Training for employees at Apple: design like Picasso.

Apple is probably the only technology company on the planet, who would dare to compare itself with Picasso, writes the New York Times in an article about the group. That may be a little exaggerated formulated, because at least publicly and explicitly so that didn’t happen. The sentence rather refers to the employee training of company, which takes place in the so-called Apple University. There are the employees of the group, trained and familiar with the operation and the philosophy of the company. How this works exactly, what courses there and what is taught in it, remains however internally. Now, New York has received times a glimpse into the curriculum by she spoke with three employees, who were taught. The employees thus anonymity, but reports of some things that they have learned in the courses. For example, Picasso for example to take: in a course illustrated the teacher Apple’s design philosophy on the basis of the lithography series Bull of the famous artist. At its beginning stands a great Bull with many details that are reduced from release to release and fall away. At the end of the series is only an outline from a few strokes, which is still clearly recognisable as a bull. This simplification and concentration on the essentials should play a role in Apple’s product design. That clarified times according to New York City in a further course at the Academy of Apple using a remote control from the home of Google. The device of the competitors, the lecturer showed, had 78 buttons; a remote control by Apple of but only three. But it is not just about minimalist design in the in-house training centre: here be explained also business decisions of the company communication training to the outside and conveys the company’s philosophy. The latter happens for example with the course the best things, overridden to paraphrase a quote from Steve Jobs. The course should remind times staff according to New York, to surround with high-quality products as well as with talented colleagues always with the best. That should inspire yourself, so the philosophy, then also for best performance. . You should click this home page to discover extra on this great subject.

Tornado in the spa park: bad weather caused major damage.

On Monday, rescue workers tried to get free the main routes and transport links to Bad Schwalbach. With the cleanup in the ravaged will started in the next few days, a city spokeswoman said. The Park was still locked for security reasons. On the grounds, the rescuers with two dog teams had searched for a missing woman until deep into the night. Shortly before midnight, it was clear: the woman was found unharmed. Tornado or case gusts: both are associated with sudden wind speeds of more than 200 kilometres per hour, said Andreas Friedrich, the DWD tornado representative. While at tornadoes, a quickly rotating column of air comes to the Earth, a storm make themselves at fall within seconds in one direction. Every year, there are 20 to 60 proven tornadoes in Germany according to Friedrich. In 30 seconds, everything was flat, a hotel owner described the situation. I have never seen such a thing. He estimates its damage up to EUR 400 000. The hotel guest initially came in other accommodations because crashed a tree onto the roof. Nordbaden was worst affected. In Mannheim, the Fire Department had to move more than 90 times. In Münsingen near Reutlingen, approximately 4,500 young people could again in their camp after a night in schools and gyms on Monday. Also in just hamlet near Ravensburg, 90 participants in a tent camp before the storms in a barn fled according to police by Monday. The Fire Department put the youngsters in an elementary school. . Inspirational source can be found visiting the following weblink.

Weather: the summer is booked on the Mediterranean.

Monday morning, lot of greyness will still linger des Pyrénées to the massif Central and Rhône-Alpes, with even some residual rain on the outskirts of the massive. Then thinning will expand and at the heart of the afternoon only Piedmont and the Pyrenean relief will retain a sky cluttered, punctuated by small showers. In the Mediterranean, Tramontane, Mistral wind from West to Corsica will rise and cast out the last coastal grisailles. The strongest gusts will approach 70 km/h on the edge of the Gulf of Lion and overall, the afternoon well announce summer, warm in the Interior of the Var with nearly 35 degrees. In the Northwest, the weather will remain more threatening. Good showers circulate in the morning on the Breton tip and the sides of channel. They will then spread in the lands up to the Valley of the Loire, Orléans, the Paris Basin and the Benelux. They will sometimes evolve until the storm, more frequent and locally strong thunderstorms between Normandy and Nord-Pas de Calais. The Southwest wind will blow around 60/70 km/h on the sides of channel. Finally, Poitou-Charentes and Aquitaine in the Northeast, we appreciate a quieter time with cloudy, risk of wavy very isolated. . Inspirational facts can be read clicking the following link.

Failed Science Careers: the PhD can kiss my ass.

Christian Fischer (name changed) Social Sciences at a prestigious University studied and completed with top grade. Already during his studies he works as a research assistant at the Chair of his later father’s doctor, as a tutor, he supports students from lower semesters. Research and teaching are fun for him. The number of PhDs in Germany has increased continuously over the past 20 years with slight fluctuations. In the year 2012, almost 27 000 promotions were successfully defended. According to the OECD (Organisation for economic cooperation and development) the most doctoral degrees are awarded in Germany so that according to the United States annually. But no one knows exactly how many PhD of science turn their backs. It is estimated that only every second or even every third doctoral studies will be completed successfully. The reasons for this are complex and in some ways little flattering for science operations. Promotion crashes occur in all disciplines. Whether in employment at a university or a non-University Research Institute, in a doctoral degree or a graduate school with a scholarship, primary or a part-time basis: regardless of the form of organization PhD projects are in science everywhere hopeless started and then rather singing – and quietly buried. There are various reasons that work together in different ways. The one reason does not exist apparently. Meeting on the thing itself interested young scientists and academics on efficiency and output orientation in a world of science, which is like an industrial plant, get in a dilemma: they submit to the pressure or they remain true to their ideal? They run the risk in this system just to go under, because they work for example too slowly or produce no or too few publication-ready results. The large discrepancy between the conceptions of science and then found reality leads to frustration and disappointment. Thus, the science system is itself far from uninvolved promotion terminations. . You can click this to discover extra on this great topic.

Self of pieced vintage: Mr. Brown going back in the future.

He had become like rock star. Or at least, a secret agent like James Bond. But what else have one as a son of a large tractor and machinery manufacturer, as following in the footsteps of his father? So has not to be confused with the Aston-Martin-David Brown – no songs composed, no guitar David Brown – smashed, no blondes PLEASURING and threw no TVs out of hotel Windows. But he has built dump trucks. So many dump truck that he had in the meantime 3500 employees, but for not more very much fun in life. He is now just under 60, his company is silver plated, his marriage divorced, and now catching Mr. Brown a little. "I must be more accountable anyone and only do what’s fun for me," says the British and now enjoys life, that he would want to do as a young man. He has recorded his first record, established a brewery and distillery with the subtle name of "Bad Company", because that is also the name of a rock band. He promotes young marketing geniuses, sells granite in London and New York, and otherwise enjoying life. That’s not so bad. But why make it a steinreicher British man in search of his happiness on this newspaper page? Because he is now even a car. Because other men would buy perhaps a veteran in his age, or at least a sports car when she grabs the midlife crisis. But because Brown has already enough vintage ("which are always broken") and sports cars ("that you see on every corner"), basically it is a learned and vehicle construction from scratch has, he developed his dream car right yourself. And because the work eventually must pay off, the car is also sold after: 495 000 pounds plus tax. That is that summed up for example in Germany at the end of around 750 000 euros, does not seem to disturb the rich racer: five cars have been ordered, Brown says, he has serious prospects for a dozen, and just now was again a couple from Germany to test drive with him in Gaydon and hopes that it is the first, who may share his dream about Christmas around. The aluminum body of the speed back gedengelte lovingly in 2000 hours of hand work resumes the lines of this DB5 and shows for Brown, which today should drive James Bond: the hood is endless long and wonderfully gentle swinging, that flat cabin and tail so fluently like the waves on the beach in Brighton on a quiet summer day. Only the LED spots behind the circular front glasses beam the speed back into the new millennium. A team of just four people to among others the designer of Allan Mobberley counts, which last brought Rover the discovery in the form of land has helped Mr. Brown. Perhaps the coolest idea in the whole car but comes from the youngest member of the small company – a trainee. Range Rover, one inspired by the picnic-flap it has designed a third seat in the trunk of the speed back, hinged with two handles against the direction of travel from the ground. Much more stylish you can enjoy hardly his champagne in the parking lot – no matter whether you are a would-be rock star or a secret agent. The design is from yesterday, but the platform is today. Because under the neat cover a relatively despicable Jaguar XKR, Brown has changed nothing on the drive. "Why even?", asks the Briton. Because first of all, the five litre V8 compressor with its 510 HP is the 625 nm of torque, and especially with its wonderful timbre not a bad choice. And secondly, Brown wanted a modern car, as I said. But it speaks to something else for the Jaguar as a basis: its origin. Because just like David Brown automotive and actually everything had, or even have rank and name in the British car industry is sitting Jaguar in Gaydon. Brown has found there also the necessary specialist firms, which fit his car in manual work. "Made in England", says Brown so proudly, and a little patriotism is no harm, if it has perpetuated the Union Jack even in the company logo. . For extra regarding this topic visit

The Netrebko ends with the box.

PL cido Domingo was one of them. Because it titube in its initial n aparici and the aria in the second act the resolved with suffering. Indeed, the subsequent auction of the ‘cabaletta’ did, but demonstrate that the Colossus bar tone providers or – asum to the role of the Conde Luna – were missing the air and safety. I got to his voice flowed as usual, but it is true also that the former ‘tenor’ n retrieve the way the outcome of PEAR and viewers jalearon it with devotion generational n when occurred the trance of the greetings. Consumed all the massacre was mica of the work, in the same way that viewers spend magazine to the art gã¨re of the event. Including Marie-Nicole Lemieux (Azucena) and Francesco Meli, singers both sensitive and refined, but not always provided the tear and the strength of its characters. The French contralto, for example, is resinti of an ugly vibrato in the aria top of the second Act, while the Italian tenor was not too sharp sword in aria tica m of the pyre, quiz because went to bewitch him gifted Manrico to represent the role in Salzburg and the last one: Franco Corelli. . You should visit this to read more on this great topic.

Marriage: The ‘social networks’ clause will not happen in France.

In France, therefore, point of marriage contract to govern the right to the image, but a law. Very precisely, article 9 of the Civil Code provides that everyone is entitled to respect for his private life, which includes the right to dispose of his image. Marriage does not alter the matter. Each made his image what he wants, and no update online or publication whatsoever cannot take place without the agreement of the person concerned. So act and case law require a written authorisation of the person concerned to be able to publish his image, whatever the medium. But the reality is quite different, and many people appear on social networks and on the internet alongside their spouses and their friends without guard a written authorisation. Remains a problem, which was until there the most difficult to resolve: the person who herself had released its own image or which had authorized the dissemination, and who then wished to withdraw it. Nothing was planned until there and therefore that the broadcast had been legally, no back was provided for in the texts. . For more information about this matter visit web site.

IN PICTURES. Israel – Gaza: the return of the front of IDF soldiers.

They and they were mostly between the ages of 19 and 23 and have already seen death. Hundreds of Israeli soldiers come to spend more than two weeks in the Gaza Strip, to fight the members of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement. The young recruits of the IDF are now stationed at the border of the enclave Palestinian, in the South of Israel, ready to return to the front at any time in case of alert.   They are aware that the ceasefire under negotiation between Tel Aviv and Hamas is still far in this conflict which has already cost the life of 2000 Palestinians (including many civilians). Since the beginning of their ‘Protective border’ operation, Israeli soldiers also lost 64 of them. Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, warned Saturday that it wouldn’t "make no concessions". Israel responds with the voice of his Prime Minister Banjamin Netanyou that it is "not negotiating under fire." This is the impasse.   In images, in Sderot, the daily lives of these soldiers returning from the front.       . For additional facts on this subject read web site.

The regulatory vacuum there: the authorized artificial insemination centres can play now, gi heterologous purch respect all those pallets that 40 law established for medically assisted procreation in General and all mechanisms of public scrutiny and maybe sometimes insufficient. Giuseppe Tesauro, the new President of the Constitutional Court and, above all, one who last June wrote and filed the reasons for judgment that the 162 See said the illegittimit ban on heterologous fertilization in Italy. A judgment is certainly not easy to write, the text of which would be considered, filed and discussed by the judges in individual words and commas. Because, as in the case of rejection of the "patricia_917", court decisions may not lead to loopholes. If so, the questions of legitimacy will not be even discussed the merits and not the varcherebbero criterion. I realize that on a subject so delicate there a diffuse reflection in the country and not only in Government and in the Parliament, which of course remains the sovereign and which can also choose to modify or supplement the law 40. On the other hand, the Court limited itself to stating the ban on heterologous incompatibilities with the Constitution and that the legal vacuum there was, if not on a point of some importance, the number of donations, to be filled with an update of the guidelines or primary norm. The rest remains 40 law, which regulates the subjective requirements, those objectives, the prohibition of trading and all that important, even under the parent company profile; the uterus for rent out of 40 and so there goes. If cos had been the Court should declare the action inammissibilit. On this point the judgment clear, but, again, a matter of course, this does not preclude any parliamentary intervention. Find it difficult to imagine it, I think of the art. 136 of the Constitution (when the Constitutional Court declares the constitutional illegittimit of a standard, this ceases to have effect from the day following the publication of the decision, ndr). Certainly free to do so. The case I just read any newspaper, I can’t comment on the facts that I know of. They say that I am a specialist of international law and relations with the European Union. The most important judgments? Those on Europe and on the European Court of human rights, those relating to competition, perhaps the decision on "patricia_917" (the election law rejected by the Consulta, ndr): the Court, dutifully neutral choice of electoral system, wanted to answer a specific question put to the Court of Cassation on some suspect incompatibilities with the Constitution; and wanted to also pave the way for a quick intervention of Parliament, pi times implicitly stressed. . For extra insights about this matter check

Mystery on nine babies in an apartment survey for human traffic in Bangkok.

Nine children of a few months, found in a condominium in Bangkok, sons of surrogate mothers, i.e. paid to give birth on behalf of others. A mysterious 24 years Japanese fled to Macau after months ago had brought three babies in Cambodia in three different trips. The Japanese lawyer supporting a thesis: his client the biological father of all infants, which in total would be 14. And an investigation for human trafficking. Behold, lined up these are the elements of a disturbing yellow edged, bouncing between Thailand, Cambodia, Macau, Japan and Australia, and overlooking a chasm of questions and thoughts when it comes to artificial insemination. It all starts with the story already known Australian pair had paid a surrogate mother Thai. The girl pregnant, turns out waiting for twins, but one of two nascer down. The Australian pair asks the thai girl to have an abortion, she refuses and ushering the two children. The girl is healthy and is carried by the couple in Australia that, cynically (to put it mildly) leaves the boy, down, to the thai mother. The latter, who has other children and not surf in gold, takes care of the small, Gammy. It turns out that also has a heart malformation, serves a very expensive intervention, the case became public, many moved to Gammy and scandalized for the choice of the Australian pair, there a mobilisation to raise the money needed for intervention. But after the ugly history of small down refused, Thai police began to investigate the phenomenon of surrogate mothers (only in Australia there are 500 couples who have resorted to this agreement with thai women to have a child). Behold, then you get the incredible discovery of nine children in a condominium in Bangkok, after a report of neighbors. The police raided the apartment, is located the nine children (three females and six males), with them are the surrogate mothers. The young are entrusted to an institution, but it turns out that the organization is headed by a Japanese guy who, coincidentally, a few days before it embarked on the first flight to Macau. It’s called Mitsutoki Shigeta, has 24 years, and 2012 entered and exited from Thailand at least 65 times. Do you forward a lawyer, who tells her to represent the man: all children, 14 in total, are biological children of my reviews. Wanted someone to whom to entrust his company in the future. Obviously this justification does not stand, while disturbing the discovery that in recent months, in three different occasions, the Man departed from Bangkok for Cambodia with three babies. Was supposed to deliver them to someone? Investigators fear that behind this story there can be illegal trafficking of stem cells or simply babies were sold. Police are looking for a Japanese woman, fleeing, too. But I still do not know whether the nine small found in Bangkok’s condo are born from the seed of the young and mysterious Japanese fled to Macau. Servir Dna testing. . Related text can be inspected reading

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