Vicenza, altera ultrasound with malformed fetus: investigated gynaecologist.

A gynaecologist hospital in Noventa Vicentina, near Vicenza, is alleged to have "remodeled" morphological ultrasound of a baby who was born without a hand and part of the forearm. For this the doctor is concerned with the possibility of false public act. The facts date back to a year ago. The gynaecologist to the parents of the little had said at the time of ultrasound, that everything was fine. The child’s mother, a woman of 42 years, during the second trimester of pregnancy had carried on as outpatients at the Hospital of Noventa a morphological ultrasound and the outcome had been positive. The doctor had confirmed parents that everything was in poso and in this sense had issued a report. Investigations of the Prosecutor would later confirmed that the examination report, delivered after insistent requests of parents, had been retouched to hide the error of assessment. When parents have finally gotten an authentic copy of the examination have in fact found a different report that actually spoke of a skeletal abnormality partially assessed. The entry in the register of suspects was communicated to gynaecologist vicentina by pm John Golin with the notice of closing of the preliminary investigation. Investigations that have led to a search warrant to Noventa and computer advice that would make it possible to demonstrate how the report was altered della ginecologa in February 2014, shortly before delivery, probably to hide the mistake made previously. Now the gynaecologist vicentina investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for forgery in public act will have twenty days to ask to be heard or to make defensive memory. . You should read this fact to read extra regarding this amazing subject.

Three guys disappear in the years ‘ 70: found in the car at the bottom of a lake.

The case of the disappearance of three boys in Oklahoma lasted over forty years. November 20, 1970, young people disappear without a trace. For decades and decades nobody can find them. Up to a morning of 44 years later, when a sonar detected the presence of a car on the bottom. It is that of Jimmy, Leah and Thomas Rios. The terrible story of Williams family is reported by the Washington Post. The story begins in the 1970s, as mentioned. Jimmy comes up with two friends, Leah Johnson and Thomas Rios, telling his parents that he would go to see a football game in a high school. The three disappear along with a blue 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. The parents of the young man begin his research, investigating even in countries around the town of Sayre and Elk, where the game was that the boys had gone to see. The Williams, convinced to find him, had even contact a medium. Jimmy’s mother continued over the years to prepare a cake to celebrate the birthday of his son. But time passes and guys don’t know anything. Until September last year: the police were testing sonar in the Foss Lake, not far from Sayre, when revealing the presence devices two cars on the bottom. Both vehicles were found to contain human remains, almost unidentifiable. To find out who owned it took dna testing: the first three corpses are Jimmy and his friends in their car;  others are of Cleburn Hammack, John Porter and Nora Duncan, 42, respectively, 69 and 58 years old at the time of their disappearance, which dates back to 1969. Now families want to know how the bodies are over there. "Here we are in Oklahoma, not in New York or Los Angeles," the police is justified. And if investigators are confident that it was an accident, Jimmy’s brother, Gary, is opposite view: "they say that they ended up by accident in the Lake via the squero, but I fear that they have met the wrong people that cursed night." . Main source could be read clicking the following

Dallas Mavericks: we cannot compete with the best teams.

The start of the season is for Dirk Nowitzki to the extra motivation. With the San Antonio Spurs have the basketball superstar and his team-mates of the Dallas Mavericks watch, how the Texas rival 2014 will receive the master rings for winning the title. In the last playoffs, the Mavs had failed just short of the Spurs–in his 17 year NBA, Nowitzki sees his team in the underdog role, but also ready for a new start. I think we can keep up with the best team offensively, said on Tuesday the 36 before the first game. We have lots of guns out there. Defensive Center Chandler, Knicks returning from New York, to provide stability as anchor as in the master year. Hopefully, we can show some of the magic from 2011, said Nowitzki but also to the strong competition from San Antonio, who knows Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Lakers or Houston Rockets in the tight Western Conference. But I think that we as well can play with, although not necessarily to the number one, said in an interview by spox Nowitzki. com. After the numerous public appearances in Germany for the movie premiere of the documentary about him, he had lost no time and traveled with the Club ACE from Cologne to Dallas to prepare. In addition to strengthening his legs with mentor Holger Geschwindner, Nowitzki filed this summer at a faster conclusion of his throwing motion. He feels good, Nowitzki pointed out several times in the preparation. . You must visit the following to discover more on this great matter.

Class assignments? MOM and dad should be able to see.

The tasks in the classroom "is an official act, then it is logical that everyone can see them, especially their parents. "If a mother or a father to see-explains an English teacher of Cremona-is their right to do so, maybe bring them photocopies, but must be able to see." A right that the Tar Puglia reaffirmed a few days ago with a ruling in which it imposed to the Secretariat of the Istituto comprensivo Polo di Nardò in province of Lecce to show to a father who had made the request in Italian class exam test supported by daughter underage at the time. The girl had taken 10 e lode, but the school refused to show the parent task. Then the judges of the Court of Lecce, whose father turned, had stressed that "regardless of the remarkable educational success reported by the daughter, the exercise of parental responsibility certainly implies the possibility of exercising a supervision of cultural guidelines that a minor should be formed through the usual educational path». Which doesn’t mean, add the judges, "reaffirm a patronising view of parental responsibility", but rather "give the attentive parent the possibility of having full knowledge of tastes, expectations, cultural orientations that a minor should be acquiring and developing in an environment called to share in the growth and maturation of the individual, including life expectancy, which often escape for a healthy debate within the family closely». In general, even if minor, adds the Tar, the guy must be informed of the request of the parent. (Vote the poll) In general, however, always the class assignments can be viewed by parents. Show them their teachers during the talks or even send home, if there is a specific request, a photocopy of the task, why-he says a mathematics teacher in the land-even if they are high school kids, it’s always a high risk that homework lost, let us remember that they are official documents». The ruling does however discuss much because many professors see us a further step towards an increasingly invasive presence of families in the classroom. «We are missing only tell us what we teach to madness, "writes a prof at a forum among teachers on the internet. The problem, says a colleague, ” is that if the Tar should reaffirm the right to see the tasks in the classroom, means that few parents take advantage of this and those who do is only to criticize and judge our work. " It should be noted that this right is only for their children. A 2004 ruling of the Tar of Lazio reminded that you can’t access the votes of the other students, classmates of her son, even to assess any discrimination in terms of evaluation. . Root source could be studied checking this info.

Stability, Radhakrishnan: “the Government does not deal with the unions. They make laws in Parliament “.

"Deal with what? The surreal thing is that you must tell Camusso treat ". Matteo Renzi again against the Trade Union and Secretary of the Cgil. Interviewed by "Otto e mezzo" on The 7, defends the table a few hours before when the Ministers of Economics and work have met workers ‘ representatives to talk about the Government’s maneuver. Upon exiting complained of not having been able to "treat": "Ministers," Camusso said, "did not have the mandate to discuss. Surreal "meeting. And their answers immediately the Prime Minister: "it is right that the negotiations face, but with entrepreneurs. Not with the Government. If for years it was thought that to make a law we must ask permission to unions, we were wrong. It is high time that everyone in Italy return to do his job. They make laws in Parliament. On the law of stability in Parliament.  If the unionists want to deal you make elect, there are already, you would find at home.  I said to the Ministers who are willing to listen, I said that this is our operation, if you have things to make us listen to you if you send an email more convenient, but it’s time to stop thinking that she gets one and block the others. " Radhi takes then distanced themselves from the words of David Serra, the financier at the Leopolda renziano spoke of the need to limit layoffs in public administration by creating controversy even within the Democratic Party: "I don’t agree, I do not believe that the right to strike has to be limited. It is a sacred right and Silvia Fregolent has already answered from the stage. But it is legitimate that there are places where we discuss while not representing the Leopolda where just half the greenhouse’s claim to open controversy ". . You must visit the following blog to discover extra on this amazing matter.

Sentenced to 10 000 euro fine, the anti-abortion Xavier Dor continues his fight.

How do you react to this sentence? It is rather mild. Justice condemns me to 10,000 euro fine including EUR 5 000 with relief. If I pay in less than a month, I’ll pay 20% less. I also have to pay 250 euro fine to Cadac (Coordination des Associations for the right to abortion and contraception; ed.), 250 euro fine to family planning Paris and 250 euro fine to the national family planning, or 750 euros for these three civil parties. On the other hand, I must paying anything to the Public Assistance – hospitals of Paris (AP – HP), which had developed civil, nor to this woman who I had handed over the baby booties in June 2012, and the Medal of the Virgin Mary while she went to planned parenthood for an abortion. The civil parties complained that the Court had not sentenced you to most important,. Actually, I noticed Monday that those who were present were not very happy. They thought having more, maybe not a jackpot but more. They shout misery a little, like me, it’s normal. So are you satisfied? Satisfied,. I’ll fill me in cassation. I accept for the shape to pay this sum, but for background, as long as the children are not respected, we endeavor. Do you still regret on what you did to family planning? No not at all. I wanted to warn the woman of what she would do. I do not know that it was his final decision, but probably it has not kept the child. This is the saddest, because we cannot give. I am sure she regretted his act elsewhere. So yes I have to say: not only I do not regret my gesture, but I think that family planning should also give slippers rather than giving the pill. Abortion is a real deadly trap for the child and the mother. So you don’t consider not only what you did, by giving these slippers, might have shocked this woman and others? Is it a crime to put slippers? It has accused me of being a terrorist for it. I am not a terrorist, Islamists who put bombs everywhere are terrorists, but not me. I Act to prevent the death of little creatures, and it treats me terrorist, is a height anyway. In the current context, that is what you angry more? The putting to death of innocent people. There is no right to touch the smallest. The Government now wants to destroy the family, destroying the school, instructing the horrors to children,. Today it kills the body and then the soul of thousands of innocent people. It is awful what, everything is serious. Thus, my struggle continues more than ever even! Extended text can be read checking

Squinzi: breaking Eu parameters would not be the end of the world.

PAVIA-forward with reforms and investment, even at the cost of breaking Eu parameters. Confindustria President Giorgio Squinzi yesterday in Pavia for the Assembly of local entrepreneurial Association, confirms the positive judgement on the stability Law, in particular the part concerning the reduction of Irap and decontribuzione for newly hired personnel. Good for the plant Squinzi backstop and that is meeting in different sizes that we ask for years, steroid zeroing out of work on the calculation». Squinzi, who is said to be worried about some rules ‘ disappeared ‘ by the law such as the support for the "Made in Italy" and stronger incentives on research, asks the Government to proceed firmly on the road of reforms, in particular with regard to the labour market. Agrees with Radhi-ask Squinzi-the fact that the fixed place there is more? «This is true-replica-and it is also true that a labour market reform is absolutely necessary: the Statute is 50 years old and 50 years the world has changed at an extraordinary speed, we must take note. " Entrepreneurs, he said, "you don’t have to fire, our workers are all at high levels of preparation, are part of the company’s assets. We also want to defend them at all costs and the ideal contract is for an indefinite period that is convenient for companies and for workers ‘. The syndicate-continues Squinzi-admits that he sometimes defended indefensible positions: the problem of assentesimo, for example, must be countered with much more determination and in a concrete way. " . Main source could be studied visiting this resource.

International of Dallas where a man began to get excited seeing a passenger who, in his opinion, was gay. The victim a man half et from the air pacifica: was intent on taking photos when you heard attacking first verbally, then physically. Faggot, faggot you hear in the video that Immortalizes the moment. The man continued to insult you when they approached a man with a cowboy hat: what’s wrong? asked. The answer doesn’t take to arrive: not that FAG here she screamed loudly. Then he turned and threw a football in the lower parts and a fist at the poor victim. The attacker then they hurled some passengers who stopped and stuck on the ground awaiting the arrival of the police. While the ammanettavano agents, the men continued to laugh and to swear: This became America again before ranting against the men with the pink shirt. The aggression was picked up by several passengers who posted the video on Youtube: in a few days the images on channel by Andrew Kennedy, one of the witnesses, have become viral infection beyond one and a half million views. That dude was crazy, absolutely crazy-he told Andrew-I hope to be under the influence of some kind of substance, because if this were his true personality would be scary: I will need a long time to recover. . For additional information about this topic visit

Indian village market: The legacy of the monks.

It was a lot of work back to the place of its origin due to Bavaria’s largest brick. The huge sound cube was discovered during excavations on the monastery grounds and migrated first to the custody of the Office for protection of monuments. As the Indersdorfer Heimatverein back wanted to have the major pieces, the guardians of the Memorial turned across. But the Indersdorfer not let loose. Thanks to her persistence and the help of politicians, the Office was again out the unique stone. It was an Odyssey, Hans Kaplan, Treasurer of the home Association remembers, the battle for the coveted box. Today, the piece in the first room of the new Museum is exhibited. An especially long and hard work was also the realization of the project: the renovation of the historic house of the sacristan and Schneider Tower, which now houses a museum gem. On Friday the Augustinian inaugurated canons Museum, according to art historian and consultant Diana Oesterle a project with Lighthouse function in the region. Of experts, says Club Chairman Wagatha, has won great praise from the Museum. Originally planned as a pure Museum of local history, takes the concept much more: it tells the history of the Augustinian monastery from the 12th to the 20th century and gives an insight into the religious history, monastic life and pastoral work of the Augustinians. The exhibition is devoted to but also the school, which operated in centuries past both the order and the Sisters of mercy. In another room, the exhibition organisers and the international document how the Nazis brought among Jewish and non-Jewish children of murdered or that parents in a shack on the monastery grounds D. P. children’s Center these children after the second world war was in charge of. It was the first children’s Centre in the zone occupied by the Americans. A photo collage shows the portraits of the children who were in the monastery in 1945. The images have helped locate survivors all over the world, says Anna Andlauer, which conducts research on the children’s Center for a long time and developed the concept for this part of the exhibition. The new Museum has not only a unique selling point with the Augustinian Canons, but spans also the range from the Foundation of the monastery to the recent history of the time. The plan to redevelop the Mesnerhaus and Schneider Tower and to establish a museum there, goes back to the year 2007. Joseph Bailey, the former Chairman of the local club, pursued the idea with great passion. His successor Anton Wagatha and its supporters of the home Club have stopped the work now. The construction costs for the entire project were budgeted originally to EUR 900 000, but escalated to completion on proud 3.1 million euros. State funding pots have been tapped, the regional development Association of Dachau agile made loose funding, the municipality was finally with a high subsidy. Financing us many sleepless nights caused, we could no longer pay the interest and should personally liable Wagatha looks back at the greeting of the guests in the packed Hall of the Baroque. We’re proud of a Museum, whose building transformed from an eyesore into a piece of jewellery. Like all other speakers, State Secretary for art Bernd Sibler highlights the volunteer work of those involved. You can see, how much love and passion here worked can access and use with hands, he praised the commitment of the Association. Many people were with passion at work, but also ministries, district, district, community, Foundation of the Bavarian and the Landesamt für Denkmalpflege were involved in the project. The welfare of the Museum will be with the secondary school of Saint Vincent de Paul, the home Club and of the population, is convinced the Secretary of State, which opened the Museum after a lecture by Professor Alois Schmid about the history of the Augustinian Canons. Hans Kaplan and Wolfgang Riedmair, who significantly worked on the design of the exhibition have large proportion of the voluntary service. The show clearly the importance of the canons regular pen for the Dachauer land over the centuries. The monastery housed not only all offices of sacred and secular authorities, but was also cultural and scientific centre. Of which bear witness to the library of the monastery and the old Observatory. The Museum is dedicated to their own rooms these topics. As the monastery in the course of secularization was abolished in 1783, the library had a collection of more than 6000 books and had over 515 manuscripts. A full-length copy of engraving from the Provost-Morhart Chronicle is attached to the wall of a showroom, which shows the former monastic library. Visitors can click on the books to the stitch with the mouse of a computer; its content is then digitally visible. An also wall high, indicating the physical cabinet (Armarium) with various devices like Sextant or vacuum pump is Riedmair according to unique. Some canons were passionate scientists who made also astronomical observations. The Observatory with planetarium was established under the umbrella of the Schneider tower at the original site. This is our icing on the cake, says wagatha’s. . Similar data can be found checking url.

Syria: the United States are struggling to take advantage on the jihadists of the EIS.

After more than two months of bombing, the coalition led by the United States has succeeded in preventing the fall of the Syrian city of Kobane, but struggling to curb the progress of the jihadists of the Islamic State (AR) Organization on other fronts. The assessment of the strikes launched from 8 August by the United States and its allies is mixed. EIA continues to gain ground in the West of the Iraq and strengthens its control elsewhere. But American officials insist should not draw any conclusions until Iraqi and Kurdish forces were not reconstituted their abilities. We do that in the first minutes of the match, says a top-Centcom, the U.S. military command responsible for the Middle East and Central Asia, who runs the operation. Officials of the American administration and the Army recognizes that the upgrade of the Iraqi army will take several more months at least so she can resume the EI group its strongholds in the West and North of the Iraq. And the Sunni tribes of Iraq do not yet joined the war effort, their heads until the political openings of the new Prime Minister, Haider Abadi. Kobane, on the border between the Syria and the Turkey, American officials believe, while remaining cautious, that Kurdish forces have for the moment managed to fend off the onslaught of jihadists through the many bombings. Americans are deprived the IC of a symbolic victory, but on the ground the situation is in deadlock and the desperate cries for help from the Kurds, so that the cold response from the Turks, have revealed the deep divisions within the coalition anti-EI. -’ Drizzle’ – US objectives can not be achieved because the interests of the various stakeholders are diametrically opposed, says Vincent Desportes, Professor of strategy at Sciences-Po and retired general. The fragility of the coalition contrasts with the relative unity of the allies of the Gulf in 1991, according to his war. In 1991, it succeeded because Americans have managed to align with the Gulf States. The role of the Turkey is a constant source of tension. According to analysts, the United States underestimated the determination of Ankara to avoid any action which would strengthen the Kurds on the ground. At the same time, the Turkey and Arab countries has irritated the refusal of Washington to take directly to the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Europeans involved in the operation in Iraq, but refuse to send their planes in Syria. According to a french official, the objectives of the war are too poorly defined to federate all the partners of the coalition. There are a series of political problems which have an impact on military strategy, recognizes the official on condition of anonymity. The initial goal was to stop the advances of jihadists by erecting a barrier of fire, the time that the Iraqi forces were capable of launching a land counter-offensive. But after more than 630 air raids in Syria and Iraq, the IC has continued to gain ground, particularly in Anbar province, in the West of the Iraq. The United States understood that the Iraqi forces were still lower than they thought originally, writes Anthony Cordesman, of the center of reflection for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. The air campaign is much less intense than that conducted by NATO in Libya in 2011, pushing some to call it timid. For the retired American general David Deptula, Americans have raised a drizzle when it should be a thunderstorm. The Pentagon indicates that keystrokes are limited by the fear of civilian casualties, and by the fact that Iraqi forces are not yet capable of launching attacks on a large scale. But they cite the successful resume operation of the dam of Mosul by Kurdish forces, in August, proof on them that the local forces can carry out complex missions. Other successes followed, recently assured the Pentagon spokesman John Kirby: we believe that the strategy works, it is good, and that the coalition continues to gain momentum and strength. . You can click the following page to read extra on this interesting subject.

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