Football: after Metz, Lens and Caen back in Ligue 1.

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If it is well on the lawn of the CA Bastia RC Lens rise is played last night (2-0), it is however in the town of the Pas-de-Calais had to be for partying. It was enough for it to go in downtown, at the brasserie ‘at lunch’, where more than 300 people had taken go to live an evening that will remain engraved. In an atmosphere which only the lens have the secret – a kop even moved, bringing drums, flags and megaphones – these fans of all ages have experienced a moment both Merry, schoolboy and good child. We don’t play the 6th minute when Chung scored the first goal of the match. It is then the explosion! Stone, 32 years, specifically come from the neighboring commune of Hénin-Beaumont with his companion, Marjorie, and their six-year-old Elio son is then taken by emotion: «there is! It is a fair return to things for an audience and a club so extraordinary. "Upstairs, where a few employees and partners of the club were also present, (44th) Chua double has put everyone on the same tempo:"one is in Ligue 1, Ligue 1 is. . . "End of the game: after three seasons in Ligue 2, the RCL and its audience are the elite. And the cult song from the Corons de Pierre Bachelet is entonee,. for at least the tenth time of the evening! Johann Kempler.

Gianluca Matano and his candidacy as an advisor to Tivoli.

Gianluca Matano e la sua scelta di candidarsi a Tivoli come ...

The choice of supporting Giuseppe Proietti stems from a path, a path that took more than a year and a half ago by people of good will who are proffering a human, economical commitment and materially by time on potential offered by the municipality of Tivoli. There was no need for choice of a person with charisma, a person who had shown on its value, within the public administration and especially a person sensitive to social issues, ecological and at the same time economic development and especially on harmonica development of the territory; a territory like ours is battered by questionable choices, a territory which took no direction, everything seems left to chance. The municipality of Tivoli, in the current state of facts, it seems like an orchestra without a conductor after leaving halfway through the schedule, with the audience filled with people listening at the beginning everything sounds but with the go ahead you create dissonance disturbing that only a worthy conductor could bring to be harmonious. Hear him talk instills confidence, a person with clear ideas and endless culture and we are sure that seeing it in action would be even more exciting. To troubleshoot Tivoli, Tivoli Terme and all towns within the municipality are mainly two things: knowledge and abnegation. The common "boasts" a large amount of problems and their resolution, not in some cases partial and total, is primarily due to the sheer refusal to address them. Every problem in the territory, also aiming to tackle everyone has some degree of priority, then we are obliged to plan interventions based on their severity. In Tivoli Terme, in this case, people really can’t take it anymore, we have gone from being a dormitory suburb to being a dormitory suburb where you sleep. Our town is now for years at the mercy of events, all sorts of stragglers making their comfortable undisturbed or nearly so, devastated roads for which every so often comes a pickup truck down the worker and tries to adjust to the road surface, but just look around to realize that you don’t need to plug a hole when they are creating other ten. Here we live over 500 people in outrageously poor conditions, if we are to consider ourselves a civilized country, those people are 130 children, then it is plausible that a municipality established a situation of this type to open a discussion on what, where are these people, because they were hunted where they were before, it’s just that they live in a ghetto made of garbage? How do you explain to a citizen who pays taxes or to the same person who lives in those conditions it is fair? Perhaps it is the case that a large community of people who live in those conditions is distributed equally, respecting ethnic and families, along with other municipalities, in order to allow each municipality to take care of some of these people, it is unthinkable that a municipality only take care of all those peopleconsidering the fact that it is not able to take care of those already in the towing of the town itself and that being more or less included in society should constitute a "thought" for an administration. I mention only one problem, perhaps one of the most complex, whose solution should participate Municipalities, organizations, voluntary associations, which fortunately it is easier to speak and communicate, the municipality with the Council should be as a voluntary association, because they fulfill a mission and the municipality of Tivoli is just what she needs, someone realizes that going to occupy a place of the Municipal Council does not mean having an opportunity for itself same, but an opportunity for all citizens. .

New Dessau Bauhaus villas: the House as a haunted house.

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Here they are again: the wall, the small pump room, the Director’s House, the House Moholoy-Nagy. No frills buildings with flat roofs in a sparse pine forest. Here they are again: the model houses of white modernism, where once lived the most important representatives of the Bauhaus. After almost 70 years. in 1926, it was created by Walter Gropius. It was destroyed in the second world war. And on Friday, the new master houses were opened by President Joachim Gauck, who said in a speech, the message of the Bauhaus have lost none of their relevance today – beautiful in everyday life, bring to the ordinary people. So the outer walls of the villas are now absorbing light concrete and coated glass panels in the facade are embedded in place of Windows that let only diffused light in. Inside the once small-scale spatial structure is broken up: parts of the original ceiling and walls have been omitted. Large are partially incoming projectiles/meeting rooms with lofts, galleries and a balcony-like outlet – sculptural designs that always open up views of themselves. Documentation is left to recall specifically the fate of the houses. This makes excellent Dessau exhibition currently 1945 – modern destroyed in the Bauhaus building. Considering the six or seven years of aesthetic awakening in Dessau in relation to the long decades of totalitarianism, war and destruction, then also a little disturbing new interpretation of the two houses of the master not even more strange’s. .

Expo, Canton: give me power.

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I’m not going to Milan and trips to state of the art there is no possibility that the authority deal with matters relating to the Expo. Speaking in Naples for the master’s degree in Criminology from the University Federico II, the Chairman of the anti-corruption authority, Raffaele Cantone, reiterates its position, explaining that it should identify specific and transitory powers that do not have them diminish the independence of the authority. His precise role has a sense if we have ad hoc control tools and if you force private companies to follow the rules on transparency. The big corrupt phenomena during Tangentopoli-argued-they had a clear policy finalization. It was the policy that used the procurement system as a method of financing and kickbacks mainly ended up in the coffers of political parties. Today, however, the mechanisms and those who run are real lobby says the magistrate-in which politics plays a marginal role, helping them to have direct or indirect benefits. For Canton, in fact, the policy is not even capable of handling corruption. Today the business committees have a high ability to permeating the economic system and have created real monopolies by eliminating competition. .

Release of stereo: the BLEIBTREU in bird’s head.

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Idyll can be so deceptive and thereby cause so much discomfort. If the Sun through green foliage glistens and appears untouched nature in warm colors, children’s voices cheerful and gentle sound distant, happy people in the picture back. Discomfort not only because you simply can’t stand the happiness, peace, the beauty. But while since something evil lurks, slowly creeping up in this Idyll and eventually destroyed them. Erik (Jürgen Vogel) has retreated in such an Idyll, enjoys the time there with his girlfriend Julia (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) and their small daughter Laura, and is quite happy with his small motorcycle workshop. But somehow this tattooed, cool and very funny and loving person in this world will not fit. That tracks the Viewer from the first second motion at the latest when the slightly morbid mobile homes workshop pass with dubious figures to Erik – for the spectators in slow. For Erik well. Before he lets his story only in a mysterious world in run-down high-rise estates with a miracle healer and whimsical figures drifting away, before he turns them into a brutal pounding electro sounds accompanied Gangsterthriller. Unless this early is clear, Erik has a past that he tried to cover up or maybe just to forget. .

Italy in disarray, scientists Renzi “So civil protection dies”.

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It is unusual for members of large risks, the most authoritative organ in the service of civil protection, to write directly to the premier. It means that the situation is at a point of no return and that was shut down the communication channel between politics and science. They fear that to spend immediately spend badly. Money is at the same time many ("the most important investment in the prevention of the history of the Italian Republic") and a few (needed at least twenty times as many). Then you make it? Experts ask to reserve 1 percent of spending (slightly more than 15 million) in knowledge, research and technology. "Every euro invested in preventing it saves ten», support. Is the idea of going beyond emergencies ", to quote the title of a Conference on civil protection organized by the fondazione Italianieuropei today in Rome.   To understand the problem, you have to go back in time: when scientists still spoke with Government-90 ‘s, not centuries ago-convinced Franco Barberi, Undersecretary of civil protection, to establish an automatic mechanism: for ten years, 5 percent of the cost to rescue the victims would have been spent on preventive technologies. Civil protection, knowledge makes the difference. Best advise for the time in which a flood could occur, rather than hope to save them in basements flooded. Similarly, a fire attacked in the first half hour shuts down easily, otherwise it takes days. For this reason it was created a telemetering system of rainfall with three thousand detection points throughout Italy (more rain gauges radar) that can provide real-time data. So you can decide where and when to start the alert for floods. And, crossing data on weather, wind, humidity, move the Canadair in advance in areas where there is probability of wildfires. The device cost 50 billion lire of the time and requires 2.5 million euros per year for maintenance.   Prevention does not make news, but this mechanism-adopted by the UN and the EU-has enabled Italy to be at the forefront. From the Caribbean (hurricanes) to Lebanon (fires) to Albania (landslides and floods), turn to our experts for «import». Yet Italy is abandoned. After i ne-glory of ‘ purgatory Bertolaso» which was confined to the Civil Protection has reset the maintenance fund. Lightning strikes a radar? I miss a radio link? Breaks a rain gauge? You! Result: in some regions (Piedmont, Liguria, Emilia Romagna) the mechanism still works in other trudging, from Sicily (despite recent disasters!) don’t come more data.   Not only: the evolving technology (satellites), Italy is the rearguard. The cuts have zeroed out new projects. Risk maps are not updated for ten years. Knowledge involute produce confusion, erroneous decision, "unnecessary and dangerous works», EU experts warn of the great Commission. In the letter to Renzi or assignments do not ask money. Indicate ten projects, each from 1.5 million to renew the dialogue between science and politics. Weather, rain, rivers, landslides: «live safely at home is possible.   .

Lyon and Toulouse, favourite cities of executives.

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In what major French cities executives wish live and work? According to a study published Friday by the Apec, Lyon and Toulouse emerge as their favorite cities. Four frames out of ten are indeed "metropolitan cities Lyon and Toulouse combine the best economic vitality and quality of life. Nantes and Bordeaux followed closely, with more than 30% of positive responses. As underlined by the Apec, these cities "are economic lung of regions which are also seen as the most attractive in the eyes of the young executives and young graduates". The French metropolises are must-haves for the professionals. Six frameworks in ten live and/or work today in a commune belonging to one of them. They work more they live (54% vs. 43%). Logically, the Grand Paris (which will be officially launched in January 2016) captures him only a quarter of french professionals. But Paris, Lyon and Toulouse appear for a majority of executives, regardless of their place of work, such as the three cities where it is rather easy to find a job today. Among the main criteria of attractiveness, executives (44%) place n ° 1 «the proximity with nature and preserved spaces», to "means of access to national and international transport networks" (41%), ‘the density and diversity of companies’ (34%) or offer of recreation (34%). Three frames out of ten consider that the presence of headquarters is another criterion of attractiveness. "However the existence of a low unemployment rate, the presence of an extensive offer of higher education or the possibility of creation of companies do not constitute major attractiveness criteria for white collar workers ‘, statement Apec. .

European: austerity in the heart of the great debate.

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Austerity has been at the heart of the great debate of the European election broadcast tonight in all EU countries. The Luxembourg Registrar Jean-Claude Juncker, German Social Democrat Martin Schulz, Belgian liberal Guy Verhofstadt, German environmentalist Ska Keller and the representative of the radical left, the Greek Alexis Tsipras, clashed in the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels. Discussions had already taken place, but this was the first with the five candidates of the main European parties to the Presidency of the European Commission, Tsipras. The Greece is the country that European leaders have chosen as the Guinea pig of the harshest austerity, attacked Tsipras asking out of this paranoia with regard to debt, a change of course and more solidarity. I agree many blame but I will never accept that we have been insufficiently supportive of the Greece, replied Juncker, who was president of the Eurogroup for eight years. I worked for years, day and night, to avoid that the left Greece the euro area. I did everything so that the Greece can remain a member of the eurozone, he added, while ensuring that should continue the policy of consolidation of public finances. Verhofstadt defended the budgetary discipline, and stated that the Greece issues were due to bad policy, including accusing the country’s public banks to finance political parties. For Ms. Keller, austerity can only aggravate the situation. She pleaded, as Mr Schulz, for a more determined against tax evasion fight. Martin Schulz, Guy Verhofstadt and Ska Keller expressed themselves in French, Jean-Claude Juncker in french and Alexis Tsipras in Greek. .

An old skeleton of 13,000 years confirms the origins of native Americans.

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The discovery in the Mexico of the skeleton of a teenager dating from 12 underwater caves. 000 to 13. 000 years confirms that Indians today are the descendants of the first inhabitants of the American continent. The results of the dating of the bones radiocarbon and DNA analysis on a tooth of the old girl of 15 years at the time of his death, called Naia by scientists, are published Thursday in the American journal Science. Anthropologists and archaeologists debate for a long time of the origins of the first inhabitants of the Americas. The most commonly accepted theory is that of immigrants from Asia who crossed the strip of land which connected Siberia and Alaska to a period dating back to 18. 000 years and today submerged under the Bering Strait. But this hypothesis remains controversial because the facial morphology of the oldest skeletons found on the American continent does not really resembles that of native American contemporaries. Native Americans today are a lot like people Chinese, Korean and Japanese which is not the case for the old skeletons excavated in America dating from less than ten thousand years for the most part, notes James Chatters, patron of Applied Paleoscience, company American of consultants specialized in Paleontology and archaeology. The skulls of older Americans, such as Naia, are longer and narrower that those Indians and their faces are also smaller. They more resemble Africans and aborigines of Australia and the South Pacific Islands. This fueled speculations that these first Americans and native Americans came from different places or migrated from Asia at different times, explains the scientist. He also pointed out the rarity of the bones of the first inhabitants of America, given their small relative number and the fact that they were nomadic. They buried or burned their dead where they were in their travel without leaving any trace of these burials. Our results from analysis of mitochondrial DNA extracted from a tooth of l? teenager indicates that it was bound by his mother to the native Americans of today because it shows the same origin of population, says Deborah Bolnick of the University of Texas and a member of the research team. These findings provide no indication of the existence of a more ancient migration on the American continent from Southeast Asia or Europe, she added. -Morphological differences – according to the anthropologist, the Paleoamericans, even those with facial and cranial morphology different native Americans today as Naia, could also be coming from Siberia. These morphological differences are probably explained by the 9 course. 000 years among the Amerindians, considers. The more exciting with this discovery is that we finally have an answer to the question of who were the first Americans, said James Chatters. This question me obsessed since I have reviewed for the first time the Kennewick Man, he says. The remains of prehistoric man found in the Northwestern United States has certain morphological traits conjunction more Europeans. The nearly complete skeleton of Naia was discovered in 2011 in a cavity of 30 meters deep called Hoyo Negro (black hole in Spanish) in the underwater Sac Actun cave system in the East of the Yucatán peninsula. Only professional divers can reach the bottom of the hollow in which fell Naia and which was not submerged. When the glaciers of the planet began to melt 10 there. thousand years at the end of the last ice age, the sea level has risen by 40 meters flooding all of these caves, the researchers explain. In addition to the skeleton of Naia, they discovered the remains of 26 large mammals including extinct as Saber-toothed tigers and a gomphothere that is of the same family as the elephants. This project called Hoyo Negro was led by the Mexican national Institute of anthropology and history (INAH) and funded by the National Geographic Society. .

DSK, French politics and the myth of privacy.

I me in abstained until today because I only wanted to put evil at ease the friend that had allowed me to meet him one evening with Anne Sinclair and I needed somehow wait media downstream of the latter. What happened with his interview with Laurent Delahousse, who could be so rich and so deep. This is not because destiny has fallen in France and the United States, in a mixture of sexual vulgarity and media frenzy and that it has generated amazement, regret, or political and democratic outrage that should apprehend without delicacy or gravity. There’s nothing worse, in this case, mockery or sarcasm too often attached to the personality and behaviors of DSK. These reactions, in my opinion, reveal the gene that one experiences before a human mystery that a time had put all chances on his side and which, however, has squandered. Making our mark even more complex due to the fact that it feels like the occurrence of this failover of destiny if not as deliberate at least as aware and familiar risk voluptuously confronted both but victoriously thwarted usually. It seems in fact that DSK, no offense to this political world, which likes to accuse the contrast between him and that one as to erect an impassable barrier between scandalous attitudes on one side and the banality of its galanteries multiple and so ‘French’ on the other, represents only the climax of a perverse system. But, I do not forget, went farther, too far. At worst, over time, an attempt to rape in France and a rape in the USA and a noxious organization of its pleasures having its source in Lille. It would badly DSK if it merely tag it compulsive, sick to the point of be less concerned about the object of his desire by satisfaction at any price of the latter which ultimately involved through the available body, only a dialogue of instinct among the hungry DSK and the released DSK. Indeed, how do not perceive, if efficient programming here his impulses and their gratification and there, enjoyable improvisation of his games, an aesthetic practice of danger? Not that he had need of it reaching the bliss of flesh. But because this so impeccable sharing between the serious DSK, often to excess as to give certainty to others that he was a man of duty and jurisdiction, and the frivolous, libertine and deliciously reckless DSK revealed as a playful pleasure, a desire, at all times, in its existence and its various facets, to jump borders, to Exchange and to compensate its compunction forced by its ironic secretshide its clandestinites by the indisputable appearance of the Economist, the brilliant Minister and future president hoped? DSK had only conducted its existence by reference to its ambitions of man power, if his strategy had led him to arbitrate every second between precautions abstentions on the one hand and on the other hand the daring, splurge, he would have obviously known to resist this opportunity that the fate put at its disposal and that its authority facilitated. But, in this hotel room, as no doubt he had already done and as inevitably it would have renewed it, he played his fate dice, persuaded to not having to pay a ransom for his meteoric transgression, all powerful being on the wire between a possible sinkhole and a sumptuous future and, again, being sure to project on the right side of fate. I don’t believe in conspiracies, handling even if it is more than likely that DSK, if he had won the Socialist Party primary, 2012, had allegedly been attacked by all kinds of means and documents. There was no home, in my view, whatever may have been the extreme difficulty of what to expect, the suicidal temptation to avoid aspiring confusedly to a disaster that it would have relieved. Superficially, its activities relate to everything that even his opponents had always credited it: economic and financial insight, knowledge and expertise unparalleled, a coherent world vision. He must swear to nothing. Disasters have never prevented the returns. But the time will be long no doubt so the DSK influential and unofficial returns that he could have been. .

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