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For Nicolas Sarkozy, “the president better to do than comment on football.

French immigrants must learn La Marseillaise says Nicolas Sarkozy ...

The literary tastes of Nicolas Sarkozy have often been the subject of criticism. The little glowing reviews of the former head of the State on the Princess of Cleves have gone through it. «I was surrounded by so much suffering and anxieties of the French, I was embarrassed at the idea that the president of the Republic could spend a minute of his time to expatiate on literary subjects, recalls Nicolas Sarkozy in an interview with Jean-Marie Rouart for Paris Match. "President, today has better to do, when it is in operation, to comment on football or talk about his reading." But now that I have more functions, and as you give me the opportunity to share this love of reading which is mine, I do well gladly", explains to the Academician. A tackle to his successor at the Elysee, who attended all matches in the grand salon of the Presidential Palace and which is not deprived of comment on the performance of the Blues. Politics is never far away in the literary comments of the former President of the Republic. "Frankly, for me, politics, it is a great human adventure and I can’t limit myself in a man the only description of acts and events. I am much more at what there is behind"insists Nicolas Sarkozy. "Eleven years as general de Gaulle at Colombey between 1947 and 1958, her psychology, her moments of doubt, despair, hope, betrayals he suffers, all this interests me", he says in a parallel to his own situation. "General de Gaulle, let down by everyone in 1968 who plays his hopes in 1969 ‘, complete. "It is a miracle when you have had no trouble. ” And even when there is no trouble, one can imagine that we will have. And Moreover, troubles never happen where expected. This isn’t policy which is hard, c’est la vie,"assures Nicolas Sarkozy, recently indicted after fifteen hours of police custody. . Additional text can be inspected reading homepage.