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Jackie Kennedy: the anti-segregationniste is unknown.

Jacqueline Kennedy is yet confined to shadow on its look. Few people know the head, passionate woman of literature and poetry, fluent in french, Spanish and Italian. Regarded as too posh for the average American, she was held away from all political events during the first seven years of her marriage. Is that at the time of the presidential campaign of 1960, which is mandatory in a relationship to the United States, Jackie comes into play. Kennedy advisers believed that it would dangerously serve their candidate. They discover, with bitterness, she immediately captivates crowds, to whom it is addressed in their language depending on the communities. Arrived at the White House, Jacqueline – as she wants called it – becomes aware of his power and the role that it can finally play with her husband. She wants to make this building the democratic emblem of the country. To finance the work, it operates all of its networks. Because the culture in the United States is to handle with care. It therefore set up the historical association from the White House, a private not-for-profit organization – even today – helping to preserve the places. And against all, she fights to create a guide to the White House: at the end of six months, 500. 000 copies are sold. This guide, a best seller, is still being sold on the spot today and finances the work and acquisitions of works. The relationship of Mrs. Kennedy with Blacks did not begin when it was politically expedient, writes the renowned black journalist Fannie Granton, in February 1964, in Ebony, the oldest African-American magazine. And the journalist quoted number of black artists regularly invited to evenings in the White House, as the writer James Baldwin, singer Marian Anderson, Dr. Ralph Bunche (peace Nobel Prize, political scientist and diplomat) or even the soprano Grace Bumbry. Not to mention the Organization of one of the most important events of the Kennedy Presidency: one hundred years of the Proclamation of emancipation of blacks in February 1963. The best example is the small school that it opens up to the White House for his daughter Caroline. Southern journalists, opposed to racial diversity, wonder: the Kennedys will apply the principle of segregation in the school? The answer soon to arrive. Among the children of employees, there is a young black man, Every Hatcher, son of Andrew Hatcher, Member of the press service. An African-American journal title: the son of Hatcher and Caroline Kennedy classmates. Certainly, the White House not trumpets it. However, Jackie Kennedy, who refuses to see his children in newspapers, made an exception of size. The photo of class with Caroline and the Every little is published. It is the side provocative ‘ of the first lady, and her way of displaying its ideals. The myth has yet removed the woman. They forgot that his charisma and intelligence enabled him to avoid the caltrops. Far from taking its function as first lady lightly, Jackie has paved the way for the first ladies to come. It has shaped a course of action. If today Hillary Clinton can lay claim to the post of President of the United States, it is also because she was first lady. A leading role since Jackie Kennedy defined its stakes. . You can visit this blog to read extra about this great subject.