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Cricket: “Berlusconi signed the Pact with Renzi for their c,.”.

Renzi shores up Berlusconi reform pact amid PD dissent | Italy

On the day that Senate reform should come out by the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Senate and being planned for discussion in plenary, the political leader of the movement 5 Stars decided to return to what, rightly or wrongly, is considered the "founding" moment of institutional reforms. Under the magnifying glass of Beppe Grillo ends so the so-called "Pact of the Nazarene", which is the result of the first encounter between Matteo Renzi and Silvio Berlusconi to discuss constitutional and electoral law reforms. The Pact of Nazareno is called so because it made via del Nazareno in Rome, where it survives thanks to public money of the Democratic party headquarters. Despite not having nothing sacred attributable to our Lord, the Pact has otherworldly properties. Nobody has ever read, though everyone knows it exists, even if you don’t know what it contains. It’s a secret pact between two gentlemen, one of which affected, that for reasons of confidentiality and national security, perhaps they don’t want to disclose. The most suitable place, because of the name "would be was the former headquarters of PCI in via delle Botteghe Oscure. However, although the Pact do not know one stone, each election falls or negotiation must be in the perimeter of the Covenant of the Nazarene. The problem is that nobody knows this perimeter and not even a single article of the Covenant that is increasingly taking a Halo legendary, like some ancient texts. It’s a secret text that covers all but unknowable. Who knows what? In the absence of direct access to the new text of democracy cannot be compromised, that advance speculation. To think the worst is sin and then Sin without brakes. The Pact ensures that the notopregiudicato do not end up in jail and hope in grace. Also ensures that notopregiudicato companies are protected by the State. Provides that the party of notopregiudicato remains under his absolute control with the Elimination of preferences. In short: the Pact is a salvancondotto for Berlusconi’s ass in return for guarantees its support for the Government and drawing papism by Napolitano. A suggestion to forzisti: vendetevi alone, rather than let you sell from notopregiudicato. We earn and not take the shape of balls. . For additional facts on this subject check homepage.