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It is free, Valls.

In looking at Sunday, we had the impression that after a few months of running, it took its momentum. Certainly, the allegiance and loyalty to the President were still present, but we had the impression that it was equal ruled the France two. It must be said that Manuel Valls no longer had nothing to lose. In free-fall in the polls, ignored by Ministers first career-minded, misunderstood by many people left who were not in a stability pact very (too?) favourable to companies, cornered by the aggravated unemployment figures, he had more to play his chip, be itself, defend a policy in which he believes and face the problems that angry. To parody two or three verses of a famous song of the 1980s, a small sentence, uttered before the Medef, I like the company had set fire to the powder. He had the address brought back to l ‘ ws wondering who would dare to say that he does not like it. He knows that what irritates, bothers men and women left, and understandably, is seeing business leaders spoilt unless they seem to turn cuddling in hiring. To hear say that as long as the margins are not replenished, it is out of the question to invest; read some major groups have increased by 30% the dividends of their shareholders in this year’s lean for all French. If he wants to continue with his Socialist friends at his side, will still have to put a little salt next to the sugar poured on these newly pampered patrons. It is also strange collective runaways: a Minister of 36 years, no one yet knows the sound of the voice, vilified as a villain for having worked at the Banque Rothschild under Sarkozy and left it in Holland for a surely less remunerative position. Strange as this brilliant subject, we note that these few years in this banking institution. While before the ENA, he was a master in philosophy (under the direction of Etienne Balibar), he was for two years, for writing his book, the wizard of Paul Ricoeur, one of contemporary philosophers, specialist of Phenomenology, human moral and left. No, in the Socialist imagination, the Bank box outweighs box philo, as in Monopoly, unless the same have never blamed Henri Emmanuelli a similar course in the same bank business. Oh I forgot, he dared to, before the Government give an interview on the effectiveness of the 35 hours, reviled at the time by those who claim freedom of speech. Manuel Valls had to turn off the twigs who smoked. It is not known if Manuel Valls will be cleared up misunderstandings. On a string of continuous info – you’ll also notice the permanent invitation to Slingers in loop on the TV trays, because the controversy it is more fun than analysis – barely finished Prime Minister’s speech, you could see once more one of them, this time embarrassed, having clearly found good speech and whose intervention between vigilant opposition and constructive vigilance was not clear. The resistance will continue. They are legitimate, not to the Government, but in a majority which must not be caporalisée. The bet made by Manuel Valls is that this policy is the only good, and the last two years to have burned more than one. If the results should not be at the rendezvous, this beautiful speech would be only empty words and questions about the choice of this policy would be based. It is also known that the problem is global: it is all Europe that is in danger and must deal with the endemic ills that plague the. . You must check the following weblink to learn extra on this amazing topic.