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Four hundred wolves are causing havoc in the countryside.

Computer graphics – On into account 20% more than last year, and their presence is no longer restricted to the mountain pastures. "We noted a very strong upsurge this year of the population of wolves in France, reveals Laurent Garde, Deputy Director of the Cerpam (Centre of studies and pastoral achievement Alpes Méditerranée). He has appeared in five new departments this year and is now present in 22 departments of the hexagon. "Estimated its workforce to 300 adults in late summer, 20% more than last year, not counting a hundred cub of the year", continued the specialist. Nothing that in the Alpes-Maritimes, there on the first six months of the year 1048 dead animals following attacks to repetition of the Wolf, or 42 per cent of the total of animals killed in France, 2445, a sales up 24% compared to last year. The first reason that explains this exponential growth is the overprotection of the predator. The Bern convention and the Habitats directive prohibit the ranchers to shoot wolves to defend their flocks. The number of samples is fixed by Decree: 24 total for the France with a quota of 12 additional levies granted since May last to soothe the anger and dismay of farmers. «The official beats are ineffective, it is very rare that a Hunter on the prowl can kill a Wolf, has offended Jean Vulliet, goat breeder in Haute-Savoie in the massif des Glières.» Only 11 wolves until now was taken in the France. How do you want to regulate the population in these conditions", wondered. Some experts believe so to more than 700 the number of wolves in France in 2020. Moreover, as man shoots above him, the Wolf is less fearful. «The Wolf now all attack the day and night, as well in the mountain pastures and in plain, even in the presence of men and dogs, continued Laurent Garde. Finally, the Wolf adapts to all ecosystems, only the ocean can stop him. The last wolf killed in France in the last century have been in Charente and Limousin. In addition, the Ministry of ecology supports compensation of animals killed by wolves. They have tripled between 2008 and 2013 and reach more than EUR 2 million for 6195 beasts killed last year. Sheep to 95%, the rest being goats, cattle or horses. Not to mention the indirect kick stopping farms whose operators are las attacks repeatedly and the lack of maintenance of pastures which follows. Clueless, the elect and the Territories concerned breeders require de-rating of the Wolf of the Berne convention so as to facilitate the regulation of the predator. The Spain is often cited as an example because that country, yet member of the European Union, allows farmers to defend themselves by killing wolves without yet to exterminate the species. Is kills 200 per year across the Pyrenees. . For extra facts about this subject click reference.