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At the beginning of the Russo-Japanese war, Yudenich commanded the 18th regiment of infantry (5th infantry brigade) and stands on several occasions. During the battle of Sandepu, he personally led troops who begin to retreat to engage in a fight to the bayonet and manages to repel the enemy. In the battle of Mukden, he also led the attack and actively manages its perimeter defense. He was seriously wounded and received the sword of Saint George with the inscription "for bravery". At the request of the allies, the Caucasus army began an offensive on two axes – Baghdad and Penjwin – early February 1917. The operation is proceeding successfully. The 1st corps of the Caucasus of Kalitine arrives at the border of Mesopotamia, as the 7th corps of the Caucasus Vadbolski-controlled approaches of Penjwin. This offensive provides considerable assistance to British troops by forcing the ottoman command to project a part of his troops to the Russian Front, which weakens the defense of Baghdad. The British are thus able to go on the offensive and take Baghdad. The 6th Turkish army retreated to the North and ends up taking vise, risking defeat. After the Revolution of February, early March 1917, Yudenich was appointed commander of the Caucasus Front. In this period the chaos begins to spread in Russia and this region. The agitation gained units and discipline fall. In assessing the situation in all aspects, Yudenich decided to stop the campaign of Mesopotamia and withdraw troops from the montane regions with better parking conditions to move to the defensive. The 1st and 7th corps of the Caucasus are receding. The general refused to obey the order of the provisional Government to relaunch the offensive required by the allies and provides a substantial report on the actual situation on the Caucasus Front and the State of the troops at Stavka. In May 1917, the provisional Government dismisses Yudenich’s command on the front for disobedience. . You should click this web site to read more regarding this amazing topic.

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From the black box showed that the steersman went 20 degrees to the right, instead of bringing the bar up to 20 degrees to the left, to try to stop the slap of sails and circumvent the stumbling block, go right. It says Sadon, Commander of the Costa Concordia wrecked at isola del Giglio, in an interview with Codacons Tv. when I say put the rudder left the sailor initially place the bar and goes to left, after which there rethinks and goes right and defeats the attempt to implement the evasive manoeuvre, stresses Schettino. I realized that we were going to end up on the rock, says Sadoon, when I saw that there was no breeze from the Northeast, the breeze generates water, fluorescence and sailor years experience made me realize that there was a shallow-water index. Cos-adds-I approach to the glass to see better, incredulous of that situation. I give him an order, 10 and 10 starboard to starboard a recognizable command from the sailor in conduction, before I had the course on 10 to 20 tell him straight to starboard and he repeated 20 to starboard, and before reaching 20 to tell him everything straight to starboard-tells Schettino-only when the rudder reaches the whole physically right the sailor I d confirmation and I say half the rudder. Before arrive in Central rudders ordino to go all left following the same policy. And this would be the only possible maneuver to circumvent the rules. . For additional about this matter read

“Montebourg has been ambiguous in his report to the Government’s policy.

Will Member States Defend Net Neutrality, in Line with the ...

Rémi LEFEBVRE – unlike the speech of presidential expected, the Minister of the economy gave a rather technical speech. Above all, it has not really called into question government policy, although it has criticized him to mottled drills, including calling patrons to take their responsibilities or denouncing a too strong euro. In the end, there lack of clarity with one side as the good student of Government and taking the other date thereafter. Being at Bercy, in his costume’s Minister, also surely prevented him to hear more his small music. If it was expressed from his stronghold of Frangy-en-Bresse (Saône-et-Loire), it would have certainly taken a more political speech. Instead, it was ambiguous in its report to the Government’s policy. This is not won because he could end up facing competitors – perhaps Benoît Hamon – and that few people from this current trust him. It has very difficult relations with the aubrystes, which he still want to be rallied to François Holland during the primary in the fall 2011. It is therefore quite isolated. Especially since there not many network at the local level since he renounced his elective in Saône-et-Loire. What problem it’s point of fall and that is probably why it tries to stay as long as possible within the Government. The risk then to appear opportunistic to the left of the left. There are several scenarios. The first is that Manuel Valls and Arnaud Montebourg do everything to rule out François Holland, before appearing in a primary against the other. One can also imagine that Arnaud Montebourg prepares the apres-defaite on the left and then take a position from the perspective of 2022. Or Finally, if the current President is a candidate, it is placed in its campaign to try to be a key figure. . For extra facts regarding this subject read

Greipel continues German winning streak on the tour.

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As the German champions with a true feat of strength had continued the great German cycling days in the 101st tour de France, he was his friend and colleague Marcel Sieberg in the target the arms. With a victory of the will, the facilitated German road cycling champion had finally forced his personal achievement. As powerful as he was broke right to win the sixth stage on Thursday at the long HomeStretch in Reims, he clenched his fist behind and shouted out his full joy. Smocks filed his radiant smile for the first time, after an exhausting stage, he was no longer represented in the finish. Today, a lot has gone wrong. It is disappointing that we gave away a chance, even though we have worked the whole day hard. We have lost control of ten kilometers from the finish and responding incorrectly, the 26-year-old blond boy before his team bus contended with a bowl of fruit in the hand. Discussions in the team about the wayward final, he announced. Celebration was in the champagne capital before the eyes of the French President François hollande however, Greipel, who looked even gen World Cup in Brazil. Four German stage wins and Germany at the World Cup in the final. This is a really great week, said soccer fan Greipel, who had a hard first week behind them. Traveled as German champions, much went wrong in the first few days. Meanwhile, last year’s winner Froome took already the journey home to England after his departure on Wednesday. He wants to leave there specifically the damaged wrist investigate his crash injuries. I am devastated – I still don’t know when I’m back, tweeted of last year’s winner, who had to bend the pain two days after three crashes. . Root facts could be studied clicking this

For Nicolas Sarkozy, “the president better to do than comment on football.

French immigrants must learn La Marseillaise says Nicolas Sarkozy ...

The literary tastes of Nicolas Sarkozy have often been the subject of criticism. The little glowing reviews of the former head of the State on the Princess of Cleves have gone through it. «I was surrounded by so much suffering and anxieties of the French, I was embarrassed at the idea that the president of the Republic could spend a minute of his time to expatiate on literary subjects, recalls Nicolas Sarkozy in an interview with Jean-Marie Rouart for Paris Match. "President, today has better to do, when it is in operation, to comment on football or talk about his reading." But now that I have more functions, and as you give me the opportunity to share this love of reading which is mine, I do well gladly", explains to the Academician. A tackle to his successor at the Elysee, who attended all matches in the grand salon of the Presidential Palace and which is not deprived of comment on the performance of the Blues. Politics is never far away in the literary comments of the former President of the Republic. "Frankly, for me, politics, it is a great human adventure and I can’t limit myself in a man the only description of acts and events. I am much more at what there is behind"insists Nicolas Sarkozy. "Eleven years as general de Gaulle at Colombey between 1947 and 1958, her psychology, her moments of doubt, despair, hope, betrayals he suffers, all this interests me", he says in a parallel to his own situation. "General de Gaulle, let down by everyone in 1968 who plays his hopes in 1969 ‘, complete. "It is a miracle when you have had no trouble. ” And even when there is no trouble, one can imagine that we will have. And Moreover, troubles never happen where expected. This isn’t policy which is hard, c’est la vie,"assures Nicolas Sarkozy, recently indicted after fifteen hours of police custody. . Root data could be studied clicking the following

Long-range rockets of Hamas doesn’t break the “iron dome”.

LIVE UPDATES: Top Gaza militant killed in Israeli strike; Iron ...

Hamas rockets have ever greater and practise for the first time today have reached even the areas of Caesarea and Haifa, located at 130 and 170 km from the Gaza Strip. Distances too high for heavy Iranian Fajr rockets-5 launched towards Tel Aviv and maybe even for new M-302, derived from the Chinese weapons WS-1 produced in Syria and apparently turned to Hamas from Iran via Sudan. To avoid expensive shoot interceptors against non-paying the targets shield Israeli radar calculates the trajectory of the rocket intercept him considering to prevent fall in areas inhabited or let it go, if it is intended to hit uninhabited areas. The iron dome is created by Israeli companies Elta and Rafael (with a US financial contribution amounted to 275 million dollars) and Tamir interceptor missile uses very quickly and accurately but that costs about 30 thousand dollars per aircraft and is commonly used to destroy rockets worth a few thousand dollars, sometimes even less, as in the case of crude Kassam products in craft workshops in Gaza at a cost of just $ 800 a piece. . For extra data about this topic read

The Belgium in the process of evaporation.

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Strange Belgium, which vibrates with enthusiasm for his Red Devils but that worth more to be a Government for the rer g. Collective sense caused by football thus meets the foss who, since 2007, continues to expand between Flanders and Wallonia. Former Constitutionalist University of Li ge and one of the great figures of the Walloon movement during the second half of the 20th so key, Fran ois Perin understood tr s faster than the evolution of things m would, ultimately blocking and the implosion of the Kingdom: there’s no place in this small country for two nations, one Belgian, so she ever exist, and a Flemish. May 26, 1980 he d missionnait spectacularly S nat: it is difficult to remain a State whereby it no longer believes the syst political me parliamentary para absurd t and repr smelling of a nation (,.) that no longer exists. For him, things were clear: the Walloons and Brussels will find themselves enough b Belgian completely alone. And imagine, twenty-three years before the famous docu-fiction Bye-bye Belgium’s RTBF (2006), the way including Flanders, strong d l d democratic legitimacy now, could proclaim unilat generally its independence. But French leaders are not fools. The fact that the commission on Affairs of the Assembly res trang natiuonale timely jug, in July 2011, load two of its members, one of the majority, the other of the opposition, to go to Belgium in order to inquire about the situation int interior of the country, is quite to be significant. Adopt the February 15, 2012, ress s int report notes that the division of Belgium into two language of more coh different and dissimilar groups made his less and less likely. Not wishing that the Walloons are found, when donn, forced r Act in the precipitation pr and urgency, I undertook to establish, in 2009, the citizens ‘ initiative of the States General of Wallonia. Among the three possible post-belges scenarios sc who t analys s load and d load (a State Walloon ind during; a r residual Wallonia-Brussels Belgium; the union-int integration the France), only the last is av r realistic r and cr credible. � . You can check the following to discover extra about this interesting topic.

Cricket: “Berlusconi signed the Pact with Renzi for their c,.”.

Renzi shores up Berlusconi reform pact amid PD dissent | Italy

On the day that Senate reform should come out by the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Senate and being planned for discussion in plenary, the political leader of the movement 5 Stars decided to return to what, rightly or wrongly, is considered the "founding" moment of institutional reforms. Under the magnifying glass of Beppe Grillo ends so the so-called "Pact of the Nazarene", which is the result of the first encounter between Matteo Renzi and Silvio Berlusconi to discuss constitutional and electoral law reforms. The Pact of Nazareno is called so because it made via del Nazareno in Rome, where it survives thanks to public money of the Democratic party headquarters. Despite not having nothing sacred attributable to our Lord, the Pact has otherworldly properties. Nobody has ever read, though everyone knows it exists, even if you don’t know what it contains. It’s a secret pact between two gentlemen, one of which affected, that for reasons of confidentiality and national security, perhaps they don’t want to disclose. The most suitable place, because of the name "would be was the former headquarters of PCI in via delle Botteghe Oscure. However, although the Pact do not know one stone, each election falls or negotiation must be in the perimeter of the Covenant of the Nazarene. The problem is that nobody knows this perimeter and not even a single article of the Covenant that is increasingly taking a Halo legendary, like some ancient texts. It’s a secret text that covers all but unknowable. Who knows what? In the absence of direct access to the new text of democracy cannot be compromised, that advance speculation. To think the worst is sin and then Sin without brakes. The Pact ensures that the notopregiudicato do not end up in jail and hope in grace. Also ensures that notopregiudicato companies are protected by the State. Provides that the party of notopregiudicato remains under his absolute control with the Elimination of preferences. In short: the Pact is a salvancondotto for Berlusconi’s ass in return for guarantees its support for the Government and drawing papism by Napolitano. A suggestion to forzisti: vendetevi alone, rather than let you sell from notopregiudicato. We earn and not take the shape of balls. . For extended facts regarding this subject visit

Brescia, false invoices to cancel the tax wedge. From 10 million fraud: 5 arrests.

Italy's Beppe Grillo given four month jail sentence - Worldnews.

There is also the Director of a post office between the five people arrested in Bresciano by the guardia di finanza of Chiari (Brescia) in operation ‘ Cash ‘. The charges include bribery, conspiracy, issuance and use of false invoices, omitted and infidel statement, concealment and destruction of records, improper compensation. The overall damage to the Treasury in terms of shortfalls, has been quantified at about 10 million, caused by fictitious employment relationships covered by false billings for over 40 million euros. The system of illegal taxes and savings contributions devised by the Group was founded on the ‘ fictitious ‘ interim labour. Were created companies ‘ paper ‘ (i.e., existing only on paper) that assumed that labour was actually used by the entrepreneurs arrested who, in this way, were exempted from any form of liability and any monetary or fiscal slope that Provident Fund. Documentary coverage of economic relations was ensured by a false Billings crossed. The use of these companies had so intended, according to the prosecution reconstruction of neutralizing the so-called tax wedge of companies actually employed the workforce, through outsourcing ‘ fraudulent ‘ social security and tax burdens. Who made use of the labour force not paid any tax, welfare, social security or whose performance was in fact hijacked on companies ‘ container ‘, on paper, who had apparently hired employees. Essential for the implementation of the plan, was, according to investigators, the cooperation of the Director of a post office, accused of corruption. Investigators have discovered that the man, on the other hand, failed to notify the Bank of Italy the huge anomalous transactions and cash withdrawals made on accounts of companies involved that between 2010 and 2012 were about 20 million euros. . You can click the following reference to read extra about this interesting topic.

Rockets fired from Gaza despite Israel to counter-attack.

Rocket Attacks on Israel Continue From Gaza, Despite Truce Talk ...

The escalation of violence continues between Israel and Hamas fighters. A Palestinian was killed and another seriously wounded by an Israeli strike carried out Wednesday on the North of the Gaza Strip. The two men were travelling on a motorbike in Beit Lahiya, not far from the border with Israel, when they were targeted by an Israeli drone, said a medical source told AFP. In the morning, at least five rockets were fired from the Palestinian enclave to Tel Aviv and its suburbs. Warning sirens were sounded and the projectiles were intercepted in flight by a battery ‘ Iron Dome’, a system for intercepting missiles, said Israeli military radio. Eve, Tel Aviv as well as Jerusalem had already been targeted by rockets fired from Gaza, controlled by Hamas. The Islamist group has claimed these shots in response to the Israeli offensive, which has made at least 28 dead and more than 100 wounded, according to a count established Tuesday evening. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the Israeli Army conducted not less than 160 raids in the Gaza Strip, in retaliation to the firing of rockets. "120 rocket-launching sites, 10 Hamas command posts and many tunnels" have been targeted, general Moti Almoz, told military radio. That brings in 430 the number of aerial attacks carried out by the Jewish State since the start of operation "border protection", he added. Other contested targets include two houses "of military leaders of Hamas" as well as "offices of the Ministry of the Interior, Hamas national security service", detailed the general. "The operation we launched will expand in the coming days", he said, while refusing to give details. Tuesday, the Israeli security cabinet authorized the recall of 40. 000 reservists for a possible operation on the ground of large-scale in the Gaza Strip. Reinforcements were deployed on the outskirts of Gaza, where the Agency France-Presse journalists saw troops, tanks and armoured troops. . Inspirational facts can be studied clicking this

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