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Indonesia: despite intensive care, a Tigress does not survive at the zoo of death.

A Sumatran Tigress, which had drawn attention to the horrible living conditions in the largest zoo of Indonesia where hundreds of animals perished, died a year after having been rescued, reported Tuesday an official. Images of the Tigress Melanie, suffering and any lean, in a filthy cage, had caused a shock after their publication last year, and a multiplication of calls to take action against Surabaya zoo. This Park had been dubbed the zoo of death due to the many animals who are have succumbed prematurely over the past years, including of orangutans, a tiger and a giraffe, victims of negligence on the part of staff and dissension within the institution. The zoo management was taken over by the city of Surabaya, but animals continue to die prematurely, while animal rights NGOs call for the closing of the Park. After the publication of pictures of Melanie and the warning from officials about the danger of death of the feline, the Tigress had been transferred in July 2013 in a wildlife park in the South of the capital Jakarta. She suffered serious digestive disorders after having been fed with meat spoiled at the zoo of death of Surabaya, on Java island. The 16 years old Tigress had been placed in a special pen and was under the supervision of a veterinarian. But a little more than a year of special care will not enough to save her, told the AFP Tony Sumampau, Director of the association of the zoos of Indonesia, specifying that the Tigress was extinguished in his sleep in August. The association wanted to kill the Tigress in September last to put an end to his ordeal, but it changed its mind after protests by animal advocates. Melanie was truly suffering, it saw, it was pitiful, said Mr. Sumampau. The Sumatra Tigers, an endangered species, would be more than a few hundred in nature. . Additional data can be found clicking http://baa40072cda5f671684df4caa7433a36.chewz.net.