Accused of murder, they attend their trial in carpooling with the judge.

Vincent Tournadre and Joshua Bernad spent the weekend in Montpellier. Monday, for the return journey, they are registered on Blablacar, a website. After a few kilometers, the newspaper says two passengers realized that the face of the driver was not unknown. And for cause, the Deputy magistrate was sitting facing them for six weeks,. According to them, tells Midi Libre, the magistrate the would have perfectly recognized, even alluding to trial during the paid route. The reopening of the proceedings Tuesday morning, the president of the Court simply stated that the magistrate was absent due to an incident. Judicial source, she was invited to take a few days off and will be heard by the first president of the Court of appeal of Montpellier on his return. If the judge is not expected to take part in the deliberations, except one of his colleagues is unavailable, it is not intended to come into contact with the accused. They are suspected of having participated in the punitive expedition in 2010 which took the lives of the young victim.   . Root source could be found reading the following info.

Why there is an urgent need to better explain the economy.

First, the survey confirms that economic interest the French – at least thats what say more than half of them. According to another poll commissioned by the Bank of France, this interest is growing,. but 3 French on 5 find economic information is not understandable. The radio appears especially tight – Fournier was not the only one. When it raises questions about the more comprehensible stakeholders, they are ranked first (40%) economists, then journalists (33%), civil society (19%), bankers (6%) and policies (3%). Unsurprisingly, they prefer information of proximity (territory, employment, purchasing power) in the news on finance or macroeconomics, they have trouble understanding. Whence this changed? There are at least three explanations: journalists, economists,. and the French. Let’s start with the journalists. Among those who follow the economy, some ignore its inner workings of base. Lack of becoming political, sporting or cultural journalists, they are trained on the job with more or less success. Others, who had a solid background, have lost on the road becoming stars. As for schools, they have long given the primacy in the techniques of the trade – even if they start to move. Young professionals are certainly better trained. But outside the specialized press, chief editors rarely have the appetite for the economy. When they are interested, it is often with a purely political reading. Last point: in the digital competition which strengthens every day, most media are now racing to the flow of information (such as declining rates of the ECB) without trying to make them understand. Second explanation, economists. Many of them have no desire to come and explain the economy to a wide audience. Because they work in the public sector, where they are subject to a duty of reserve (Treasury), because they work at the University, where the highest priority is published in sharp journals do not perish, because it is easier to apply only to "knowledgeable parties. A few others have so taken a liking to the microphones and cameras that they have all the time to make the economy. And then their discipline is a gigantic construction site. Major General models of explanation of the world have failed. On essential issues such as the effect of the minimum wage, the budgetary rigour or the opening of the borders, it is impossible to find any consensus among them. The development of empirical work leads to specific and often less debated recommendations, but each time in a particular context. Difficult to pedagogy the endless debates! Third explanation, the French themselves. As we collectively have a very particular economic report. The State is in the heart of the construction of the French identity, we are wary of the market. The banker Jean Peyrelevade dissects the mechanics in his latest book, "story of a neurosis, the France and its economy". Per capita growth has been among the lowest countries advanced twenty years, we are among the most pessimistic in the world on the economic future. According to the latest study by the Pew Research Center, 17% of the French believe that the economic situation will improve in the coming year, against 19% of Greeks, 25% of Italians, 26% of the Palestinians and Germans, 35% of Americans, 36% of Pakistanis, 63% of Brazilians, 80% of Chinese. Only the Japanese are more pessimistic. Poorly explained, poorly controlled, the economy is also badly lived. This vicious circle is autoentretenu. There is a solution to break it: training and pedagogy. Just we sleeves. . For extended about this matter read

Rosetta: lack of Sun, the Philae robot is “asleep” on the Comet Tchouri.

Philae was 80% of its travailvol in addition to the results of drilling, the robot garnered a wealth of pictures and scientific data.  During his rebounds, "the robot worked and earned full of dust", argued Marc Pircher.  "The results of Philae are extraordinary," he stressed, adding that "80% of the work of the robot was done.  "Ten Philae instruments all worked. It is a great success. We can be satisfied,"said Philippe Gaudon.   He x-rayed the Interior of the Comet, studied magnetism, made images of the ground, analyzed the complex molecules released by the surface by "sniffing".  This mission "is unique and will remain unique forever," said Andrea Accomazzo, the Rosetta mission Flight Director, during the ESA press briefing. The incredible Odyssey of Philae is probably over.  The little robot, placed on the Tchouri Comet, ‘died’, announced around 2:30 on the night of Friday to Saturday the French space agency on his Twitter account. But, a bit like a mobile phone whose battery would be discharged, it doesn’t work anymore, but it is not dead, scientists insist,. They hope that the robot will be able to come out of its hibernation in August. At that time, the comet will be "active like a devil, she will be very close to the Sun," said one of the scientists. With a bit of luck, the solar batteries of the robot store heat which would allow him to wake up and get back to work. Friday evening, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced a good new shortly after 23 hours: the robot, which it feared that it is completely flat, had sent a signal showing "that he is still alive. Thus, the signal was restored for a few hours and the crucial scientific data have flocked on the comet. The little robot Philae had launched its last forces in the largest operation of its expedition: the drilling of the Tchouri Comet. It feared that the robot has not enough energy to send the Treasury of information collected. But eventually, everything has gone well. Scientists should also instruct Philae to perform a rotation in the hope that this would allow one of its largest solar to receive more light. This could give energy for rechargeable batteries and therefore a small reprieve.  That, apparently, has not worked. Philae was dumped on the Comet with two power sources: a battery with two days of autonomy, and solar panels expected to take over later. However, the robot, after having bounced on the site where it was to land, is finally went to bind one kilometer more away in the shade of a cliff, in an extremely rugged area. And instead of receive 7 hours of Sun per day, its solar panels do beneficiaieint even not two. Far too little to keep the module in life,.   Solar batteries "provide approximately four times less energy than expected", explained Philippe Gaudon, CNES Rosetta Project leader. The life of the robot, which could last until March, so was therefore cut short. The European Space Agency was therefore these last hours face an agonizing choice: she could play caution and bring the robot to sleep, without even attempting to drill the Comet, hoping that he will wake up in a few weeks when the comet will be close the Sun. She could also try to maneuver the robot out of its rut. Or try all for all, use the last forces of the machine in a borehole to the uncertain success, and take the risk of sacrificing the robot, the name of science.   Apparently, the Esa has chosen scenarios 2 and 3.  Last night, as well as in mid afternoon, the robot thus used its drills, to collect samples of the Interior of the Comet, the ultimate goal of his visit. The operation was extremely risky because the robot, we know, is not anchored in the soil. Light as a feather on the Comet without gravity, the slightest stroke of drilling equipment could propel it into space.   . Original source could be read checking this

(agr) A video released by Greenpeace shows the ramming by some Spanish Navy dinghies boats environmentalists off the islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands. On the morning of Saturday, writes in a press release the Association, some inflatables parties from Greenpeace’s ship Arctic Sunrise have implemented a peaceful protest against the ship by Rowan drilling Renaissance which, on behalf of the Spanish company Repsol, intends to carry out exploratory drilling hazardous. Three Spanish Navy boats from the ship RelámpagoP43, have repeatedly rammed the Greenpeace inflatables: an Italian activist 21 years fell into the sea as a result of that aggression, reporting a fracture and two cuts. Transferred by helicopter from the Spanish military authorities, to a hospital in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), is receiving medical care now appropriate. Another activist was wounded and even Greenpeace dinghies were damaged. During the night the Spanish military authorities had asked the Greenpeace ship to leave the area where Repsol intends to do the drilling. . For extended information about this subject visit source.

DFB victory in the European Championship qualifiers: new prevents Gibraltar gate dream.

Liam Walker came around in the world. It went to Atlético Zabal, Linense and San Roque in Spain over Portsmouth in England’s third League at Bnei Yehuda in Israel. There he scored even one goal in the Premier League, but now he is back in the homeland. On the small rocky outcrop of the Iberian Peninsula, called Gibraltar for centuries. His current Club is called Lincoln red IMPS Football Club. Liam Walker now was on Friday night against 21 30 a national hero. In his mind anyway. For a moment. The moment may not have been enough to imagine, what would happen to all: worn on the shoulders left the field, audience with the Queen, bronze statue carved into the rock. Before all this and perhaps more Liam was Walker, after he’d ideally met the ball with his left foot and the ball through the cool Nuremberg air direction German goal swept. To be honest: I thought it going in, the 26-year-old would say later. To be honest: so, as the ball flew, many thought that it echoed a powerful Ouuhh of the 40,000 Stadium. It was the first goal for Gibraltar in a competitive match. In Germany. In the current world champion. But Walker’s Gate dream disintegrated in a man who wrecked currently so many goal dreams is like no other: in Manuel Neuer. He brings out an incredible parade, Walker said. Manuel Neuer prevented a historic conceded in this scene just before the break with a world goalkeeper action. In the second half, he had to once again against this Walker from the Lincoln red IMPS Football Club clear. Whether he is scene hurt these remained unclear in the stadium. The next day, the DFB reported that new had departed due to discomfort in the right knee. More information was not known. Nuremberg was not the speech of, and therefore also not the reason, especially head coach Joachim Löw felt considerable trouble. The German national team won in Nuremberg on Friday night against the football novice Gibraltar 4-0. It was the second victory in qualifying Group D, where the Germans now three with seven points in place, tie with Ireland and Scotland. The success against the Gibraltar composed largely of semi professionals and amateurs was able however to make anyone happy. . Inspirational data can be read clicking this

Hid the drug in karaoke microphones: arrested in the Philippines.

The investigation began last May following the discovery of a postal parcel mailed from the Philippines by plane and directed to a recipient resident in Rome, Italian containing karaoke microphones that had been concealed about 500 grams of methamphetamine crystals, also known as Ice or drug defined ethnic Shaboo, as consumed mostly by Filipinos. This amazing, which is similar to coarse salt crystals and is usually inhaled, causes a strong State of euphoria, often severe hallucinations and need a few inhalations to become employees. Spotted the envelope with the drugs, the carabinieri in via in Selci played investigative and stalking that have made it possible to identify the recipients. In may, the military has arrested two Filipino men, of 45 years and 42, residing in Rome, accused of unlawful imprisonment of the narcotic. The continuation of the investigation has therefore made it possible to ascertain that the organiser of the drug trafficking was a woman, also from the Philippines, today shut down. Retail sales of the drug could generate more than one hundred thousand euros for 4000 doses. . Related facts can be inspected clicking url.

India, women died after sterilization: found rat poison in medicines.

Sterilizations with drugs that contain a powerful rat poison. This was revealed by health authorities of India, after 14 women have died since the beginning of November after sterilization operations. Operations that were not in homes or rooms by luck, but by a trained medical professional and within State hospitals. To confirm the news was an official of the Health Department in the State of Chhattisgarh, where the deaths occurred: "From a first examination, he said, it seems that the health of women operated in the health field has been exacerbated after taking medicines contaminated with zinc phosphide, a substance used as rat poison". The local Government has opened an investigation, entrusting to an ad hoc Committee that, in a time not exceeding three months, shall submit a report that face emerging responsibilities and reconstruct events. The investigation will focus on health campaign launched a week ago, when 80 women were offered to undergo surgery for birth control. Eighty surgeries in less than 5 hours. 122 other women are still admitted in hospitals in the area, after being tested, a week ago, to tubectomia. . Similar facts can be found visiting page.

G20: a Summit in a poisonous atmosphere between Russia and the West.

The menu, Ebola, the world economy, and the strained relations between Putin and the West because of the Ukraine. They promised to do their utmost to "eradicate" the Ebola epidemic, which already has more than 5,000 dead in West Africa. "The members of the G20 are committed to do whatever it takes to eradicate the epidemic and to cover its economic and humanitarian consequences in the medium term", said a statement of the G20 published at the end of the first day of the Summit, which ends Sunday. Here’s today’s Courier Mail. an Abbott-Putin punch-up in the offing. peak. Twitter. com/d23kal4qZ3 – Tonda MacCharles (@TondaMacC) November 15, 2014 and the Russia charged Friday observers of the OSCE (Organization for security and cooperation in Europe) in Ukraine to support of de facto authorities in Kiev. According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "one has the impression that all his efforts are intended to provide assistance and support to only a part of the conflict, the official authorities of Kiev. . For extended data about this subject read info.

William Forsythe at the Autumn Festival.

Like Goya’s tapestries of la Granja and Goya’s black paintings, there are two types of Forsythe, even if one is consubstantial to the other: the dazzling Forsythe of the 1980s and the tortured Forsythe of today including some works appear as the productions of a mind worried, ravaged, enemy of the very notion of spectacle. The one and the other are celebrated by the Festival d’Automne at many shows. In the virtuosity of fascinating, in this research frenetic, throbbing of a gesture of original neoclassical, but reinvented, flying splinters, sculpted according to concepts of extreme modernity and always pushing further the limits of the possible, germinated without doubt something announcing the taste for nothingness, almost neurotic rejection today from beautiful. Thus, at this edition of the Autumn Festival, reviewed on the one hand the flamboyant works of the past, as that dancing them there is little on the stage of the Théâtre de la Ville, the remarkable Ballet of the Opera in Dresden with Steptext or In the Middle, somewhat elevated; or others, as fascinating, executed this week in the same theater and Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines by the Ballet of the Opera de Lyon, which deploys its brilliance and virtuosity with Enemy in the Figure or One Flat Thing, reproduced. On the other hand, at the Theatre de Chaillot this time, one will discover current compositions of a frenzied nihilism, such as perform them members of the troupe of American choreographer now torn between Frankfurt and Dresden. They would Lynch the author by the public if it was Forsythe. They leave surely stunned before so many dark, destructive rage. And it is not impossible that there is in the tortuous and hallucinating today Director something that desperately want to atone and deny the brilliant former choreographer. . Root facts may be found clicking the following blog.

Climate partners United States and China: From sinners are winners.

It is one and a half years that the United States and China in a joint declaration recognised the dangers of climate change, and entrusted a working group examining the countermeasures. On Wednesday now, US President Barack Obama and his Chinese host XI Jinping in Beijing presented a surprisingly far-reaching agreements to curb their emissions. Months-long negotiations the agreement forward. In October Obama’s climate Adviser, went John Podesta to talk to Beijing, previously the American President to have turned himself in a letter to XI. Employees of the White House betrayed this. The President seems to like to send letters to his difficult colleagues; just the Iranian leadership had reported a letter of Obama’s to journal the Wall Street. US Secretary of State John Kerry wrote in an essay published Wednesday, the historic agreement of the United States and China should lead the way to the rest of the world: more States must now overcome their traditional trenches. A global climate change agreement for 2015 is possible. Kerry called the Sino American relationship like the most of the 21st century: If both Nations on the same strand withdraws, so this change the world. The strand is thicker than expected these days. Obama’s second visit to China has been productive. In addition to the climate change Treaty and some easing of visa restrictions the United States and China took also a security decision, which is intended to prevent confrontations in the seas off China. . Similar info can be inspected checking

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