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Physicists observe the neutrinos on the track – first emergence of solar energy.

For years, scientists study the evolution of the Sun. Neutrinos are an important part of the puzzle for this. The electrically neutral particles come from the innermost area of the Sun and To give information about the local fusion processes. 99 percent of the energy resulting from a merger cycle. In the initial phase of this cycle, two hydrogen atoms to a nucleus of heavy hydrogen merge. In this cycle, the energy is released, the sun rays can (solar radiation). Also arise where neutrinos, electrically neutral particles, it means the communication of Technical University of Munich. The researchers have measured only the solar radiation. "So far, we might explore only the energy of the Sun’s surface. These needs but 100 000 years to get from the inside to the outside", explains Stefan Schönert, Professor of the TU Munich, which belongs to the research group at Gran Sasso. Therefore, scientists could only say how the energy released thousands of years ago. "Neutrinos need have achieved, however, only a few minutes until it the Earth, because they can use interact only very weakly with matter and therefore also within the Sun more or less freely", as Saeedi. Therefore, them To give evidence indicating How much energy currently sets free the Sun. In the first 400 meters deep underground laboratory in Italy, catch and researchers examining neutrinos with a sensitive detector. This gives them the opportunity to trace the fusion reactions inside the 15 million degrees Celsius hot of the Sun for the first time in the history of solar research. Neutrinos are almost massless and penetrate not only rock, but the whole earth. On a square inch coming 10 of this elementary particles per second. "That means through their fingernail 10 billion neutrinos – fly in a second even at night!", explains Stefan Schönert, the connection.   . Inspirational facts may be read visiting this http://efd2d2d7e0c9bdd90dab43212b0ec256.bloggerpemula.com.