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Long-range rockets of Hamas doesn’t break the “iron dome”.

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Hamas rockets have ever greater and practise for the first time today have reached even the areas of Caesarea and Haifa, located at 130 and 170 km from the Gaza Strip. Distances too high for heavy Iranian Fajr rockets-5 launched towards Tel Aviv and maybe even for new M-302, derived from the Chinese weapons WS-1 produced in Syria and apparently turned to Hamas from Iran via Sudan. To avoid expensive shoot interceptors against non-paying the targets shield Israeli radar calculates the trajectory of the rocket intercept him considering to prevent fall in areas inhabited or let it go, if it is intended to hit uninhabited areas. The iron dome is created by Israeli companies Elta and Rafael (with a US financial contribution amounted to 275 million dollars) and Tamir interceptor missile uses very quickly and accurately but that costs about 30 thousand dollars per aircraft and is commonly used to destroy rockets worth a few thousand dollars, sometimes even less, as in the case of crude Kassam products in craft workshops in Gaza at a cost of just $ 800 a piece. . Related info can be found clicking http://40c01266dde521a9d390aeecdf6d8526.chewz.net.