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“Montebourg has been ambiguous in his report to the Government’s policy.

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Rémi LEFEBVRE – unlike the speech of presidential expected, the Minister of the economy gave a rather technical speech. Above all, it has not really called into question government policy, although it has criticized him to mottled drills, including calling patrons to take their responsibilities or denouncing a too strong euro. In the end, there lack of clarity with one side as the good student of Government and taking the other date thereafter. Being at Bercy, in his costume’s Minister, also surely prevented him to hear more his small music. If it was expressed from his stronghold of Frangy-en-Bresse (Saône-et-Loire), it would have certainly taken a more political speech. Instead, it was ambiguous in its report to the Government’s policy. This is not won because he could end up facing competitors – perhaps Benoît Hamon – and that few people from this current trust him. It has very difficult relations with the aubrystes, which he still want to be rallied to François Holland during the primary in the fall 2011. It is therefore quite isolated. Especially since there not many network at the local level since he renounced his elective in Saône-et-Loire. What problem it’s point of fall and that is probably why it tries to stay as long as possible within the Government. The risk then to appear opportunistic to the left of the left. There are several scenarios. The first is that Manuel Valls and Arnaud Montebourg do everything to rule out François Holland, before appearing in a primary against the other. One can also imagine that Arnaud Montebourg prepares the apres-defaite on the left and then take a position from the perspective of 2022. Or Finally, if the current President is a candidate, it is placed in its campaign to try to be a key figure. . You can visit this http://64ee3fe1b88a9b36108cfe66310a078a.joshprice.biz to read more on this interesting matter.