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Lyon and Toulouse, favourite cities of executives.

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In what major French cities executives wish live and work? According to a study published Friday by the Apec, Lyon and Toulouse emerge as their favorite cities. Four frames out of ten are indeed "metropolitan cities Lyon and Toulouse combine the best economic vitality and quality of life. Nantes and Bordeaux followed closely, with more than 30% of positive responses. As underlined by the Apec, these cities "are economic lung of regions which are also seen as the most attractive in the eyes of the young executives and young graduates". The French metropolises are must-haves for the professionals. Six frameworks in ten live and/or work today in a commune belonging to one of them. They work more they live (54% vs. 43%). Logically, the Grand Paris (which will be officially launched in January 2016) captures him only a quarter of french professionals. But Paris, Lyon and Toulouse appear for a majority of executives, regardless of their place of work, such as the three cities where it is rather easy to find a job today. Among the main criteria of attractiveness, executives (44%) place n ° 1 «the proximity with nature and preserved spaces», to "means of access to national and international transport networks" (41%), ‘the density and diversity of companies’ (34%) or offer of recreation (34%). Three frames out of ten consider that the presence of headquarters is another criterion of attractiveness. "However the existence of a low unemployment rate, the presence of an extensive offer of higher education or the possibility of creation of companies do not constitute major attractiveness criteria for white collar workers ‘, statement Apec. . Original facts can be found checking the following info.