Albert West: Seth MacFarlane, the troublemaker of Hollywood.

A million ways to success - how 'Family Guy' creator Seth ...

Imagine a unique mixture of Mel Brooks, of Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker and essential John Hughes and Judd Apatow, all packed in the cinema very nicely troussé and a humor trash that knows no limit. Seth MacFarlane is a case of school alone. Showman and admirer of musicals in the best Hollywood tradition. But also amateur anal period claimed vulgar humor and humor to vitriol that dézingue length film this same Hollywood, its stars and its vacheries.   An unnatural marriage between Steven Spielberg and John Waters. And a great idea: with his mouth of stressed baby in the eyes of rimmel, MacFarlane can tell all. Same thing with Ted, to whom he gives his voice, and he played on the set of the film before that special effects don’t replace it with his double stuffed. You can say the worst horrors to a teddy bear because it is endearing. His characters are adorable dirty kids. A real find.   Regardless of that we talk about drugs, sex, pee, POO, as long as the character is charming. And God knows if MacFarlane does not have many limitations when it comes to making a good valve. In Albert West, he still pushes the cursor a little more later in the (good) (good) vulgar humor (dysentery and the peripateticiennes will have no more secrets for you). While making a tribute énamouré to the golden age of Hollywood westerns.   Hollywood him rolls out the red carpet but waiting for him at the turn. Ready to draw, as was the case in 2013 when presenting controversial Oscar ceremony. It seems to mock them. At 41 years old, while his second film, Albert West released worldwide, Seth MacFarlane wants to continue to have fun. But also work as a damned (he would not delegate and would be a control freak in his entourage). It will be thus reduced the promotion of his latest film to its simplest expression, too busy to turn the first plans of Ted 2, whereas in France in a year.   Originally the success story of MacFarlane and his colossal success, there is animation. It is his first passion. Seth started drawing at the age of 2 and was published in 8 years. When he combines this talent to well salty humour (came from his mother, he says), it includes that he has found his way. It is no coincidence if, rather than quote Disney among his major influences, he prefers to talk about the Muppets, Monty Python, Mel Brooks and Woody Allen.   And then Simpson, of course, that burst the small screen in 1989. He was 16 at the time. The ascension of MacFarlane, the unknown host, will be dazzling. It has not yet 25 years when Fox ordered a pilot. It creates the Griffin in three months and ends up with a contract for 2 million dollars per season, of never seen before. The series is experiencing a turbulent debut (Fox, a time, cancel), and has never ceased to be controversial. But it has become inescapable, in the same way as, precisely, the Simpsons. Its importance in the Galaxy MacFarlane is considerable. Thanks to the phenomenal success of the Griffin, he became producer screenwriter the best-paid in the history of American television, and will launch other such series American Dad! or The Cleveland Show.   It has, so far, avoided grow by remaining obsessed with what was concerned in his youth, analysis Vanessa Thorpe in The Observer. This image here is in the heart of Ted, and the immaturity of MacFarlane became not only his business card but also its asset. It is perfectly in tune with the times. Adolescence, previously represented the stress and frustration that you wanted to flee as soon as possible, recently analyzed A. O. Scott of New York Times. For the heroes of the new American comedy, it embodies a blessed State of hedonic freedom, to be extended as long as possible.   Free, so MacFarlane. But not asleep. Because, while it might play, he refuses to let reduce to this image. He has more than one string to his bow and account well try. Fascinated by the music of the 1940s and 1950s, he became, against all odds, a crooner to the Sinatra. After all, his favorite movie is the melody of happiness, and it keeps her dream to one day a musical. It may be just as baffled to learn that MacFarlane is at the origin of the recent, and very serious, documentary series Cosmos, thirteen episodes of popular science broadcast on National Geographic and made many talk about her. In fact, it is never there where expected. This is what makes it interesting, it is also What irritates more than one.   Some accuse him to do too much, and it’s true, MacFarlane, terribly ambitious, is on all fronts. In 2008, before that everyone embarks on internet, he created a series of cartoons for Google. A carton, obviously. His need to assert itself and its self-centeredness also allow it to go to the cinema, where he wished to control all positions in his films: Ted and Albert in the West are entirely his work, he produced, wrote, directed and interpreted. Also he did the voices of Ted or many characters of the Griffin playing his baritone body to give it the color of the voice of Rex Harrison, his favorite actor.   A handyman, which would have pushed him also agreed to present an Oscar in 2012. It’s probably his first big mistake. Because man is not infallible. Recently, his Dads series (with his accomplices, actor Giovanni Ribisi and his co-writers of Ted and Albert West, Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild) has been demolished by the critics and was deleted in February without hearing.   But it is his performance at the Oscars in 2013 which was disastrous. Accused of sexism, racism, homophobia and anti-Semitism, MacFarlane took full figure. His claimed immaturity turned against him and Hollywood was quick to make him pay the note. What is acceptable as a cartoon stuffed abusive gags or in the codes of a crazy comedy is a much more dangerous when it is thrown to the figure of the elite Hollywood before hundreds of millions of television viewers in the world.   This setback has undoubtedly affected MacFarlane, but he is careful to show. And as everything goes fast in Hollywood, Albert West is announced as one of the films of the American summer, becoming even the beachhead of the summer program of Universal, for lack of a Fast and Furious 7 postponed for one year. Among other projects (an animated series, Bordertown, another series for cable, Blunt Talk, with Patrick Stewart), MacFarlane is therefore already on the plateau of Ted 2, which we know nothing obviously (the taste of the secret is another component of the character), if that Mila Kunis will be replaced by Amanda Seyfried that Seth MacFarlane has already been running in Albert West.   Back: September 11, 2001, Seth MacFarlane arrived at Boston airport to return home, in Los Angeles. He misses the recording of his plane for a few minutes because he received a bad take-off schedule. An hour later, flight 11 American Airlines crashed into the World Trade Center. Since then, MacFarlane thanked his mistake travel agency. And what the American press a little too easily call the bad boy of Hollywood seems determined to continue to laugh about. Violently if possible. (I). You must read the following hyperlink to learn more regarding this interesting matter.

Flirting tips and celebrity gossips?: U.S. Agency accused T-Mobile United States.

Mobile Phones and Smartphones

A statement from T-Mobile United States was initially not to receive. The shares of the mobile phone company closed in New York 0.6 percent negative in a positive environment. Deutsche Telekom negotiating for months over a sale of the subsidiary on the US mobile phone Group Sprint. Only a few days ago, Deutsche Telekom had announced to want – to invest despite the possibly upcoming T-mobile sales in the United States. We can play without any problems a few years our growth in the United States, said Chief Financial Officer Thomas Dannenfeldt. Approximately EUR 1 billion flow in network expansion, another 500 million euros in the acquisition of new customers. The US firm Sprint will take the Telekom subsidiary to match wits with the square Hirschen AT & T and Verizon. Insiders that Sprint has brought eight banks for the financing of the deal in the boat. Therefore, the details of the financing should be solved in the next few weeks so that the takeover could be officially announced in August. . For more data on this subject read

Vito Mancini decided to speak, blow off steam, to explain to everyone what happened after the news of an attempted suicide on Sunday at his home in Trastevere. The former Big Brother contestant 12 did so on the web, on his Facebook page. In the light of what is written, read and shared on the web, it seems appropriate to write a few lines about what happened-write Mancini on the social network-for some time now some personal reasons led me to face difficult moments, like anyone else happen. Sunday, when yet another crisis to panic I felt appropriate to deal with the situation with the help of doctors. Here is a useless game, ruthless if not better morbosa, construction of a classic tragedy for a certain type of journalism with the addition of ad hoc notes nothing short of gruesome, horrible copy of worthy of Jessica Fletcher. I don’t care what you say or you want to say about my person and events of my life that I consider worthy of respect and that everyone, without exception, deserve-continues-but what I can’t stand is the relentlessness, the malice and I say the morbidity we goes to accuse people that I was around and I love trying to find the culprit of a story already invented by hisas if you could find the truth, the truth that the most famous believe they have in their pocket when in fact they have only stones in his pocket ready to unsuspecting and innocent people should be stoned for the sole reason to feel superior, masters of life without sin, but you know, as grande De Andrè: we know that people give good advice. feeling like Jesus in the temple, you know that people give good advice if you can no longer give bad example. . Root source may be studied checking this web site.

Facing rebels, Kiev takes arms.

Ukraine president ready for talks if pro-Russia rebels lay down ...

The law of arms officially resumed its course in the southeast of the Ukraine. After ten days of a fragile truce that had nevertheless allowed the launch of diplomatic negotiations between Kiev and the rebels of the Donbass, Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, decided, Monday evening, put an end to the cease-fire, accusing the separatists of violating it several times. "By their criminal actions, their unique chance to apply the peace plan has not been seized", said the head of State, before prevent: "We will attack." A few hours later, the authorities announced the resumption of ‘anti-terrorist operation’, which materialized by the airstrikes and artillery fire. According to Kiev, the army would have already resumed a border post to the insurgents near Luhansk. Presidential decision even more surprised that the same day, Poroshenko, François Holland, Angela Merkel and Vladimir Poutine tried a new telephone mediation. Moscow had accepted the arrival of international observers in three border crossings, on the side of Russian, in order to control traffic. Waste: the OSCE, which had already seen two of its teams taken hostage by the rebels, has refused to send new observers to the region. Above all, a meeting of the national Security Council, the Ukrainian general staff confirmed that its daily reports indicated every day on the ground: the violation, one hundred times, of the ceasefire, killing 27 soldiers. Worse, according to military sources, the separatists would have benefited from Truce to reconstitute their forces and renew their equipment. "If this truce was extended, terrorists would have strengthened their military preparation, with the assistance of the Russia that formed still more mercenaries for the handling of missile launchers", accused Dmitri Timtchouk, Director of the political research centre. The presidential decision is keeping pace with a majority of Ukrainian public opinion. It requires more firmness on the part of a president elected with more than 50% of the vote. "These negotiations of Donetsk were grotesque, insofar as criminals and bandits of the Donbass that were represented were merely puppets manipulated by Putin," launches Oxana Melnitchouk, Coordinator of the Ukrainian crisis center. Poroshenko has responded to these criticisms without nevertheless introducing state of emergency that require thousands of volunteers today in battalions of auxiliaries. For their part, Russian support of the Kremlin involved the legitimacy of one of the negotiators of Kiev, namely the former president Leonid Koutchma. Vladimir Poutine immediately accused Poroshenko "to take political responsibility" of the war. Effort to drive a wedge between Brussels and Washington, the Kremlin leader implicitly criticised the United States pushed Kiev to resume the anti-terrorism operation. "In contrast to the Americans, who declare their readiness to hit Moscow portfolio – hypothesis that worries the Russian elite-, the European Union simply spoke, Tuesday, the possibility of extending the"spectrum"of the repre0un new economic sanctions package that would allow a return to negotiations, the extension of the anti-terrorist operation will prove ineffective and will not bring peace in the region", considers Grigory NemyriaChairman of the Committee for European integration in the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament. So this is the Ukraine and its new president returned to the status quo ante. . Main data may be read checking the following page.

“This tragedy reinforces each of the camps in Israel.

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Etgar Keret, Israeli writer in the world (1) and filmmaker, embodies the young rotation of the great consciences of Israel, Amos Oz, David Grossman, A. B. Yehoshua, who are fighting for decades for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. It reacts to the death of three young Israelis of 16 and 19 missing on 12 June and found dead yesterday near the town of Halhoul, near the road where they were seen for the last time, hitchhiking. The Government accuses Hamas. What is depressing is believed still to be prepared for bad news but in reality it is never ready. Strangely this tragedy strengthens each of the camps in Israel in its positions. I who am left I find myself saying, as the right people, ‘we were right. Leftists because it is evidence of what they say constantly, it must at all costs happen to us to make peace with the Palestinians. And them, right people argue that it is evidence of what they think: it can never make peace with the Palestinians. We are living the same repetitive cycles. For a time nothing happens and everyone says: "it’s alright, what’s the problem? ” Until it happens something. When we talk about the future Government there never any strategy, he never takes the slightest initiative. He waits for the next disaster and then strikes in retaliation. The pattern repeats. It seems that nobody wants the lessons to emerge from the cycle disaster-retaliation. So in revenge, Let’s kill some Hamas activists, which will not prevent future kidnappings and assassinations. As I said, this strengthens the positions of each. Netanyahu’s Government is going to take the opportunity to say: see what a Palestinian Authority with Hamas inside. The Government will begin in retaliation that will only serve to unite against Israel the Palestinian moderate and extremist Palestinians. On the contrary, if we continued negotiations in these difficult circumstances could break this fatal partnership between two groups of people who see the reality in a completely different way. One hand Abbas who does what he can to continue the political process of peace negotiation. And on the other militant groups who want to kidnap and kill precisely to stop this process. It is true that the Israeli society encourages violence but Abbas will have to choose between continuing to work for peace or remain loyal to Hamas. I hope that it will choose peace but he is marginalized, if nobody wants to negotiate with him, he will throw himself into the arms of Hamas. The Israelis cannot have surprised air whenever there is a terrorist act when it offers no alternative. The tragedies will continue. I’m very sad and angry also. It will do harm to people who deserve it and others who do not deserve. The balance of terror never works. You should visit the following url to read extra regarding this interesting matter.

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Caliph instead of the Caliph.

ISIS shortens name to IS after declaring Caliphate | Ya Libnan

Well, the terrified world comes to discover more infamous, cruel and unfortunately more effective than Iznogoud. And that one, he is not good at all, but then not at all. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi proclaimed himself Caliph of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. He took the name of Caliph Ibrahim and claims as the leader of all Muslims. The new Caliph announced that opened a new era for international Jihad. Adding: We point out to all Muslims that with the declaration of the Caliphate, it them is now mandatory swear allegiance to the Caliph Ibrahim and support. The legality of all the Emirates, groups, States and organizations becomes zero at the time of the expansion of the Caliphate and the arrival of his troops in their territories. Dr. Charles Lister, of the think-tank Brookings Doha, wrote: to put it simply, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has declared war on Al-Qaida. The younger generation of jihadists argues more the EIIL, essentially because of its proven ability to get quick results by its brutality, he assures. The recent Mosul Jack and other gains in Iraq has already increased dramatically the EIIL recruitment potential, according to him. In fact, the barbaric cruelty of men of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi seduces the young jihadi parties do the war in Syria. The Front Al-Dhanub, a Syrian branch of Al-Qaida, accused the EIIL jihadists to go too far in the brutality. This is true, they will eventually make the job of very unfriendly terrorist. But, actually, for the brutal, it is the brutal. The EIIL thus executed Saturday 28 June Deir Hafer eight rebels in the East of the province of Aleppo. He then crucified them on the main square of the village where their bodies are expected to remain for three days, according to the Syrian Observatory for human rights, an NGO that relies on an extensive network of activists and medical and military sources. . Inspirational data may be found visiting the following weblink.

Didier Grumbach resigned, fashion loses its hands-on demigod.

Christopher Uvenio Collezioni: Claude Montana Mystery

He will miss the fashionable. Large, grey hair provided and well combed, always wearing a suit that it snows or make heatwave, the president of the French Federation of couture, Didier Grumbach, decided to move the hand after sixteen years of activity. The announcement was made this Tuesday afternoon, and the Executive Committee of the Federation has appointed Ralph Toledano, president of the mode of the Puig group division, to succeed him. The task is not thin. The mission of ‘president of the Fede’, at the crossroads of economic, public relations of influence, is to help young designers, the gatherer of the brands, dialogue with the Ministry of industry, organize the calendar of Paris fashion weeks, accredit journalists,. This role, Didier Grumbach, 77 years, complied with the incomparable knowledge of a universe where he was the official "spokesman". A world that has radically changed. In the 1990s, fashion was pretty bling-bling and also little "creative" as low on the industrial level. "This was not an ascending phase," said Grumbach release Tuesday morning, with a sense of the understatement that characterizes. "We decided to climb in power from 1997. Today, high fashion caps pyramid mode. Below, the ready-to-wear took a fantastic place. "Paris is more disputed [hear: as a world fashion capital, what is not wrong]. The couturier of yesterday, which was dedicated to haute couture, and negotiating licensing agreements to responsible subcontractors of the loan – to-wear and accessories, a sort of demigod who had said Grumbach, of being "at the centre of social life ‘,. He adds: "Thanks be to God, this is no longer the case. All this has become a bit more serious. "And welcomes the emergence of a new generation of designers very (too?) aware of the ‘commercial’ aspect of the profession:"the greatest fashion designers are the biggest exporters."Present at each each week Paris fashion parade, Didier Grumbach has never been reluctant to give novices the keys this peculiar world that is fashionable, nor to help young designers as journalists to hack their way among the falbalas. He was born in fashion, in a family dedicated to making: the Parisian company C. Mendes had been founded as early as 1902. And his maternal uncle was called Pierre Mendès-France, former president of the Council of the Fourth Republic.  Didier Grumbach began his career in the family home, which just made the claws like Lanvin, Patou, Ungaro ready-to-wear. In 1966, with Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, he created Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. Then, in 1971, in partnership with the designer Andrée Putman, this is the time of designers and industrialists, who would become one of the first concept store in the world. Instead, its dynamic play a central role and accompany the emergence of the new wave of the late 1970s, Mugler, Gaultier, Castelbajac. More recently, Grumbach has also helped in the creation of the french Institute of fashion (IFM), he presided over the school of the chambre syndicale couture, as well as the association of the villa Noailles where stands each year in the spring, one of the most beautiful events that are, dedicated to young designers. And all this before well be funded, Grumbach has also launched the fashion and finance investment fund, now managed by the BPI (public investment bank). And tomorrow? Didier Grumbach laughs. "I’m happy, we’ll see! You can visit the following to read more regarding this amazing matter.

Dirk Niebel hired by Rheinmetall.

Rheinmetall AG

The former Federal Minister for economic cooperation, Dirk Niebel, is the chief lobbyist of the Düsseldorf defence group Rheinmetall. From next year, he will advise the Board of management in all questions and tasks of international strategy development, the company announced on Tuesday in Düsseldorf. In addition the 51 to assist the supreme governing body in the construction of global government relations. During his tenure he transform several development organizations: the State of the GTZ, DED and InWEnt were merged to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). In addition, he announced to phase out aid programs for emerging countries such as China. He argued for a new concept of development aid, and wanted to establish stronger conditions. Niebel served from 1998 until 2013 for the Liberals in the Parliament, but is no longer present after the failure of the FDP at the five percent hurdle. In the FDP niebel was last isolated, he strongly criticized the party leadership to the former Chairman Philipp Rösler. . You can check the following home page to discover extra about this interesting topic.

“Banning the burqa does not violate human rights,” the European Court gives reason to France.

French burqa ban to be questioned at European Court of Human ...

The European Court of human rights gave reason to France on the ban on wearing the burqa in public and established that the French law banning the burqa because it hides the face does not violate in any way the European Convention on human rights. The Strasbourg judges today have in fact rejected an appeal filed by a year-old Parisian French, according to which the measure violates his freedom of religion and conscience. According to the European Court, the ban on wearing the burqa does not violate the right to freedom of religion nor to respect for private life and is therefore acceptable. Indeed, according to the 17 judges gathered in the "great Room", is fully legitimate the objective that French law arises according to the explanation of the Paris authorities, i.e. the promotion of harmony in society through social interactions. Rejected the other grounds that the law would be introduced to ensure public safety. The author of the appeal, a Muslim woman of Pakistani origin, had denounced a ban on wearing burqa and niqab as discrimination, a violation of his freedom of religion and of his private and family life. The first point was dismissed unanimously by the judges while the other two with the majority votes against two judges. The woman in her action had also stressed that "neither the husband nor any other Member of his family" exerted pressures because she covered his face, and that headscarves was a choice "to feel at peace with herself. The European Court, however, stressed that "the conditions of living together is a legitimate objective" of the law and this is acceptable "the barrier raised against each other by a veil covering the face is perceived by the State as a violation of the right of others to live in a social space that makes life easier." In the sentence, but the judges also considered that France bacchetta enact laws like the one on banning burqa could help strengthen stereotypes and intolerance against certain social groups when instead you should promote tolerance. . Inspirational facts may be read checking the following home page.

Mafia: the entrepreneur antiracket Franzetti admits, I did a lightness.

Palermo, June 30. -(Adnkronos)-it’s true, I did a lightness to ,, With these words, Pietro Franzetti, the entrepreneur who self-described ‘ antiracket ‘, involved in the anti-mafia investigation that in recent days has led to the arrest of 21 persons and resetting the Resuttana mandamento for Mafia-Zen, during the interrogation of guarantee before the magistrate that he was held today admitted having tried buying a ‘ package ‘ of votes. Franzetti, who just a month ago had participated in front of Montecitorio a flesh mob to demand the withdrawal of annuities to former members convicted mafia, is accused of electoral corruption. For him the magistrates had asked for the arrest but the magistrate Luigi Petrucci chose the prohibition of stay. To engage Franzetti there are also eavesdropping. According to the indictment the young entrepreneur would pay 13. 200 euros for a pack of 1. 500 votes. But then, the local elections of 2012 had gotten little more than 300 votes. . Extended text can be found checking

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