Blog Velophil: parking at a bargain price.


Who incorrectly parked in these countries, neat must pay: parking in bike or footpath in the Netherlands costs 90 euros. Someone turns off his car in the second row on the road, there are already 220 euros, and who without justification is a handicapped parking space, paid 360 euros. Less draconian, but also clearly above German levels the fines in Denmark are: Fürs incorrect parking are there equivalent of 68 euros on the bike or walk due, 137 euro are, after all, intended for parking in a handicapped parking space without permission. Especially when the blocking of handicapped parking spaces, also less bike-savvy countries are relentless. For example, the Greeks show totally uncompromising. For the so-called crime they charge 150 euros – with a monthly household income of 788 euros (net). Related to the disposable income the fines in Greece are so drastically. So is based on the household income in Greece eight times as high as in Germany, the penalty for the illegal parking on a cycle path. In other words, a Greek who aims his car on a cycle path in verkehrswidrig have to work eight times longer for the fine as a German. 80 euros are due in Greece Fürs parking on footpaths and cycle paths. .

Round table in the Eastern Ukraine: separatists undesirable.

Merkel: Violence has no place at round-table talks | News | DW.DE ...

It should be a round table of national unity which meets in the afternoon in the Ukrainian Parliament on the Hruschewski road. Interim President Alexander Turtschinow and Prime Minister Arsenij Jazenjuk had proposed the meeting last week. In the meantime, the separatists in the East have strengthened their position however. Although the referendum on Sunday was in Kiev nor internationally recognized, yet the result is clear: A large majority of the population in the areas of Donetsk and Luhansk voted against Kiev – and for an autonomy of their region. Also military Kiev can not prevail: the anti-terrorist operation against the separatists is largely unsuccessful. On Tuesday, at least six Ukrainian soldiers died in an attack of armed insurgents in the vicinity of the city of Kramatorsk. On Wednesday surrounded a barracks of the Ukrainian National Guard fighters according to the local media and urged the soldiers to surrender. In her call to table 8 may Turtschinow and Yatsenyuk had to round however also made clear who they don’t want to negotiate: with all those who have blood on their hands and illegitimate political goals. .

Ukraine: USA, Russia and Germany are calling for a national dialogue (Kerry).

My Catbird Seat NATO's 'Fogh' of war - My Catbird Seat

The United States, the Russia and the Germany are in constant contact in order to promote a national dialogue in Ukraine, said Tuesday the American Secretary of State John Kerry.  The main effort to appease the contradictions by political means through a national dialogue and round tables that must be carried out in the Ukraine. Organized by Kiev and supported by the OSCE, they will focus on decentralization and constitutional reform, said Mr. Kerry.  The United States strongly supports this process. We are in contact with the OSCE, with Foreign Minister Steinmeier and his Russian counterpart Lavrov. We want to ensure that this process be established more quickly and more fully possible, said the head of American diplomacy in welcoming the appointment of Wolfgang Ischinger as moderator of the dialogue in Ukraine.  John Kerry has again criticized the Sunday referendums in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and supported the idea of holding a presidential election in Ukraine on 25 May. In addition, he said that despite the public statements of the president Vladimir Poutine, the Russia would have directed the conduct of these referendums.  During his visit to Moscow on May 7, the current president of the OSCE Didier Burkhalter suggested a roadmap for the period up to May 25, date of the presidential election in Ukraine. This document includes the holding of a national consultation on decentralization, the establishment of a broad dialogue and the Organization of round tables in different regions of Ukraine.  The Ukrainian Government has taken the initiative to launch a national dialogue that must take place in the form of round tables. The OSCE has for its part proposed a mediator for this dialogue. It’s the German diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger. .

Power struggle in Kiev: Russia doubts on the legitimacy of the Ukraine election.

Kiev Ukraine News Blog: February 2014

We consider the current Ukrainian regime as illegitimate. And of course also the regime that–if the election will take place on the 25th of may – will be chosen, will have my opinion, not the full legitimacy, Naryshkin said. The Government in Kiev is only lawful if responsive to the needs of people in the Eastern Ukraine. A cancellation of the election was still worse. We must opt for the lesser of two evils, so the politician, who had met this week with Gregor Gysi in Moscow Wednesday afternoon begins the first round of the so-called round table in Kiev. Under the mediation of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the Ukrainian Government to negotiate with their opponents over greater rights of autonomy for the regions. The pro-Russian separatists from the East of the country does not however take part in the talks. The insurgents have announced to use ways and means, to prevent the Ukrainian presidential elections in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Where the citizens had expressed last Sunday in a controversial referendum for more self-determination. The leader of the separatists have already announced to want to promote the accession to the Russian Federation. .

United Kingdom: unemployment drops again to 6.8% end of March.

US unemployment rate tumbles to 6.3%; AstraZeneca rejects higher ...

The unemployment rate has declined in the United Kingdom, by 6.8 per cent on the three-month period ending late March, announced on Wednesday the Office for national statistics (ONS). It had not been as low since more than five years in January 2009. The number of job seekers fell 2,209 million late March against 2,243 million end of February, said the NSO in its bulletin. Thanks to the vigorous recovery of the British economy, unemployment significantly declined in recent months, passing below the 7% end of February. This 7% threshold is scrutinized by economists since the Bank of England (BoE) is set in August this unemployment rate target before starting any reflection on a rate increase. But facing the faster than expected downturn in unemployment, it has finally expanded somewhat in February the conditions for a monetary tightening and now bases its trajectory on a wider range of indicators. The publication of these new unemployment figures comes as the Bank of England Unveils at 09 H 30 GMT its quarterly report containing its new economic forecasts. .

Murder in the intimacy.

The Chronochle | The Intimacy of Murder

The Mayor of Astorga, Victorina Alonso, is Socialist. The SERLE says Monday that spoke with the inspector, a man shocked and surprised. In Antena 3, the following d, Alonso said: I am missing data, I do not mean it. Position com n in Astorga, where consistent n for the crime is nobody a raz. Juan Jos Lucas, rich historical President of the Junta de Castilla and Le n, says that murder s can be explained it from the RES to, s l gica found in madness. All of them are in shock. Woman of courage, strong, long car character, say to remember it. His lawyer Javier Cremades said that Isabel Carrasco missed you hours and was quarrelsome. His office took him demands for honor because of the insults and infamy that she herself sought by the network. It put allegations to tens. That is why s that was a woman pursued probably incre. That it woke many hatreds. My relationship with her n was technical: I the cre and the defend. It is urgent to clarify absolutely everything of this abominable murder, he says. People close to Carrasco says that his death compounding the fact that was a woman so unloved in you n: As seen, seems to have wanted it removed, out of the way. The researchers argue that this is not the case: their disappearance n will not relieve anything to the murderer. He has been a full intimate Act late in a populous city. Had them to devour hatred says an agent in her n. The last days of these two women have had to be a creepy thing. A mother and daughter’s family of order preparing a murder. Marcos Mart nez Baraz, Vice President of the Diputaci, speaking on Monday with Carlos Alsina in the Br jula. He says two surprising things. The first, when Alsina asks by the two detainees. They are the 23. 27 and Mart nez, which carries throughout the afternoon keeping mourning with their company eros, says he doesn’t know there are detained. When the journalist informs you that one of them is Montserrat Triana Mart nez, claims to remember it having worked in the provincial n institution, but explains that is him ahab the contract in 2011. Does not know that he was litigating since then?. No, I since then volv to know nothing of it. But up to three notifications addressed to Montserrat Triana Mart nez by a record of prejudicial effect against the Diputaci n l – the last in 2013 – the firm by delegation the President n. Record finish with the obligation pay by the detainee an amount of money four days before the murder. M rame arm. The neighbor of the family of Montserrat Gonz lez Fern ndez goes out in elegant dress and slippers and stretches the forearm so that the journalist touch it. As I have the meat since my husband told me. The scene belongs to the folklore of the espa ol postcrimen; a bombast of gestures. In the headers of Carrizo de la Ribera Street Live the elderly mother of the accused, Rosa Fern ndez, who is not. There is a m s, contiguous, which belongs to his sister, a teacher who wanted to go yesterday to work and had to surrender to the pain in the middle of the day. And n have another House to form an own section. The Gonz lez Fern ndez did some fortune in the field. Carrizo de la Ribera is a rich village, of irrigated or, if a or does not give the other tomatoes gives potato, says the employee of a grocery store. Not as Astorga, a dryland. The neighbor who comes out crying with goose bumps decides that murder has to be lying and the other coming from a portal out of doubts: the news takes two d as with that. The two suddenly improvised a Pact not to say anything to reporters. They are breaking it slowly while they walk away looking atr s. All the people on this street is good sima, they say mysteriously. .

Five facts about MERs: The dangerous virus from Saudi Arabia.

130530064335-exp-early-mary- ...

Since then the virus occurs repeatedly – especially on the Arabian peninsula. Meanwhile, it is also proven that camels are a natural reservoir of the pathogen in this room. The virus was found in them, the animals showed no symptoms, however. Probably people infected, by eating the meat of camels around or drink raw milk. The exact route of transmission is not yet clear, as well as the exact source of the virus. As a reservoir, other animals, some pigs or wild birds, could could be, WHO writes. Bats also are suspected of spreading the pathogen. So far the virus in these animals had not been proven however. Also from person to person, the virus had already spread, however, this is possible according to the WHO until now apparently difficult. Close contact is necessary, the Agency writes. Currently, the United States sign their second MERs sufferers. After a case in Indiana, another infection in Florida is now confirmed, the CDC’s American Health Authority announced on Monday. However, both cases are health care workers, have been working in Saudi Arabia and arrived in the United States. Total WHO has captured more than 500 infections since April, 2012 in 17 countries with the virus, 145 people were killed. Saudi Arabia in particular is strongly affected by the infection. MERs also in Africa, in Europe (in Germany, France, Italy, Britain and Greece) in Asia and North America has occurred in addition to the Middle East. Nearly all these patients have stayed in the Middle East and are there infected with the virus. Scientists and health authorities are alarmed, because the number of infections of MERs is leaps and bounds soared in April of this year in the amount and the excitation reaches more and more countries. While by March 2012 to March 2013 monthly until a maximum of five cases have been reported, the number of monthly from April 2013 rose to about 10 to 20, writes the Berliner Robert-Koch-Institut (RKI). In April of this year, the latest statistics of the WHO according to more than 200 new cases have been added. Most of these sufferers has contracted with other infected. So far, there is no indication that the MERs agent is mutated. It is all the more important to curb the virus, minimal chances to give him, to adapt to the people. But that might not be easy, because too many questions are still open. In addition, Ramadan begins end of June. Then, millions of pilgrims from around the world will make their way to Mecca and Medina – and thus in the region, where the virus is most active. .

The Un representative left Syria After Annan, Brahimi also renunciation.

United Nations Department of Political Affairs - Lakhdar Brahimi ...

The number one of the glass palace said he was disappointed but he also added that Brahimi’s mission was "almost impossible" for the difficult conditions in which it operates in Syrian conflict. «I thank Ban for his words of appreciation-Brahimi said-and I hope that the efforts for a solution of the conflict can continue successfully. Brahimi was dismissed from his position by explaining that however things go, "Syria tomorrow will not be the same Syria».   Brahimi had been appointed by Ban in August 2012 after the resignation of Kofi Annan, also resigned after six months in Office. The setback of Brahimi has the flavor of a failure announced, as part of a conflict that for over three years is tearing apart the country. It is unclear what will happen now, nor on the «famous» plan B of Ban for Syria after the substantial failure of Geneva 2, nor on the succession of Brahimi. "Give me a little time-Ban said responding to reporters on the future role of Special Envoy for Syria-we had two people of great expertise, we must now carefully consider what to do."   .

Touraine meets Nicolas Bedos, “best Ambassador” of the tobacco industry.

Harley Davidson | The History of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

"My health is still mine. My life? "It’s still mine," let go of, for further strike: "smoking kills? We know. It is written on the packages, it is tattooed on our bottles and it is taken from our pockets.  "The Minister of health has responded to this"Dear Nicolas Bedos"in a letter published on his blog Tuesday, may 12, and then broadcast on Twitter. Not, according to his entourage, to reply to a personal question that had nothing violent, but avoiding any trivialisation of the subject. He likes ‘to cross, in a dream, in the streets of Paris pipes Flaubert and Simenon, cross Cioran, Gide, Cendrars and Kessel smoke’? "Read you, how can you resist this invitation to travel?’, wrote one that was never smoker to the one who said he wanted to stop. "But the smoothness of your pen should not mask a more tragic reality," deals Marisol Touraine. Tobacco ‘is the most common drug. It is not the drugs less harsh, as you imply, but the deadliest. And remember the 73,000 dead made it every year in France. "My mission is to say, repeat, rehashing, as soon as the opportunity is given me in" this observation: "smoking kills, light or not. And the most vulnerable including. The Minister took the opportunity to explain the electronic cigarette. "I say yes without reservation to the vapoteuse, where it can help to put an end to tobacco! But in public places, while this would now allow the rehabilitation of a gesture which has more reason to be? "But"be reassured", writes to a Bari who she had warned that need to ‘send the National Guard and the GIGN to [him] ‘[s] prevent’ grilling on a beach in August’, and that it was"any army"that it expected to crush his cigarette along the Promenade des Anglais. It will not send anyone. "But I will not remain silent in the war against tobacco," she warns. .

The Russia will close the GPS stations on its territory (Rogozin).

War News Updates: November 2013

The Russia will suspend from June 1 the operation of 11 GPS stations on its territory, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin responsible of the military-industrial complex, said Tuesday.    At the present time, the Russia continued the implementation of its own satellite navigation system called GLONASS. According to Mr. Rogozine, the United States refused to host on their territory a GLONASS reference station needed to improve the positioning accuracy.  Established in 1993, the GLONASS (GLObal NAvigation Satellite System, Russian of the American GPS) equivalent is intended to determine the coordinates of the objects on land, at sea, in the air and in outer space. It covers the whole of the globe since December, 2011. Access to GLONASS civil signals is free and unlimited for Russian and foreign users.  The Deputy Director of the Russian space Federal Agency (Roskosmos) Anatoly Shilov previously indicated that in 2014, the GLONASS system could reach Russian territory an accuracy of less than one metre. This performance is comparable to that of the American GPS. .

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