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Hong Kong comes into civil disobedience.

In recent weeks, this University and its acolytes flew several giant sit-in in the heart of the business called Central District and even a wild referendum on the democratic future of the island, bringing together more than 790,000 votes. A direct challenge to the Chinese authorities. Monday morning, protesters were dispersed tear gas suddenly, as a representative of Beijing tried to convince MEPs of the correctness of his position. After a summer of rising tension, the firmness of China announced a new round of confrontation. The democratic movement has promised a replica in the street in the next few weeks and account paralyze Central, the business of this global financial hub. The ukase of Beijing seems to close the door to a compromise solution developed with the Democrats more moderate, concerned above all by the disastrous consequences of a political crisis for the economy. Today, all opportunities for dialogue have been exhausted and the occupation of Central is irreversible, said the movement. A point of no return, that opens the door to possible violence on the very polished rock, former colony of her gracious Majesty. . Similar facts can be read checking web site.