Cost explosion: capital airport could cost more than 6 billion euros.

5 Billion Euros: Costs Increase Again for Berlin Brandenburg ...

There is this observation tower at the new capital airport. Groups regularly climb the 38 meter high platform and many are amazed: about the rest. Sweeping views over empty streets and car parks before an empty runway, which at most times there is a bus with visitors. The new fire station West, a grey cube building is located at the end of the runway. There, shielded in the security area of the airport, the Supervisory Board has entrenched himself on Monday. The politician breed of tables with numbers that are not suitable to increase their popularity among the electorate. Because there advising of the amount the airport managing director Hartmut Mehdorn needs according to their own figures, ready to build the airport. Mehdorn called it the sum of EUR 1.1 billion. On a report, stating that he wanted to require additional specific sums of money for an extension of the airport on Monday, his spokesman Ralf Kunkel not expressed. The cost of the new capital airport will rise to more than five billion euros, if not today, then at the next time – so much seems clear. This has to do with planning failures and mismanagement with botched construction. In part but also so that the Terminal designed for 27 million passengers in the year today is one and a half times as big as planned at the groundbreaking. The problem is: If the airport goes into operation 2016 or 2017, it will be maybe still too small. Because like other metropolises, Berlin attracts more and more tourists, also increasingly Congress visitors and business travelers. Berlin’s economy has grown above average in recent years. Airport Chief Hartmut Mehdorn has a solution, but it is not cheap. The Manager believes that the passenger numbers continue to grow. Last year there were over 26 million at the old airport of Schoenefeld and Tegel, by 2020 there could be therefore already 35 million. Anyone who turns away on the lookout tower of the building and looks North, sees next door Mehdorns solution: the former GDR central airport in Schönefeld. Externally, the Terminal is a mixture of office complex and post-war concourse. Actually, Schönefeld-ALT should close when the new airport is ready. Mehdorn wants to carry on with him now, in addition to be able to carry around up to 12 million passengers. There are circulating already the figure of EUR 200 million for the renovation of the old terminal, while the supervisory board even approved the planning. A webcam is on the look-out Tower of the new airport also aviation friends in Australia or Brazil can see what’s happening at the third-largest German airport. It sends 360-degree photos at hourly intervals. You can run them like a flip-book, nothing is changed. Apart from the light, the path of the Sun and the cloud train. Because work on the almost finished airport plays in the hidden away, and two years. Engineers are working out plans, according to which the components of the fire protection system should cooperate right. Workers crawling through ceiling cavity, pull cable out and new. Next door, Schönefeld old taking off not just a machine, you can hear even the birds twittering on the look-out Tower. . You can read the following info to discover more on this amazing matter.

Australia, charged with pedophilia army Bishop.

PopeCrimes& Vatican Evils.FRANCIS=CON-Christ ...

The head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Australian Defense Forces, Bishop Max Davis, was charged by the police for offences of child abuse dating back to 1969. Davis, age 68, the highest prelate in the Catholic Church in Australia, and the first bishop to be indicted for such crimes. Must appear before a court in Perth to answer three charges of abuse on a child under 14 years. The facts date back to when Davis, who still had not been ordained a priest, he taught at the College of St. Benedict in Norcia Nova, Northwest of Perth. According to a news release of the Catholic military ordinariate of Australia, Davis, who denies with every charge decision, he suspended his role from the location since 2003, a Catholic member of the Religious Advisory Committee of Defence forces, while the cause is treated by the courts. In April 2013, the Australian Government has ordered a National Commission of inquiry on the replies of the institutions, including the Catholic Church, to complaints of abuse by minors, which has heard about 5000 alleged victims, and has just presented a preliminary report. . Inspirational data may be found reading the following

World Cup 2014: ramadan, or the dilemma of fasting for several players.


France Didier Deschamps team coach explained Wednesday that he had nothing to instruct his players of the Muslim faith. These are delicate and sensitive issues, he said. I have nothing to order. We respect everyone’s religion. Players have the habit, it is not today that we view the situation. I have no concerns and each adapt to the situation. For this World Cup, the Algerians have committed alongside them became Dr. Hakim Chalabi, through his work at the clinic Aspetar of Doha, Qatar, one of the referents of Fifa on the subject of the fasting footballers. It is a period where the risk of injury increases, particularly at the level of the lumbar, joints and muscles, he says. Primarily also because of dehydration and not power. Once medical precautions are met, the young sometimes turns source of inspiration or motivation for the players. It is more mental. Often, it is coaches who do not agree (with the fact that observed the Ramadan, Editor’s note) that it is there to 200%. I could be a little boycotted because of that, we were three or four Muslims in training but was always the first in physical tests. It came without a problem. . Similar information can be inspected checking resource.

Franzoni returns home after 6 years in prison: ‘ can do MOM. “

Mother who killed son released to house arrest - update | La ...

They were twelve years that Annamaria Franzoni never smiled cos. A full grin, excited. Falls from the car of friend Elizabeth Herds to 18.34 yesterday, and finally at home, a Ripoli Santa Cristina, in the small apartment where he lived the rest of her family. Where Stefano Lorenzi, the husband who has never abandoned, David and Joel, his boys. The surveillance Court was allowed to serve the rest of the sentence to house arrest (thirteen in total), and did so on the basis of a psychiatric expertise in which it pointed out that there are no social pericolosit conditions of condemned, because obvious that such a constellation of events no longer occurs and enables us to say that there is no risk of a repetition of the figlicidio as described in the judgment of the Corte d’Assise d’appello in Turin. The ORDER of reading the 18 pages of order of the Court of Bologna, surveillance based on the supplement of expertise of professor Augusto Balloni, the real pains of Annamaria are those related to the separation from family, bad terms which were established over the years with his father and his mother after defensive choices imposed by him and she never sharedin his obsession to find a culprit for the murder of his son and continue to profess themselves innocent. According to the psychiatrist, the Franzoni entry into prison after sentencing manifesting will be helped to overcome the difficult moment that was living, agreed to take on the drug therapy, but presented right from the first moment the discomfort because he was experiencing a double injustice: feel-written in technical advice-having suffered the violent death of his son and believes that she has been punished for a fact that has not accomplished. Prohibitions the courts have granted the return home to certain conditions: the main ban to go in Cogne. And non-random decision, because the woman had repeatedly expressed willingness to return to the country where his son Samuel were killed. The repeated many times on long meetings with the psychiatrist. And just as he seems to have said to family members in 19 times who got the prize permits in recent years. Returning a Ripoli, however, won’t be easy, also because-according to the experts ‘ assessment-after prison, Annamaria began to manifest a general adaptation disorder, just for that caparbiet you always stubborn in not accepting the conviction and jail time. Will be monitored continuously, thanks to meetings with psychologists, and verification that social workers will make towards its children. Joel, in fact, it seems that that has most suffered psychologically heavy emotional situation seen to create following the detention of his mother. In particular, the women-in order-appeared worried about his school situation. Although yesterday Annamaria has repeated more times a lawyer Paola Savio, who assisted in all these years, how come the joy fills Ripoli, won’t be all roses and flower. But will, however, her husband Stephen, with whom he has a strong emotional relationship and mutual trust, will the sons, brothers and nephews, neighbors and may even leave the House four hours a day for family responsibilities. Will also continue to work for the social cooperative "we are here" and packing the bags away from a cell. . For more insights about this subject check

Cameron is not Juncker at the head of the European Commission.

Jean-Claude Juncker will not beg Britain for top EU job despite ...

There will be a vote and we will see its result. But it is absolutely vital that people know that I do what I say, hammered David Cameron Thursday at the BBC. I promised that we would have a renegotiation of the EU’s competences, that we would have a referendum and that the British people would decide our European future. (. . . ) It is the first step in a long campaign to ensure changes and a better place for Britain in Europe, said the Prime Minister, subject to the pressure of the europhobes of the UK Independence Party (Ukip), out winner of elections European. Without quoting them there tackle Premiers who had expressed their opposition to Jean-Claude Juncker, before join in extremis. If you defend the point of view that it’s the wrong person, the wrong approach, the wrong principle, you hold your arguments around the table with 27 other leaders and you insist that the right decision is taken, launched David Cameron. Jean-Claude Juncker, who has always been hostile to multiple exemptions required by the British, will win a victory against them. At age 59, this old road of European policy at the federalist vision, former Prime Minister of the Luxembourg and former boss of the Eurogroup, is guaranteed to be designated as future president of the Commission. Despite the criticism of David Cameron against the error according to him by his counterparts, they are many to him have reached out as early as Thursday. We must do so as to find a broad agreement on the content of European policies, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. I think that we can find compromises and take a step towards Britain, she insisted. The Finnish Prime Minister conservative, Alexander Stubb, hoped that the heads of State and Government set to Jean-Claude Juncker a program of economic liberalization, more closer to the British position. For the proponents of fiscal orthodoxy, the issue is also not to lose the British ally against the offensive of the European left for greater flexibility in the implementation of the budget rules. Social Democratic leaders, led by the French François Hollande and their rising figure, the Italian Matteo Renzi, had expressed their support for Jean-Claude Juncker last weekend. But they want more flexibility in the implementation of the stability pact, to support investment and growth. Angela Merkel expressed again his refusal to modify this Pact, which lays down clear rules and offers a multitude of possibilities for flexibility. 28 should be satisfied with a minimum formula that should use the possibilities offered by the current European budgetary framework, to find a balance between budgetary discipline and the necessary support to growth, according to their draft conclusions. European leaders must also attend the signing of the economic component of the association agreement between the EU and the Ukraine, and of similar agreements with the Georgia and Moldova Friday morning. These ceremonies, in the presence of the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, are a new sign of the will of Europeans to support the Ukrainian authorities, who face an uprising in the East of the country, and to tie the three former Soviet republics to the EU despite the pressures of the Russia. For more insights on this topic read

Very successful quarter: World Cup fever heating up Nike business.

World Cup 'Ambush': Guerrilla Marketing Taps Soccer Fever - NBC News

Nike benefits from the World Cup in Brazil. The football fever of the fans gave a surprisingly strong sales growth of 13 percent to 7.4 billion dollars the world’s largest sporting goods manufacturer in the past quarter, as reported by the adidas rival. The US company increased profit in the three months until end of May to 1.2 percent to $698 million and thus also stronger than expected. Thus the massive advertising campaign paid off apparently. Especially in Western Europe and North America, the business flourished in the run-up to the World Cup. Nike adidas delivers a tough fight for the world title in the football business. Still, the German competitor in leadership, which is an official World Cup Sponsor and again the tournament ball is located here. But at this World Cup, Nike equips for the first time more teams than adidas. Ten national teams play in the jerseys of the Americans, nine compete under the adidas logo. While Nike about equips hosts Brazil and England, among others the German and the Argentine player adidas jerseys in place wear. . Additional data can be inspected clicking fact.

Test Audi A3 ClubSport Quattro – mistaken air brake with brake lights.

Check Out The Audi A3 Clubsport Quattro's Outrageous Light Up Air ...

When the Audi probably premieres fair RS3 in the spring of next year, a five-door Sportback inclined rear version is likely to make current modeled after the beginning. But who the good sales of the A3 / S3 sedan looks, could hardly doubt a four-door variant of the RS3. Finally she staged spectacularly at the ClubSport one of a kind with an air brake (Airbreak). On the long straights, the quite sensible style element that is installed at sports car from Mercedes and McLaren for years, shows impressive. Through accelerated sharply to 185 km/h, then fully in the brake and the powerful rear spoiler works is depending on the delay as an ironing board in the 90-degree angle upwards. "Tests have shown that the Airbreak reduces the braking distance from speed 250 up to 15 meters," added Ernst Scharl. At the bottom of the rear spoiler provide wild flashing LED Islands that that the subsequent transport recognizes the seriousness of the emergency stop. The production model that will be future. But I understand also the in-house Quattro GmbH for upcoming models is working on such a brake. . Original facts can be read clicking the following reference.

Genoa, trying to bank robbery to end up in prison and speak with Berneschi.

Tickle My Fancy Clancy

The Police who have been blocked within the branch of banca Carige, to Ronco Scrivia (first party Genoese hinterland bordering Piedmont), Professor-robber has her wrists to manacles port and was quick to explain: "I did it on purpose. I want to bring me to jail, so I can explain to the Berneschi porcherie occurring in branches of his bank. Astonished, the military took over professor Stefano Lanza, 54 years, that did not reverse resistance, and led it in barracks, in Genoa. There they completed the interrogation and compiled the arrest report. The judge took note of the reasons advanced by the teacher and has verified that the robbery had not used violence (actually had jostled the affiliate Director) and Laforest, before grabbing a few bills from cash, had acted in the face uncovered and without grip arms. So he granted house arrest at his home in Ronco Scrivia, Italy in progress.  Defeats the purpose of the Act. That was, in fact, to meet Giovanni Berneschi, former dominus of Banca Carige finished Genoese prison Pontedecimo charges of fraud against the Institute within the framework of the investigation of Attorney maxi Genoa.   Validating the arrest, the judge also ordered that the teacher should be subjected to a psychiatric examination which ascertains whether when he acted it was able to understand the meaning of what he was doing.  Behind the stunt a few hundred euros that Carige asked Lanza as accrued interest expense on its current account finished in red. Lanza had spent a long time in Japan on his return to Italy, at his home in Ronco Scrivia, was found in front of the nasty surprise of 400 euros payable to Carige.  "It’s a matter of principle", has defended him. "Why should I give away 400 euros to the Bank?". The teacher of letters is unemployed and struggling even to pay the rent. Can hardly afford a lawyer. For the early fulfilment of his defense was taken ex officio by the lawyer Matteo Tamagno, Busalla. . You can read the following to read extra on this great topic.

US ruling on Smartphones: almost a part of the body.


In the comedy film, God of carnage from the year 2011 Nancy is so annoyed by husband Alan the duration that they rip off your smartphone from the hand in the middle of the conversation and throws in a Tulip vase. You’ve lost your mind?, Alan, gets played by Christoph Waltz. My whole life was there. What was merely a bad punch line in the film, describes the new legal situation in the United States since the middle of the week. The Supreme Court, the Supreme Court in Washington, said mobile phones and especially their data content in a historic ruling for particularly worthy of protection. The police may no longer evaluate if she detain a suspect, without yet another whose phone – in the future she need a judicial warrant. In Germany, this is legislation for years. In the United States, the ruling considered great success for privacy in the age of digital and mobile. The judgment is evident in every respect: as otherwise the nine highest Jurists Anders decided unanimously; Chairman John Roberts stretched in his explanatory statement to the present of an arc from the founding days of the United States, to highlight the importance of mobile phones for the modern man. The devices were a due and such a dominant part of everyday life that the proverbial visitor from Mars might consider to be an important feature of human anatomy, wrote Roberts. A basis for the verdict is the case Riley v. California. In 2009, the police in San Diego had stopped the car driver David Riley, because his license plate had expired. Then one thing led to another: in his trunk, the officers found weapons, affiliated analysed his mobile phone asking permission – without a court, found evidence of a gang and an earlier shooting. At the end, the judiciary in California sentenced him for attempted murder to 15 years in prison. For future cases of this kind, the Chief Judge Roberts of the police gave instructions: get a warrant, so to get a search warrant. That the technology now allows each individual to have all this information with him, makes this information no less worthy, wrote Roberts. . Root data could be found checking the following web site.

Unemployment rising, again and again.

Unemployment Applications Rising Again

New rise in unemployment in may, the 7th consecutive 6 months. The number of jobseekers in category A (without acune activity) rose by 24,800 in metropolitan France (+ 0.7% over one month, + 4.1% year on year), bringing the total number of registered in this category 3 388 900 (3 651 800 with the Dom). Including categories B and C (restricted activity), this increase is of + 34 300 persons (+ 0.7% over one month, + 4.8% over one year), for a total of 5 020 200 registrants (5 320 000 with the Dom). This increase relates to all age groups, including young people (+ 0.4%), and in particular young men (+ 1%), while the number of young women listed down 0.3%. It also strongly affects the very long-term unemployed (+ 1.8% over one month, + 17.7% year on year), i.e. registrants for more than 3 years. "These figures are not good. They are a reflection of lower growth than expected in the first half resulting in net destruction of merchant jobs, the Ministry of labour responded in a press release. And to reiterate a semblance of promise, a bit more cautious, and especially less ambitious than that put forward by the head of State end 2012: "the efforts that the Government continues to deploy must allow to stem this rise in the second half of 2014." With the program, again the same tools: CICE (tax competitiveness employment credit), jobs for the future, or even the social conference on 7 and 8 July,, Original source could be found reading this

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