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Greipel continues German winning streak on the tour.

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As the German champions with a true feat of strength had continued the great German cycling days in the 101st tour de France, he was his friend and colleague Marcel Sieberg in the target the arms. With a victory of the will, the facilitated German road cycling champion had finally forced his personal achievement. As powerful as he was broke right to win the sixth stage on Thursday at the long HomeStretch in Reims, he clenched his fist behind and shouted out his full joy. Smocks filed his radiant smile for the first time, after an exhausting stage, he was no longer represented in the finish. Today, a lot has gone wrong. It is disappointing that we gave away a chance, even though we have worked the whole day hard. We have lost control of ten kilometers from the finish and responding incorrectly, the 26-year-old blond boy before his team bus contended with a bowl of fruit in the hand. Discussions in the team about the wayward final, he announced. Celebration was in the champagne capital before the eyes of the French President François hollande however, Greipel, who looked even gen World Cup in Brazil. Four German stage wins and Germany at the World Cup in the final. This is a really great week, said soccer fan Greipel, who had a hard first week behind them. Traveled as German champions, much went wrong in the first few days. Meanwhile, last year’s winner Froome took already the journey home to England after his departure on Wednesday. He wants to leave there specifically the damaged wrist investigate his crash injuries. I am devastated – I still don’t know when I’m back, tweeted of last year’s winner, who had to bend the pain two days after three crashes. . For more on this topic click resource.