Jihadists advance: Islamic State conquered the largest dam in the Iraq.

The extremists of the Sunni movement Islamic State have captured three towns in the northern Iraq within a few days and put the Kurds ruling in the region of increasingly under pressure. The towns of Sumar, Sinjar and WANA and the Mosul Dam and an oil field and refinery fell the rebels into the hands, eye-witnesses and representatives of the Kurdish Administration reported on Sunday. On its Internet site, the radical Islamic organization Islamic State said she have killed several Kurdish fighters and captured twelve villages in addition to the cities. In Sumar, the extremists on buildings hoisted the black flag of the Islamic State. Mass executions and fundamentalist Islamic enforcement followed this ritual in other cities conquered by them. On its Internet site, the Islamists reported that hundreds of Kurdish fighters had fled and had left numerous vehicles and massive amounts of weapons. Formerly as ISIS known movement Islamic State had secured the North of Iraq in the coup in June and there called a Caliphate. Many Iraqi soldiers deserted in the face of the offensive of the extremists or went over to them. The hopes of the Central Government, but also the United States and other Western States then rested on the combat capability of the Kurds. At the battles of the past few days the Kurdish Pesh militias had to confront the Islamists but hardly, reported eye-witnesses. Currently, is the Islamic State around 100 kilometres from Baghdad and threatens to take the capital. Before the Islamists had been exploiting the civil war in Syria, to build their fundamentalist rule in some areas. In the Iraq they are backed, who feel oppressed by the majority of the Shi’a in the country partly by the Sunnis. The Shiites dominate the Government in Baghdad. According to the United Nations, people on the run are approximately 200 000 in the northern Iraq. Most of them belonged to the Yazidi religious minority, the UN Mission in the Iraq announced on Sunday. In the North of Iraq, a humanitarian tragedy unfold. The refugees urgently need food, water and medicines. IS extremists had taken large areas at the weekend in the North of Iraq, which previously were under the control of Kurdish Pesh fighters. . For additional information about this subject visit http://3841e7d79f37c0de6cac823fbfe54ffe.bloggerpemula.com.

In Liberia, the ignorance of Ebola kills as much as the virus.

It is morning and it already chokes in Monrovia clinic where a tributary of Ebola patients. Kendell Kauffeldt explodes when a jeep arrives without any form of trial a new patient to the overwhelmed establishment. It is dangerous to lead people as loose it in passenger cars, while five people out of the vehicle. The Ministry of health has drawn up protocols. There are numbers to call and ambulances with people trained for it and protected, he explains, furious not seeing respected the basic rules to avoid contagion. Director for Liberia of the American NGO Samaritan’s Purse, Kendell Kauffeldt is frontline in the battle book Liberia hit by the worst outbreak of Ebola ever recorded since the outbreak of the virus in 1976. Since the beginning of the year, the outbreak of haemorrhagic fever left 729 dead, 485 cases confirmed Ebola, in the country and in Sierra Leone and neighboring Guinea. Nothing that in Liberia, more than 300 cases have been registered, of which almost half mortals. But for Mr. Kauffeldt and other personal health, unprecedented balance and continues to increase is as much due to ignorance as to the virus itself. In the lost forests of Liberia, populations assist helpless to the terrifying spectacle of the death of their loved ones, victims in a few days of severe muscle pain, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, and eventually fatal bleeding. -A conspiracy of white – the virus is transmitted by contact with body fluids: blood, vomit, saliva, sweat or feces. It can be fought with SOAP and hot water, and despite the absence of a vaccine, care – hydration, paracetamol against fever and antibiotics for secondary infections – can help to survive a virus with the mortality rate varies between 25 and 90%. But the isolated communities have a deep distrust of Western medicine, often preferring the magical practices. Many in these formerly colonized countries, even believe that fever is a plot or an invention of whites and that admission to a care facility is synonymous with assured death. Due to the lack of communication and education, we see happen cases of Ebola in taxi or in private cars, complains Mr. Kauffeldt, whose unit at ELWA of Monrovia Hospital welcomes up to ten new patients per day. This is worrying because everyone has been in contact with the patient. We then monitor them for 21 days to find out if they have been contaminated. -Accept reality – small William Benadict, has, itself, been contaminated by his mother who succumbed to the virus. I was close to MOM when she was sick. When she died, I got sick, said the 10-year-old boy as he prepares to leave the clinic, healed. Friday, the leaders of the most affected countries have adopted a plan of $ 100 million against Ebola. A large part of the funds will go to the deployment of medical staff but it is also intended to improve the information in areas of high contamination around which a cordon sanitaire will be imposed. Peter Coleman, who chairs the Committee on health of the Liberian Senate, says that poverty is a major barrier to the dissemination of serious information. Most Liberians do not have radio. In the villages, few are those who can receive messages through this, he said, advocating a campaign from village to village, community to community, locality to locality, and even door to door. For Samaritan’s Purse also, education is as important as medicine itself to save lives. We must accept the reality of Ebola. People die of Ebola even though they shouldn’t, regrets Mr. Kauffeldt. If they come to seek treatment early enough, they will survive. The NGO is itself affected: two of its expatriates have contracted the disease and are in a serious but stable condition. One of these two Americans came to the United States Saturday late morning health aircraft. . You should click this site to read extra about this amazing topic.

Layoffs notwithstanding, for the 2014 allocated 320 million more.

For the salt to a 2014 billion and 720 million euros overall state coverage to social shock absorbers in derogation. The officially announced the Ministry of labour by revealing that for this year have been allocated 320 million more than the amount provided for in the law of 2014 stability. With this new allocation, the Government thus seeks to give oxygen to the funds available for the layoffs and mobility notwithstanding for 2014 that becomes increasingly appeal to corporate crises and remediation of industrial groups. In the same ruling the Ministry has provided 400 million limmediatamente for the payment of benefits relating to 2014 and established new criteria for their granting and enjoyment. With these measures, "we wanted to respond to an emergency, with the intention of building a bridge to a new overall framework of social shock absorbers which are laid down in the law delegating at work in the Senate debate, which will see a growing role of active policies for work," explained at the Conference the Minister of labour, Giuliano Poletti, who with economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan signed yesterday the Joint Ministerial Decree laying down new rules and limits for shock absorbers in derogation and locate additional resources. The need to find new resources for layoffs notwithstanding was derived from the fact that 1. 400 million allocated by law 800 stability were formerly used for 2013. The new resources will be guaranteed largely from unused funds related to existing laws (bonus Read contracts, productivity) and the so-called bottom of 0.30%, mostly in the availability of the Ministry of labour and the Ministry of the economy. Cold reception of unions who see in the only measure a measure pad referring problems to next year. Also critical to the availability of funds, which largely result from incentives for employment, and the new access policy for workers ‘ representatives will increase social tensions. . Related information can be inspected clicking blog.

A gun to the head of a sergeant-major to advance.

After a long walk, that’s given us cartridges. Good, feels bad that we say. Indeed, we been put in column one in the road ditches. I’m with Deffontaines and we are parties. We reach a village, the canon already properly tonne, wounded are transported in houses. We have as a mission to guard the village, it puts us in patrol on a ridge and we move more. We even ate a piece of bread. There were four hours that we were there as pan, pan, pan: six shells on us, six injured, one killed. We were spotted. Lieutenant Cree saves that can. Better should have been moving forward, because we seeing save us, the Germans have lengthened their shooting and we still made victims. Everyone looks so here is the bravest who decide. Them, corporal and I, we shearlings walls and at each shell folds. I take my place among the first. Pan, a shell at two meters from me, but this one enters the Earth, there is a big hole in which I rode. I was black, finally, I had nothing. Suddenly, I ramp up the road. There, I am more safe, I remained until nine o’clock in the evening. We are taught that the Germans are retreating and that we will attack them with the bayonet. It gathers at the exit of the village, we were happy to go to the bayonet. We start in column one in the ditch. Boches guns shoot us, some are affected. It cries out in skirmishers and we are full inside. Bullets and shells show, we move forward by leaps and bounds from 10 to 20 metres by taking advantage of ground accidents. The balls fall next to me but I always care to put me behind my bag, and I put my bag on the front of my chest. This is my impression: the second retreat was terrible because we were for 30 hours without water, and a burning sun us was swinging. Deffontaines and me, we leave behind the other, but barely have we done 500 metres we must rest. We return route, and we walk (well gently). It was only lying men almost lifeless and asking to drink. I thought at the time we were going to be in the same case, if only we had a little water. When, suddenly, a soldier popped up with a water bottle. It gives a little bit and tells us that there are in the hometown left, two kilometres. We gather our forces and we are parties to three, Deffontaines, Esmeralda and me. We are entering a small abandoned farm, we drink on, and then it undresses naked and we wash with plenty of water. We take shirts in the House. Unfortunately there was that woman shirts. We put one and other in our bag. This restored us, our forces returned. It made coffee and we seek what eat: I find two eggs, others find the cream it starts at table, and then started with our water cans, more a litre each hand. We come to Marie at night, the inhabitants were still, they were order to leave the next day. Deffontaines and me, we sleep in an attic that a woman wants to give us. We have a wonderful night. We wake up at 5 o’clock, time to wash and en route to join the regiment. Asked information, no one has seen the 43rd infantry. An officer told us to move in the direction of Laon, we cross Marie, fortunately I was able to buy half a loaf, 5 eggs and sardines. We settle on a doorstep and we devour our food when three soldiers from the 43rd lost as we pass. We put ourselves on the road, we walk another two days with many of the fix: Deffontaines and Ringo were wrong footed, Ringo are blood. It is with much difficulty that they walk. Me, it’s going pretty well. We enjoy to relieve Deffontaines which, nevertheless, is holding firm. We meet a general. Deffontaines, still under the name of his uncle, asked where was the first body. He does not know and we are always walking, we arrive at Craonne. At 3 o’clock, we return to our company, to the amazement of our comrades who believed us prisoners. It comes to our lieutenant. Deffontaines makes him see his sheet like what we did our utmost to find them. Joy, Deffontaines sends me search for a bottle of champagne that I pay 3 frs 50. We dump the two, then we must guard outposts, up to 2 hours in the morning. 2 hours and a half, I had fever and it is taking me to cars I could arrive. At noon we turn the Marne, I start to get better. Great stop in an open field, were meals. Barely cooked, this is the shell that show. You have to leave, we spend the night in a ditch, I was frozen. On the road, we cross a big wood at two o’clock in the afternoon, we restricting in a small abandoned village. What a joy for us, there were chickens, rabbits, pigs and we have orders to take what they wanted. I took a rabbit for Deffontaines and me. Everywhere it was the party. More water and everyone is hungry. Behind us, there is a well but here, must be able to go there. Request sergeant who wants to devote himself. My faith me I say bah, I did well until now and then both worse I do spend all the cans and a swoop, Phew, I am advantage. The Germans dropped their guns, I arrive without being touched, I fill my water bottles and I put me in my place. Buddies are happy and Sergeant welcome. When to the nightfall, Commander us screams back: we bombed the village. It is at heart that it recedes and still need to go one by one to not be killed or injured. We are 2 km from the village, which begins to be burned by the Germans. There was a trench and we expect. Decide to four and we will search for the wounded. We find it, it was one of our squad who had a bullet that had crossed it the belly and was released by behind; We put our guns on the cross and we ship. The lieutenant makes us lead to the aid station, once there we would like to look into a few bags of killed, I manage to find some cookies I share with Deffontaines. The rest of the night went without incident. En-route we pass the Marne on bridges of engineering. We return to Dormans and are greeted with joy. Later, we made the break, then comes the rain. We eat an egg, jam and we drink cherry juice. From this day, Deffontaines and I will no longer have hunger through the corporal, who has a lot of money. We continue our road in another village we are told that the Germans come to leave an hour ago, locals give us apples. In another, we are told that they have taken civilians and pigs. It made the break. We eat a sandwich of jam with a good quarter of wine, a wine that I could buy. We are in full combat. Twice, the Germans attacked and it was nice for us to shoot them. What combat! Cree everywhere: fire, fire, fire, I’m hurt, MOM,. Me, I was crazy. From time to time, I drank a small drop of rum and Deffontaines. And more beautiful I shoot, I had even emptied two cartridges to the ground. The Germans réattaquent. The French artillery fired upward 200, the Germans flew in the air, what carnage. And we scream more beautiful. Many friends are killed and injured. We are more than fifteen or sixteen of section, we expect our tour but did not think. I am touched to see my side a buddy killed by a bullet in the chest, I will long remember this battle. Finally at 8 o’clock comes a bit of quiet, when suddenly we are machine-gunned, flan and face. We remain more than fourteen. More than grades. No longer able to hold, we start crawling. Flan one shells close to us, it does not, explode when vein. Suddenly we head to all legs, behind wood or there with reinforcements we go back, but it was all for tonight. We eat a piece and drink a shot of wine. We must be careful, we are Sentinel. Every two hours, we must open the eye. When not custody, we sleep on the track is a little hard but sleeping. . Similar information can be found checking site.

PHOTOS. Event pro – Gaza calm in Paris.

In the crowd, framed by an important service of internal order of figures such as comedian Guy Bedos or historic Trotskyist Alain Krivine, but also a multitude of anonymous as Amar, 60 years. He said support wholeheartedly the Palestinian people and the policy of Hamas which fought in a regular manner and does not attack the weak as the fact Tsahal (the Israeli army). For him, the position of the France is catastrophic. I am french and I have never been disappointed by France as this time. I am a mother of four children and I am sorry, what I see has a TV evening at 20:00, this is not possible. It is a crime against mankind, exclaims Latifa ICDAA, Member of the association France-Palestine of Mitry-Mory (Seine-et-Marne). When I see that Holland said: ‘let us not quarrels that go away from us’. I want to say: ‘in 2017, you will spend not’. However, I fought for him (in 2012), I even made door-to-door, says this small woman resolved eyes holding a banner. Every day, there are more 50 dead. I can’t even watch TV, I can’t stand anymore, says Eliane Sandoz, 60. July 23, almost 15. 000 people, according to police, marched peacefully on the same course, already to the call of the national collective for a just and lasting between Palestinian and Israeli peace, which brings together some 50 associations, parties and unions. . Main source may be read checking this fact.

Albert Boadella says that the Pujol in Sicily have been the masters.

Half Catalonia knew what they were doing the Pujol, so now Artur Mas or Antoni Durán become the surprised is to die laughing, ensures the theatre director Albert Boadella, which already hinted it in 1981 in Ubu King. The Pujol in Sicily would have been the masters, it remacha. Boadella (Barcelona, 1943) recalls in an interview with Efe that rode in 1981 with which has been your company until last year, Els Joglars, a work on which was the President of the Generalitat titled Ubu King and in which the characters of Pujol and his wife, Marta Ferrusola, commented that a therapy that wanted to make would be paid with funds reserved. Then, when you look at it, in 1995, had two children Pujol constantly passing in front of the office of the father with suitcases that were opened at the end and which fell wads of banknotes, recalls. And it is that, argues, half Cataluña, Catalonia that had some level of relationship with culture and politics, knew perfectly how that worked. Be surprised now, as Messrs. Duran and more, is to die laughing, argues. What is surprising, says, is that not are they stroke before with the institutions of the State; the silence of the media, especially the Catalans, and that Jordi Pujol (Barcelona, 1930) has decided to confess. If they had charged him it would have been more honorable, because it would have been the State which did so. Before the Catalans would have saved face, because it would have been the enemy which attributed to him, as happened with Banca Catalana. I’ve come to think it made examination of conscience and that he wanted to make good before God, speculated. Boadella, director of the Teatros del Canal since its creation in 2008, Madrid and exiled from Catalonia since then, Pujol is clear demonstration of the importance that has one man on society. It changed many things in Catalonia according to their ideology, their education, their moral values, and now same thing happens. One man removed the morale of the whole of a citizenship subject to future fantastic, rich and heroic fiction, regrets. The failure of Jordi Pujol, argues, has been thinking that the impunity that has surrounded him was going to be forever and sufficient: Catalonia had at his feet and thought that was enough. Had forgotten that it belongs to a great nation that is the Spanish State and which has a few institutions. However, I suspect, if you have a Catalan taxation Agency, this would have never come to light, because it is intended to maintain the feudal privilege that has always been his weakness, an idea that is embodied in the family and Pujol is a ‘very well trained’ family. In Sicily they had succeeded spectacularly, they would have been the masters, said. You think that could be the judgement of Nuremberg-Ripoll, a work in which citizens prosecute those who have located them in that situation of degradation, criminal attitudes, using things that have been said and done. It irritates the Catalans always present to Madrid as intolerable, the imperialists and cheats, a ballast for Catalonia economically, culturally, in modern times, and who believe that locals are raised thinking about the bitch that that day will the Catalans. It is a paranoid attitude. Believes that Artur Mas it is the worst thing that can happen to a country for its lack of intelligence; the new leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, who is a poultice with good appearance; Felipe VI that has the problem that it does not know, how many acres will reign and Don Juan Carlos, who has shown an extreme passion and a tremendous competition in their profession, i.e. Theatre, laughs. Its relationship with the community of Madrid, on which depends the Teatros del Canal, one can describe as perfect and ensures that it has never received a single indication of what was going on, or a hard and fierce criticism. This began what Esperanza Aguirre. In the moment in which I signed signed a white check in what would be the political correctness. The only thing I asked is if there would be a zarzuela, and I told him that one no, many, recalls very satisfied with his work on the channel and the reality that with less budget – 4.5 million euros in 2008, 2.5 in 2014 – there are better programming. Related data can be read checking http://3841e7d79f37c0de6cac823fbfe54ffe.bloggerpemula.com.

Microsoft attacks Samsung sued for a late payment.

In its complaint, which AFP was able to consult a copy, Microsoft accused the South Korean group have not honored time and time a payment last fall, after the announcement of the purchase by the American computer group of the Finnish Nokia mobile phones manufacturer. Samsung has finally paid off but refuses to pay compensation for the late payment and threat, according to Microsoft, of violating the contract again. The American Group therefore request a trial before jurors to confirm the validity of the contract, even after the purchase of Nokia, and claims in addition to allowances to Samsung. The amounts of fees due by the South Korean Group and indemnities claimed by Microsoft were redacted because considered confidential in the copy of the complaint consulted by AFP. Since the signing of the contract for 2011, Samsung has tripled its sales of smartphones and became the world on this market before Apple, with still 74.3 million past devices in the second quarter, representing a share of 25.2 percent, according to the IDC research firm market. The South Korean Group has thus imposed as the representative the most for Android, which operates in total 85% of mobile phones sold in the world, compared to only 2.7% for the competing software Windows Phone from Microsoft, according to another law firm, Strategy Analytics. The main user of Windows Phone is Nokia with its range Lumia, which was designed in partnership with Microsoft and is sold mostly in Europe. . For additional data about this topic click http://3841e7d79f37c0de6cac823fbfe54ffe.bloggerpemula.com.

14-18 war: one hundred years ago, the France decreed a general mobilization.

The poster for general mobilization was already prepared, printed long, evidence that the war seemed inevitable. Most failed to add the date to the last moment, handmade. It will be finally on 2 August 1914. The day before, on 1 August, exactly 100 years ago the french Government decides to mobilize men of fighting age, as claimed for several days the Chief of staff, general Joffre, after accelerating the tensions in Europe. A day before, Jean Jaurès was assassinated.   3.8 million reservists aged from 20 to 38 years are called to join the 800 000 soldiers already serving on this occasion.  Almost at the same time, across the Rhine, the Emperor Guillaume II decreed him the general mobilization. In the two camps, preparing to clash became inevitable. But how to inform the public? In all the communes in France, the tocsin of the Bell Tower of the churches, which is traditionally used to sound the alarm, sounds August 2, 1914. To recall this major moment in the history of France, the tocsin again rang this Friday at 4 p.m. in many communes of France, to mark the start of three days of celebrations of the centenary of the France entered World War II. If in the countryside, farmers worry about the harvest, in the cities, it sometimes attends patriotic demonstrations. Worn by the feeling, almost unanimous, to have to defend themselves against aggression, the France entered the war with determination, also to wash the snub of 1870. Some departures give rise to festive events where alcohol flows afloat, but the tears are never far away. Most often, the farewell are in silence, with the conviction to go home before Christmas.  In large stations, thousands of infantrymen rise in chalk by thugs scribbled trains: "A Berlin! "Death to the Germans! On the docks from the station of the East, in Paris, the ‘Marseillaise’ occur almost continuously, and singing, especially for reassurance: "One part cut the whiskers to William!" – the German Emperor. The mobilized arriving at the station of the East, in Paris, before to go to the front. Despite these events widely exploited by the propaganda of the time, the raised did evidence of enthusiasm "rarely", explains historian Jean-Jacques Becker, one of the first to be concerned, since the 1960s, to the history of the French – than-France in the great war. "Contrary to the conventional wisdom, he said, they did not leave the fusi, carefree and cheerful flower war". It also commandeers animals, especially horses, essential to move an army still very little motorized.  The mobilization is a success: draft evaders are only 1%.  "The departure to war first has a character of evidence, notes the historian André Loez who recalls that"decades of military service and schooling mandatory built habits of obedience that ensure a minimum social conformism". August 2, 1914, the army commission commandeers the horses. View of the Esplanade des Invalides for the requisition of the cars by the commission of the army. Even pacifists of yesterday are seized by the ambient patriotism. 2, in his weekly social war, Gustave Hervé, virulent antimilitarist, request the Minister of war to be incorporated by special favor in the first infantry regiment which is heading to the border. In late August, pacifists as the Socialists Marcel Sembat and Jules Guesde will join the Government of René Viviani, responding to the slogan launched by president Raymond Poincaré 4: "nothing won’t come before the enemy break the sacred of the French union. . Similar text can be inspected visiting article.

Warsaw Uprising: A story of forgiveness and hatred.

Helena Wollowicz tells of the Warsaw Uprising, which began about seventy years ago. She tells fasting blood losses of the insurgents, in whose ranks she was paramedic and Meldegängerin from the first hour on August 1, 1944 until the day of the surrender, she relentlessly told by the SS, went from House to House to kill everything, what breathed. And with the same directness with which it has spread just all this German horror, she tells now, as appeared in the deepest darkness, in a room full of dead, the unlikely figure of a Berlin Baker before her. More of them later. The story of Rajmund, narrated by Helena Wollowicz, is the story of two people, the struggle and the horror have welded together, up to the limits of the human tolerable and perhaps (Helena has even hinted it) up to the limits of love. After the war, their ways are gone apart then, everyone has started his own family. Their stories, which briefly overlapped in the Warsaw Uprising, have become in their proximity and their distant Polish history. There are the stories of two families that characterise Poland to this day. Rajmund stands for the Kaczynskis. After the war he became the father of twins, the boys Lech and Jaroslaw, who would later become the most influential brother pair of recent Polish history, icons of the national right. Jaroslaw was Prime Minister, Lech only weeks later President in 2005. Both remained just short at the top. 2010, Lech, the President, died in the crash of his Government aircraft in Russia, Jaroslaw went after the general election of 2007 in the opposition. Until today, but he is by far the most important and by far the most aggressive critic of the ruling liberal-conservative establishment. . Related facts can be found visiting resource.

Waltz of Directors Verdelli to’s downgrades.

De Bortoli kicks off the waltz of Directors chairs. Because the release of number one’s downgrades journalists scheduled for spring of 2015 will not be the only bomb to enliven the summer publishing market. According to there are rumors, even within the Group of the Berlusconi family are major changes coming soon. In the crosshairs of Paolo and Silvio Berlusconi would, in fact, Alessandro Sallusti, companion of the pythoness Daniela Santanchè, once a friend for your skin and now hated to Francesca Pascale, 28-year-girlfriend of the former premier. The deck of the newspaper, according to rumors, would in fact to settle Giorgio Mulé, now Director of Panorama Economy that would take the place of Sallusti. And in via Solferino? Although the Cdr of the courier in the press release that announced the change of direction has made it known that FdB will obviously with the company to identify the next captain of the newspaper, in Rcs, apparently, the games are actually already made. Returning to give the cue ball in hand as President of Rcs to Paolo Mieli, figure guaranteeing strong powers that sit in the room of the buttons of the Rizzoli, Fiat and Banca Intesa had already blessed return of Carlo Verdelli’s downgrades. Hired as Director of seven (magazine of Corriere della Sera), promoted then Vice-Director of the main newspaper before with the same honey and then with Ferruccio de Bortoli and after an interlude in Vanity Fair (2-year) and a successful journal mandate (from 2006 to 2010), Verdelli would be ready to leave the collaboration with the Republic and to answer the call to arms of honey. With a novelty: in order to ensure a more Radio-friendly, in the couple’s intentions Mieli-Verdelli there is also the promotion of Paolo Ermini, Director of Corriere Fiorentino and hinge with the current Chairman of the Board of which followed the rapid political ascent on the banks of the Arno. . You should read the following link to discover extra regarding this interesting matter.

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