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Keywords: robot invades Milan, 3 days of pioneers of ‘ living machines ‘.

Milan, July 30. (Reuters Health)-will come out from their laboratories. Destination: Milan. The metropolis, after Barcelona and London, will become the capital for three days of robots. Any machines, but not ‘ full of life ‘. Pioneer Team of scientists around the world, including Italy, we work for years and have managed to create a real ecosystem: Humanoids and quadrupeds, robot insects, plants, fish, microorganisms, interfaces between artificial systems and biological systems. It’s the army of ‘ Living Machines ‘, living machines, a three-day Conference that opens today at the National Museum of science and technology ‘ Leonardo da Vinci ‘, to close the 1 August. An event organized by the European Consortium ‘ Convergent Science Network of Biomimetics and Neurotechnology ‘ (CSNetwork), in collaboration with the Italian Institute of technology (Iit), which is the cradle of many robots made in Italy, and the support of the European programme ‘ Future and Emerging Technologies ‘. It is nature to inspire the work of these scientists who annually meet at conferences Living Machines to take stock of the progress of the sector. (more). For more information regarding this topic visit http://8d0628def49673a0435338aebee803.com-documents-classified.eu.