Hamburger SV: Beiersdorfer believes in Tin Bauer.

Winter sports: Alpine skier Felix Neureuther threatens to miss the season opener in the World Cup season because of back pain. The World Cup runner-up in the slalom has problems in the lumbar region four weeks prior to the race in Sölden and must pause before the start in the World Cup winter multi-week training, as the German Ski Association (DSV) announced on Monday. The Slalom races in Sölden is on October 26. Of course, it is my goal to start the World Cup season on the Rettenbachferner said the 30-year-old. The prerequisite, however, is that I’m pain-free and fit until then. In the past few weeks, he got can barely train despite a change in the training. I will therefore follow the advice of doctors, take a break and me undergoing intensive physiotherapy treatment, reported in addition to Markus Wasmeier most successful German ski racer in the World Cup. Men’s head coach Mathias Berthold has written off Not yet his strongest technician for Sölden. For Felix, it is now important to focus on the therapeutic measures. He is medically Very good maintained, and if the predictions of the doctors confirmed that he may enter it soon became the training. Problems at the back are nothing new for the nine World Cup winner. In preparation for the season with the World Championships in Vail and Beaver Creek in February as high point, there have been difficulties now again again and again, said a spokesman of the DSV. Neureuther was gone three days earlier from the training camp in South America. In dealing with health problems, the injury-plagued friend of Miriam Gössner biathlete has developed a certain routine. Last season, he had big problems with wound healing after surgery on left ankle early June 2013. Instead of two weeks, the recovery process took more than four months–with four victories in the World Cup and second place in the slalom standings the most successful World Cup season of his career, he managed anyway. Football, Champions League: The football professionals, trainers and managers of FC Bayern München are been startled shortly after landing in Moscow by a fire alarm at the team hotel. On Monday night the delegation of the German record master had to, for the second game in the Champions League against ZSKA Moskau (Tuesday / 18 00 Watch) was arrived, left after the alarm for about one and a half hours the noble Ritz Carlton in the Russian metropolis. Several players and coach PEP Guardiola gathered initially covered on the sidewalk in ceilings, as photographs showed. Later they were waiting in a restaurant near further, before they could return to their hotel rooms after the all-clear. Guardiola let his professionals sleep an hour longer on Monday because of the incident. Figure skating, pairs: Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot will compete for Germany. Savchenko said the image of (Monday). The decision about the future of the five-time champion in pair skating and the Frenchman had fallen on Sunday after a meeting of the two with the German ice skating Union (DEU), Massot have made perfect his move from the French to the German Association per signature. It had to go so slow time forward. I am glad that the case is now clear, Savchenko told the newspaper. The 30-year old Ukrainian has been running since February with Massot, after its long-time partner Robin Szolkowy had resigned after the Winter Olympics in Sochi. You and coach Ingo Steuer had then repeatedly stated to be To want to start for Germany, there were but above all debates about the financing of the coaches. So far he may be not paid due to its former Stasi past of the German Association. The couple is locked because of the change of Association by Massot according to international regulations for a year now and can run in the winter by 2015/2016 again. : Volleyball World Cup with a narrow defeat at the end of the preliminary round have lost the German volleyball place third in Group A and go with only two points in the second round. The team by head coach Giovanni Guidetti in Rome lost 2:3 (25:17, 23:25, 25:9, 21:25, 11:15) against the Croats qualified already for the second round. The second phase of the tournament denies the selection of the German volleyball Federation (DVV) in the nearly 700 km from Trieste. It is for the table fourth of in Group A against expected to Belgium, China, Japan and Azerbaijan. The Germans take the points against the also qualified teams of from Group A. After the narrow defeat against the Dominican Republic and Croatia, the DVV team has only two points on the account. After two rest days, team captain Margareta Kozuch occurs on Wednesday (20 00 clock/Sport1) against China. This was followed by three more games. The Vice European Champion must be at least third in the aft swimming pool after the end of the second round, to move into the top six. Then, it’s about making it into the semi-finals. . Additional text can be found visiting resource.

All over the Valley. The major newspapers rejected the descent into the field of Mr. Tod ‘s.

All against Diego. The rumors about an upcoming field trips of Diego Della Valle, owner of the Tod’s New partner and largest Passenger Transport alongside Luca di Montezemolo as well as Rcs, with a "Government team" alternative to Matteo Renzi, composed of manager and Wizard (if you agree) by the Governor of BankitaliaIgnazio Visco, cause a rise of almost unanimous shields of major newspapers. Starting from Corriere della Sera, whose marches entrepreneur, who three days ago has branded as "encounter between two great sòla" the joint press conference of the Prime Minister and the number one of Sergio Marchionne, Fca is one of the major shareholders. But, as you know, en route with the admin delegatoPietro Scott Jovane and with the first partner (attraversoFiat) John Elkann. Via Solferino newspaper, in an editorial signed Baptist daPierluigi and titled "the Valley face only the entrepreneur", evokes the political ambitions of "industry magnate Arnheim" in Robert Musil’s man without quality to conclude: "Ended badly. Easy prophecy ". In parallel, an article by Andrea Garibaldi remembers how, when his friend Montezemolo had plans to turn the input into policy, advised him of The "falling out". And argues that the same to flip, is happening today: "closest friends are advising against the Valley:" Why wreck your life with politics? ".  Republic, which Sunday gave the news of a forthcoming "ascent" of The Quirinale Palace to present the list of Ministers to President Giorgio Napolitano, writes that "the policy rejects the descent into the field" by mister Tod ‘s. Largo Fochetti newspaper quotes the "deluge of criticism" from the Interior Minister Angelino Alfano, the Governor of Tuscany Enrico Rossi, the Ncd Fabrizio Cicchitto and Deputy of Forza Italy Maurizio Bianconi.  And interview the Illy imprenditoreRiccardo, former Mayor of Florence and President of the region of Friuli, which in turn gives the halt: "I do not think it necessary to make diplomacy the political,.". In fact "Diego" is known for the custom cutting attacks: from "Spry old man" Giovanni Bazoli Chairman of Fiat Elkann ("Fool"), passing through the "cosmopolitan" sly Marchionne ("first to offend start paying taxes in Italy) and Vice-President of the Senate, Maurizio Gasparri (who had criticized on Twitter the Italian train company giving to close to close)" maintained by the Italians for decades with princely salaries ". Not to mention the Executive Ministers Renzi, that he got to say he had met five of which "two good and three Emeritus morons". As for the newspaper, the newspaper of the Berlusconi family devotes to "secrets of the Valley" the opening of the first page and an article dedicated to "the snob" party, where the patron of Fiorentina comes together with other "rich, carini, Vance and glamour" (first on the list, according to the newspaper, is Montezemolo, followed by Mario Monti, Corrado Passera) that "we have already tried but has gone wrong". Not only: the newspaper directed by Alessandro Sallusti recalls that Giulia D’Alema, daughter of former premier and Minister who on Sunday from the first page of the Corriere attacked Renzi ("instructed by Verdini on reforms"), working as a Marketing and event specialist in the New York headquarters of Tod ‘s. And suggests even a "debt of gratitude (to D’Alema, ndr) against the number one scourge of Renzi.   The only one that opens to the hypothesis of a "thread" of the Valley? His friend Clemente Mastella.  The former Minister of Justice, former leader of the Udeur, former MEP and former Mayor of Geelong confides to the Republic that "from a political point of view the situation would require". But "on a personal level I think him well".   . Additional facts can be inspected reading site.

The Senate (re) switches to the right,. and after?

But these partners have often played rebels, aware of their blocking power on yet crucial as budget texts or the non-cumulation of mandates. This time, at least, if s rejection by the nat S, new texts will be over of their own: they are a minority! For the former Executive, it is ultimately much easier manage, politically and m media. A S right nat may also use and abuse of the proc res duri tricks to delay the adoption of the texts to which it will be hostile. The Government must arm themselves with patience and consolation in mind that in the case of d disagreement between the two chambers on a l legislative text, it is still the National Assembly which has the last word. Or the left is still (little) majority in the Palais Bourbon. And less than a radical change in Dynamics, it is probably not over. After the partementales d and r regional pr views in the spring and d December 2015, 2017 will not only the year of the next presidential election pr: it comes also to renew the other half s nat, that read in 2011 and which had allowed the left switch. � . Extended text can be read visiting reference.

Role reversal: Go you children, Mr. Miller?.

What going on in the country, if older managers were more youths as Chief Secretaries in their halls? If German men with 22 percent less pay than women went home, the negative record in Europe? And if every two working men worked less than 32 hours per week and thus would career offside – but only every tenth woman? And last but not least threatens to fire women on their own open. What does a man do when he gets a rejection on his application? He scolds on the decision makers. What does a woman do? She wonders what she did wrong. An internal report from Hewlett-Packard\r: A woman applies to vacancies only, if she met 100 percent of the criteria; a man sends his solution already at 60 percent. And a study of the FU Berlin: If candidates five minutes for their presentation of self, speak One minute longer than women – men on average and are perceived as competent. The men experience on their own bodies, so that the working world is a scandal after today’s cut for every woman. Experience that they can – be in positions of responsibility and trust more to the women than previously. According to an international study, only 14 woman by itself says it but every 4th man would be like at the top of a company. . You should check this to learn more on this amazing topic.

Events in Hong Kong: thousands of pro-democracy activists are demanding China more political freedoms.

This coalition led by two academics and a priest, threatened to occupy and paralyze Central, the city where the skyscraper business district became the emblem, and this action originally was to begin Wednesday, October 1. But before the student mobilization, he decided to anticipate the call and asked his supporters to reach the seat of local power, as a starting point for its watchword of occupation. The analyst Sonny Lo, comes this campaign to mark a turning point. From now there will be more confrontations, perhaps violent, between the police and citizens, he told AFP. But Beijing maintains its position and it is difficult to see a solution to the conflict, he stressed. Beijing has expressed certain Sunday that the Hong Kong authorities were able to cope with the situation. Beijing is firmly opposed to any illegal activity that may adversely affect the rule of law and endanger social peace and strongly supports the local government, said a spokesman of the Office of business in Hong Kong and Macau, quoted by the official new China News Agency. . For extended facts about this topic click site.

An enormous encouragement to Russia day in Rostock.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s Prime Minister Erwin Sellering (SPD) but stuck to it: "This meeting can be a small contribution to remain in the conversation in these difficult times," he said last week in the Parliament. The day of Russia in any way contrary to the sanctions imposed on Russia. It a matter of him, to take advantage of economic opportunities for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Russia is currently the second most important trade partner of the German Northeast. After the start Tuesday night is planned, that the Russian Ambassador to Germany, Wladimir Grinin, as well as the former Chancellor Schröder to the entrepreneurs will speak on Wednesday. More than 80 of coming from Russia. Take part in even the Governors of Leningrad and the Kaliningrad region as well as Brandenburg former Minister-President Matthias Platzeck (SPD) To want as Chairman of the German-Russian Forum. Afternoon can inform themselves entrepreneurs in eight specialized forums on investment opportunities and make contacts. . Root data may be read visiting the following source.

Poisoned climate with Russia – that is threatening the Ukraine crisis particularly for Germany.

The Ukraine crisis between Russia and the West a sanction spiral has come dangerous momentum. In the current cover story FOCUS analyzes the situation – which is particularly threatening for Germany. A good third of the amount of oil and natural gas, which uses Germany year after year, comes from Russia. To explore the seriousness of the crisis, FOCUS talked to experts, businesses and politicians. Swivel: these are important goods that we export to Russia, chemistry, for example–so the crossings of the German economy, with dangerous radiation effects in other sectors of the economy into. In the trend that leads to an increased uncertainty, and in a situation of uncertainty, enterprises with investment holding back. Swivel: I think that the conflict later this year could be resolved. Requirement but would be that both sides move. A long-term solution in the Ukraine is not possible without Russia. Europe should involve Russia in the talks on a closer integration of Ukraine, set his influence in the Eastern Ukraine to Russia. Swivel: Specifically that depends on the individual – whether it is to pure export transactions, whether logistics on site is necessary, or even production facilities in Russia are. For example: A typical medium-sized machine builders, which perhaps accounts for 10 to 15 percent of its sales in Russia, should wonder what a way breaking of the stores of liquidity means his company, talk with the banks and secure its funding. Secondly, he should consider how the business failure offset can be with other customers, in other markets or through promotions. The Russia effect can be not balancing, are third structural measures and an adaptation of the business model. . For more information on this matter check reference.

6th matchday of the Bundesliga: Schalke WINS in the Derby area, Bavaria in Cologne.

The last in Mainz and Stuttgart weakening Dortmund were in Gelsenkirchen after only 23 minutes 0:2 rear and looked at two goals again badly. In the header by Joel Matip (10), he missed a corner kick for the first time in this season in the starting eleven available to champion of Mats Hummels. Borussia Dortmund striker Adrian Ramos got the ball outside the penalty area before the goal by Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting (23). The Schalke were however No more so superior after the fast by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (26). The Dortmund pressed against the hosts in the second half of the compensation, Schalke brought the second victory in succession but over time. Bayern went through Mario Götze earned in Cologne in the lead. The world champion with the squad number 19 hit in the 19th minute for his fourth goal of the season, a higher projection was but also the Cologne compensation, the Manuel Neuer with two lightning reflexes in succession prevented (34). Idol initiated then even the 0-2, his pass put the Cologne Daniel Halfar beset by David Alaba into his own net (67). The only change at Stuttgart after the 2-2 draw in Dortmund was. Coach Armin Veh took the last patzenden Sven Ulreich from the gate, and it offered Thorsten Kirschbaum. The dedicated Swabia rewarded in the 69th minute with the first home goal: Daniel Schwaabs shot crossed in spite of the rescue attempt by Milko Albornoz of the goal line. This was the season after the separation of sport Executive Fredi Bobic for the first success. Bayer Leverkusen after half an hour in Freiburg was only ten of us: Defender Emir Spahic saw the yellow red card due to repeated foul play. The Bayer leadership despite outnumbered prevented Roman Bürki, Freiburg goalkeeper steered a shot by Karim Bellarabi (73) on the lower edge of the crossbar. Shortly afterwards also lost to by yellow-red Baden Pavel Krmas. The crossbar again kept the Fribourg at a free-kick by Heung min son (88) before losing. . For extended about this topic read hyperlink.

Federalism Instead of secession: Alliance for survival.

Now the Catalans are: early November the regional government makes the people in vote on whether Catalonia should become independent from Spain. The Prime Minister signed the corresponding Decree on this Saturday. The referendum is not binding, and the Central Government in Madrid considers it illegal – but that does not disturb the separatists. You feel emboldened by the referendum in Scotland. You have lost the separators at the end, but it was a tight race, where it temporarily looked after beating the Scottish nationalists. In Scotland, the prospect of maximum autonomy has turned the polls. Because the derivatives shortly before the referendum, surveys were front, the British Government pledged to grant the region much more influence on taxes and spending. Important policy areas such as education and health already control the Scots. At the end won the opponents of independence by a comfortable margin. Now discuss the parties in London, which will be transmitted exactly Edinburgh. The Government in Westminster is considering to make the income tax rates fully release the Scots. They could be soon be responsible also for the inheritance tax and capital gains tax. . Inspirational data can be read visiting the following homepage.

The long trial of the bastard daughter of King Alberto II of Belgium.

Albert Sol and Ingrid Sartiau have not ceased in their empe or be recognized as sons leg Don Juan Carlos de Borb scams n, although may be an est r away from its goal. His theory to is tambale when geneticist Jean Jacques Cassiman cambi’s discretion and affirm that both do not share the same father as hab an insured at first. Therefore and sec n the last study of the expert, at least one of the two lies. Both the Belgian and Curt s not collapsed with the change of heart of the geneticist and continued his battle in the courts. Sun says that his mother biol gica, belongs to a lineage of bankers, maintained a relationship n in Barcelona with the respondent when he was Pr ncipe. For this reason, it has already presented two paternity claims. The Court of first instance n mero 34 tumb your first claim n under the inviolability of which enjoyed the then-head of the State. After abdicate, I decided to introduce a new claim of paternity before the Provincial Court to understand that the King was no longer inviolable. The claim is pending admission n tr mite by the Supreme and the ordinary procedure. The same way tom Sartiau, who swears that his mother had sex with Don Juan Carlos in Marbella, and present in June his second claim of paternity. STA also is in the same situation as the one presented by Sun. . Original data can be read clicking the following

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