Irreversible melting of ice in Antarctica: a beginning of end of the world?

Climate Change: That Antarctica Ice Sheet Isn't the Only One ...

The Thwaites glacier va dispara tre. And with it other L viathans of ice in Western Antarctica under the effect of the climate warming r. According to two studies concurrent published in the journals Science and Geophysical Research Letters, these glacial g antes are entr es a d clin irr irreversible. Six glaciers in the Amundsen sea sector have pass the point of no return, crit still glaciologist Eric Rignot of the University of California Irvine, who works in collaboration with a laboratory of Nasa. So many expressions alarmed aunts who ask questions. According to the findings of the two studies, the disappearance of glaciers in the Western Antarctic is everything done for tomorrow: it will indeed take 200 1000 years. M me if Eric Rignot worldwide, believe that these estimates are too conservative and that a large part of these lenses will be part in the two hundred next ann es. For Olivier Gagliardini, Professor at the laboratory of glaciology and Geophysics of the environment G, figures are plausible. With the topography of the ground o lie the glaciers, one can observe that these continue to recede. This name does decrease ph explained by r warming of oc who melt the West Antarctic. Basing, glaciers grow and their thickness decreases, this r reduces weight and s pare more in addition to bedrock and drags them faster. They then collapsed into the sea, forming gigantic icebergs that leave the d rive. � .

Labour law: As layoffs right make sure to?.

Employee Layoff Rights in Israel: What Are They? | JobMob

In contrast, it is not really relevant when the Gekündigte learns of his resignation personally, so get the letter from the mailbox. According to a new ruling the termination is deemed already to, if an employer does not personally handled, but delivers only by mail or interjects herself. It is only on the usual postal delivery times.   Opt for the throw-in in the letter box, should necessarily take a witness can confirm the throw-in. The witness must see the slot with his own eyes to Court really can confirm it. This, consider also the time. If you take for example a termination at 20: 00 at your staff, you can not expect that these flushes his letterbox still at this late time. The termination is deemed only then on the next working day to. Because the usual postal delivery times are in the late morning. And also in the delivery of mail must have after the delivery. That is, make to therefore always notices mailed by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. .

Weather phenomenon: El Niño provides richer harvests in South America.

El of Ni̱os, which occur every few years at irregular intervals, causing flooding on the Pacific coast of South America again and again, it can cause extreme rainfall in the South of the United States and in Southeast Asia and Australia to droughts. The phenomenon is triggered by changes in the surface temperature of the water in the eastern tropical Pacific. La Ni̱a typically occurs in the wake of El Ni̱o. The event is triggered, in contrast to El Ni̱o exceptionally cold currents in the Pacific Ocean Рso to speak, an anti-El Ni̱o. Also 2014, an El Ni̱o could be year, forecasters predict. The world map, which is now present Iizumi and colleagues, describes the effects of El Ni̱o and La Ni̱a events on the global crop yields. It shows the effects on the crops of corn, rice, wheat and soybeans between 1984 and 2004. Thus El had Ni̱o events, for example, negative effects on maize cultivation in the South-East of the United States, in China, in East and West of Africa and Indonesia. Also the revenues of soy beans in India and parts of China suffer. .

Viet Nam: a death and a hundred wounded in anti-Chinese riots.

More than 20 dead, doctor says, as anti-China riots spread in ...

One Chinese was killed and 100 were injured in riots in Viet Nam, arousing the wrath of Beijing Thursday, which accused Hanoi of complicity in these anti-Chinese violence of unprecedented magnitude for decades. The rioting started Tuesday in the South of the Viet Nam, were triggered by the deployment by Beijing of an oil platform off the coast of islands that compete both communist countries in South China Sea. Hanoi, authoritarian one-party that does not tolerate any protest usually promised tough measures to take the situation in hand, until the incidents frighten foreign investors. I asked the Prime Minister’s harsh measures, said the Minister of planning and investment, Bui Quang Vinh, referring to 400 companies affected in total by the violence extended to 22 of the 63 provinces of the Viet Nam. The Prime Minister, Nguyen Tan Dung, has described the situation as very serious and said that the rioters should be punished. However, he assured that patriotism animating the demonstrators were a good thing. The recent outbreak of violence is directly linked to the indulgence of the Vietnamese Government and its collusion with part of the anti-Chinese forces and troublemakers, acknowledged his side Hua Chunying, spokesman for Chinese diplomacy. According to experts, the Vietnamese Government allows certain events to express his extreme displeasure toward Beijing. But it could have been surpassed by the magnitude of the movement, specify. Hundreds of Chinese nationals in the Viet Nam fled to neighbouring Cambodia, according to Cambodian police. The latest riots have occurred in the centre of the country, in the province of Ha Tinh, about 500 km from Hanoi. After the plundering of industrial parks in the South, it is a plant of the Taiwanese group, Formosa Plastics, which was taken for target by the mob on the night of Wednesday to Thursday. A Chinese employee was killed, said a local official, Dang Quoc Khanh, adding that three buildings housing Chinese workers had been burned on the site. At least 149 people were injured, according to a latest official death toll, noting that 76 people had been arrested. The rioters are gone, but we all fear that they return, told AFP a Taiwanese diplomat, Huang Chih-peng. According to the official new China News Agency, at least a dozen Chinese employees were found Thursday. -A battle for Islands – the Viet Nam and China have a long history beset by litigation, feeding nationalist resentments at the heart of the current riots. First of all, these famous Islands in South China Sea: in 1974, while the United States withdrew from Viet Nam, China had taken control of the Paracel (Xisha in Chinese) Islands in South China Sea, occupied by South Viet Nam. In addition, in 1979, the two Communist neighbours clashed during a Sino-Vietnamese, brief but bloody, war after the invasion by China of the northernmost provinces of the Viet Nam. The balance sheet is tens of thousands of dead hand and other. Adds another battle, in 1988, for the control of the Spratly Islands (Nansha in Chinese), which killed some 70 people on the side of Vietnamese. This has not prevented the two countries to normalize their relations in 1991 and multiply economic ties. But Beijing industrial policy and its announcement early May of deploying a platform of oil drilling in deep water in the disputed waters has awakened the old nationalist demons in the Viet Nam. Thousands of anti-Chinese protesters had already burned Tuesday more than 10 factories in the industrial park near Ho Chi Minh City. In total, 500 of them were arrested. The Paracels and the Spratlys archipelagos are supposedly rich in oil and are located on important international sea lanes. The Viet Nam denounced a decision illegal and demanded that the platform be removed. Hanoi has also sent ships to the region and the two capitals to return responsibility for provocations between their ships. .

Giant duel in the DFB Cup final the seven Bayern worries before the battle with the BVB.

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Dramatic words that come as no surprise. Because before the last match of the season the Munich one year under PEP Guardiola in any good way. Dortmund is the favorite in the final, is not only Franz Beckenbauer. FOCUS online shows the seven biggest concerns of Bavaria before the blast of the Cup on Saturday. 4. large print: earliest title win Bundesliga GeschichteAus in the Champions League against Real Madrid Franck Ribéry spoke out, what many in the environment of the German master’s thinking. If we lose, it’s a good season for me. The pressure for the Munich is huge despite the earliest title in Bundesliga history. Dortmund wins the direct duel, the 19 points lead in the table no longer play a role. After titles, it is followed by 1:1. But above all, out of the Champions League against Real Madrid has left yet. The Bavarians have to make something up, the BVB, however, can play free, has achieved good results with second place in the League, reaching the finals of the Cup and the quarter-finals of the Champions League. .

Brussels: plugs and retainers against protesters at the European Business Summit.

The Russian challenge for America's odd couple - FT.

Fire hydrants and numerous detentions by the Belgian police this pencil in Brussels to prevent protests underway in Belgium’s case by the European anti austerity moves. Today’s events promoted by the Coalition Blockupy would open the European days of action with roadblocks and marches against austerity policies undertaken by the European Union. The protesters gathered this morning shortly after eight near Palais d Egmon to kick off the blocks and symbolically encircling the Summit of the European Business Summit in Brussels. Belgian police who already presided over the area, however, is immediately taken with strong manners by clearing the activists. Stopped Luca Casarini-to release the blocks the police in riot control structure have made extensive use of fire hydrants by arresting a number of activists handcuffed in the street with the clamps. Among those arrested also include Beppe Caccia, activist and member of the Municipal Council of Venice, and Luca Casarini candidate in the May 25 elections with ” list. All those arrested were loaded on some police bus between the protests of the other protesters who are demanding the immediate release. However, protests continue and the protesters are gearing up in the square from where the procession will begin. .

Unions: Unions talk about the location is beautiful.

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In the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), there is a spirit of optimism. With Reiner Hoffmann, a new man takes over the top. The DGB Federal Congress has chosen him as the successor to Michael Sommer with a dream score of 93 percent in favour. So closed, so agree and self-confident as now the unions no longer occurred, despite some differences in detail. They reap popularity in polls, some attract additional members, and in the policy they are heard again. The great coalition Federal Government reads. di, IG metal and co the wishes of almost of the lips off. Better, it might not run, or? The unions are also just very successfully, to clear away motifs for a membership with them. Finally is the core idea of trade unions is to take things along with other employees in their own hands, to fight for better working conditions and higher wages. But this year the unions give so much responsibility on the State like never before. The minimum wage is regulated by the State. Also, agreements should be explained more often by State available for universal application. This means: all employees of a business automatically receive the wage, regardless, whether they work in an operation with or without collective bargaining system or in any form for this have been. These are mixed successes. And perhaps even a law of collective bargaining unit, that each other also state-regulated competition of the unions not to say come this year: turns off. It aims to establish who’s in charge, if two trade unions to the same workers compete. The DGB had wished so that, even if he is himself no longer excited. If the workers lobby but constantly calls for the State and which is becoming more common to the actual guarantor of good work the DGB like asking – why you should pay as a Union contribution? Unfortunately, also their political agenda can appear very attractive trade unions, at least for the broad middle of the society. While the tax increases faces skeptical to hostile, a large part of the Trade Union camp is found per se prima. Even if a tax increase only to be taken back, as now in the case of cold progression, the trade unions as a compensation demand higher taxes elsewhere. Another example: The debt brake to help permanently stop the debt, many citizens that makes sense. But at the DGB Congress reaps acclaim who grumbles about this gag. And it was up to the DGB, Germany should stimulate economic activity in Greece, Spain or Italy with lots of money, rather than to torture the crisis countries spar dictations and reforms of à la Agenda 2010. You can have such views, but one does not win the hearts of many workers to. Anyway, the most important task of trade unions not to be a kind of replacement party is located. For this it not needed them. Its core task is to represent the interests of the workers in the companies. There, it would be desirable, they lose any more ground. It is Yes an illusion to believe anyone could all negotiate individually as well with his or her employer – salary, leave entitlement, Christmas bonus, overtime pay or work rules. Collective agreements are economic sense for both sides. In the last crisis, the working time accounts agreed with works councils and trade unions even helped to cushion the slump. And strong, well anchored in the unions show mostly responsible as radical small groups in their wage demands. The unions thus a mistake, if they think they are in good shape, as the new head of the DGB Hoffmann in his inaugural speech said it. Their situation is serious, and they would have to advertise yet much more intense at the premises to members. The deficits are known for years. You reach to little women, too few academics and too little employment in growth sectors. But what is a Trade Union Congress still de rigueur? That candidates for leadership dick highlight their roots in working-class – like Hoffmann in his speech of the application. And that she her speech with a gritty Glückauf! complete. Clearly, just lose the golden past out of sight!.

Jill Abramson, the priestess of the New York Times, fallen.


Definitely it does not good be Patron Saint of news by the time running,. After the announcement Wednesday of the resignation of the patron saint of the world, it is that of the New York Times who jumped a few hours later. Both were the first women to head their respective newspaper, 70 years of existence to the world and 163 years for the New York Times, and their arrival had been hailed as a new era in a sector in full transformation. In the United States, the departure of Jill Abramson, totally unexpected, has the effect of a bomb. In early afternoon, Wednesday, Arthur Sulzberger, the owner of the New York newspaper, summoned journalists and told them the replacement of Abramson by Dean Baquet, its number two. Baquet becomes the first black to lead the newspaper. Less than three years after named it, Arthur Sulzberger clearly suggested that he had sacked Abramson due to a problem of management in writing, without giving more details. I chose to appoint a new Director of the writing because I think that a new direction will improve certain aspects,. Jill Abramson, brilliant journalist, worked at the Wall Street Journal before be hired at the New York Times in 1997. Under its aegis since September, the newspaper has developed its digital offering and has recovered financially. In the first quarter, revenues increased by 2.6% and advertising revenues on the Web like on paper have increased for the first time in several years. But the sexagenarian was unpopular in the drafting. It was intimidating, condescending and brusque manners up to the rudeness, according to NPR radio. She was in conflict with the CEO of the group, Mark Thompson, a BBC ex hired to modernize the company and which she lamented the intrusion in the management of the drafting. They would be particularly opposed on the development of the video sector, Thompson to; Abramson, against. Lately, it had decided to initiate a journalist from the Guardian as two co-numero without having informed Dean Baquet. Relationship with Arthur Sulzberger, who had never been very good, were also increasingly strained. Finally, according to the magazine New Yorker apparently well informed, Jill Abramson had recently discovered that she was well paid less than its predecessor Bill Keller and complained in top place. The spokesman for the New York Times denied the information, stating that the remuneration as a whole was not inferior to that of Bill Keller. But this controversy recalls bad memories. In 1974, a group of employees of the newspaper had launched legal action, accusing the newspaper to the discrimination against women in pay and promotion and had forced the daily to commit to change its practices. Suddenly all the media wonder if Jill Abramson is not another victim of sexism. .

2022 World Cup: Qatar wants to abolish controversial guest-worker system.

World Cup hosts Qatar face scrutiny over 'slavery' accusations - CNN.

In a statement, the International Trade Union Confederation ITUC however doubted the value of announced reforms. Modern-day slavery will continue exist in Qatar, said General Secretary Sharan Burrow. The announcement come not from the Government, and therefore offer any guarantees for workers in Qatar, so burrow. Tennis, ATP Rome: Tommy Haas has reached the knockout stage at the tennis tournament in Rome. The 36-year old won 7-6 (8-6) and beat the Dutch Igor Sijsling 6-1 on Wednesday. Key to the success was the winning of the first movement, in which Haas prevailed yet despite clear residue in the tiebreak. Next opponent is Australian Open champion Stanislas Wawrinka from the Switzerland. The men’s Masters tournament is endowed with EUR 3.45 million. Retired when returning to the tennis events after Roger Federer his second pair of twin birth right. The Swiss failed after a given match ball with 6-1, 3-6 and 6-7 (6 / 8) to Frenchman Jérémy Chardy. Thus, Federer missed the knockout at his dress rehearsal for the French Open. Due to the birth of his sons, the former first had missed last week at the tournament in Madrid. Bundesliga, FC Bayern: record champion Bayern Munich is sentenced by the sports court of the German Football Association (DFB) due to unsportsmanlike conduct in three cases to a fine in the amount of EUR 15 000. The DFB in Frankfurt said that. The Club agreed to the judgment, it is thus legally binding. Last season in the viewers of the Munich-based smoke bombs were been burned at the Bundesliga games for Borussia Mönchengladbach, Borussia Dortmund and Eintracht Braunschweig. Football, Del Piero: The previous football world champions Alessandro del Piero wants to continue his career after retiring from Australian Club Sydney FC. My goal is to continue to play. The United States are an interesting scenario, the 39 years old according to the news agency ANSA said on Wednesday in Milan. He can not imagine but a return to a club in his home country of Italy. Football, Spain: The FC Málaga splits at the end of the season by coach Bernd Schuster. This reported the Spanish news agency EFE on Wednesday, citing Club circuits. Members of the Spanish soccer first division club leaders therefore met with Schuster and informed him that he would no longer launch the training in the coming season at the Andalusian. The German coach had already announced at the weekend that he will probably leave the FC Málaga to the end of the season. The 54-year old is seen Eintracht Frankfurt as one of three candidates for the post of coach in the Bundesliga. Schuster had signed a five-year contract last summer at Málaga cf. It contains a clause that gives both sides the possibility of termination, though ranks of FC Málaga to the end of the season not in the top ten of the League according to media reports. The coach of FC Barcelona, Gerardo Martino, is traded as a candidate for the succession of Schuster at Málaga cf. Barça is considering a separation from the Argentines and the commitment of the former international Luis Enrique, who currently trains the first division Celta de Vigo according to media reports. Basketball, BBL: FC Bayern have to forgo in the remainder of the playoffs to the German Basketball Championship Trenton Daniel and Paul Zipser. The club announced that on Wednesday. Daniel, of a few seconds before the end of the 83:85-defeat at outsider of MHP giant Ludwigsburg of the field had suffered a fracture of the metacarpal and operated on Thursday. Young professional Zipser suffered a knee injury. The Club could make still no details about the exact time of the duo. Of course, we all are saddened, but first and foremost this is tragic for both players because the playoffs for them are gone, Munich’s Managing Director Marko Pesic said Wednesday. We will now make sure that they receive the best medical care and give them all the time to recovery. After two games in the best-of-five series, it stands between the main rounds first and the Swabians from Ludwigsburg, Germany 1:1. NHL, playoffs: ice hockey player Marcel Goc (30) and the Pittsburgh Penguins are eliminated after the third awarded matchball in the play-off quarter-finals of the North American professional League. The title candidate from Pennsylvania cashed in the decisive seventh game against underdog of New York Rangers a 1:2-home defeat and the series of best of seven lost with 3:4 Pittsburgh front had after four duels with 3:1 close located and thus to reach the semifinal. The Rangers take on the Boston Bruins to the duration of injured German internationals Dennis Seidenberg and champions Montreal Canadiens (3-3) in the final game of the Eastern Conference. Like New York, also defending champion of Chicago Blackhawks entered the semi-finals. The champion prevailed in game six for the Minnesota 2-1 after extra-time game and decided the series with 4-2. 9:42 minutes of overtime, Patrick Kane met for 2-1 for Chicago, which meets the winner of the series between the Anaheim Ducks and the Los Angeles Kings in the Western Conference finals. Anaheim leads after five games with 3:2.

Genovese’s arrest is controversy between Pd and M5S.

On the request for the arrest of the Deputy of the Democratic Party you’re consuming another psychodrama. The M5S attacks the Pd: want to slip after voting. But Democrats argue: The M5S prepares the trap. And cricket appeals to law enforcement: don’t do it. "Attention! There is a potential fugitive who prowls the Italy. It’s called Francantonio Genovese, is a member of the Democratic Party, and two months the judiciary calls for his arrest. His party has already given two months to pollute and to reiterate the crime and now wants to postpone a vote on his arrest until after the European elections [,.] We appeal to police: keep an eye on ". The last in order of time to intervene on the issue is Beppe Grillo who, from the pages of his blog, launches an appeal to police to prevent a hypothetical escape of Sicilian member of the Democratic Party, over which hangs a shutdown request from the Prosecutor’s Office in Messina that accuses him of criminal association, money laundering, embezzlement and fraud. Moreover, the story of the vote by the House are taking paradoxical boundaries determined by the overlap of the electoral campaign and the dense agenda of the Parliament, pledged to convert a series of decrees. In fact, the vote in question was scheduled today, after the final vote on the Decree (spacing by a question time session with Minister Latt). To speed up the MEPs Gavino had so withdrawn all the amendments, while there remained the challenge of the left and liberty, which confirmed all its 175 agendas. As of this writing I have been discussed (and rejected) about 100, so it appears highly unlikely that the vote will take place in Genoa on the day, whereas after the agenda there will be group statements and then the vote. Therefore the vote on Genovese could slip tomorrow, although the group leaders will have to decide whether to delay the House Ordinance, approved by the Senate and expires may 27. It must be said that if the vote were to slip again, then the decision on arrest of Galbraith would be postponed to after the (next week in Montecitorio does not hold sittings). .

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