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Marò: ill for Latorre, Minister Pinotti in India.

The Rifleman to Marina Maximilian Latorre, restrained in India along with colleague Salvatore Group, yesterday afternoon «blamed an illness which has necessitated hospitalization Neurology Department of a hospital in New Delhi, where it is still kept in observation ". To make it known is the Ministry of defence, pointing out that ‘ declared themselves satisfied health how he reacted to the first cure». Processulae front, could be entrusted to a new judge in New Delhi on two military trial, which on 1 August had been updated to October 14. The judge presiding over the Special Court of India «session court» to which is entrusted the case, Bharat Parashar, it occupies the scandal of mining concessions to coal companies, a case at the center of the political debate, and is involved in daily hearings that second judicial sources did not allow him to drive the process to two marine Riflemen. Anti-terrorist police that Nei has learned the case submitted by marò accused of killing two Indian fishermen in February 2012, has entrusted the Special Court despite the opposition of the defense, which contends that the Nia had more responsibility once it has decided not to proceed based on the anti-piracy law (His Act). On 28 March the Supreme Court had granted a suspension at the trial at the Special Court after he admitted an appeal about the incompetence of the Nia, which listens for reply of the Government of New Delhi. . Inspirational facts can be read checking this fact.