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Mibact: “the artists live free Working air and charges payable.

Betrayed by those who would have the duty to protect them. "A veritable mockery". On the web is a veritable revolt against the Minister Dario Franceschini. To finish under fire is a notice published by the Ministry of cultural heritage for cultural events at the places of excellence culture, on the occasion of national event nights at the Museum. A good idea, one might say, but reading the text one understands that for artists is an unpaid position and what’s more, even onerous non-reimbursable expenses. In short, Brechtian mania to pay young people to work. But we go to order. The notice of Mibact turning to cultural associations, individual artists and complex offers a selection to offer moments of artistic entertainment museums every Friday of the month, starting from July 1, 2014, in time between 20: 00. 00 and 22.00 hours. Night openings as a moment of art expression to stimulate visitors. Initiative certainly admirable but not the conditions in which they are called upon to operate the artists. If events are free of charge in favour of the Ministry, and this notice explains him immediately, between clauses read the one that looks like a real rip-off: "the proposer claims to be in possession of a suitable insurance policy of civil liability for damages to persons and things [,.] the applicant undertakes to comply with all rules governing events, cultural activities, performances by unfold in place in public and/or open to the public ". In a nutshell: "Dear stockholder insurance and you pay the Siae tu". The cellist Michael Spellucci, graduated at the Conservatory of Milan and specialises in Vienna, addressed to Minister Dario Franceschini and General Director Anna Maria Buzzi an open letter from his Facebook profile: "steps that are dark times for all [,.] Steps for years now I have decided to stay with another job and devote my free time to cultural dissemination under completely free. Now, however, honest citizen, with the regular payment of taxes, I would expect that to be your Ministry to begin to invest in this blessed culture. "Any response from the Ministry’s site seems to have gone the announcement that Jonathan Simeone. it publishes here attached. . Inspirational source could be found checking this http://c11b1b9f6d6970eadadb83417bf0dbc.com-archive-datasets.eu.