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Dispute with the vulture funds: the Argentina accused the United States of America.

The head of the Argentine Government accused Thursday the United States to have a share of responsibility in the failure of the negotiations in the Argentina-vulture funds dispute that led Argentina to a partial default. If the judge is an agent of hedge funds, the Ombudsman (judicial) is an agent to them, what justice are we talking about? There is in this case a State responsibility, the United States, which must ensure the conditions of respect without restrictions on the sovereignty of the country, said the head of the Government of Argentina Jorge Capitanich, during his daily press conference. He was referring to the New York Judge Thomas Griesa and the mediator appointed by the latter, Daniel Pollack. Conversations between Buenos Aires and the vulture funds, NML Capital and Aurelius, to reach a compromise have failed. Mr. Capitanich denounced a bias of the judiciary and that the Government of the United States has failed to intervene to remedy. Because of their bad practices, the United States are responsible for not having acted properly. And that they do not come out with l? excuse that the judiciary is independent, because it is independent of rationality and not the vulture funds, the head of the Government is swept away. This cannot continue indefinitely, he said. The Argentine Minister of economy Axel Kicillof announced Wednesday night in New York that the Argentina would honor its obligations and would enter the international judicial bodies to enforce its rights. The center-left President Cristina Kirchner was to speak Thursday at the end of day. . You must visit this http://798a4e1b8bbe122d964086ec932b4.com-archive-datasets.eu to discover extra about this amazing topic.