Genoa: procession and an attacking force to home Pd, protest against eviction Buridda.

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Genoa, June 4. (Adnkronos)-March and attack on a branch of the Democratic Party in Genoa to protest against the eviction of the social centre Buridda, in via Bertani, performed by the police force on the basis of a ruling of the judicial authority. Decreased approximately 500 young square n. The procession started from piazza delle Fontane, in the University area, went through the Centre of the capital, blocking traffic. In vico delle Vigne, in the historic center, a group of young demonstrators came off from the March and forced the door of a circle of Pd, and ransacked the premises. The event was then ended without incident in Loading square shortly after the 17. A statement from the Municipal Government said that ” the execution of the measure has not been agreed with the city. ” The provincial Secretary of the Pd Alessandro Terrile declares: ” in expressing the proximity of all democratic and Genoese Democrats at the Circolo Pd old town and its members, I can only emphasize once again, not only our deep distance from those who prefer violence to dialogue, but above all the fact that such episodes do not frighten us, nor stop the widespread presence of our party in the territory. ” . For extra insights on this topic visit

Roland Garros: Nadal too strong for Ferrer as the year passed.

Despite distractions, Rafael Nadal wins eighth French Open title ...

As in the final in 2013, Rafael Nadal, no. 1 global and eight-time winner in Paris, took the best on David Ferrer (N. 5), which has stood as a set 4-6, 6-4, 6-0, 6-1, to move up in the semi-finals of Roland Garros. The Spanish thus signed his 33rd victory in a row at Roland Garros, where he has been a defeat in 65 matches, in 2009 against Swedish Robin Soderling. This defeat is the only one that he has known on clay in a format in five sets, for 88 victories. Nadal is trying to become the first player to be titled five times in a row in Paris. It will face in the semifinals British Andy Murray, seeded No. 7, or the French Gael Monfils (N. 23). A year ago, overwhelmed by the stress for his first Grand Slam final, Ferrer had been swept away by his compatriot in three sets (6-3, 6-2, 6-3). In a different context, the Valencian has better held first, for two sets, before collapsing quite incomprehensibly in the next two. Encouraged by his victory over Nadal in the quarterfinals at Monte Carlo, in April, Ferrer attacked constantly the Majorquin in the first set. The latter, who had left behind appear a few faults in recent months, conceding for the first time since 2004 three losses on clay eventually crack under such attacks. It was the first set by Nadal, granted since the beginning of the tournament, and also the first won by Ferrer against his great rival in three matches at Roland Garros. But the Valencian has not been able to maintain the same intensity very long. Yet renowned for his stamina, it has declined markedly foot in the second set. Nadal took the opportunity to equalize. The third round was a caricature, Ferrer who probably never so badly played on Earth for many years. It has accumulated in this set 13 unforced against,. 0 to his opponent, who has followed exactly the reverse path. By continuing to play extremely cleanly, Nadal, pressed to finish before nightfall, took quickly two breaks in advance (3-0) in the fourth inning. Ferrer has tried a semblance of revolt by taking over the opponent’s service. But he conceded his in the wake, and Nadal made sure not to leave him the slightest chance of return. . Extended facts can be read reading

Social and solidarity economy: towards the adoption of the Bill.

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The Senate was about to adopt at second reading, Wednesday, the draft law on the social and solidarity economy (ESS), whose ambition is to provide an opportunity for the sector to create tens of thousands of jobs. The whole of the left announced during the General discussion that it would support the text. The UMP is opposite, the centrists were planning to abstain. This text excludes many businesses and creates a distortion of competition, ” said Michel Bécot (UMP). Despite the good intentions, it will curb the development of the social and solidarity economy and will be source of difficulties in the event of departure from the main shareholder, he said. We’re excited at the idea of legislating to promote these core activities, but worried to see certain measures partition sector and override new standards, said his side Henri Tandonnet (IDU – UC). The centrists had voted against it in first reading. On the other hand, for Joël Labbé (ecologist), in this period of massive unemployment, it is time to get out the social economy experimental status. This industry of the future is the creator of a considerable number of jobs, he said. Gérard Lecam (CRC, Communist, Republican, and citizen) considered that the text should go plu in the recognition of the right of employees to resume their business. He also advocated the construction of a European political project that emphasizes social and environmental requirements at the heart of economic activity strong. Marie-Noëlle Lienemann (PS) praised his side advanced to the National Assembly in first reading, in particular the submission of approval of a plan for the safeguarding of employment to compliance by the employer of its obligations. It also welcomed the recognition of local currencies. The text had been submitted at first reading in the Senate in November by Benoît Hamon, became Minister of Education. It is now forbidden by Carole Delga. It thus opens his duties as Secretary of State for trade, crafts, consumption and social and solidarity economy to which she was appointed Tuesday. The parliamentary debate has enriched the text of the Government, the Minister said. This second reading will reached a new milestone and to make the France one of the most advanced countries in the world on the subject, said it. Neither the Senate nor the National Assembly have questioned the directions of origin of this Bill, said the rapporteur Marc Daunis (PS). MEPs confirmed most of the contributions of the Senate while enriching their own text, he said. He particularly welcomed the adoption without modification of provisions relating to the takeover of a company by employees. The Senators had studied early evening half of hundreds of amendments filed. They should complete the review of the text in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. . You should check this resource to discover extra regarding this great matter.

The G7 on Ukraine: Russia’s unacceptable action stops. And Putin says he is ready for dialogue with Obama.

Ukraine March 3 as it happened: Putin says 'threat of ...

The action of Russia in Ukraine "is unacceptable and must stop: is what is written-according to sources Usa-in a draft of the final G7 Communique. The G7 it says ready to ‘ step up targeted sanctions against Moscow if necessary. G7 presses on Russia to accelerate the withdrawal of troops from the borders of Ukraine and to use its influence to stop the separatists: is what is written-according to sources Usa-in a draft of the communique from the G7, asking Moscow to start "a frank and open dialogue with the Ukraine to find a political solution to the crisis. And at this time Putin said he was ready for dialogue with Barack Obama, with whom communications were shut down in the past few weeks because of the crisis in Ukraine and the Russian annexation of Crimea. To say it was the same Russian President in an interview to French television on the eve of his arrival in Paris, from where they will travel to the Normandy landings to participate in celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the battle of Normandy. "It is a decision-said Putin, ributtando the ball in the field of American President-I am ready for dialogue." The Kremlin leader also expressed the hope that the current tense situation between Russia and the West will not turn into a new cold war. But "it’s no secret that American policy is the more aggressive and harder," he added, recalling that Russia, unlike the United States, has no troops deployed abroad. . For extended insights about this topic read source.

2014 World Cup campaign: adidas and the bloody hearts fans fall through.

Adidas World Cup ad featuring soccer stars holding bloody cow ...

Arjen Robben, Lukas Podolski, Dani Alves and other soccer stars look with bold gaze into the camera. They wear Adidas shirts and hold rather than a football – but a bloody beef heart in their hands. Shortly before the World Cup, the sporting goods manufacturer extends all PR guns. #allin or nothing is the motto of the new campaign – the largest in the history of adidas as the company says. There are images that should suggest passion and fighting spirit. In social networks, they currently provide criticism. Many make their anger air primarily on the Facebook page of adidas. What an incredibly obnoxious advertising! Disrespect from the animal and an absolute violence!, a user commented. Others have already drawn conclusions: in the future I’ll keep me adidas brand, a woman writes. Adidas never again!, it is said in another comment. Adidas may not understand the anger. It is not our intention to violate the animal welfare act. The heart was regularly purchased from a butcher’s shop and was available to customers in the shop, a spokesman at the request of Star writes. de. As powerful as possible, we wanted to make the images to emphasize the passion of players for the World Cup. The sports manufacturer has miscalculated here apparently – at the upcoming FIFA World Cup, the majority while looking at the pictures at least seems to think. . Root data may be found clicking the following info.


The friendship of death, pi what brought last night David Vitale to get drunk with beer and then inject the last dose of heroin in front of the tombstone of his friend, Damian, died two years ago for an illness caused most likely by drugs. David, age 38, born in Turin, the many years spent in Cecchina (frazione of Albano) and resident recently for Aprilia, was found at about ten yesterday morning from the mother of Damian who had gone to bring the flowers on the grave of her son. On the ground, in the Ciampino cemetery H, there was the human body: jeans, t-shirt, beside a jacket several empty bottles of beer and an insulin syringe dirty with blood. His arm was still the tourniquet. The woman gave the alarm to the keeper and soon after came the agents of the Marine Department who have asked for the intervention of the police. The body was placed at the disposal of the judicial authority to the Institute of forensic medicine of the policlinico di Tor Vergata. An autopsy will be an autopsy to determine with certainty the cause of death but there should be no doubts: overdose or an illness caused by a deadly mix of heroin and alcohol. The death, according to a first assessment of the coroner, should climb to about 7-8 hours before the discovery. David Vance had been seen prowling from parts of the cemetery shortly before closing time, around seven of the other night. And also the timetable reflected should not leave any doubts. The man entered almost sunset, he drank beer to get drunk up to 2-3 of the night then they injected heroin. The science police found in the pockets of his jacket two pictures depicting David and his friend Damian together. Shots of a few years ago when the two were happy, and maybe away from the nightmare of hole. Then in the portfolio were seized some leaflets with dedications to the friend and the feeling which bound them: friendship the most important thing in the world, is priceless. The previous life of the two friends was marked for years by the same daily rituals seeking money to buy drugs in the area of castles. David Vance was born 38 years ago in Turin but was practically raised in Cecchina, Fontana di Papa, and attending public gardens. Two years ago, with his parents, had moved to Aprilia, but often returned to Cecchina to meet friends. In the hamlet of Albano, a few years ago usc alive by an aggression by a miracle. During a quarrel spunt a knife and was shot in the throat. David Vitale also had small criminal, nothing important. After this fact was returned to shoot up and in the past also had serious health problems. The investigation of the Marine Police, in addition to clarify all aspects of the death of Vitale, will also try to identify the drug dealer who sold the lethal dose of heroin. . You should visit this to discover more about this amazing topic.

Italy and Japan, two countries which can learn from each other.

TOKYO–visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on June 5 in Italy also ends in order to highlight similarities and differences between the two countries often considered by many economists as touchstones in terms of economic performance and weak and slow reaction of Governments to the challenges of modernity and globalization. Out these days a volume published by Springer titled "Italy and Japan: how similar are they?", edited by Silvio Beretta, Axel Berkofsky and David Rugge, who draws a comparative analysis on politics, economics and international relations. An important contribution to this publication is that of Martin Schulz, Senior economist at Fujitsu Research Institute in Tokyo, entitled ‘ Ageing, debt and growth crisis: Two forerunners ‘, to indicate that "high levels of public debt and low growth in Japan and Italy have a common root in the ineffective response to the challenges posed by globalisation and demographic ageing. Both Governments have run up deficits to try to stabilize their economies in a context of rapid change, particularly in the direction of a change in demand from manufacturing to services and a shift in the generation of income from the young to the older generations. In the end, Schulz isn’t pessimistic, but emphasises that the debt crisis in mature economies such as Italy and Japan are growing crisis that require pro-active policies to pass from a perspective of preserving wealth and vested interests to innovation and to a renewal of the generation of income. For the Senior economist of Fujutsu Institute, Italy and Japan can learn from their experiences. For example, the Abenomics’s Japan has inherited a situation where Corporate Japan had already carried out an extensive restructuring, while appears late on tax reforms. The Italy has already made many strides in terms of tax and benefit reforms, but appears to be lagging behind in terms of competitive restructuring of its business and the labour market. Schulz, finally, is in favour of a more expansionary policies by the European Central Bank to support economic growth in a context of restructuring tends to flatten inflation beyond what is desirable. . Additional information can be read visiting

Centro Studi Confindustria: “In 12 years 120,000 lost factories and 1 million people”.

Europe progresses, albeit slowly, while Italy goes to passo di gambero. To confirm Eurostat data on first quarter, arriving just as the Centro studi Confindustria is the account of dead and wounded on the battlefield of the crisis. In the first quarter of 2014, is the calculation of the European Institute of statistics, the gross domestic product of the eurozone rose 0.2% over the balance for the last three months of 2013, while the European Union’s GDP to 28, according to the Eurostat data at second reading, has recorded an increase of 0.3 percent. A trend that, on an annual basis, shows an increase of 0.9% of GDP in the eurozone and 1.4% for the EU to 28. Data that are not reflected in any situation where the first quarter GDP is backlog of 0.1% annual contraction to the 0.5 per cent.   Six years before the peninsula occupied the fifth place in the standings. Moreover, with a +36% of Global 2000-2013 volumes, Rome is "in sharp contrast" with a -25.5 percent. "It’s worse right where others go better", is a synthesis, although it remains generally "excellent position", but weigh precisely the "domestic" demerits accentuated the offset: "2007-2013 In the production is down 5% on average per annum, a contraction that has no counterpart in other larger manufacturing Countries," noted industry analysts. The Italian manufacturing industry in particular suffers for that "factors intertwine and cross", as "the decline of internal demand, suffocation, the rising cost of labor productivity, untied the profitability that has touched new lows". Weigh even "European" conditioning "sure don’t help": Europe backs except for Germany and Poland ("but for how long? ask economists of Confindustria) for "restrictive" fiscal policies and "the paradox of a euro that is appreciated, especially against currencies of many emerging economies, and so the driver of exports." In a context of global manufacturing output has resumed growing, "are still economists of Confindustria," Caius, trudging from fiscal policies, by the credit crunch and a strong euro which slows exports ". The Italy ‘ among all large industrial economies appears to be the country most in need, serving joint effects of the collapse in domestic demand and a high labour cost ". Although it remains "a strong ability to compete" and "there are signs of change business strategies" to react to the credit crunch without reducing investment. While the world’s manufacturing output grew by 36% in 200-2013, "the same time Italy suffered a fall of 25 percent with falls across all sectors except for the food." As for the "ranking" of the major producing countries, with the latest update of the Csc, in 2013 we confirm at the top of the triad of China, United States, Japan; the is still fourth, Germany followed as the year before from South Korea and India.   . Inspirational data may be read checking the following fact.

The ECB resorts again to the credit cannon.

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Shortly before the much-anticipated interest rate decision of the European Central Bank on Thursday to take the warnings of even lower interest rates. Germany’s savings banks President Georg Fahrenschon accused the Federal Reserve, to expropriate German savers by continuing low interest rates. "We tear a hole in the pension of savers by these low interest rates," he said in the Germany radio and thus repeated criticism that had been brought forward by the Sparkassen, Volks – and Raiffeisen banks and insurers this week in a joint statement. The low interest rates applied not only German, but all European savers. The guardian of the euro currency once again reduce interest rates, is considered highly likely. Also, many observers assume that the Federal Reserve for the first time reduced the interest rate that banks for deposits at the ECB getting below zero percent. A such a "criminal rate" aims to encourage banks, to lend rather than to deposit many billions for the Federal Reserve to companies. Just this instrument is, however, controversial. "I’m not convinced that banks lend more money if there is a negative interest rate on deposits with the Central Bank," said about Jaime Caruana, the renowned chef of the Bank for international settlements, in an interview in the "Börsen-Zeitung". "The truth is, that the entire architecture of the financial markets is based on positive interest – that is what is normal." Caruana was previously Chairman of the Spanish and was even in the Governing Council. Also, the former ECB Chief Economist Jürgen Stark just called "extremely questionable" the effect of negative interest rates on deposits in an article for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. . You can visit the following to learn more on this interesting subject.

German winemakers in times of social media series: From sat. 1 to the girl with a twist.

Girl With a Glass

But back to the beginning: it was in the year 2006 – football World Cup, the German summer fairy tale. Changer finished her studies of politics, sociology and economics. Previously, she was already for a year in Paris, studied French literature at the Sorbonne. Sniffed urban air and went for an internship in a record company Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the big wide world. Then, she applied for the TV channel satellite. 1 for a PR traineeship in Berlin. From the internship, a job, from the fairy tale and the glamour world was a one-dimensional world. She worked as an editorial assistant at sat. 1 in various formats of the Boulevard. They were mostly families in their most intimate privacy we went. That was so embarrassing, changer says in retrospect. But I wanted to taste was necessarily glamour air. I had a lot of fun and made friendships for life. Three years later the barrel went over but then: I could no stories see more of people who have lost their loved ones (widow shaking) and also not contribute more to price comparisons in drug stores. With a hidden camera that was attached to the bag or the sunglasses, editors compare prices at different drug stores. Inconsistencies noticed them, they confronted the employees because of consumer deception (Konfro). Catherine announced its contract with satellite changer. 1 and had to reorient themselves. In the village, however, there was much neighbour. It was rumored that the changer have lost their job and therefore back died in the home. And there was actually no man in the region with which she have had no affair. Until today – it is now five years – of the Rhenish-Hessian gossip stops, such as in a bad soap opera. But Catherine is in changer. Because she know what it can do. I can just surprise because nobody takes me seriously, she says. In any case, she loves what she’s doing. Their wines not only taste, but also stories. Miss Hu, for example, is a white sparkling wine from the Huxelrebe which is blended with Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Müller-Thurgau. It tastes fresh, fruit accented and is trinkig, what Wechsler describes the sparkling. Miss Hu – nice meet you marketing refer to. Changer wants to hijack the wine drinkers in the Indo-China of the 1920s. Miss Hu is an exotic and desirable woman who is love Frolics in the opium den and has many young lovers. A story that has dreamed up changer itself. In addition, it builds still Riesling, Silvaner and Pinot Blanc. The Scheurebe is a special affair of the heart: this old vine is just Rheinhessen. 50 percent of their wines to private customers who order bottles via email. The other half sells changer dealers, abroad or at the restaurant. This year she anticipates that 60 000 bottles, which will fill them and hopefully sell. . Similar information can be read reading

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