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Jihad, alleged terrorist activity: 5 suspects in Veneto.

Five people living in Veneto are investigated as part of a terrorism investigation opened by the d.a. and conducted by Ros. It is today the writes Corriere del Veneto-of items suspected of being close to the organizations that are fighting for Islamic Jihad. -Investigative hypothesis is that at least some of the five have been recruiting people–immigrants, but not only-interested in reach Syria or Iraq, to take part in the holy war waged by the extremist groups. After terrorism alert launched in recent days by the Ministry of the Interior had intensified in Veneto the intelligence on Islamic centers and on topics considered dangerously close to fundamentalism. -The Ros and the Digos held under tight control around 30 suspects. Men considered too close to Islamic fundamentalism. In particular the survey that is working the d.a. of Venice, which is responsible for terrorism, facts suggests the crime article 270bis, of the Penal Code which punishes subversive associations. The five persons listed in the register of suspects and ended up in the crosshairs of special operating Department (Ros) of Padua, are foreigners, most of them living in Veneto. These include some alleged recruiters, fanatics with the goal to find would-be jihadists to recruit and send in theatres of war, beginning from Syria. And in at least one case there would be managed. . Additional data can be inspected checking hyperlink.