Padua: a research study by Confindustria manager.

Padova, 19 Oct. (AdnKronos)-dropping the great wall between universities and enterprises and push the ‘ production ‘, ‘ smart ‘ is made of innovative vision, talent, high skills who can tug the Veneto to the reindustrialization. It is the goal of Steps (Towards Enterprise Seminar for Ph.d. Students), the program promoted by Confindustria Giovani Imprenditori di Padova and the University of Padua to encourage the inclusion of research doctors in technical or managerial paths in industry and services. An interdisciplinary training program for graduate students of the University which has involved far more than 200 young ‘ ‘ brains ‘ ‘. The third edition of Steps will start tomorrow, Monday, 20 October, with the seminar ” how organizations work and how to handle high-powered people, ” at 14. 30 at the headquarters of Confindustria Padova, with contributions by Paul Gubitta Professor of business administration University of Padua and Scientific Director of Steps and Luke Bauckneth senior director ADP Dealer Services di Vigonza. Steps will involve this year doctoral research 74 of all disciplines from biomedicine and biotechnology to industrial engineering and materials, molecular sciences and technologies and spatial measures, Earth Sciences and economics. Will be divided into six seminars with entrepreneurs or managers, the processes of innovation of enterprises, corporate planning, labour market dynamics, the self-employment through spin-offs and start-ups. (more). For extended facts about this matter visit reference.

Secret protocols: how controversial was the Cyprus-aid in the ECB.

It was a dramatic weekend. On March 16, 2013, the States announced the euro group to save the small island of Cyprus with a huge aid package. The country was broke, because the banks had gambled. The situation was tense all over the world so that felt in Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel compelled, to renew their promise from the financial crisis: "The savings in Germany are safe." Day and night was at the time negotiating aid for Cyprus. The States said assistance loans to over ten billion euros. The European Central Bank was always in these negotiations. Little surprising: the Federal Reserve had waved through however many months earlier, to keep the tottering banks in Cyprus with short-term emergency loans. Of such emergency loans the Central Bank of Cyprus had granted more than 9 billion euros at the end of the second largest bank of the country – without objection on the part of the ECB, which would have to prohibit that. Meanwhile 2012 dozen large investors took away the year their money from Cyprus, in safety. The European Central Bank had unanimously endorsed the bailouts, so it was thought at the time. But it was quite different – as is now. The protocols of the European Central Bank from this time have reached the public. Actually, they are highly classified, should remain 30 years under lock and key; they never made their way out of the tight circle of initiates in the media. But now that has "New York Times" they read and evaluated. The question for two reasons, a legal and a fundamental is explosive. It is purely legal, the national central banks simple and simply does not allow banks to lend to emergency, which are essentially insolvent. The so-called ELA loans should only be granted to "solvent financial institutions", it says in a paper of the ECB, which explains the measures only to those "with temporary liquidity problems". The fact that the Cypriot banks were supported with emergency loans for more than a year, shows that it apparently was not temporary problems. . For extended on this subject check blog.

The Big Data, a new eldorado not without risk for advertisers.

New El Dorado of advertisers, the megadonnees, or Big Data open the possibility to analyse consumer behaviour to provide advertisements more efficient and cut on measure. But consumers see the uptake of their data with suspicion and want more protection. Big Data, analysis of data on a massive scale through specialized tools, is a major challenge for the pub and marketing encrypted in tens of billions of euros in the coming two or three decades, says Raj Gomery, partner responsible for data and analytics in the Deloitte firm. This transposes this sector into a new world with much more adapted to target pubs and we brought out (of the era) advertisements of mass,? says. For a digital advertising is the Holy Grail and the Big Data is essential for the future, summarized in September Maurice Lévy, CEO of Publicis, which multiplies the acquisitions to grow in the digital. Today data are everywhere: as soon as we surfed the internet leaves traces, cookies capture the lesser users click, social networks absorb the info they leave voluntarily, while smartphones allow operators to know where their customers are located. But still need to talk about these masses of data. Quinten start-up helps its client companies to navigate the jungle of available data. Our Q-finder algorithm to identify, for example within a database of regular consumers of toothpaste, the subgroups who love and buy a certain brand of toothpaste as well as the specific features of each subgroup, explains Guillaume Bourdon, co-founder of Quinten. The advertiser can refine its communication by offering the right product at the right time via the most appropriate support. Payments are also a wealth of information. We may determine by these transactions processed anonymously buying behavior in a street, a neighborhood, a city, a region, said Raj Gomery. These techniques allow to determine the turnover for example to the Champs Elysées from holders of map of a given Bank and d? adapt strategy marketing on this avenue, says. This development might scare consumers, concedes Guillaume Bourdon. 93% of french Internet users are aware of the uptake of their personal data, and 84% said they were concerned about the use that may be made, according to a study Toluna for Havas Media. Even so close to half of these users would be willing to accept monitoring of their digital data with counterparties. Specialists from the data work more on large masses of anonymized data or streams that data attached to an individual but they are aware of the huge risk to their reputation if a security breach occurs. It is at European level that will decide the future rules of the game in this area with a new regulation on personal data expected for 2015 which is the subject of intense lobbying. At stake is a discount flat of the European landscape of the regulations of the data, to unite it, and compel all the digital players to apply this law as they provide a service for a European consumer. The company as the citizen should adopt a behaviour + dataresponsable +. The idea will be to establish rules of ethics between companies and consumers, States Guillaume Bourdon. There will be a deal: is what I accept as confidential, that is what I authorize you to use and that I do not accept, details it. Some see these new rules fearing they handicap the development of digital in Europe with a bad eye and accentuate its delay against the Google Facebook and other actors from the United States where the level of regulation is much lower. For Isabelle Jegouzo, number two of the general secretariat for European Affairs, who defends the French positions in the community negotiations, need to find the right balance between the level of protection of individuals and the margin left to the industry to grow. . You must visit the following home page to learn more about this amazing topic.

Employees feel weekend Friday at 14:40.

Employees décrocheraient mentally their profession to think about their weekend break from 14: 40 pm Friday, according to a study conducted by Opinium for the Budget car rental *. Some would also benefit to organize their offices Saturday and Sunday activities. According to this poll, the French remain however more concentrated than the Spanish and the British who is able in the middle of the morning Friday, respectively at 10:10 for the first and 10 h 19 for the latter. The Germans, for their part, remain focused on their work until 1: 21 pm on average, while the Italians held until 7:36 pm on Friday evening. If these behaviors are welcome actors of tourism and transport such as Budget and British Airways, which will surely try to target this large customer base of employees mode decompression"on Friday afternoon, employers can be reassured. While employees think their weekends during their working time, most also think of their work during the weekend. In France, according to the Budget Survey, 40% of employees have the head office Saturday and Sunday. About 20% of them consult their emails over the weekend. . Main facts may be read checking this

“I won’t vote 9-N. “The proposal of more it is not honest”.

Response. But he has performed with great skill as CiU candidate and not as President of the Generalitat. He has degraded and burned the inquiry by another thing that it is not. And he has developed a demand in Catalonia for the right to decide which even supports the PSC. His plan does not help the situation stalled. It only helps you to him to say that he has fulfilled his word that will be voted. It is not acceptable, nor honest Assumable with the citizenry. A. the objective was a consultation with the democratic guarantees of the decree and the law: principle of neutrality, debate and plurality. And if you can’t, you can not give Jack for a ride. The strategy of more opacity and that is incompatible with democracy. We proposed as an alternative to a stage of mobilization. People are confused. Can be ordered to vote without knowing the rules? Not even the technicians of the Generalitat backed the plan. One of them told to all: ‘what can technically be implemented, does not guarantee the neutrality, has no international recognition and leave us face’. R said half-truths because he knows that they are contradictory. And couldn’t you reply in the control session because he didn’t turn to retort. But Joan Mena (Esquerra Unida alternative) warned him in one of the meetings: ‘ I can’t say that I prevent voting and then simulate the vote ‘. And Espadaler (attached) and more answered: ‘Clear, clear’. So I can not buy the story and make that you vote. P no, but we will mobilize US 9-N claiming an inquiry with full guarantees and to denounce that the PP will not allow it. We are consultistas. It has got a goal by the Navy the right to decide. We do not want to be trapped between the immobility of some and the instrumentalization of others such as pre-campaign for the plebisicitarias. There are ICV voters who want to vote, it is logical, but we will not encourage an ersatz. I have an obligation to explain it. Our position is endorsed in a National Council did on Tuesday attended by 150 people and there were only four abstentions. R is worse. More play to the confusion that we seek other mobilization framework. The other day the mother of a friend of mine said to me: ‘the President has told me that I am going to vote, there will be ballot boxes and polling stations’. And it hurts me: that in a democracy is not tolerable. In Catalonia there is a speech that says we are in a hurry, but there is another reality: a 70 or 80% want to vote. And he is willing to use that force even if it weakens self-serving. And that is why we are so far away from it. R more it should convene them already because the legislature is dead. And if he has not called them because he knows he lost them to be very affected CiU by Pujol case. More more of the list has been concerned jointly with ERC which protect the 9-N. says making it to declare independence but to preserve it. If there is joint list, there will be elections. And but not. That is the great battle of these days. I don’t like also with plebiscitarias. Not be nor what they are. Here we are many times traps at the solo. R duran sells smoke. It draws scenarios in Madrid there are no, that has nothing to do with reality. It only does so to gain notoriety. Not even the PSC puts it. Not Sáenz de Santamaría and Duran negotiates a change. Who is knowledgeable in Catalonia knows that posing Duran does not have any basis. He presumed the role of joined in the meetings of this process when its role has been irrelevant. R we not division though, Yes, it’s true, we are not homogeneous. We are plural and we have not broken us as others (in allusion to the PSC). We are the only party that has done an internal referendum. I don’t want only the reference to independence: wants it to deliberate and even so you move tab. There is no federalism without consultation. Socialism federalist has become for the irruption of the sovereignty. And there is a naïve federalism who believes that Spain is going to move without a great social and democratic movement. There will be no in Spain federalsimo without consultation. A. your federalism is not sincere. To the immobility of the PP is not you blocked extending the hand: is made from the democratic radicalism. Federalism is not going to get without the right to decide. Initiative has been only non independence training who has defended it. It softens to Miquel Iceta to say that he did not like the question. But it is that it has not made any other. The PSC has not helped us nothing and has weakened the transversality of catalanism, which has the right to decide. . Additional info can be found checking

Bermuda caulk before the arrival of Hurricane Gonzalo.

Hurricane Gonzalo was about to touch the Bermuda Friday night already swept by powerful winds and heavy rains which have already deprived of power of the thousands of people barricaded homes. In its last bulletin of 21 H 00 GMT, the U.S. national Hurricane Centre (NHC) Centre informs that hurricane, which was degraded in category 3 on a scale of 5, is more than 80 kilometres away with the south/southwest of Bermuda. The hurricane weakened slightly during the day but winds Friday evening ranged up to 185 km/h and were moving towards the Northeast at a speed of 18 km/h. It should touch the very tourist archipelago to 23 H 00 GMT and his eye will then to 25 nautical miles (about 50 kilometers offshore). Friday the capital Hamilton was transformed into a ghost town. Schools, businesses and administrations have been closed since Thursday and many residents have protected their windows with boards and their doors with sandbags. Approximately 16. 000 homes were without power Friday night. Meteorologists forecast dangerous conditions for the next 12 to 18 hours. The NHC has warned of major flooding along the coasts and provides between 8 to 15 cm of precipitation. The storm will be accompanied by large and destructive waves. Authorities in this British territory have recommended that residents stay at home and do not get ratings. I wish you good luck for the next 24 hours. Be sure the one on the other, has launched the Governor George Fergusson. The international airport, closed Thursday, should that reopen Saturday at best. People rushed to shops to equip themselves and make reserves of water and food. It remained more than generators in most stores robbed already two weeks before the Tropical Storm Fay passed last weekend. Bermuda weather services provide that the cost of Gonzalo will reach those of Hurricane Fabian in 2003, which had left four dead and caused 300 million dollars in damage. Many boats have been removed ports and the frigate HMS Argyll, of the Royal Navy, was on the way to the archipelago to lend a hand. Prime Minister Michael Dunkley has congratulated the inhabitants for their preparation. Be patient, today is going to be a long day. Stand firm, we are going to get out us. Gonzalo has already killed one person in the Caribbean. The strong climbs of the waters also affect parts of the British Virgin Islands, the coast north of Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic as well as portions of the Bahamas and the southeast coast of the United States, has yet clarified the Center. Gonzalo is the seventh storm of the season in the Atlantic, which extends from June to November, and the third hurricane to hit the Caribbean this year. . You must visit the following site to learn extra about this interesting matter.

Kerry strongly critical in Israel.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry had once again drawn sharp attacks from Israeli officials for making a link between the continuation of the conflict Israeli-Palestinian and Islamist extremism in the region. With all the respect that I have for John Kerry and his efforts, it continues to beat new records when it comes to trying to understand the meaning of our differences and our region, and I believe that this time we really have right to a new record, said Communications Minister Gilad Erdan public radio. Mr. Erdan was reacting to statements by John Kerry, Thursday again called for a resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. The head of American diplomacy has estimated that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was fuelling the anger of the street in the Arab world and that all leaders of the region with which the Americans had discussed on the coalition against the Islamic State group had expressed the need for peace between Palestinians and Israelis. People need to understand the connection. This has something to do with the humiliation, denial and a lack of dignity, he said. + The absence of dignity +, this is what gives rise to the Islamic State?, asked Mr. Erdan, Member of the party’s right Likud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 200 000 people murdered in Syria, the British and Americans who cut the head, perhaps it is the fault of the settlement of Maaleh Adumim?There will be always someone to blame the Jews, even when it’s a British Muslim who beheads a British Christian, said for his part the Minister of economy Naftali Bennett, leader of the Jewish home, religious nationalist party. The US Secretary of State, in office since February 2013, was regularly the target of virulent attacks of a party of the right and the Israeli media. He thus was hard took part in the war in the Gaza Strip this summer, to the point that the White House had taken its defence. The origin of this noisy disapproval: a draft ceasefire submitted by Mr. Kerry to Mr Netanyahu and the Israeli Government had rejected. The US administration had issued the suspicion that some in the Israeli cabinet had deliberately fuiter as confidential in the press to the spirits. These suspicions have participated in the recent deterioration of relations between Israel and its American ally. . Related information can be found clicking

Boko Haram: Nigeria announces the release of the schoolgirls and a ceasefire agreement.

Only Islamist organization African stamped Al-Qaida, it is derived from the Algerian Salafi. But its area of operation has expanded and now corresponds to the region of the Sahel. Its fighters are led by Abu Hamam, itself supported by two brigade leaders. Abdelhamid Abou Zeid is the head of the most radical. AQIM has since four French abducted in Niger, September 16, 2010 and November 2011 two other captured in the North of Mali. A seventh person was kidnapped on 20 November in the West of Mali by the Mujao. He was one of the historic leaders of AQIM, before entering in dissent in October last to create its own katiba (fighting unit), the signatories by blood, near the Mujao. According to experts, men of the Bastian katiba, if no reliable figure there, are in ten rather than hundreds, with a high proportion of Malians and Mauritanians. Nicknamed the blind (he lost an eye in Afghanistan in 1991), the Algerian Mokhtar Belmokhtar, alias Khaled Aboul Abbas, is at the origin of the attack against a gas site in his country followed by a hostage. Veteran Islamist rebellion in the Algerian Sahara, it has many nicknames: the blind, the elusive, Mister Marlboro. As witnesses of the place which it occupies in the history of Algerian Jihad. He did not even twenty years when he goes to train in the Afghan training camps, which were not yet become Al-Qaida. Back to Algeria for the civil war in 1993, he joined the Algerian Armed Islamic Group, before participating in dissent, five years later, in the Foundation of the Salafist Group which became AQIM in 2007. He then reigned on the clandestine roads of the great Saharan South and juggles between terrorist acts, operations of banditry and smuggling. To fund its activities he became specialist of the abduction of Westerners. It is also presumed responsible for the death of four French in Mauritania in December 2007. The movement for unity and jihad in Afrique de l’Ouest (MUJAO) is a regional jihadist group born of the demerger of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in 2011. Composed of Arabs of Timbuktu and Algerians, the group is led by a Mauritanian, Hamada Ould Khairou, assisted by Ahmed Tilemsi. In the wake of AQIM, Ansar Dine and the Shebab, he intends to extend the jihadism to black Africa and advocates a strict application of Sharia. In 2012, the Mujao took control of the North of Mali. The people engaged in the propagation of the teaching of the Prophet and the jihad is more known under its name Hausa of Boko Haram. Founded in 2002, the Nigerian organization intends to strictly enforce Sharia law throughout the country. Boko Haram is illustrated by its violence against the Government, Christians and Muslim population in northeastern Nigeria. December 25, 2012, a series of bombings against Christian churches made at least 40 dead and many injured. . For additional information about this topic visit

Summit on the Ukraine crisis: Milanese salami tactics.

At the top meeting of leading European Heads of Government, with the Russian President Wladimir Putin in Milan to the solution of the conflict in Ukraine there are after a first round on Friday morning first results. Although Russian officials said more serious differences of opinion. Nevertheless, wants Russia involved but now apparently on the monitoring of the Ukrainian-Russian border by drones. The Estonian Prime Minister, Taavi Roivas, who had not participated in the breakfast, shouted to journalists that he was at the beginning of the Summit on Thursday "more optimistic than now". But he is optimistic enough to think that it was at least interested in "small steps" forward. Late Thursday, the Russian President had arrived only late after his visit to Serbia in Milan. He was joined only the festive dinner in the Royal Palace, as there the table speeches were made. The bilateral meeting agreed for the early evening with German Chancellor Merkel in the hotel of delegations therefore also only then was held, only against 1 30 pm in the night to end. . You can check the following site to read more about this great matter.

15 years Wer wird Millionär?: the TV nation laughed about this candidate.

Marlene Grabherr (48) from Gottmadingen became a millionaire. Her dream of the million would burst almost at the fourth question: through which process sent you in ancient Athens its citizens into exile? A: Jell-o, B: final meal, C: ostracism, D: the grill (answer C). The housewife put their audience Joker, helped the audience and finally played up to the million. Florian Stork (24) from Cologne had a surprising answer to the fourth question: who mumbled so much that it was hard to understand in his films? A: Hans Moser, B: Gustav Zeter, C: Norbert nagging, D: Paul Motzki (answer A). The law student replied with D. zero euro. Sascha Pendo (35), an engineer from Solingen, came at the first question in the sweating and had to use his audience Joker: why is that,.? A: Blonde stupid B: trout mute, C: banana krumm, D: show already around (answer C). The audience helped, he finally lost to the eighth question and won $500. Brigitte Preisinger needed a wild card for the 200 – and 300-euro question each. The 8 000-euro question opted also for the wrong answer and fell back to a total unfortunate appearance at 500 euros. 200 euro issue (solved by using of the audience): metals are,.? A: stairway, B: stairs, C:, D: Director. Reply D was right. 300 Euro issue (solved by using the phone Joker): who drives his car very fast,.? A: warms, fires B:, C: heats up, D: turns on the fireplace. Answer C was right. Thomas Jäger failed in this 500-euro question: what should you wear on your feet? A: tortillas, Jalapeños B:, C: Espradilles D: Enchiladas. Answer C was right. The candidate zero euro but chose the answer D. profit sum! Only a short time was a young lady from Dresden on Günther Jauch hot Chair, then the student of economics but had an economics question, although at the 1000-euro question, yet all four Jokers available were you. What to preserve Europe’s crisis States before the collapse? A: million button B: billion switch, C: trillion lever, D: million billion billion key (answer C). She opted for the billion-switch and went home with $500. 8000 euros was final and Günther Jauch a stone of the heart was visible when Martina Baral of Gallegos left the rate Chair. Without paternal help of the moderator, the 19 year-old student would be failed at 100-euro entry question? To most, but remained their blatant consulting resistance. On the question what should go as smoothly on train yards or airports? She replied with Porto instead of envelope and wouldn’t let off even then by the wrong answer, as Jack with 100 euro, however, bet. For several minutes the two fought, until a call at grandfather brought the young woman still on the right track. Patrick Klein will never forget this name: instead of begging he renamed simply the Prime Minister of Luxembourg in Trinckgeld (Schnorré and Almosyus were also available). The politicians took’s with humor and wrote the WWM candidate via Facebook: we had good laughs all begging wrote. If you’re in Luxembourg, you tell me please. MFG of new premier,-). . Similar text can be inspected reading

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