Tunisia: deadly clash between security forces and terrorists.

Announced and feared, the confrontation with the terrorists occurred Thursday, three days before the Tunisian legislative election: Oued Ellil, neighborhood not far from the campus of the University of Manouba, about 15 kilometres from Tunis, a gendarme was killed in exchanges of fire with gunmen entrenched, with wife and children, in a House. Another Member of the National Guard was wounded during this siege, which continued Thursday afternoon. The Tunisia is confronted with terrorism since its revolution of January 2011. This phenomenon has stopped growing. More than 50 soldiers, gendarmes and police were killed in attacks involving armed groups, who take advantage of the porosity of the borders with the Libya and the Algeria. Since December, 2012, security forces have failed to reduce a jihadist maquis in the Cavell mountains near the Algeria. Number of sleeper cells are also located in the territory. To reassure voters, it is planned to deploy troops Sunday, the legislative election day. Security and the fight against terrorism are at the heart of the election campaign. Each camp evaluates the effect that a major terrorist action might have on the outcome of the poll. An additional need for security could harm the Ennahdha Islamists, since terrorism was increased when they were in Government, between 2012 and 2014. But a strong forbearance, fear to capture voters, would play in their favor, Ennahdha being the largest militant force in the country. . You can visit the following http://eb406adadf6bdfdf25e2e1.com-datasets-online.eu to read more regarding this amazing topic.

Underwater Hockey: Diving. Meeting. Take a breath.

Quiet it is, the water in the basin of the Poccibades. No waves interfere with views of the bluish shimmering floor, lies a small, pink orange puck. Is shown only for the, looking for him. But on command, it’s over with silence, acoustically as visually seen. Punchy five people with caps, snorkeling and diving goggles from the pool edge repel from two sides. Their target: The small puck in the middle. The water surface becomes restless, it squirts again and again the men and women show up, strong breath and dive down again – in the world of Underwater Hockey, which is difficult to understand for the observer on the surface. Nearly 40 athletes belonging to the 2010 founded Association of Underwater Hockey Munich, ten are on this night at the training. The history of this unusual sport in Munich began in the year 2002. At that time, a French student brought the game from his home and established it as a part of the college sports. For many years the German national team consisted only of players who came from the uni range. Until 2009 the World Association to the edition made it, that from now on only Club player may participate in the comparisons of the nation. The decision to set up an own Club and to join any existing was right, in hindsight, Marion Brandl, dual function says coach and player of the Munich. This was independent of the Club, and could regulate the entire process after own interests. Also, it is now possible to bring the sport to non-students. Still, most of the Association come from circles of the University. Has been shown in recent years that some foreign students extra come to Munich, because here, they can play Underwater Hockey, Banerjee says. The constant exchange and turnover cause many statements in the course of the evening in English to be made. And can result in a very open international community emerged in the all learn from each other. Because there is a second Club in Heidelberg in Germany recently, is to think not of a division operation. Instead, the Munich often go to tournaments in the European countries where the sport is more popular than in Germany, where Munich is still a large part of the national team. In addition to travel costs, enormously high entry fees incurred at the World Championships. 3000 euro 2013 were in Hungary, which forced the women to improvise at the last event. A Crowdfunding project, they made a film, which brought attention to the sport, occurred in the radio or posed in a bathing suit on the Marienplatz. Results: Met the required amount. Otherwise, the search for donors is tedious. For sponsors, our sport is unfortunately little lucrative, because it is most of the time under water. And television broadcasts are therefore just as difficult, says Johanna Haumann, who belongs to the Club since its inception. It describes problems that many exotic fringe sport to fight. And as for all niche offers the question arises: what’s so special about it? Related data can be read clicking http://eb406adadf6bdfdf25e2e1.com-datasets-online.eu.

The German economy slows the eurozone (Economist).

The economic authority of the Germany allows its Government to as if the country was not one of the causes of the crisis in the eurozone. The reluctance of German politicians to compromise calls into question the prospects for a common economic space, says Simon Tilford, Director of the Centre for European reform in London, Economist and publicist. The expert stressed that approximate the eurozone rescue plan options are clear to everyone, with the exception of the Germany. Structural reforms in France and in Italy coupled with measures to strengthen fiscal positions in the long term, as well as the programme of quantitative easing by the European Central Bank (ECB), are the most suitable options not only for peripheral European economies but also the Germany. However the German Government did not intend today to support this project. The stability of the common currency and the economic situation of the countries of the euro area will continue to depend on the domestic politics of the Germany. This path leads to stagnation, deflation and it is also a pretext for populists in France and Italy. Such an evolution of the situation could become a point of no return in the relations between the Germany and these countries, as well as a point of departure for the collapse of the eurozone, writes Simon Tilford. . You must check this http://eb406adadf6bdfdf25e2e1.com-datasets-online.eu to discover extra about this amazing topic.

The unique, often proposed but never embodied contract.

As of 2004, Nicolas Sarkozy, then Minister of economy commissioned a report on the idea of a single work contract. In December, Pierre Cahuc and Francis Kramarz integrate measurement to their report on an ‘occupational social security. "Setting up a unique employment contract was intended to limit the inequalities caused by the excessive use of fixed-term contracts. She also aims to simplify the work contract, which the progressive complexity constituted an important source of unequal treatment", believe the two economists. The CNE comes into force in August 2005, as part of emergency measures for employment validated during the summer by orders and therefore without a vote of the Parliament. Just days after its establishment, unions seek the annulment of the CNE. Six months later, justice for wrongful breach of contract remedies multiply and the CNE signed number continues to fall. In November 2007, l’organisation internationale du travail (OIT) criticized the CNE and invites the Government to renegotiate with the social partners. Finally, trade unions and employers decide late January 2008, the removal of the CNE. It is repealed in June after three short years of an unconvincing existence. In 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy entered his presidential programme, containing the arguments of the Cahuc-Kramarz report the creation of a single contract. It is supported by the Liberals who see a simplification of professional standards. This unique employment contract (CTU) generalize CDI but would ease constraints for dismissal. Companies would be so more obliged to find a solution for reclassification to the employee sacked and no economic motive would be most required for rupture of the CDI. In compensation, the employee dismissed as the Government would obtain compensation corresponding to 10% of wages paid since the beginning of the contract. Despite his election Nicolas Sarkozy does not materialize the idea. It is indeed facing both trade unions and employers. The first denounce the relief of stresses in case of dismissal on behalf of greater flexibility. The latter criticize both the financial risk that would hover a dismissal on their business and a standardisation of contracts little adapted to the diversity of their needs. The measure is buried and his return to the presidential program of François Bayrou in 2012 will do nothing. . Extended info can be read visiting http://eb406adadf6bdfdf25e2e1.com-datasets-online.eu.

Action movie Northmen – A Viking saga: to Valhalla! (And please don’t come back).

The squad accidentally brought a fine Scottish lady (Charlie Murphy) in a carriage which now well suits the Vikings: hope to be able to buy the admission in the Danelaw with this valuable loot. The Danelaw (that only centuries was named after the historical time of the movie) is a collection of settlements and forts in the East of England, conquered by the Vikings. Until PW and his men there can ask to join, they must fight through English enemy territory, which takes extremely tough 97 minutes of film. Now there is enough history movies, which skillfully because deliberately cheap sell adventure stories in historical garb. It is a decision, if a film about Vikings to be taught anything about Vikings. If been undemanding, but then at least entertaining. But why then so bad action, so predictable dialogues, battles, ambushes, decisions, drum roll inserts? Even the surprises are predictable in this movie. Because after some time of hiking in the Highlands, the Vikings meet on a monk (Ryan Kwanten, true blood). Wide cut, short hair, fiery look. That this man has a secret and knows more than he says is it written clearly in the face. The monk knows about medicinal plants and takes care of a wounded man of the North. Suddenly, a gang of enemy soldiers out of the bushes jumps again. Because the monk takes his walking stick across and which turns out to be Ninja of God – also still know, that the kidnapped Lady is the daughter of the Scottish King Dunchaid. But he’s looking for her now. . You should visit this http://eb406adadf6bdfdf25e2e1.com-datasets-online.eu to learn extra about this great matter.

While in Strasbourg the European Parliament turn the Green disk for the Commission Juncker who will become for his five-year term from November 1, from Brussels the Barroso Executive, in one of his last acts, still silent on the law of the Italian Stable. A maneuver that, compared to what was agreed previously with Community bodies, it defers to 2017 the balanced budget and requiring a correction of the public finances of our country only 0.1% and 0.5% of not. According to what I know, the Eu letter (deadline today, ED) has not yet arrived, explains to Jonathan Simeone. en Sandro Gozi, Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs and leader of the Sherpas of Palazzo Chigi in the difficult negotiations of the Italian Government with community leaders. The judgement of the Barroso Commission (outgoing) is final and is not prerequisite to ending that will arrive later this month. A response that could be either an approval (which constituted a great success of Renzi), including with the possibility (request for further corrections) or a rejection. That halt, forcing the premier a rewrite of the manoeuvre, Italy would have disastrous political consequences. When the letter arrived, in any case it would be a simple request to focus on ordinary, Gozi that continues, therefore, it is not anything dramatic. According to rumors, the European Union should ask only further digits and clarification on the scenario envisioned by the former channels to better understand if the reentry path drawn by the Italian Treasury is really complying with Eu rules. The letter is sent to various countries in order to better assess their stability laws, said Gashi. It is absolutely not compromised the maneuver, were quick to say from Rome in case Brussels exploits its temportale today’s window to open the debate on the stability law with the Government Radio. It could be, and this is given almost for sure by rumors that arrive from the EU, a first step to proceed later this month to an ok to maneuver with reserve. A go-ahead requiring a correction of the nearest accounts at 0.5%, with a few billion more to pop out from the folds of the budget. . Original source may be read checking the following http://eb406adadf6bdfdf25e2e1.com-datasets-online.eu.

Littizzetto investigated: “Animal Cruelty” for piglet to “Che tempo Che fa”.

Luciana Littizzetto is charged with mistreatment of animals. The facts date back to last December, when the Turinese comic made his entry in Che tempo Che fa carrying a piglet in a pink truck. The animal was to introduce the topic at the Centre of the debate at the end of 2013, i.e. the rejection on the part of the Council of the old electoral law, called patricia_917 and starting new discussions in Parliament for a new voting system. Littizzetto named the animal "Read Pig, Peppa Pig’s cousin" but "unintentional" entry of the suckling pig was not liked at the Italian animal rights association that filed a complaint for mistreatment of animals. The milanese Prosecutor Ferdinando Esposito has accepted the request of animal rights and has listed the Littizzetto in the register of suspects.   The Association’s President Walter Corporal to courier. it called the skit "a vulgar and shabby performance." Then insist: "A gruesome scene. The suckling pig was visibly terrified, trembled and even had a chance to get out of the trolley remained motionless for the entire time. Maybe narcotizzato? Maybe drugged? It is a sentient being performance and public noises, microphones, of very strong studio lights? No mistreatment. " From there the decision to lodge a complaint lawsuit against the actress and after almost a year the prosecutor decided to give the course. Cousin Alessio, Italian animal rights lawyer who signed the complaint said: "I find it quite unacceptable that animals are used as toys for the sketch of the day. Since the Rai signed a code to prevent animal abuse on tv, like the one put in place by Ms. Littizzetto, I hope that serious measures be adopted to sanction what happened ".   Just subscribed by Rai code calls the Association saw that the situation was in the animal could be a source of stress, fear and conditions that the law defines "disrespectful of their dignity". Nothing to laugh at, therefore, for the Association and now even to the shoulder by Fabio Fazio, who are challenged some volleys as: "Unfortunately the suckling pig is unemployed now and is in the middle of a road. Rovagnati told me that she wanted to adopt it, but I wouldn’t trust to ,. It has a nice culatello. I would trust to Filippa, who face from vegetariana,. ". If the animal had been administered drugs or had shown that the incident has caused damage to the health of the pig, rischia sentenced Littizzetto up to one year in prison.   . You should check the following homepage to learn more on this amazing topic.

Maluku archipelago Banda: What the English against Manhattan exchanged.

Also, the Christian rulers of Europe so eager were to find the direct way to the fabled Spice Islands. Ferdinand Magellan, Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco da Gama – they all sailed on, to find the Moluccas. Instead of the sail ship come today’s explorers – tourists – ferry. But when these bends in the Strait between the main island Banda Neira and the Vulkan Gunungapi, they feel well, to have arrived at the end of the world. Who wants to see the underwater world, but needs no diving license. It is sufficient to take the 11-hour ferry to Pulau AI. If you previously sent an SMS, Yusuf s waiting at the pier and leads to his pension. Call can not those skinny 65. There is no mobile phone network on AI. Only at the top of the pier, a bar lights up on the display. So s goes twice a day and look, whether guests announce themselves. AI is so calm that some visitors can’t stand the silence and again departs after a day. According to, only the taps, which teeter on the narrow concrete road, are the main street of the village of single. And the school children in uniforms, who tirelessly Hi call Mister. Women sitting on the patios from the Pastel-colored bungalows and hacking with machetes Kenari, the Indonesian almonds. Nutmeg in the sun drying on mats along the way. Who walks long enough, comes on AI always on a beach – the small island is only about 200 meters long. . You must click the following url to learn more about this amazing topic.

PS: Manuel Valls offers (yet) change the name of the Socialist Party.

Do tell more Manuel Valls is Socialist. In a single interview, forthcoming in the Obs Thursday, Prime Minister calls for an end to the backward-looking left, refuses to define itself as Socialist, and did not exclude a change of name of the PS. At the risk of a new levy of shield in his own camp, while the majority is already torn from all sides. Clearly decided not to be intimidated by the Slingers of his left wing contesting it, Manuel Valls attack: it is necessary to put an end to the backward-looking left, one that attaches to a past gone and nostalgic, haunted by the Marxist superego and the memory of the Trente Glorieuses. As for those who Jean-Luc Mélenchon in mind, accuse him of betraying the left, finds them outdated. Martine Aubry is not left out, she who Sunday frontally criticized his economic policy: I do not share his proposal to go back. A house common of all progressive forces at the edge of the break with a part of his camp, manual Valls still consider themselves as Socialist? When the question is explicitly posed, he refuses to resume this term, preferring to say a pragmatic, reform and Republican left. Ideology has led to disasters, insists the head of Government, considering that the only question that worth is how to orient the modernity to accelerate the empowerment of individuals. In these circumstances, imagine a change of name of the PS? Why not, says Manuel Valls, before developing by proposing to build a common house of all progressive forces against the threat of a hard right and a far right that progresses. In this, the Prime Minister remains faithful to an idea that he had already brought in 2007 and 2011 and which aroused large whirlpool in the party,, which cannot fail to be revived. The first Secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, thus already swept the proposal Wednesday, preferring that one keeps the beautiful name of Socialist Party. . Inspirational source could be read reading the following weblink.

Free food? You could multiply by ten.

It is not a fantasy: at this moment the Caritas, Last Minute Market, Banco Alimentare and other solidarity groups are managing to distribute tons of food on expiry or slightly damaged packaging, tens of thousands of people.  I wonder why an action so don’t organise parties, municipalities, Renzi. If you moved them you could multiply by 10, tomorrow morning, the power of this machine that recovers food waste and puts it at the disposal of those who don’t have money. Renzi, meanwhile looking for 80 euros to give to those who are worse, could send the EUR 80 kinds of first need ,. A great job but the expense would be short. Renzi may transfer a couple of thousands of underutilized employees (there is ,.) to handle this work. Might come home with courier cartons, or you could offer to the supermarkets tax deductions if you organize yourself a distribution system of some free products to those in possession of a credit card company. For ways to do it if you can find many ,. But there is. And likewise, we could do it for the truck-loads of furniture, appliances, computers, clothes, that end up in landfills every day (and are a cost to the community). Could be adjusted and resold at minimum prices, there would be hundreds of jobs and an additional help for families in need. It would be pure ecological. We proposed to Vendola to use public funding to Sel to bring relief with initiatives. He said several times that he would. Did nothing. And even the M5S could use public funding for such urgent action (and popular) but doesn’t. Money return, meritorious action, but less effective than use them directly. If the M5S were directly the millions of euros that waiver, which could demonstrate its ability to concrete action. It would therefore also a huge advantage of image; a party who undertakes to redistribute the money obtained through the construction of solidarity systems and ,. Beautiful! I haven’t yet figured out if Renzi is able to make the reforms (and triumph in Italy) or is it a bluff (and will end up in the rubbish dump of history).  But let’s pretend that wants to truly modernize the country. If so is making a mistake. So far it went well because it has great symbolic actions aimed at: vaporization of the Senate, the 80 euro, fixing schools and ,. But at some point should go to step well of true change.  Change Italy is a work by craftsmen, by watchmakers. The big traffic jam of laws and potentate and controlobby controleggi, causes to change you have to play a match in shanghai. Renzi has faced a series of bacchettine to move that could earn a lot of points.  It costs nothing to abolish that codicil that forbids municipalities to sell biomass resulting from the maintenance of gardens and fields along the roads. Today the towns should give it at landfills Greens. So a gain becomes a cost. It costs nothing to abolish the law that stipulates that no cemeteries are simple plots of land to bury the dead but huge, costly, reinforced concrete boxes with 2-metre high fence (we are the only ones in the world! For this we burials cost one sfracello and there is shortage of loculi).  There is little to turn shit into gold. Just create a public investment fund that gives the rights of exploitation of the municipal sewer slurry to biogas production (tender bacteria that eat happy our POO and scoreggiano fuel gas). Today we spend colossal figures for the purifiers. In Northern Europe the citizens willingly contribute to municipal budget cagando continue. Equally we could sell the rights to exploit the sea currents that wash against the Italy; Today the water at low speed turbines have a cost to kW equal to that of nuclear power. Produce electricity directly, are not dangerous for the fish (I’m slow) and do not interfere with navigation (you place in depth).  There are ways to clean up the ports that allow huge ecological benefits and halve costs. It would save billions. It costs nothing to provide that medical waste should be sterilized and dried directly in hospitals, there are technologies to do so, no obligation. Today it spends 1.5 euro per kilo and more, such as biomass instead receive 2 cents per pound (and investment for new machines will pay off at the speed of light). I stop here, if you want to know more see the videos posted Everyday dalFatto television, recount the ideas come out during Ecofuturo Festival. With Cristiano, Dawa Button, Marco Marchetti and Fabio Roggiolani, are preparing a white paper that lists in detail how to cut costs, stupid and increase revenue. Then we go to present it in Parliament. Then we incateniamo in front of Palazzo Chigi.   . Root facts could be studied visiting the following resource.

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