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Ferguson, video of witness: “I saw the killing of Brown”.

There is a video on the killing of Michael Brown, the young African American shot dead by a policeman while he was unarmed on 9 August in Ferguson, Missouri. A girl, Piaget Crenshaw, 19 years old, who’s that afternoon was looking out the window of his house, took over the times immediately after the murder of 18-year and sent the video to Cnn. "I had just moved into that apartment," said still shaken. The woman explained that it did not immediately published the video on the advice of its legal, for its security-related fears. It must be said that in the movie do not see the shooting.  You see instead to land on the street the body of Michael Brown and lifeless around it some agents. The young "was running away from the police," reported the Crenshaw, but "was when he turned to the officer who received the greatest number of shots". Meanwhile to Ferguson dates from tension, after a day of peaceful protests. After the arrival of the National Guard to quell forms of rebellion, violence exploded last night and police in riot gear, and backed up by an armored vehicle and special forces from a helicopter, fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the crowd who threw stones and bottles against the agents. At least four people were arrested. According to some law enforcement sources, reported by Cnn, there would also be a "victim of gunshot blasts", but the news at the moment doesn’t seem to find official confirmation. Meanwhile, the Brown family, claims to have no confidence in the analysis made on the body from the police, the same "that he killed his son in broad daylight". Word of Benjamin Crump, one of the family lawyers, which exhibited the results of an independent autopsy performed by a doctor commissioned by relatives. "The autopsy confirmed that what was said by witnesses is true," added Crump is stating that in every case of preliminary results. Forensic physicians who performed the autopsy confirmed the six shots that hit the younger (two to the head). . Additional info can be found clicking website.