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Padua: a research study by Confindustria manager.

Padova, 19 Oct. (AdnKronos)-dropping the great wall between universities and enterprises and push the ‘ production ‘, ‘ smart ‘ is made of innovative vision, talent, high skills who can tug the Veneto to the reindustrialization. It is the goal of Steps (Towards Enterprise Seminar for Ph.d. Students), the program promoted by Confindustria Giovani Imprenditori di Padova and the University of Padua to encourage the inclusion of research doctors in technical or managerial paths in industry and services. An interdisciplinary training program for graduate students of the University which has involved far more than 200 young ‘ ‘ brains ‘ ‘. The third edition of Steps will start tomorrow, Monday, 20 October, with the seminar ” how organizations work and how to handle high-powered people, ” at 14. 30 at the headquarters of Confindustria Padova, with contributions by Paul Gubitta Professor of business administration University of Padua and Scientific Director of Steps and Luke Bauckneth senior director ADP Dealer Services di Vigonza. Steps will involve this year doctoral research 74 of all disciplines from biomedicine and biotechnology to industrial engineering and materials, molecular sciences and technologies and spatial measures, Earth Sciences and economics. Will be divided into six seminars with entrepreneurs or managers, the processes of innovation of enterprises, corporate planning, labour market dynamics, the self-employment through spin-offs and start-ups. (more). For more information regarding this topic click site.