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Organized child abuse: the fear of being a racist.

Rotherham gained for the first time national attention when four years ago, five men of Pakistani descent were sentenced to heavy prison sentences. They had kept English girl over the years as sex slaves. Newspaper research in Rotherham then shows that the authorities of the Pädophile rings have known in their town to do something. In the meantime, the city seems woke up. Currently running 32 investigation against child molesters. In the past twelve months, 15 men were presented to a judge. Reports about the conditions in Rotherham were by the authorities "suppressed or ignored" was, according to the Jay report. Had been means in 2002 by high ranking police officers a referees who gathered information on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior, not to repeat his allegations. Local social workers, which had reported the situation of the victims of the police and the Youth Welfare Office, had been rebuked by superiors and professionally downgraded. The authorities responded also to direct speech apparently deaf. Victims, who are reported to the police, they were treated "with contempt", according to the report. The parents of affected girls have been rejected by the police or even imprisoned. The authors of the report for all cases hold "that white men are the majority of child molesters in the United Kingdom", before they come to talk to that are the culprits in Rotherham of mostly Pakistani origin, while their victims are predominantly white girl. "Some city employees described their nervousness, to identify the ethnic roots of the perpetrators, because they feared to be racist thought", notes the report. "Others remembered clear instructions to act." Leading local politicians and police officers had "Downplayed ethnic dimension," Jay said. The report cites local politicians, who feared to strengthen right-wing groupings with the disclosure of the origin of the perpetrators. Young people that the situation in Rotherham so perceived, in recent years, "that the police do nothing against Asian Teens dares to, for fear of racism allegations" have their say. The report is about Rotherham. The inability of local authorities to protect girls from sexual violence is "frightening", it was said at the official residence of the heads of Government in London. Commentators of conservative leaves dealt Wednesday with the career, made the notion of racism in the Kingdom. "Racism is a such hysterical topos has become, that he plows under all other moral concerns, in this case the concern for our children", wrote the commentator of the "Spectator". . Root data can be found clicking this home page.