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Deadly virus: fruit bats, Ebola epidemic should have raised.

The record of the Ebola epidemic, which currently prevails in four West African States is over 1,300 infected and more than 700 deaths. A researcher duo from New Orleans and Montréal according to the epidemic probably goes back to flying foxes. Some of the animals in the region were already since a long time carrier of the virus, or an infected Flying Fox was moved here from Central Africa, the scientists in the journal PlOS neglected write tropical diseases. However: Whether animals of the region actually Ebola pathogens in itself, will looked at currently. It is unlikely that a person brought the pathogen to Guinea, write Daniel Bausch of Tulane School of public health and tropical medicine in New Orleans and Lara black of McGill University in Montreal, Canada: there are hardly any regular trade or travel routes between Central Africa and Guinea and Guéckédou – the Ebola Epicenter, where the virus is – probably for the first time encountered is quite secluded. Ebola virus be transmitted especially when in contact with body fluids. The United Nations had warned about weeks ago to hunting flying foxes and other wild animals in the region and to eat. According to the UN food and Agriculture Organization FAO, the animals in West Africa are dried or in sharp soup eaten. This involves according to the researchers mainly three species of fruit bat: the hammer head (Hypsignathus monstrosus), the Franquet epaulettes fruit bat (Epomops franqueti) and the narrow collar fruit bat (Myonycteris torquata). That it came at all to an epidemic, lie largely on the social and political conditions in the countries concerned. Such epidemics wouldn’t occur, write the researchers. This often happens in areas where are the economy and the public health system after decades of civil wars on the ground. All three currently mainly affected countries – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – have suffered in the past from serious political unrest. . For extended facts about this matter check http://8d8d49238a432108295aa18b1f1d01ed.bloggerpemula.com.