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Paris: released, ‘Belleville strangler’ has just be arrested for rape.

The Belleville strangler was perhaps more dangerous than the justice had imagined. This man indicted two weeks ago for assaulting two women in Paris, before being released, is now suspected of having committed a rape he was arrested again Tuesday in Paris, according to the Figaro information confirmed by the police and the courts. The suspect, presented as a homeless of Guinean nationality, was still in custody Wednesday after his arrest in the West of Paris. He is suspected of violating woman rue des Pyrénées, on the night of Saturday to Sunday in the 20th district (northeast of the capital). The suspect had already been placed in custody on 10 July for assault committed two months earlier, on the night of 17 to 18 may, in the 20th arrondissement. He attempted to choke two women. It is through the phone that he could be arrested. During his custody, he acknowledged the aggression of these two victims. The Paris Prosecutor’s office had then opened a judicial inquiry for "attempted homicide", and asked his remand in custody. The investigating judge put him under investigation for "theft with violence resulting in a total incapacity for work (ITT) of 8 days", concerning the first assault, and "violence resulting in a 8 days ITT" concerning the second assault. Whereas, however, that the suspect had no intention to murder, it had been left free under judicial supervision. The Paris Prosecutor’s office had appealed the qualifications of the implementation review and placement under judicial supervision. But the appeal had still not been examined when the suspect was again arraigned Tuesday. . Root facts can be found visiting the following web site.