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New album from the /: The tenderness of techno.

As freely as he and his musical partner can move now, it no longer went to for the two. Freedom tastes good, says one year older Anton Feist on the current situation. To understand this, you have to get out shortly: 2005 formed the Berlin Band Bodi Bill. A trio, starred in alongside Fakoor and still the musician Alex Amoon Feist. Bodi Bill found their niche somewhere between Club and pop, quickly became favorites of the European Inditronica scene and put it in the cycle of album release and tour, album release and tour, album release and tour. It ran well for the Berlin, what happened then, is not so sure. There was dispute? Bodi Bill anyway, was put on hold in 2011, Alex Amoon continued with his new project of unmap. And Fakoor and Feist founded shortly after the separation the / that: we had the feeling that we were once done with Bodi Bill, we wanted to stop running around with this old Mountain Pines. This Studio of the / that stands in the middle of the wedding, right next to an arcade in a anything but sensual former Office building from the 70s. Sitting in the same house her record label around the corner: rocker pubs and drinking venues, cheap supermarkets and takeaways. But the neighborhood changed: musicians such as Pantha you Prince and Nhoah, the producer of MIA, have their studios in the vicinity. A stone’s throw away is the Stadtbad wedding used as exhibition hall and Club, on the same street the Music Director of the city of Berlin has moved into their new offices. If you want this mixture in the music of the / that reflected there, the urban sounds, the gloomy note, the voltage that is carefully built and kept in each individual song. This contrast is between expansive and tense also, which makes freezer so good. . Similar data can be inspected reading url.