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Deadly earthquake in the South of China.

Soldiers and rescuers dispatched to the site continued Monday at dawn to support the wounded and carry them as quickly as possible to the local hospital structures.  But heavy rains complicated their task, as intensified research in the rubble of the collapsed houses. In Ludian district, the most affected by the shaking, journalists from the new China agency reported having seen "survivors soaked to the bone (by bad weather) sitting on the edge of muddy roads in waiting for medicines and food", and others ‘to demi-vetus, trembling in the rain ‘. The rescue teams "are faced with continuing showers, which resulted in a drop in temperatures in isolated areas (affected by the earthquake) and make it even more perilous lack of food and medicines", warned new China. Equipment, such as excavating tools, were sent to the scene.  Electricity and telecommunications networks were cut across the region following the tremor, and some 57 200 residents will have to be moved to safer areas, said official media. . Main data can be read visiting this http://db778f252f6de97c29f647edc3c6a08c.nappturaliteradio.com.