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Palermo: stop the car in Pretoria and Bellini squares, enacted Ordinance.

Palermo, 19 Jul. -(Adnkronos)-From next Tuesday will be closed to traffic magisterial square, piazza Bellini and the neighbouring streets in Palermo. It establishes an Ordinance of the municipality, whereby the stop motor vehicles will affect even the judges ‘ Descent of Schioppettieri, vicolo del Teatro Bellini, Mastrangelo, alleyway of Dying, St. Catherine’s Ascent and descent of the musicians. The Ordinance provides for certain exceptions to the ban on access. They will, in fact, issued passes to those who possess an authorized parking inside the pedestrianised zone stable, who transposed aboard disabled people, who must reach the hotel (but in this case only for the time necessary to the discharge of baggage), or who must unload goods. The pass can be obtained with a request to be sent, together with documentation, to this e-mail address: mobilitaurbana @ town. palermo. it. The pedestrianisation of piazza Bellini and piazza Pretoria-says the Mayor Leoluca Orlando-enhances the historic value and beauty of institutional buildings of the city, connecting with the restriction to traffic and street furniture of via Maqueda. The municipal administration continues its path to make it more livable Palermo ‘ ‘. The time schedule of the pedonalizzazioni, approved by the City Council with the approval of the General urban traffic Plan-said the assessor to Viability, Giusto Catania, is respecting its time. Piazza Bellini with its monuments in the Arab-Norman path and the Church of the Martorana and San Cataldo are candidates to become a world heritage site. The release of these important squares from cars and traffic-ends-does justice to one of the most fascinating corners of the city ‘. . You should click the following http://d6c926734a92a4a305658944edd7e3b3.chewz.net to learn extra on this amazing matter.