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Montreal, Aretha not lost for a soul.

Montreal International Jazz Festival 2014: Aretha Franklin at ...

July 2, 2014, at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, it would be believed at Christmas. That we judge: the program was dangling Aretha Franklin, one of the greatest voices of the century. Displays o how much desired, since the star has canceled last year. It was hoped farm the big show. It took wait by supporting an obsolete characters with announcement in Las Vegas, bateleur tone and slogans to increase. (Behold your Queen – Queen – the living legend – Aretha Frankli-i-i-i-i-i-i-n, etc.). (Saved) off voice adds to no end. Relief general when the conductor (from the name of Barnum, dressed as a basketball coach), sends the sign of takeoff to the 17 musicians from the Orchestra (primarily recruited in Montreal). The star finally appears. Very moved, shuddering as the entirety of the audience, I served the ladles of ovation to the artist of exception. I feel a tap on the shoulder: my neighbor refers me to his forearms to show goosebumps. Aretha embodies some avatars of my own emotions, strong sequences of my life. No, I was not dreaming. She came. Aretha déboule. Spread the arms, very attractive, in long White Sequined dress: Vive Montréal, thanks France (sic)! The public holds a triumph. She thanked, greet, opens soon on Higher and Higher. One remains speechless. Exceptional vocal technique, jumping on four octaves, the exuberant voice of heat: Aretha has almost lost none. I had come to make meet history, here me immersed in the fun. The clocks are recovering at the time: Aretha (pronounced phonetically harissa, as for the spice) remains a major figure in American popular music. It must be said that the Queen doesn’t neglect anything. A sign at the entrance of the salle Wilfrid Pelletier warns that the breakdown will be cut for the provision, at the request of Aretha. The vocal cords must not suffer from the cold. Well in the flesh, she keeps from beautiful gestures, dance, wriggles without fuss. Coupling with a tribute to his sister Carolyn (Angel) – picture above. The art mastered playwriting by the daughter of Pastor Franklin, fed to the gospel, tears a tear. Follow Jump to It, Hurts like Hell, The House that Jack Built. Any weakness in the speech. Unexpectedly, the daughter of Detroit quips: Hey, that reminds me of something. To start on the field, Chain of Fools, worldwide success which heats the room. Triumph, shrill screams, and one person sitting: it is indeed a great concert of soul. With a shade, palpable reverence. Aware, the singer will not deprive thank at length after each title. She disappears, returns to the transparent wax on a white robe (calves still also fine). Yet Old Landmark and the generous offers a first gift I Never Loved a Man (), interpreted the quarter notes. Following the caviar. How to remain insensitive to aerial interpretation of Think? How not to find themselves in the middle of the Blues Brothers, the film that immortalized the song? Thousands of presents do not pose the question: they cry out of happiness, throw arms, sing the chorus in unison. Time to blow (Untill You Come Back to Me, Stevie Wonder), Aretha is sits on the piano for the sequence-emotion, videos in support, on his missing girlfriend Whitney Houston (I will Always Love You). After Freeway of Love, deLuther Vandross, here comes the reminder. Only a Partridge of the year would ignore the name of the song that Aretha has not yet served. If (by some miracle), is there one, he probably fell backwards. Because the Respect in which we had shone like a diamond vintage. Thunderous applause for the former title of Otis Redding. Aretha tends the V for victory. Finds on The Way we Were, teases the forefront who tries to catch his wax,. wriggles, spell casting blonde wig! Brown hair cut short, she smiled good tour, disappears, returns the head to greet with a new wig, then breaks definitively. The room will be ten good minutes to achieve. Aretha, age 72, is back. That is sung!Bruno Pfeiffer. You can check this http://97f0e36210560026a0ad86dd55eed.com-information-archive.eu to discover more on this interesting subject.