of local public transport are not solved if not acting on the revenue side. "We are much more generous than other countries," the Commissioner said. If in addition you hit more pure tariff evasion. One of the proposals in the field is attributing the status of public official to controllers. The Commissioner’s role? Make proposals ‘ technicians are only proposals, the Commissioner must not decide anything». Cottarelli underlined once again how his technical role is distinct from that of politics. And he preferred not to respond to those who asked him about his often confrontational, relationship with the premier Matteo Renzi and his professional future (this summer, rumors were giving him next to resign). . You must visit the following site to learn extra about this interesting matter.