Oscar Pistorius: Verdict on four shots.

Oscar Pistorius has sat on the dock of the High Court in Pretoria in the past six months at 41 days. 41 times he has worn the almost same clothes: a charcoal gray suit with a bright shirt, to a dark tie. And all these days, the media have observed the Paralympics-star on two legs amputated: each of his statements, every glance, every sob, gagging or sigh. On Thursday, the trial against Pistorius go six months to the end. The 27-year-old is accused of having murdered his girlfriend. One last time dozens of journalists to the seats in the wood-paneled courtroom be deals himself, although the sentencing, as already the whole process before, will broadcast live from three cameras in all over the world. And Once again to fill newspapers and magazines – and dominate discussions at cocktail parties at the Cape exhaustive reports about the supposed process of the century of South Africa. Pistorius has admitted from the outset to have killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp at his villa in Pretoria on the night of Valentine’s day a year ago. He shot four times by a closed bathroom door. Whether this happened intentionally or by mistake, is can be determined despite scrutiny of weapon, ammunition, door and margin probably never more with last safety. Of even greater importance is the assessment of his person, his character – and especially the State of mind, in which he found himself, as he put off four times during the night.   Prosecutor Gerrie nel believes that Pistorius and his girlfriend fiercely disputed in fact night and the athlete therefore shot the photo model in rage behind the toilet door. There she had entrenched themselves, apparently already in street clothes, with a mobile phone. The defendant, however, also remained in cross-examination by the Prosecutor in his statement, according to which there had been a fatal mistake: he suspected an intruder behind the locked bathroom door and – shot out of fear for their own and the lives of his girlfriend – only on leg stumps standing repeatedly through the door. Exactly here begins a large grey area. The problem of Pistorius that he has clearly exceeded the statutory limit for a self defense tat night because he shot four times through a closed door in a small room, believes criminal booth. Finally he knew that it was a man. Therefore, the judge decides on manslaughter, is the penalty at the discretion of the Court; There is no minimum penalty. However are 10 to 15 years imprisonment in such cases not uncommon. Pistorius could be doomed, that never really succeeded in court to invalidate the impression of someone dominant, fond in his arms. Several times the charge could represent him with success as a reckless young man often choleric, quickly reaching for the gun, without to take responsibility for it later. So two friends and an ex-girlfriend under oath testified, Pistorius took wrathful once through the open sunroof of a moving car in the air, because shortly before a policeman during a vehicle check did not touch the arms of the athlete. It fits into the picture, that Pistorius vigorously contradicted his friends in court and collectively accused they have distorted the incident. .

Chaos Pd in Emilia, Bonaccini in Prosecutor in Bologna. B.s: “the primaries don’t jump”.

"I was happy before, and I am even more happy now. Because I think we could give explanations for any charge». Said Stephen Bonaccini leaving the Prosecutor’s Office in Bologna, where he was heard in the afternoon, adding they are "determined to continue because I know how I have always behaved in recent years». A 4,000 euro doubted Bonaccini of refunds. It would, according to the suspect, "of kilometric reimbursement, some lunches and dinners that were all about the administrative activities in relation with the territory."   To express their concern for the fate of regional primaries, instead, is the third candidate to internal consultation Center scheduled for September 28, the Mayor of Forli Roberto Balzani: «If the primaries in Emilia Romagna were cancelled it would be something very serious. " "I play a game for the Government of the region and are ready to challenge anyone, even an eventual" briscolone "’ said referring to rumors that they would like an impending nomination of a strong name for the ride to the role of Governor. In these hours has spoken specifically about a possible candidacy of Ministers Delrio and Poletti, but also less likely to return to the scene of such candidate Romano Prodi and Pier Luigi Bersani.   But the outsider B.s doesn’t seem to have any intention to give up on the primaries. The Mayor of Forlì, which yesterday resulted in via Rivani his candidacy with about thirty signatures of the Pd’s Regional Assembly, has not wanted to enter into the judicial affair, but agrees with the choice of Richetti to take a step back: "if I were in his place I would do the same but I find a legitimate choice otherbecause these are decisions that concern personal sensitivity».   .

Vibo Valentia provincial, accorduni between renziani and the Ncd.

VIBO VALENTIA-the more angry they call the accorduni, the more moderate chug speaking a nasty mess ups. The fact is that the province of Vibo Valentia are fueling a clash between renziani and the rest of the Democratic Party. A rift that makes the couple with that of similar proportions that is going through the Ncd vibonese. At the center of controversy the agreements that led to the composition of the lists. In Vibo the area refers to the President of the Council would close a real pact with a party piece of Angelino Alfano. An axis to make joint list as opposed to the official nominations of Ncd and Pd on the other. An uproar. In the viewfinder is over the odd coalition that has produced the list Together for the province of Vibo-Now, where the word Now would make explicit reference to one of the slogans of Renzi. A coalition that would hold together pieces to Italy Force, Ncd, brothers of Italy and a part of PD. candidate for President is Andrea Niglia, Mayor of Briatico, given to newly signed character FI and unloved by the Center due to some questionable relationships. In the list there are also city councilors and first citizens of individual municipalities as Raffaele Calla (FI, Serra San Bruno), Michele Carnovale (Ncd, Vibo), Giovanni Macrì (Fi, former provincial leader of the Pdl, di Tropea) and Ovidio Romano (brothers of Italy, Simbario). Alongside their Pasquale Fera (Pd, San Nicola da Crissa) which currently serves on the Board of the regional quota Pd Renzi, Giuseppe Navarra (Pd, Rombiolo) and Carmine Mangiardi (Pd, Sorianello area). A team in direct competition with two other lists. The first is that of the Democratic Party that comes complete with a symbol and is led by Sergio Rizzo, Mayor of Maiorato, which consists of six fellow certified and four independents. The second is that of Ncd-Udc led by Pino Raffaele, Member of the Municipal Council of Serra San Bruno. Behind the agreement between pieces of Ncd and renziani there is the hand of former President of Francesco De Nisi (Pd) and Gianluca Callipo (candidate for regional primaries of the Democratic Party for renziani) that were woven together to plot the regional councillor of the new center of Nazareth Salerno. An operation that, needless to say, he blew up on the Chair the provincial Secretary of the Pd and fed a series of cross-accusations. Dalvi denies everything and from the columns of the local newspaper defends itself by saying that the operation was conducted individually by councilors, adding that at the bottom it is civic lists. Then explains: the problem is that the Democratic Party wanted to use this thing as a political battle. And pulls out from the crowds Callipo: Gianluca in this affair has nothing to do. A thesis that convinces the provincial Secretary Michele Mirabello who did not hesitate to define the agreement with Ncd of renziani an indecent, reiterated by the parliamentary concept of Pd vibonese Brunello Censor. Thus by the words we have moved to requests for resignation of Mirabello by 11 mayors, two deputies, two group leaders and four Councillors. In this sense for the local Pd’s minority the symbol wasn’t used and therefore are not renziani to be off the list of the Democratic Party, but it’s the Pd vibonese and his provincial Secretary that are outside the Pd. Allegations rejected the sender from Mirabello. Analogue of the clash in the Ncd where the provincial Commissioner of the party, Abbas Grillo, asked for the expulsion of the protagonists of the agreement. For the Manager in the decision taken by some to run alongside the provincial Pd’s renziani, identified by those same people as the main political opponents, I don’t think it can be reconciled with membership to a centre-right party. For his part, Nazareno Salerno replied that Cricket considerations must be taken into account for what they are and that is a reaction unmotivated, lacking in logic and especially evident from those without any title to invoke, through measures sanctioning ultimatum or even expulsion. It’s basically open warfare ahead of the September 28 vote when, in one polling station set up at the headquarters of the province Vibo, will be called to vote 445 45 mayors and councilors. .

European Commission: an affront to Merkel.

It had lasted for two months, Wednesday afternoon, it was At last time: Jean-Claude Juncker, the new Chief of the European Commission, its Commissioners presented, with which he wants to lead the Commission in the next five years. The emphasis is on his. The future management of the Brussels Authority bears his signature clearly? And the Luxemburgish rider left no doubt that much more energetic and political will act as the previous Commission under his predecessor Manuel Barroso. On a further point the Chancellor could not prevail: economic and monetary Commissioner is, despite their initial resistance Рthe former French Finance Minister, Pierre Moscovici. Angela Merkel had To want prevent that, because it makes responsible the Socialists for the high levels of debt in his home country and therefore does not trust him, compared to their national Government in Paris and other debt countries like Italy to enforce of the stability pact. Juncker however ignored these concerns and followed the wishes of the French President, Fran̤ois hollande. .

Inna Shevchenko: “in France, the justice is not at the service of religious institutions.

Before going to trial, this morning, we weren’t really some of what was going to happen. For us, it was obvious that we had nothing to reproach ourselves. But at the same time, there was so much fuss autour, more than a year and a half after the action, that was still in doubt. We wondered just what was the purpose of it all. After the result, it simply has the feeling that this is normal. The judge acknowledged that what was alleged against was absolutely ridiculous. The decision has the merit of showing that in France the justice is not at the service of religious institutions, even if they do everything to put pressure, and it can make decisions independently. I dream that one day this kind of decisions can be made in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and other countries. Obviously, the Court decision is representative of what thinks the judge, which is independent, and not to think the French company. It is true that one has the impression that it becomes more and more conservative and that it is in the middle of something, ready to switch. When I arrived in France, I’m kinda wondering if the Femen had a reason to be here. And very quickly I realized that Yes, of course. It spoke to me of a country free, advanced, the myth around the question of human rights, etc. Six months later, we saw all Catholics in the street against gay marriage, and it marked the beginning of this transformation, this regression. It’s true, but we are accustomed. Last year, in summer, it was already like that. It is a little strange. One has the impression that people who prefer talking rather that Act are happy, and they rejoice each time to say "that’s it, the Femen, c’est fini". Us, striving to make a difference, one is volunteer activists, and instead of incentives, some people, media, a part of society, apolitical people, hope that we will fall. It’s necessarily always more easy to criticize but to act yourself. For two months, no one spoke more too to the media. It was a break to reorganize. We found that having eleven branches of Femen in eleven different countries, who organize each action, it was not always easy to manage. Now it is good, we are restructured. It will soon come back with new ideas. It reflects back in action with new perspectives.   We will try to also organize public events, to open up, to be a little more popular and accessible. .

Ukraine: Kiev promises more autonomy to the East.

Most of the Russian troops have left the Ukraine announced on Wednesday the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The withdrawal comes five days after a globally respected truce. He also promised greater autonomy separatist East, which requires independence. In light of this evolution toward a net de-escalation and after several days of delay, the European Union had to decide Wednesday on the implementation of new economic sanctions against Russia for infringement of the sovereignty of the Ukraine. But the Ukraine made no concessions on its territorial integrity, said the Ukrainian president was referring to the signing Friday of a document in twelve points that grants including a special status regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, two rebel strongholds, for the establishment of a provisional autonomous Government and the holding of local elections. A bill guaranteeing greater autonomy to the East will be presented to the Parliament, he said, excluding any discussion on a federalization or any separation (of the eastern regions). Accused by the European Union and the United States to blow hot and cold in this conflict – the most serious since the end of the cold war – the Russia has stated that the Ukraine was responsible for the crash of flight MH17 of Malaysia Airlines in July in the East of the Ukraine. The disaster took place in the airspace of the Ukraine who bears the full responsibility for what has happened, argued the Russian Defence Minister Wednesday, in the wake of the publication of a preliminary report on the crash that left 298 dead. .

+++ Ukraine NewsTicker +++: Poroshenko reports on withdrawal of most Russian soldiers.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed it, to enter quickly into force adopted new EU economic sanctions against Russia. While there is progress, when the ceasefire in the Eastern Ukraine, Merkel said on Wednesday in the Bundestag. But the cease-fire and the release of prisoners are just two of the twelve points of the peace plan negotiated between the Ukraine and Russia. Because there is uncertainty about the performance of many other points, is the Federal Government for a publication and that the imposition of the sanctions. After the publication of the interim report for the crash of the Malaysian aircraft over the Eastern Ukraine Moscow gave once again responsible for the misfortune of leadership in Kiev. The Ukraine responsible for everything, what happens in their airspace, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergej Schoigu said in Moscow on Wednesday after a meeting with his Malaysian colleagues Hishammuddin Hussein. According to the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, 70 percent of Russian soldiers have now exited the Ukraine and returned to Russian territory. This number called Poroshenko on Wednesday at a cabinet meeting, according to a statement on its website. He invoked the Ukrainian intelligence. That encouraged us further in the hope that there are good prospects of success for the peace initiatives. Moscow rejects the accusation of Ukraine and the West to support the rebels in the East of Ukraine with soldiers and tanks. Martin Schulz, President of the EU Parliament urged the Europeans to unity with Russia sanctions. The decisions are likely to be behind not by the economic interests of individual countries again challenged or softened, Schulz says in the Germany radio. We are taken seriously as the European Union with a common foreign and security policy – in principle, not only in this case – only then, if that what you decide is also at the end, what it does to. The decision to put the sanctions, to wait for the more Russia’s behavior after the ceasefire, for the time being on ice is but reasonable. .

Ignorance test: You really know what is happening around the world?

If I would To write the three possible answers to every question on bananas, then would this be monkeys in the Zoo to the selection, so they would access randomly, so Rosling. While one-third correct responses came out assuming a sufficiently high number of animals, after all. This is a cut, the people usually do not reach – as well as a representative survey of mirror in Germany with 1088 subjects has revealed. The test comprehensive ten questions has been carried out already in some countries, including Sweden, England and the United States. Everywhere, The same picture shows: people judge the situation A lot too pessimistic. Faced with the choice, whether the average life expectancy in the world today 70 years A:, B: 60 years or C: 50 years amounts to (there are 70 years), answered only one out of five in England and Sweden correctly. More than half of typed on 60 years – a value that was reached as early as the 1970s. The overall literacy rate is today not 40, not 60, but 80 percent, only 30 percent of respondents can imagine in Germany, about equal to a few as in other Western Nations. Even just 7 percent of Americans and 23 per cent of Sweden knew that has halved since 1990 the proportion of the world population living in extreme poverty and not doubled, as around half believed. .

The incredible Jérôme Cahuzac made the lesson Thomas Thévénoud.

J r me Cahuzac is not cold in the eyes. Especially when it comes to down the former secr Secretary of State for trade within ext, Thomas Th venoud, limog of the Valls II Government to pay long overdue his ts imp and its rent. Our cases are not similar, a d J r clar me duck enshrined n Cahuzac. I had a chance that my story is never known. Me, I made a bullshit 22 years ago [the account in Switzerland, Editor's note], and if my wife only had me d statement Plenel [the Director of the drafting of Mediapart, Ed r], he would have never had business. Th venoud, him, has reproduced the m fault me each year, for three years, and there was no chance that a does not know. Why J r me Cahuzac did not played the card of the solidarity – between read d licatesse with the tax authorities and put in the ban of the PS, understands itself? It is a apparently not dig r Thomas Th venoud said when the bomb Cahuzac clat. Then Vice Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee set up to survey ter on the case, the d put its do-et-Loire is was taken several times by means of the press. Cahuzac is a former coll gue, a t a Minister who had know-how, but he lied to us and is a real betrayal, d States v – it in June 2013 on RTL. And add a few weeks later in the journal of his do-et-Loire: it is not all the Cahuzac. Finally almost. � .

Memories of Sophia Loren: ‘I had to stop to Brando’.

There are many biograf as unauthorized, some filled with things that are not true, claimed the actress recently to justify the publishing his memoirs n. To reach this important birthdays I’ve thought that pod to be worth worth put things in place and cont rselas to the public p directly, unfiltered. Finally I am in first person which has my life. Dear grandmother: yesterday received your letter with the check of 300 lire. Thank you very much that you have interested in m and, as I can not personally write to pap because not s your direction, I ask you please give him thanks for the money that has sent me. He prayed to God that my mother would not come to fetch me to school: his exaggerated beauty I hac feel verg enza. I was too blond, too high and, especially, was not married. I on the other hand was brunette and delgad sima. They called me stick, now recalls the actress. However Romilda Villani was not prepared to that their daughters also lost the train of the Eldorado ass, so is volcano with them, anim ndolas to submit to tests and competitions and accompany here to all ndolas. With 14 to you Sofia was chosen Princesa del Mar. With 15 participated in the Miss Italy contest. And with 16 is plant with his mother in Rome, in the studios of Cinecitt, to see if they gave him a piece of paper of filling in Quo vadis. Leroy the girl made her grace and gave a small or paper. He looked with eyes exorbitant Robert Taylor and Deborah Kerr. S to breathe it the same air I looked to a sue or. But Roses have thorns, and the bad part to n ten to come, writes the actress. When from the Department of management n told by megafon to his surname – Scicolone – call is present it and another person: the wife of his father. I remember well the din mica of the facts, but I could never forget the deep pain that sent at that time. I was little m s which one or not I was interested in the intrigues of the largest And for qu quer me a surname without the affection of the man wearing it? HAB to grown without l, and nothing in the world I the pod to return. The wife of my father was furious. My mother I defendi as it could. And the real culprit, as usual, was absent. As it is normal in someone who has felt pain pricks at est Wizard because of hunger, the actress has always maintained a relationship very particular n with food. The test est in that April 9, 1962, in which he was candidate to the Oscar for best actress for her role in the pel cula of Vittorio De Sica ‘La Ciocciaria’ (two women) and decided not to attend the ceremony, which was held in the angels. If I would have lost me habr to fainted. And if had won me habr to also fainted, has confessed in any occasion n. While she expected nervous in his Roman home the result of the voting n, is him which bring to heel to Fr. nico mode. Came me a lighting n. Tomato sauce, ketchup, fair. Boba Qu have not thought of before! In the kitchen I sent to safe, may distract me such anxiety that I don’t got to placate. I began to chop onion, among other things to hide the l tears to me an AC, and immediately I best sent. But, in the quiet and very p to Italy from then in which exist to the divorce, the relationship n of Sophia Loren with Ponti was not a scandal esc. In an attempt to formalize their relationship n, in 1957 the couple married civil in M xico. But nothing changed. In the eyes of the Rep Italian Republic and of the Church, Ponti according to married his first wife and the Loren wasn’t m s as his concubine. The Osservatore Romano, peri dico official of the Holy See, arrived to talk about excomuni n even conden decision n of the actress to donate blood when considering which corr for her veins was not pure. The thing goes up to the end that a devoted housewife Milanese, a such Luisa Brambilla, I decided to take the couple of sinners to court acus presenting them with an offence of bigamy. To avoid being judged (and probably convicted), Loren and Ponti were forced to leave Italy. Nothing to do with the other sex symbol of her little, Brigitte Bardot, who the d to 28 of this month also meet 80 to you. I don’t no my birthday, has recently released BB. Look at my old pictures and I think that I’m not that girl so cute. My life today is another, says the French, always wearing strict black, always with pants, with her hair in a check ated mo or and that sometimes, and because of the arrtitis who suffers, helps a bast n walking. .

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